Vax And Shedding Reports

This Vax and Shedding Reports is provided in the endeavour to help people who may be having strange experiences.

Please send me your reports on what you experienced from either receiving the jab or from shedding. As I add what you have done, it will give others ideas and hope.

Even information on what you are doing as a preventative will be extremely helpful.

Kevin (I got super sick!)

I got hit with covid via shedding from a tennis group of men who took the VAX. Because I was in great shape, I got super sick, as it works in Athletes even worse when it does take root.

After 10 days of hell, body aches, very bad and high fever and diarrhea, feeling like I had been poisoned with radio active materials which I truly believe are part and parcel of a recipe of King Cobra Snake Venom, nano particles that change the DNA in those VAXed, but not in those who are shed upon, and a whole mix of Nimrod cloned DNA replicated rebellious demonic evil packed into the bio weapon, I recovered after 10 days.

It felt like a Grizzley bear ha mauled me and after 3 weeks trying to regain the 25 pounds I had lost, I could not urinate.

After 5 months of hell wearing a catheter, God healed me via prayer and Zeolite!

There is only one Zeolite I recommend and it so helped me I became an Affiliate to market it for Micah Portney who discovered it 20 years ago and won a lawsuit against the FDA who tried to shut his Homeopathic meds down.

It creates a cage like structure with negative charge and sweeps the blood of toxins and heavy metals.

Amazing product made from organic lava that when it flows into the sea it develops healing properties to cleanse and purify the blood even from the graphene oxide for those VAXed.

Please contact Kevin for further information on how to obtain this supplement:

Cheryl (Shedding – Blood in Urine)

(Received 15th April, 2022)

Hi Marilyn – I’m 77, healthy, did not take the vaccine. I was working all of 2020 at the Town Hall. We had 4 elections, I handled the public coming in to register and vote – was exposed to people every day.’

We didn’t wear masks because they were in short supply. I did, owever, at the end of the day when I got home took Vitamin C and Zinc. Not every day, but if I felt run down or had been in contact with someone who seemed like they were sick. Long and short of it was that I wasn’t sick a single day!

So when the vaccine rolled around, I declined because I hadn’t gotten sick – in fact, I kept hoping I’d get a few of the germs so my resistance would be built up.

The next year was when everyone seemed to be lining up for the shot – and many of my friends were in that line. After the lockdown was lifted and I saw one of these friends – after our get-together I went home and noticed ‘pink’ in the toilet. I immediately had a couple of cups of pine needle tea, took C and Zinc and also Quercitin. Within hours the ‘pink’ was gone.

I made an appointment with my Reflexologist – who worked on that particular part of my body and said everything seems good. That happened perhaps 3 or 4 times.

This week I went for my wellness visit, and made the mistake of telling my PA what had happened. She said “there’s no such thing”. She did order a urine test, which came back with SQUAMOUS EPITHLIAL AND ERTHROCYTES – blood in the urine. (Of-course she also was faxed, so I wasn’t surprised – giving a sample after spending 30 minutes with her!)

She has ordered a CT Urogram, which I’m not opposed to doing – just to make sure – but before there’s any other test I’m going to insist on a urine sample which I take here at home, after not being around a vaxed person. I feel very certain that this is due to shedding.

I’m not on any RX other than an eye drop for a reoccurring inflammation. I’m very healthy, even though I could stand to lose weight.

Anyway, that’s my story…. thought I would share it with you.

Don’t know if anyone else has had this particular shedding issue.

Oh – since I’ve had a total hysterectomy (15 years ago) – and most of the shedding I’ve read about affects the reproductive organs… I figured since mine were gone, this is in the same area.

Thanks for listening!

Marsha (shedding from a close client)

(Received 30th December, 2021)

Hi, I wanted to post my experience with shedding as it appears different than those here. I clean houses and most of my clients I’ve been with for 10 years or more so we’ve become close.

One couple I am particularly close with have gotten the shot and I’m around them every other week. The wife and I do hug and it seems like each time I’m affected a little more.

I’m so tired all the time, I get diarrhea terrible, fevers and headaches.

Now, I am not prone to any of these things really ever so I believe I’m being shedd on. I’m 65, in very good health for my age. I have had a full hysterectomy and take HRT but it’s not working anymore. My menopause has worsened.

I have started drinking Anise Star tea, with fennel added. Sometimes I drink White Pine needle tea. I probably need to be drinking more because I am still feeling pretty awful.

Just remember, not all symptoms will be the same.

