Vax And Shedding Reports

This Vax and Shedding Reports is provided in the endeavour to help people who may be having strange experiences.

Please send me your reports on what you experienced from either receiving the jab or from shedding. As I add what you have done, it will give others ideas and hope.

Even information on what you are doing as a preventative will be extremely helpful.

Lana (Shedding)

(Received 5th November, 2021)

Problem: I’m in my 60’s didn’t get the jab, husband did. I noticed some pain in the ovary area.

Action: I went outside gathering pine needles and made tea.

Result: It took a few days but noticed that I started to feel much better even the pain in my back, swelling in my legs went away.

Edwin (Jabbed)

Received 4th November, 2021

(One dose of the Cov/id-19 Mo/derna va/cc/ine)

1st Problem:

9th day after 1st dose – Tinnitus

Action: I consumed 2 or more glasses of water thoroughly mixed with Korean Pine Needle Powder.

Result: Felt great. Pain in my joints and knees gone unexpectantly! Stopped taking Pine Needle Powder.

2nd & 3rd Problems:

September 11 2021 – Small blood clots on my upper arm 3 months from 1st dose

October 17 2021 – Vertigo “Thank God I was not driving!”

Action: Began taking Korean Pine Needle Powder mixed in cold water.

Result: Still experiencing minor small ringing in my right ear which lasts for 20 seconds only.

4th Problem:

November 2nd 2021 – While standing, felt that my balance was off and would fall.

Action: Consumed Pine Needle powder with Moringa powder.

Result: After 30 minutes the feeling went away and I was much more alert and no longer sleepy.

Atif’s 6 year old son (Jabbed)

Received 1st November,2021


My little story is that my only 6 years old was fine other than speech delays but after his Jab he started to show the symptoms of Autism and now he is declared autistic…

Action: Asking me about Suramin in Pine Needle Tea, Star Anise, fennel seeds and Dandelions. Also listened to Dr Robert Young who advised Suramin.

Result: Waiting…

Pastor Tom’s Friend (Shedding)

Received 28th October, 2021

A friend who is a nurse came down with shingles as a result of shedding. We gave her the bottle and and some of the tea and she is doing very well now.

He was referring to CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution).

Chlorine Dioxide

Alex (Preventative)

Received 26th October, 2021

I currently use a Pinus Protectus tinture that contains not only Pinus Sylvestris but Kudzu, Star Anise, Myrrh, Ginger and Dandelion leaf in the form of 20 drops twice daily in half a glass of hot water, along with organic Turmeric/Black Pepper/Ginger capsules twice a day with 1 capsule of Apple Cider Vinegar and high potency Vit C, Vit D, Elderberry and Astragalus in a capsule twice a day. Currently looking into Pine Needle tea.

Tracie’s Partner (Shedding)

Received 4th October, 2021

My partner is the only one in his workplace not to of been jabbed and over a 2 week period has lost 90% of his hair. Nobody knows how many side effects of shedding there are. Stay safe all big love from the UK x

Danielle (Shedding)

Received 22nd September, 2021

Danielle and her experiences

Don’t forget to share your experiences so they can be added to this Vax and Shedding Reports. Even in the Comments Section below, they will carry a lot of power. Thanks. 🙂

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  1. I went to the Dentist to have some work done and teeth cleaning, The Dental assistant cleaning my teeth got the covid19 jab, I was not aware of that, She shed Toxic spiked Proteins on me that caused me to have a Stroke, Double Vision, My Left Eye Drooped down, a Migraine headache on the left side of my head, loss of balance and a black and blue injury on my left arm, I went to Urgent care, they could not help me, I saw my Doctor, she could not help me, she said its to new, yea, its the Delta Shedding Transmitting Variant of the covid19,
    jab, I went to BEFOREITSNEWS.COM and there are a lot of Front line doctors there that know what to do, they saved my life, I made a strong tea of Star Anise and drank that 3 times a day, I took some Bromelain and L-Lysine, I took some EXTRA Strength EXCEDRIN
    2 twice a day for the Migraine Pain, I made almost a full recovery, I just have a little Headache every day, to where i take 1 a Extra Strength Excedrin every day, my doctor did a MRI of my head, no clots every thing there was ok, This is what happened to me and it Scared the Heck out of me when Doctors could not help me, Doctors need to be trained in this Shedding Delta Variant Problem. You need to STOP THE PRODUCTION OF THE TOXIC SPIKED TRANSMITTED PROTIENS IN YOUR BODY, Thank you to all the frontline doctors posting on BEFOREITSNEWS.COM you saved my Life. CHELLIE

    • Hi Teresa,
      I found with my first batch that it lasted a little over 2 weeks in the fridge. What I do now is keep out about 1-2 week’s worth and freeze the rest in ice block trays. When frozen I removed them into click-lock bags containing about 1 week’s worth per bag.
      I have no way of actually testing to see about the quinine but I do not taste anything different from the frozen ice blocks. If that worries you, it would be better to make up about 2 week’s worth fresh at a time… just more mucking about.

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