How Current Events Relate to End Times

How Current Events Relate to end Times

Making Sense of 2020 –

How current events relate to end times is fairly long, but it’s just a light overview!  Potentially it could be vastly expanded upon. 

I recommend you first read down the page before coming back to check out any video that is of interest to you. This will give you a better overview.

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We MUST become aware of these things… if we’ve been asleep, we need to wake up. God is moving and He needs us to be working with Him.

I originally started taking notes to help me get my head around all the details, but then realised it could be really helpful to others. It is my hope that you will want to research for yourself and make up your own mind.

This is personal research of my husband and myself, gleaned from a number of truth seekers.  I’m not expecting you to believe everything you read here… some of it is yet to be proved absolutely.  But I am asking you to listen, read and consider the possibility of truth and be ready to open your mind to information that cannot be learned from the mainstream media and television.  As I said, each of you should definitely do your own research and make up your own mind accordingly.

Please don’t shoot me, I’m only the messenger girl!

Whether you are aware of it or not, we are smack bank in the middle of the 3rd World War.

This is a ‘good versus evil’ war and the most important war ever fought. 

It’s not necessarily with army tanks as such, but never-the-less, the military are being used with many ‘places’ being blown up.  You’ll see as we go along…

It’s wonderful to see how many people are becoming aware of it all on a daily basis.  But, if you are still wondering what is going on, let me share some of our findings…

We have been interested in, and researching these world events, for about five years now.  We began by reading articles ‘behind the news’, ones that were not put out by the mainstream media. Eventually we found Dr Charlie Ward on Youtube.  We’ve found him to be one of the most factual as his intel provides him with exactly what is going on.  His intel comes from 4 completely different sources.  He absorbs what they say and then shares from there.

To date… everything they have told him has actually come to pass.  This takes it away from being a conspiracy theory to actual fact.

He is not the only one, but one of many, who are sharing on a daily basis what’s going on behind the scenes according to their research and intel.

Who is Charlie Ward?

He’s not a medical doctor, but definitely a truth seeker.  He’s open to different perspectives, listens and learns. Although he is English, he lives with his wife and child in the south of Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea coast.

Background:  For many years, Charlie used to work with high ranking officials and people of renown, transferring currencies around the world.

He spent a lot of time with them and they shared many things with him, as a mate.  He was told 6 years ago; again 2 years ago and finally last December, that they were going to collapse the world economy using nothing more than a virus!

(The ‘virus’, and everything accompanying it, has been in planning for many years.)

Six years ago, Charlie took it with a grain of salt; pretty much the same 2 years ago… but in December 2019 his response was ‘Well, how are you going to do that?’ 

He was told ‘they’ would use:

  • A virus
  • 5G
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Riots
  • An alien invasion (if necessary)

So, time rolled on and then he, together with us all, saw it all begin to roll out… exactly as he had been told.  Now remember, he was told this well before it actually happened.   He then felt compelled to put up videos to warn people of what was going on, and why.  You can check the validity of this by simply bringing up his Youtube videos and the dates of them.  He was informing events before they happened!

At this stage, the ‘alien invasion’ has not been required as people have been most complicit with what they have been asked to do. (The social distancing, wearing of masks, testing etc).  Mind you, there is a tremendous awakening going on now… growing by the day.  People are asking questions.  People are beginning to stand up, including countless doctors and nurses.

Charlie Ward, because he had such a lot of inside knowledge from government officials etc., asked them what he was allowed to share with others.  There are still many things he is not allowed to share, but a certain amount he can.  He started a Zoom with just 37 subscribers which has since grown to over 162,000 subscribers at this point in time (18/9/2020).  He has reached over 10 million views. His mission is to share facts according to his insider knowledge, and to help people to be calm during this apparent ‘pandemic’.

He has come to the attention of President Trump who has been watching some of his videos.  Charlie said this made him extra careful to make sure he only shares what is fully factual, which of-course, is what we all need.

Selwyn and I have enjoyed watching him because of his way of sharing, saying what is fact, and what he sometimes ‘thinks’… but always saying exactly how it is.

You may, or may not, agree with everything that comes across as he invites various people to interview on his zoom.  As you know, there can be many different thinking processes.  My advice though would be to not throw the baby out with the bathwater. 

So, what are some of the facts as presented by him?

  • The ‘virus’ was originally released as part of an organised plan by the ‘Deep State/Illuminati’ to destroy as many as possible of humanity. (As in Agenda 2030, their aim is to depopulate 95% of the population by 2030)
  • Used as a ploy to try and stop President Trump from being re-elected
  • To force socialism onto the USA, Australia and other countries (Socialism leads to the New World Order where they have control of every human being on the planet)
  • Bill Gates wanted to have vaccinations on a global level which would include ID’ing everyone and putting them on a global grid. This allows total control.
  • To destabilize and collapse the economy

The virus was seeded into the population last November, December 2019.

An interesting note:  Apparently Fauci shelled out a total of $7.4 million to the Wuhan Institute, and Obama gave $3.7 million.

Who are the Deep State?  Who has been in control of the world?

There is a pyramid of control.  Layer upon layer falling downwards.

  • At the top is Satan (Lucifer) himself, as the below families and groups all worship and sacrifice to him.
  • The New World Order… yes, it’s alive and well.  It used to be called Illuminati, but these days is often referred to as The Deep State.
  • At the top it’s made up of 13 families. It is believed that 99% of the world’s wealth is held by these people.
  • Under them, is a group of people called the ‘Cabal’.  This group includes monarchs and high government officials.
  • Below them are the minions… these are the people the Cabal have complete control over.  For example… Hollywood:  Have you ever noticed how someone goes from complete obscurity to stardom, fame and fortune, almost overnight?  These people have sold their very soul to the NWO and Satan.  (There is a complete list of names coming out in the near future… names that will shock you)

Who are the Cabal?