My response:

Wow, sorry to hear of all this.
You need to do all you can to build up your immune system so it has a chance of fighting these symptoms off. Take immense care with what you eat and drink. As much as possible shun added processed sugar. Dose yourself up as if you had the flu with lots of Vitamin C, D3, Zinc etc. until symptoms subside.
Drink lots of pure water (not tap water and watch most bottled water). Drink about 1 glass per waking hour, reducing as sleep time approaches.
Visit my website (Mouthful Matters) for other treatments you may find helpful
I trust you will be feeling much better really soon.

Marisa (shedding from husband to cat?)

(Received 12th December, 2021)

I once read that family pets are being affected by jabbed family members. I can no longer find the info online.

Have you head anything like this? We had a 7 year old, beautiful cat that was healthy by every account. He had to go to vet for checkup and x-ray back in August 2021 and he was perfect. My husband had to get the sh0ts for work (he is only one in our house that got it); 2nd sh0t received at beginning of November. Fast forward to November 22: our cat started falling over so i rushed him to the vet. They took an x-ray which showed a completely different x-ray from that taken in August. He was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. The vet didn’t think he’d live the week. We put him on mediation, which seems to work briefly. When he stopped eating and drinking, we made the difficult decision to put him to sleep on Dec 7. I have been trying to make sense of this all.

I am heartbroken. I am wondering if there is any connection at all to the spik3 prot3in shedding/transmission from my husband? Could this have possibly affected him? My cat insisted on sleeping with my husband every night (i switched rooms when he got his shots).

My response:

How sad to learn what happened to you beautiful cat... I'm so sorry.

I've been casting my mind back to see if I could remember people's stories regarding animals and spike proteins.  In fact, I only can remember of one and that was Janet Ossebaard who made 'The Fall of the Cabal' series.

She thoroughly believes it was spike proteins that got to her dog.  Both she and her dog came into contact with a jabbed person and the next morning they both woke up very sick.  Janet says that she immediately started on Pine Needle Tea, taking large quantities and she soon felt better.  But as for her dog who couldn't be given the Pine Needle Tea, it ended up dying.

Was it pure co-incidence that they both got sick at the same time?  Who knows?  But I know she doesn't believe so.

Now over to you...

It certainly sounds like this is what happened... I mean, you've even got x-rays to prove such a thing!

Can you actually prove this is what happened?  Most probably not because there would be no-one who would back your story up.

But long story short... I'm with you... I think there is a very good chance this is exactly what happened!

I'm guessing that both you and I will have our antennas out for any other animal story that's out there.  Just because I can't think of any other doesn't mean they are not around.

Warm regard

Lana (Shedding)

(Received 5th November, 2021)

Problem: I’m in my 60’s didn’t get the jab, husband did. I noticed some pain in the ovary area.

Action: I went outside gathering pine needles and made tea.

Result: It took a few days but noticed that I started to feel much better even the pain in my back, swelling in my legs went away.

Edwin (Jabbed)

Received 4th November, 2021

(One dose of the Cov/id-19 Mo/derna va/cc/ine)

1st Problem:

9th day after 1st dose – Tinnitus

Action: I consumed 2 or more glasses of water thoroughly mixed with Korean Pine Needle Powder.

Result: Felt great. Pain in my joints and knees gone unexpectantly! Stopped taking Pine Needle Powder.

2nd & 3rd Problems:

September 11 2021 – Small blood clots on my upper arm 3 months from 1st dose

October 17 2021 – Vertigo “Thank God I was not driving!”

Action: Began taking Korean Pine Needle Powder mixed in cold water.

Result: Still experiencing minor small ringing in my right ear which lasts for 20 seconds only.

4th Problem:

November 2nd 2021 – While standing, felt that my balance was off and would fall.

Action: Consumed Pine Needle powder with Moringa powder.

Result: After 30 minutes the feeling went away and I was much more alert and no longer sleepy.

Atif’s 6 year old son (Jabbed)

Received 1st November,2021


My little story is that my only 6 years old was fine other than speech delays but after his Jab he started to show the symptoms of Autism and now he is declared autistic…

Action: Asking me about Suramin in Pine Needle Tea, Star Anise, fennel seeds and Dandelions. Also listened to Dr Robert Young who advised Suramin.

Result: Waiting…

Pastor Tom’s Friend (Shedding)

Received 28th October, 2021

A friend who is a nurse came down with shingles as a result of shedding. We gave her the bottle and and some of the tea and she is doing very well now.

He was referring to CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution).

Chlorine Dioxide

Alex (Preventative)

Received 26th October, 2021

I currently use a Pinus Protectus tinture that contains not only Pinus Sylvestris but Kudzu, Star Anise, Myrrh, Ginger and Dandelion leaf in the form of 20 drops twice daily in half a glass of hot water, along with organic Turmeric/Black Pepper/Ginger capsules twice a day with 1 capsule of Apple Cider Vinegar and high potency Vit C, Vit D, Elderberry and Astragalus in a capsule twice a day. Currently looking into Pine Needle tea.

