How to Understand Revelations in the Light of Current Events

How to understand Revelations in the light of current events has taken me on quite a journey. I was hungry to know the truth, and I must say, it led me down a few different paths along the way. 

I had been seeking the Lord and asking Him to open the eyes of my understanding. I began searching in depth and therefore read through the book of Revelations many times myself first before starting to search the Internet.

During my search, I went through all the ‘pre-tribution’ theories (We will be raptured before the Great Tribulation period begins)…and then on to the ‘post-revelation’ theories (We will all need to live through the horrific Great Tribulation period before finally being raptured… taken away into the clouds to be with the Lord). I took a look at the ‘mid-tribulation’ theory (We will be raptured half-way through the Great Tribulation period).

Ugh! No matter how I tried, I couldn’t make any of them work for me.  I was always left with so many questions.

Then as we began to go through the ‘coronavirus’ period this year, I heard many folks online saying we were about to enter into 1,000 years of peace!

Peace! Well, that took the cake!  I couldn’t accept that for a moment as where was the Tribulation?  No, they could not possibly be right.

Then one day I heard Melissa from Freedom Force Battalion being interviewed by Charles Ward on Youtube.  Although she was a Christian and I really liked much of what she was saying, I couldn’t accept her message, as once again I felt she was leaving out the Tribulation.

I discovered she had written a book so I decided to buy just the Audio Book so I could listen in more detail as to what she was saying.  Long story short, it began to open my eyes and suddenly, Revelations began to come together.  For the first time ever, I began to join the dots!

This started a real journey for me as I took notes on everything she said. I studied and studied… and in the end I felt she had to be the closest I had heard, and the most believable, to what the Book of Revelations was endeavouring to teach us.

Melissa has been teaching from the Word of God for about 35 years and has written several books on the subject of Revelations.  Her way of looking at it stood me on my head!  I began to more fully understand the symbology used throughout the book.

Now, for the first time ever, current events were matching up with Revelations. I would love for you to come on a journey with me and see if I can connect the dots for you, so we can both rejoice in finally understanding Revelations.

I don’t know if my current understanding is completely correct. Maybe none of it is correct… but I ask myself, why does it line up so perfectly with the current events?

I think a great place to start is asking the question ‘Who is the beast?’ Once I understood who I believe the beast is, it all fell into place.

It’s all written in the Stars



  1. Marilyn, it has been said that each time you read Revelation you receive a blessing. I love being blessed! Besides we can learn a little more, also.
    Bless you,

  2. I read Melissas book right at the start when t was called ‘Qanon and 1000 years of Peace’. It completely changed my perspective and as a Christian things made sense about revelations for the very first time. I watch Melissa’s videos on every day.

    • I can completely agree with you Nicholas! The information coming forth from there is absolutely wonderful… and as you say, makes ‘sense’ for the very first time!
      Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

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