Very powerful ‘elites’ and secret societies, including blood-line royalties.

These people control the earth through the: (a small example)

  • Mainstream Media
    • all owned by the same few and therefore all tell the same few stories to bring fear to the people
    • even channels that appear to go against the usual, are part of the overall plan to brainwash the population and keep them in fear
    • Hollywood by producing films and songs pushing their agenda
  • Pharmaceuticals and Food
    • Genetically modified foods
    • Sugar
    • Chemicals including fluoride and chlorine in our water supply
      • All the above make people sick which keeps them running to the doctors who are under the control of the pharmaceutical companies.

PS… This does not mean that all doctors are evil… far from it!  Most have a wonderful heart for their patients and only want to help, but they are trained by pharmaceutical owned medical institutions who push their agendas.  Of-course the pharmaceutical companies are owned by the Cabal… so you get the picture!

  • Education
    • Used as a brainwashing system
    • Encourages followers only and not free thinking
  • Science and Technology
    • Scientific innovation is all financed by the Cabal
    • They suppress patents (over 6,000 that could benefit humanity)
    • Suppress freedom of thought and spirit
      • It’s usual practice to look for science-based papers to find out the truth.  Unfortunately, many of these papers have been rigged and altered to promote the evil agenda.
  • Monetary System
    • The Cabal have created and exploited society by causing them to live in debt
    • They’ve forced people to work jobs that drain our life force
    • We have become slaves to the money or lack thereof
    • Then they ‘save’ us through loans, credit cards and fees!
    • The elite become richer and the middle class are buried in greater debt
    • The entire fiat/swift system is illegal and set up by the Cabal to use for their own ends.
  • Religion and Science
    • Science, as taught, closes our minds
    • Religion blocks our path to God
    • Everything we think and feel is a Cabal program

Who are the Minions?

These are all the people who have bought-in to, and have become slaves to the NWO. They do whatever they are told to do… or else!

The Covid-19 Virus

Let’s understand more about what a virus really is…

Taken from a video by Rolf Krahnert

His Study

  • 6 years of science, including medicine
  • 6 years of natural health and medicine
  • 3 years solely looking into virus, bacteria, pathogens, fungus and parasites etc.
  • No vested interest dictating what he can say
  • No shares in vaccine companies

Is it possible to ‘catch a virus’?

A virus is nothing more than a solvent.  These are created within the cells of the body.  You cannot catch them as they are created cellularly. The body can create hundreds of thousands of different viruses at any given time.

So why does a cell need to create a virus?  It is in response the build-up of toxicity within our body.  Toxicity is caused through all the junk we continually put into our body, from foods to environmental chemicals etc.

So, what is the flu?

Flu is a viral detoxification or cleansing. 
In the most part, what needs to be cleansed out of the body is environmental toxins… heavy metals, etc including the chemicals you use to cleanse your home, etc.

A virus does not attack cell tissue.  The virus, which is actually a solvent, breaks down the toxicity within the cell and creates a toxic waste.  This is why you feel so awful when you have a viral infection.  If there is a lot there, it can cause cell damage and even cell death.

A virus is specific to specific areas in the body.  For example, if you have hepatitis, which affects the liver, it doesn’t affect the heart, or lungs etc.  Likewise, a virus that affects the lungs will not affect the kidneys. A virus is not a living entity!

Therefore… if a virus is not transmissible within the body, it should make perfect sense that it’s not transmissible between people! 

It’s especially impossible for a virus to make the jump between species.  You cannot get a swine flu, a bird flu, a bat flu or monkey flu etc.

When someone has a cold in your home, does everyone get a cold?  No!  Even despite the fact that a bacterial infection can be infectious because it is a living thing

A body knows when it is a good time to undergo a cleansing.  It can be caused by the environment and climatic conditions.  This is why it can happen to people together at the same time, in the same area.  This is an intelligence that runs through all of life.  It’s similar to several menstruating women living in the same house… it will tend to happen to them all at the same time.

But, does everyone get a viral infection at the same time?  No!  It only happens when bodies know they need to be cleansed.  Many people are healthy, and their bodies know they don’t need to undergo a viral detoxification at that time.

So, what is this Coronavirus really all about?


  • US20906257852… United States
  • EP3172319B1  European…

Patents for Coronavirus were taken out.  So, what does this tell us?  Why would anyone want to patent a virus?  Obviously because there is big money to be made.

You mean they make money out of us getting sick?  Sure do!

But…the only way you can ‘catch a virus’ is by having it injected into your bloodstream.  This is done through flu injections.

It is impossible to get it into your body through being on surfaces, or in the air etc.  Anyway,

  • Most hand sanitizers are toxic (meaning your body will need to detoxify at some point so therefore you will get sick)
  • Masks don’t work and… are not needed.

Viruses are not killed through heat neither.  Why is this?  Because it’s not alive in the first place!

What should you do according to Ralf Krahnert?

  1. Don’t get a flu shot – in fact, don’t get any shot
  2. Don’t stay in your house as you need sunshine and fresh air if you want your body to run optimally and therefore not need to undergo a viral detoxification.
  3. Turn off your TV and Social Media so you are no longer fed the lie!

Flu kills .5 to 1 million people every year.  Why is this?  Because they have a weak immune system.  A strong immune system protects you from it. But you will get it if you have it injected into you as the injection breaks down your immune system!

End of Rolf Krahnert

I found the above information very interesting.  I had heard this often before, but I like the way he describes it clearly and why I took the time to takes notes.

See what others are saying about Covid-19 – Many Others are Speaking Out

Cleaning out the Swamp

Remember how President Trump claimed he was about to clean out the swamp?  This was the very reason he was put into power.  This had been planned for quite a time before his election. 