Tracie’s Partner (Shedding)

Received 4th October, 2021

My partner is the only one in his workplace not to of been jabbed and over a 2 week period has lost 90% of his hair. Nobody knows how many side effects of shedding there are. Stay safe all big love from the UK x

Danielle (Shedding)

Received 22nd September, 2021

Danielle and her experiences

Don’t forget to share your experiences so they can be added to this Vax and Shedding Reports. Even in the Comments Section below, they will carry a lot of power. Thanks. 🙂



  1. Hi Marilyn –
    Have read the comments but haven’t seen what I may be enduring.

    I’m experiencing a list of ills that defy diagnosis. The MD’s and OD’s just scratch their heads and often leave the comment ‘It’s all in your head’.

    Because we’ve just gone thru the ‘covid 19/vaccine’ era I’m wondering if certain symptoms I experience are pertinent. At least 3 members of my family I live with have had multiple ‘shots’. I have not.
    It sure seems that on not too frequent occasions when we’re all together for a dinner, that circumstance seems to cause me a terrible physical reaction. My vision often becomes blurry – shortness of breath increases – and my speech slurring really worsens to the point where I can hardly be understood! Is this just coincidence and that maybe there’s another explanation or have other people experienced these symptoms?

    really perplexed, gene

    • Oh Gene… that’s not good!
      On the Internet there are all kinds of potions you can take to help this situation. But to start with, drink a LOT of water! Water definitely helps with most conditions/symptoms, and it’s where I would start.
      The very fact the medical profession are telling you it’s all in your head, is a good indication they have no idea.
      Will water be sufficient to rid you of all these symptoms, I do not know, but hey it’s cheap and in your own control.
      Try to drink a glass of purified water every hour. Crunch a little grain (sesame size) of Celtic Salt on your tongue before drinking each glass.
      Best to only drink about 1/2 a glass at a time.
      This way, it allows the water to enter your cells rather than scooting you off to the toilet all the time.
      Follow this regime for at least a week and then let me know how it goes and if you notice any improvement or not.

    • Thank you for this Stephen. I have noticed there appears to be different methods of preparing CDS… The only thing I couldn’t find was what the dosage was. Maybe he’s got it there somewhere but not in English.

  2. I went to the Dentist to have some work done and teeth cleaning, The Dental assistant cleaning my teeth got the covid19 jab, I was not aware of that, She shed Toxic spiked Proteins on me that caused me to have a Stroke, Double Vision, My Left Eye Drooped down, a Migraine headache on the left side of my head, loss of balance and a black and blue injury on my left arm, I went to Urgent care, they could not help me, I saw my Doctor, she could not help me, she said its to new, yea, its the Delta Shedding Transmitting Variant of the covid19,
    jab, I went to BEFOREITSNEWS.COM and there are a lot of Front line doctors there that know what to do, they saved my life, I made a strong tea of Star Anise and drank that 3 times a day, I took some Bromelain and L-Lysine, I took some EXTRA Strength EXCEDRIN
    2 twice a day for the Migraine Pain, I made almost a full recovery, I just have a little Headache every day, to where i take 1 a Extra Strength Excedrin every day, my doctor did a MRI of my head, no clots every thing there was ok, This is what happened to me and it Scared the Heck out of me when Doctors could not help me, Doctors need to be trained in this Shedding Delta Variant Problem. You need to STOP THE PRODUCTION OF THE TOXIC SPIKED TRANSMITTED PROTIENS IN YOUR BODY, Thank you to all the frontline doctors posting on BEFOREITSNEWS.COM you saved my Life. CHELLIE

      • Hi Marilyn 🙂 I Love What your Doing here to Help Others, I just Found Your Web Page Today, and had to tell others what I went Through, Doctors need to Get Up To Speed on this Delta Variant Shedding Transmitting of Toxic Spike Proteins, Please Post at you will be helping a lot more people if you do, Take care and Stay Sweet, Chellie

        • Thank you once again… I was actually surprised at the amount you went through.
          Yes, I have decided to go ahead and post in BeforeItsNews as soon as I can get that sorted.
          Thank you for that too. 🙂

    • Hi Teresa,
      I found with my first batch that it lasted a little over 2 weeks in the fridge. What I do now is keep out about 1-2 week’s worth and freeze the rest in ice block trays. When frozen I removed them into click-lock bags containing about 1 week’s worth per bag.
      I have no way of actually testing to see about the quinine but I do not taste anything different from the frozen ice blocks. If that worries you, it would be better to make up about 2 week’s worth fresh at a time… just more mucking about.

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