Note: Donald Trump and John F Kennedy Jnr were really close friends. When John F Kennedy Snr was killed, John F Kennedy Jnr vowed to bring his killers down.

As we know he was ‘officially’ killed in an aeroplane crash. Was he? Did he fake his own death to be in a better position to bring down his father’s killers?

Only time will tell, one way or another.

To continue… once elected, President Trump immediately got going on the job at hand… cleaning out the swamp.  He began in Washington DC and gradually worked over the entire world.

All the work on creating dossiers of information had already been compiled before he came to power.  It was his job to implement it.

The virus began, but quick thinking by Trump and his team, caused them to use the virus to their advantage. 

Note: Was it quick thinking? Or did they already know about it and were well prepared?

The virus created a great smokescreen.  It kept people’s attention in one place as they took care of important issues over in another.

President Trump has had to play a double role all thru this time… saying things to keep people happy, while organising a whole lot of other things.

As you know, there has never been a president that has received the flack that President Trump has.  The NWO, or the Deep State, do not want him there as he is a complete and utter threat to their existence, and to what they want to do.  That’s why the mainstream media, all owned by the NWO, have come out against him without any stopping.

A further note of explanation: In the 2016 elections, the NWO believed that Hilary Clinton was going to win. They ‘knew’ she would win because they had rigged the election! However, or whatever… Trump won! It is believed that if the NWO hadn’t rigged it, Trump would have won by 75%.

If Hilary had won, history would have taken a completely different route and we would have been plunged into a very dark time with the NWO ruling over us. We came so close!

President Trump does not work alone

Fortunately for him, he is not alone.  He has a solid backing of at least 8,000 other individuals who work with him behind the scenes.  President Trump is the front man, but he works very closely with Vladimir Putin – Russia, Xi Jinping – China and Prime Minister Modi – India.  This may seem unbelievable to many, but a fact check will prove this.  They are together working to ‘clean out the swamp’.

OK, so what exactly is the swamp?

It’s a swamp so filthy that it can hardly be comprehended, or how many crocodiles lay in wait.  Let’s take a closer look into the murky waters…

NWO…The Deep State Control – the three-pronged control system:

  1. Military –Washington DC (not part of the US) – military, mental programming, brainwashing and depopulation.
  2. Banking – City of London (not part of the UK) & The US Federal Reserve (not part of the US) all controlled and owned by the Rothschilds.
  3. Control – The Vatican City (not part of Italy) – indoctrination, deception and tactics of fear.

They all function as individual states, operate under their own laws so therefore, there is no court of justice on earth that could ever process them.

So, using the Covid-19 became a wonderful cover that could be used to aid with this swamp cleaning.  Under cover they have been able to:

  1. Usher in the new monetary system and the global currency reset which rids us of the old evil system.
  2. Arrest the evil people in governments around the world, including the drug cartels
  3. Taking into custody those involved in paedophilia
  4. Arrest child trafficking gangs
  5. Rescue children from the underground tunnels around the world
  6. And… to stop underground baby farming

Removing the Head of the Dragon

One of the very first things to happen was that ‘they’ took out the 13 Phonetician Families who were in control of the world. Everyone else came in under them.

(This took place when all of the 13 families were present in Venice for a special conference… quietly… stealthily… Got you!)

All their assets were seized. The top family alone was worth 34 quadrillion dollars!

To put that into prospective… if one million dollars was given out to every man, woman and child on the earth, and each one also received gold equal to their weight at birth… there would still be heaps over! (Charlie Ward)

Monetary System

In brief, the old fiat system, or the swift system, that we have been working under all our lives, has been a very corrupt system.  It was designed to keep us poor while the elite became richer and richer.

This is being replaced by a new Quantum Financial System (QFS).

The virus etc, is being used as a cover-up or a smokescreen, while they go off one system on to the next.  The virus is keeping everyone’s attention firmly fixed on it, and to stop panic.

  • The Federal Reserve bank, which was a private corporation, has now been taken over by the government.
  • Many world banks such as the Bank of England, the Bank of Spain etc etc… are all currently closed.  The reason they give is to either due to renovations or because of Covid-19.  Strange how they are all doing it at the same time.
  • The old banking system used to take 3 – 5 days to transfer money from one country to another.  This is because the bank was using your money to make money for themselves before they finally transferred the money into the receiver’s account.
  • The new Quantum system will cut all that out and transfer the money somewhere between seconds to a couple of minutes.
  • Many have worried they will not be able to continue using cash because of this new digital system.  Apparently, the use of cash will still be around for at least 10 years.
  • The best part about it is that with the new Quantum system, all our money will once again be gold backed. 
  • It’s not Crypto bu asset-backed currency
  • The USD (United States Dollar) has now become the USN (United States Note)
  • The old fiat system apparently ceased on August 31 this year 2020.  The new system is now in place but being rolled out gently and without fanfare as they wish to keep the people calm.  It is now gold backed.
  • It’s a system that cannot be hacked. 
    • NB… Each country will have its own currency.  It is not like the monetary system the NWO were planning to bring in where there would only be one world-wide currency.
  • Arrest the people in evil governments around the world
  • Designed to end corruption and debt slavery!

At this point in time, all governments around the world have capitulated to President Trump.  Yes, this is so… in reality… we are all under President Trump’s jurisdiction!

All the heads of the worldwide governments were in place as part of the NWO and had sold their souls to the devil and were involved in horrific deeds such as paedophila, child sex-trafficking, sacrificing to the devil and many of them consuming the world’s most expensive drug ‘Adrenochrome’.

President Trump had dossiers of information on each of them, proving their evil deeds.  He told them that they either capitulate and work to expose others involved, or they would be arrested on the spot.  They would go through a court of law and if proven guilty would be executed.

Well, there are many well-known names, most of which I will not mention here.  You can research for yourself.  If you don’t know about this, prepare to be shocked!

The first people to be arrested were the 13 families at the top.  They are all at Gitmo either awaiting trial or have already ‘left this world’.

Then he went to see the Pope.  (Vatican – Control) Do you remember when this virus thing started that Italy was the worst effected?  They were placed into all kinds of lockdown.  This allowed the military to arrest the pope and 300/350 bishops from within the Vatican.  Then they cleaned out the Vatican using 650 planes to fly all the contents to Fort Knox… gold, silver… documents etc.

The Vatican is now completely empty.  When the pope gave his message (I guess it was for Easter) it was only a hologram to make people believe it was really him.

This will all come as a tremendous shock to all Catholics everywhere. How will they take it when they find out their Pope worshipped Satan and was not a worshipper of the God in heaven at all?

The Vatican is filled to the top with Satanic symbols… everywhere.

I pray for them during this most difficult time as realisation begins to come.

(Banking – London) Something else that has the potential to cause shockwaves around the world is when President Trump went to see the Queen.  He had so much evidence against the Royal Family that the Queen had to capitulate to him.  This was evident when the world saw him ‘walk in front of the Queen’.  How could he do that?  Isn’t he rude!  But what they didn’t realise is that it was a way chosen to show the world that she had submitted to him.

The Queen has since left Buckingham Palace which has been boarded up.  The official news is that it is being renovated.  The real news is that it is being gone through with a fine-tooth comb by the forensics. What are they looking for?

There were many other times where the same thing happened around the world. I won’t go into it all, but the end result is that every government around the world capitulated to President Trump, including our own Prime Minister Scott Morrison. I cannot say for sure exactly what this means.

Note: This news worried me for some time.  Could it possibly be a good thing that one man is in control of the entire world.  Sounds ominous!  But gradually, as I learned more and more, I didn’t see it as a bad thing.  It’s not like he’s trying to take over the world for his own evil means.  And when I say Trump, I mean Trump and the team of 8,000.  President Trump is the mouthpiece for the team.

They said they would clean out the swamp… One of the first places was Washington DC (Military –Washington DC).  None of us had any idea of how treacherous and dangerous the murky waters of the swamp were… or how far and wide the swamp reached… worldwide!

President Trump doesn’t rock on in and try to take control in various countries.  What he is encouraging is for the people to wake up and see just how evil their leaders are so they will rise up against them.  He doesn’t even do that within America… he allows the various state heads to be exposed so the people can see for themselves.

That is what he’s doing in our countries too.  He’s allowing our government to show us what they are like… and how bad they can be.  All the goings on with Dan Andrews is a prime example.  The people themselves have to rise up against evil and corruption… and the more they try to hold us down, the more we will gradually erupt and say, ‘no more’

Paedophilia and Child Sex Trafficking

It’s everywhere.  It’s right throughout the monarchies, the government officials, Hollywood and everywhere else.  There was something like 170,000 indictments put out against them.  People like Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates etc.  The latest news is that it will be March 2021 before the list of names will be released, even though we have seen many names already… enough to make you catch your breath as you read through them.

But don’t we see some of them still? Yes, but they are clones or body doubles. Some of which are not very good, but pass with a quick casual glance.  I believe Boris Johnson is a body double or clone… he looks really different. Mark Zuckerberg is obviously a robot on close inspection.

Deepfakes! How they do it.

We will all be shocked as we learn who they have arrested for these crimes against humanity.  If they repented and agreed to help dig out the rest of them, they may only be on house arrest wearing ankle bracelets, at this time.  Others have been automatically taken to Gitmo, and word has it executions have been performed.

I’ve seen a list of people that I have known for countless years.  Both of us have been shocked and shaken with what we have seen.  They come from all walks of life… media, government officials (yes, here in Australia), Hollywood, religious organisations… etc. etc. etc.

Rescuing Children from the Tunnels

We have all been aware of Paedophilia, but I’m quite sure most all of us were totally unaware of its extent.  I know I was completely.

This has been happening down through the ages and is not just a modern-day event.  It’s all tied up with Satanism.

For more years than we can imagine, these creeps have been working underground, creating cities with more advanced technology than what we have here above ground.  They keep these technologies from us.

Down there, they created tunnels, which for example, circumnavigated the entire continent of Australia and up the middle to Pine Gap.  I have not as yet heard it mentioned, but I’m suspicious there was a tunnel from the mainland down to Hobart as I know they blew up an underground facility out in Bass Straight between here and Melbourne.

(I learned last night that the tunnels definitely come from Melbourne through to Tasmania… and on down to Antarctica!)

These are large tunnels.  Charles Ward has been down into a couple of the tunnels in England, about 25 years ago (not in relationship to the children, but for other reasons) and he explains what he saw as about 4.5 – 5 metres wide and approximately as high.

But there are other tunnels that are up to a ‘few kilometres wide’ according to the information from Jason Shurka.  In these large areas is where they create cities.  I have no further information as to what the cities look like except they contain shops and living quarters etc.  Charlie saw hundreds of golf buggies being used for transport, buzzing around the streets.

The lighting down there is not like our electricity up here but more Telsa style drawing from the atmosphere.  It’s not harmful.

The tunnels were made using huge drills that virtually melt the rock and can do a large portion very quickly.  They are giant tunnelling machines

These tunnels were connected from continent to continent, even under Antarctica… (yes, under the oceans) using a rail system that is far in advance from ours.  They used a magnetic system which allows the train to levitate off the ground and travel at enormous speeds.  These were mainly used to transport children.

There are multi-levels of tunnels.  Some of them go so deep, level after level that they can exceed 10 kilometers under the ground!  I have only just heard about tunnels and cities in South Africa that are 20 kilometers below the surface.

So, what are they used for?

Evil!  There is no other word for it… pure evil.  All beneath our feet where nobody had any idea of what was going on.

They are usually built under military facilities and have secret entrances.  Some of the entrances are through water and who knows where else they have them hidden.


But military is just a cover.  Of-course, military facilities can keep us out, can’t they.  No-one is allowed to venture near Pine Gap for example.  This allows them to do whatsoever they please.

Some of these Deep Underground Military Bases are found everywhere throughout the world.  To date, the worst they ever found was in Germany, but Melbourne came up as a very, very close second. 

The latest news I’ve heard is that potentially, Sydney may even be bigger than Melbourne!

Recently it was reported that Australia has the worst in the entire world and they still have a lot to do here. Shocking and unbelievable!

The Children

The children were kidnapped from above, mainly from care-giving facilities such as orphanages etc.  All those In Australia, 20,000 children are taken each and every year.  World-wide, it is over 800,000 per year.  I would believe from what we have learnt that this is a totally conservative number. Thankfully, it’s come to an end.

The children they found under Australia are believed to mainly have come from Asia. 

Australia was the capital, together with New Zealand, of the Paedophilia/Child Sex Trafficking/ Baby Farming world.  Under Melbourne was one of the biggest Deep Underground Military Base’s in the world.  From there alone they have rescued 300,000 children!

There was a further 250,000+ children found under other places in Victoria.  Then a further 500,000 found in Australia general… which adds up to almost 1 million children and young women.

One of the main reasons for the huge lock-down and curfew in Victoria was to keep the public away from the rescue missions being carried out by the military.

As they clean them out, that is, as the children are rescued and the places emptied, the military blow the cities and tunnels up.  People who follow earthquakes would be aware of all the activity going on underground… but isn’t it amazing that all of them are right on 10k’s deep…the level where most of them are found!

These children were used for paedophilia type usage which goes far beyond sexual activity.  I will not go into it here as I find it far too distressing to talk about.  You should definitely do your own research.

  • I’ll give just a hint… look up ‘Adrenochrome’.
  • Many were sacrificed in satanic rituals.
  • They did weird experiments on the children.
  • Women were kept so they could continue to produce babies.

This page will fill you in on some of it…. ugh! Be warned… not nice!

You need to realise that these children have been interbred over many generations.  Many of them have the most horrific deformations.

Many of the wars around the world have been created all with the intention of the ‘creeps’ obtaining more children. They have created devastating hurricanes etc… then the UN caregivers go in to help, meanwhile stealing the children.

As disturbing as all this is, there is another fact. All the governmental/pharmaceutical hospitals, especially in the western world, are all under Freemason control. The main head of the hospital is always a Freemason which then lets them be in control of outcomes of their own.

One of the tricks they use is they somehow allow babies to be stillborn. They aren’t really… they use a drug to make the baby appear to be stillborn. They leave it with the mother for a short time and then take the baby and revive it… then they have the use of it for their evil use.

Underground Baby Farming

Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are the capitals for baby farming.  I don’t know a lot about this, but I do know that babies carry the highest monetary value in terms of the Adrenochrome.  And, for some reason, black babies are the most sort after.  I don’t know why.  I have not delved into this at all as I’m not sure I want to know.

They finally finished the job of rescuing the children in Melbourne on the 3rd September 2020.  A few days after that Dan Andrews took Melbourne into an elongated period of lockdown. Charlie Ward says it’s because they are now taking down the very top government officials etc. who are all heavily armed.  They don’t want people being caught in the crossfire. I guess time will tell.

Update Note: Charlie Ward said recently that what’s now happening in Melbourne is no longer to do with the children. Not sure what evil plan is going on there.

They have since moved on up to Sydney for a major cleanout there.  Don’t be surprised if Sydney enters a new phase of lockdown.  Of-course, they will claim it to be a 2nd or 3rd spike in Covid-19!

All this talk about the children absolutely rips your heart out.  We have been learning about it very gradually over the years, going from one horrific story to the next.  To learn all this stuff is life-changing… you can never be the same after learning how extremely horrible these creeps are to our young… no words can ever describe….

A Pandemic, Plandemic or Scamdemic?

So, to allow them to do what they have had to do, each government around the world was instructed to create confusion and fear. This is continually stirred up by the media on every TV channel.  I think they’ve done a wonderful job, don’t you?

The numbers of people dying around the world has not gone up, in fact, potentially it’s gone down.  They are just including all deaths, wherever they possibly can, to the Covid death tally. 

Some people really have succumbed to Covid-19 (a detoxification flu) but only those who have a weakened immune system such as the elderly for example (especially owing to the dreadful food they receive in many cases).

As written above, the CDC have since admitted that maybe their figures weren’t quite correct!  Even the mainstream media has talked about it.  I guess they were being found out and had to say something.  But even so, has this stopped them pushing for social distancing and mask wearing etc?

Hearing the word pandemic over and over, endlessly, is enough to give anyone the heebie jeebies.  The best thing to do is to switch off the Telly.

More on this down below.

Test Kits

  • These were marked as not suitable for the detection of virus etc by the designer, but even so, they are being widely used for the purpose.
  • Nurses were wondering why the tests were all coming back positive, so they decided to send in unused swabs… they came back positive!
  • One man, who was also suspicious, used it on a watermelon.  Guess what, it came back positive!
  • There are many, many stories of how people who didn’t receive the test, still got positive results.  Like the man who arranged to have a test, because he had a few symptoms, but decided to go home. A day later he was seeing his doctor when he received the testers’ news that he had tested positive.
  • Others didn’t use the test kit at all and sent them in, they also came back positive.
  • I remember the story of a man who went to have a test.  After giving his details to the receptionist he had to wait for upwards of a couple of hours for his turn.  He gave up and went home without having the test.  A couple of days later, along comes the letter informing him that he tested positive.
  • Is everyone making these stories up?  I ask you.

Final question for a thinking person… why do they have to put it so far up your nose to take a swab if it’s jumping out of your mouth everywhere to infect people standing up to 1.5 – 2 metres away?  Why can’t they simply take a swab inside your mouth?


  • Incredible payouts to hospitals had begun… in America for example…
    • $5,000 for a diagnosis of Covid-19 (Wow, why wouldn’t they want to keep them coming?)
    • $13,000 for Covid-19 pneumonia
    • $39,000 when placed on a ventilator (This explains why they were used on patients who didn’t require them)
  • Many nurses were reporting from hospitals that Ventilators were being used on patients who had no need for them, and in most cases the patients were dying because of it.

This brought about pressure on hospital doctors to cite all diagnoses as ‘probable’ Covid-19 on discharge papers or death certificates to get the higher Medicare allocation allowed under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act.

All patients were being put down to ‘Covid-19’ deaths even if they died in the most unlikely circumstances… such as being thrown through the windscreen of their car… or having a motor bike accident.  It was stated that they wouldn’t have died if they didn’t have Covid-19! as just one source.


More and more they began pushing for mask-wearing.  Even if you could ‘catch the virus’, the virus is so small it’s like trying to stop a mosquito from flying through a wire-netting fence!

There is no regulation with what kind of masks must be worn… only as long as the mouth and nose are covered.

Charlie reports how he was not allowed to enter a store owing to not wearing a mask.  He simply told them he couldn’t breathe with a mask on.  They told him to cut a hole in a mask for his nose and mouth and then he would be allowed in!

A woman in the US got holed up as she was not wearing a mask.  She simply took her undies off and put them on her face… she was allowed into the store!

There are just so many stories of all the stupidities. 

  • Where are all the infectious waste disposal bins for contaminated masks?
  • How come they are not trying to police how often you change a mask?  They are not designed to be reused; they say you shouldn’t even touch them!  Even after just 3 hours they are full of contamination from your own toxins.
  • They don’t care what you wear, and in many cases, they don’t care even if it’s sitting on your chin… just as long as there’s one there somewhere.
  • Why are they keeping us locked inside? Don’t they know that sunshine and fresh air works wonders… for any condition! Or… maybe they do know and that’s why they want us inside… behind a mask… making us sick!
  • Doesn’t it make you want to ask questions?

But President Trump is allowing them to wear masks to show up the bad leadership so that ‘we the people’ wherever we are, will rise up against them.

You will hear him talk about the necessity to wear masks.  He doesn’t really believe that at all but there are some things he has to say otherwise they will crucify him.  It’s only until the job gets done.

Evidence has come to light that the mandatory mask wearing is not really for the virus… that’s just the excuse they use to make you do it.  It’s actually so they can test if Facial Recognition works while they can only see half of your face; and to stop you communicating.  They don’t want you talking.  They want to control you.

Mask wearing is also part of satanic rituals, so what does that tell you?

Compliance or Science?

Is there any real scientific evidence surrounding the vaccines… mask wearing etc?  There is plenty saying how dangerous it is to wear a mask… especially in hot weather.  This causes a collapse in the immune system and when a real germ comes along people will potentially die.

Even in operations, according to the knowledge I have, a surgical mask is only used to prevent droplets coming from the mouth and onto the patient’s open wound.  It is not to prevent the surgeon from getting sick.

Sick people should not be wearing a mask as through the breathing of their own carbon dioxide it does nothing to help them get well.  They need lots of fresh air and sunshine.

Heathy people shouldn’t be wearing a mask, as the breathing in of their own carbon dioxide will break down their immune system and open them up to sickness as stated above.

It is much more about control.  They wish to control us.  As we are complicit with mask wearing, the next step is the acceptance of the vaccine, and then the ID.

People are fed up and actually crying out for the vaccine! Anything so they can get on with the normal lives.

The ‘Virus’ downgraded

A main fact that is not common knowledge… the WHO released a statement on 19th March saying they had ‘down-graded’ the virus to no more than the flu or a common cold.  This was 4 days before countries everywhere went into lockdown, almost all together at the same time!  Who could control that?

The information was relayed to and placed on every government website including the CDC (Centre of Disease Control).  To begin with it was clearly found.  It’s still there but hidden so that you really have to trip over it to find the information.

All this fear caused the economy to collapse instantly as people were afraid to go out into it.  This means, that the entire world economy was collapsed owing to no more than a common cold or flu!

Isn’t that exactly what they told Charlie they would do?

Second, Third, Fourth Spikes

Be aware that there will most probably be further spikes in the ‘amount of people dying’ and therefore bring further lock-downs and curfews.

The amount of people dying comes from all sources of death, natural or not.  Although they have been crying pandemic, the amount of total deaths is not more than any other year, in fact, could even be lower.  People die… they always will, but while ever they continue to count all deaths as Covid…

The dreadful and unfortunate part of it all is that there could easily be a spike in deaths during September, October and November, owing to:

  • loss of jobs, homes and property etc will bring on suicides and heart attacks
  • people who should have been operated on during the previous months could pass away (On 15th September it was reported that folks in Launceston, Tasmania had passed away owing to not receiving treatment when they should have during the ‘pandemic’)
  • old people who already have a compromised immune system, having their immune system drop by another 17-20%
  • now the Cabal have begun to inject frozen foods in the USA with toxins that bring on symptoms that will be similar to the Covid symptoms and will cause people to die.

Alert, be warned… if they are doing it in the States, they will do it here too.  They have started on frozen goods, but it could go anywhere.  There has never been a better time to buy from local markets wherever possible… or grow your own, even better.

But what about all this talk of vaccines?

President Trump will allow the ‘bad guys’ to go as far as they can, right up until they try to give the vaccine.  Then he will step in and stop it.

Remember, vaccines are just another part of the ‘smoke-screen’.  They were to start in Australia and our government was supposed to have bought 33 million of them.  Recently we heard that it had been held up because ‘someone had had a bad reaction’!  Personally, I don’t believe any of this story, I think it was just more scare tactics.

But it doesn’t mean that the vaccines are not real, and that Bill Gates and his cohorts didn’t intend to vaccinate the lot of us.  They designed the vaccine to change our DNA!  That’s really scary stuff.  They are really serious about controlling us and making us into zombie ‘yes sir’… ‘no sir’… ‘whatever you want sir’!

Remember how Bill Gates called computer problems ‘a virus’? First put the program out there and then create a virus to cause all the problems. Then, hallelujah, Bill Gates came up with a program to fix the virus! Yay!

So this is where he got the idea… viruses for computers were working really well… now onto the humans!

The vaccines were trialled on the children in Africa and India and killed tens of thousands of children in the process!  Doesn’t matter!  They are just black kids!  Ooooh!  How can they possibly think that way?  All lives matter!  Of-course, this kind of news doesn’t come out on the mainstream media as it goes against the agenda.

Dr Rashid Buttar gives a clear and and very animated interview regarding this… just remember that it was made back in April 2020. This is what they would have got away with if they could.

Dr Rashid Buttar exposes Bill Gates, Dr Fauci and Falsified Pandemic Numbers as the economy collapses

But Charlie Ward says that a new vaccine, a good vaccine, is being created which is designed to make people well.  When President Trump talks of vaccines, apparently, he is relating to some great healthy ones for people if they so desire… but he can’t allow that to become common knowledge.  This is what I’ve been led to understand… it may or may not be fully correct.  But he’s definitely not trying to bring out a mandatory vaccine like they are talking about. 

What’s in the Cabal’s Vaccine?

I don’t want to go right into this.  It’s definitely something that everyone should do research on.  Suffice to say that they contain human aborted foetuses, other animals, heavy metals etc… all of which you really do not want to have injected into your body.

The Covid-19 vaccine also contains a method to ID you and with the use of 5G they will be able to track your every move.  It is an evil plan designed to kill many.

It’s never been tested on humans before, (apart from the catastrophic Indian and African children episode) and Australians… please wake up… they want to start on our own elderly… right here in Australia.  Human guinea pigs.  Remember, they want our elderly dead, that’s part of the depopulation.

Bill Gates is right into eugenics, as was his father.  This is where they remove what they judge to be inferior and promote those they judge to be superior.

What is not widely known is that Bill Gates was given Microsoft… he didn’t create it.  He says he gives countless millions to charities around the world… problem is, they are all his own charities.  He has about 5 of them and the money is moved from one charity to another… around and around.  Looks and sounds good… but in reality, he hasn’t given a single cent.

This man has so much say about vaccines but is not a doctor, or a scientist… or any other thing that qualifies him… but he does have money to give to the vaccine companies of which he owns, and to the pharmaceutical companies.  That’s what makes them listen to him.

But the Bill and Melinda Gates we see in photos these days certainly look different to what I believe are the original pair.  I believe they have ‘left this world’ and it’s all just a script playing out…

Government and Media asked to create confusion and fear

This is why, for those who listen to the mainstream news, or read mainstream articles on the Internet, that every second word is Covid-19 and pandemic.  As of this day, it still continues.

As these evil men and women are taken down, a time will come, and the last to fall… will be the media.  You have to realise that they are all owned by the same Cabal people… they all tell virtually the same news, with the same twist that suits their agenda.  Fear certainly fits their agenda.  The best way to keep us down and under control.

You can stop this in a flash of-course!  Simply turn off your media outlets.  Start doing research on a deeper level, remembering that Google, Youtube, Facebook etc are all owned and under the control of the Cabal… otherwise also known as the Globalists.

Update Note: As the people running Google, Youtube, Facebook etc have been arrested, I believe it’s a distinct possibility that the ‘good people’ or White Hats, as they are often referred to, are now running these platforms. They are still banning people off though, but I’m to believe they have to do it to stay beneath the radar… and once again, to keep the narrative running until it can all be exposed.

Why did President Trump organise the making of all the Ventilators?

Well, it wasn’t for the coronavirus patient!  It was for the rescued children from undergound. 

They ran into really major problems trying to bring them up to the surface.  You have to realise that most of these children had lived all their lives undergound locked in cages.  Bringing them up to the surface and into the sunlight caused them to die immediately.  They were losing too many of them.

The ventilators were designed to be used to aid the journey towards the surface… but another problem arose… how to get electricity so far down???  I have no idea what they did about that.

Update:  I learned tonight that although Trump has been saying they were making lots of Ventilators, it was actually Med Beds they were making for these children.

Med Beds are something that is to come out in the near future.  They are amazing.  They use a technology that has been suppressed and hidden from the public for a very long time. The evil Cabal have kept it from us.

If these are being used on the children, that should be simply wonderful to say the least.


The mainstream media have always told us that the hospitals were filled to overflowing with Covid-19 patients.  Is this really true?

In the beginning, there may have been, or may not have been, busy wards of patients, but why is it that we hear that nurses have been put onto 0 hours of work?  Yes, many nurses are out of work, or have been asked to take extended holidays.

Why is it that police in Spain visited an upstairs ward that was ‘full of patients’ only to find that the entire ward was completely empty?  I think it was seventeen police that walked off the job there and then as they realised the lie.  Many others relate similar stories.

Why is it that the same photos were circulated of busy hospital wards?  First, they used a certain photo which was supposed to be in Italy,  then they used it in New York showing ‘their’ busy wards… next thing you know Channel 7 began running it to show our busy wards! I don’t know where else it was used. Do they think we have holes in our head and can’t remember the images they show us?

Doesn’t it make you ask questions yet again?

There is so much more on this.


Why is it that in Berlin they had a super large rally that was not covered by the news?  I’ve heard from people that were actually there, it had between 2 and 4 million people present.  Isn’t that newsworthy?

Why is the same thing happening in other places around the world with no coverage?  And, if it is covered, they play it right down to just a few ‘conspiracy theorists.’

Another person who organised a rally in London was sharing how the photos they took portrayed the rally from being very different to how it was.  Hardly any people attended, according to the news. They had at least 10,000 there.

Have you heard President Trump complain of this very thing? He was at a rally in more recent times and he was saying how strange it is that the camera people don’t seem to be able to turn around to show the whole crowd. He went on to say ‘but if a scuffle breaks out, they seem to be able to turn and show that immediately!’

Anyone going against the mainstream narrative is accused of being a conspiracy theorist.  Every time. We have even been called that!  But gradually people are changing from jelly fish to ‘men with backbone’ (as Charlie puts it!) and standing up against all this evil, as their eyes are opened from the deep sleep they have been in.  It’s happening more and more.

Of-course, those who only follow the mainstream narrative, all point the finger at these rallies and blame them for the continued spread of Covid-19.


Why is it that the riots in the US contain the same people?  Turns out they are paid Antifa gang members.

The news tells us that all of America is burning up and being destroyed with riots.  It’s Donald Trump’s fault of-course as he doesn’t know how to stop it!  Out of his control.

Do your research folks!  As I’ve said, he doesn’t overstep the local authorities although he does offer help.  Many of them point blank refuse any help from him… they want it to happen.

Black Lives Matter

This movement is being funded by both George Soros and the Clinton Foundation – white people!  All donations are going to the Biden campaign – a white person!  Not one cent has been used to help a single black person.

I believe Soros and Clintons have gone bye-byes, as has Biden!

What does that tell you about it?

Using it as a Smokescreen during the Third World War

Donald Trump and the ‘good guys’ quickly saw how they could use the coronavirus (which was originally designed for evil purposed by the Cabal) as a smokescreen to keep people away from what was happening in the rescue of the children and the dangerous arrests of the perpetrators.  These people are heavily armed and will not hesitate to take out anyone who gets in the way.  It’s a war, people… there are times we just need to stay inside our homes and out of harms’ way… and pray!

You heard about the 2 ships called Mercy and Comfort.  One went to Los Angles and the other to New York.  They didn’t use these ships for coronavirus patients, but rather for the children they were rescuing from underground.

As they rescued the children, they were also arresting the perpetrators they found.  Military personnel have lost their lives as many of the tunnels are booby-trapped. Once the rescue was complete in an area, they would blow up the tunnels.  Many may have been experiencing what they thought were earthquakes, but they were really blowing up the underground facilities.

I know there was a lot of blowing up of tunnels under Melbourne.  Also, I know they blew up a tunnel out in the Bass Straight between Melbourne and Tasmania.  I’ve worked out that if you draw a straight line from Melbourne to Hobart, it passes right under Devonport! ☹ 

Recently Charlie Ward was able to tell Britain that there would be something resembling an earthquake just outside of London.  It came to pass but was reported on the mainstream news as an earthquake.

He also told them that they would bring back a lock-down into England, in fact he told them four days before it happened.  Is he psychic?  Of-course not, he was told… he simply relayed the message.

I believe Israel is to go into a lockdown this coming Friday 25/09 at 11am.  They have some very serious problems to deal with there.

Military Intel

The intel coming in is often straight from the men and women working on the ground.  Military personnel.  Charlie talks directly with them and they describe exactly what they are seeing and doing.  Many of these people have had to experience things so horrific that they can only stay on the job a few days before needing to be recalled for counselling etc.

Other intel comes directly from very high government officials who all know what’s going on.  Of-course they can only tell what they are allowed to as they would never want to jeopardise the forces in any way.

But, what about 5G?

Yes, 5G is bad… very bad.  It’s not designed to be used for communications, that’s just a cover up.  It’s designed as a weapon! It kills.  Wherever they run tests with it, all bird life fall dead to the ground.

It’s believed that in Wuhan, the pictures they showed us of people falling dead in the streets of Corona virus, were actually people being killed with the 5G they were running in the city at that time.

But, I am to understand, that instead of 5G, which is totally harmful to the human body, in fact any kind of body, it’s being replaced with a healing type energy which will be free for everyone, using the same towers etc.  One of the benefits will be no more electricity bills! 

And what about the Wall?

The Wall is being built between USA and Mexico.  Sure, it’s designed to help keep out the undesirables, but it has a far greater purpose.  Its structure will be used as a Telsa wall for free energy.  Not sure how it works exactly but it will come to light eventually.

Knowing what we now know about the vast tunnel network under all parts of the world, building a simple wall would only keep out the more honest people!!


This is something else if you haven’t heard about it you should do research on.  It all sounds very wonderful if they can bring it off as planned.  Too good to be true?  Understand your thinking, but it is what they have been trying to bring out for many years.

They were going to announce some of this stuff but then 9-11 happened.  The evil Cabal took care of it back then by bringing down the towers.  It put it back almost 20 years, but with the most careful of planning, it’s believed it will go ahead very, very soon

Nesara is for the United States of America
Gesara is global

It Means Such Good News for us all…

  • Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare, a “jubilee” or a forgiveness of debt. (This is happening gradually right now – countless people are reporting they no longer have any debts!)
  • Abolishes the income tax.
  • Abolishes the IRS. Employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.
  • Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes.
  • Increases benefits to senior citizens.
  • Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.
  • Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment.
  • Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law.
  • Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.
  • Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.
  • Forbids the sale of birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.
  • Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law
  • Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.
  • Restores financial privacy.
  • Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.
  • Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide.
  • Establishes peace throughout the world.
  • Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.
  • Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, anti-gravity, and sonic healing machines.

China no longer under communist control?

It has always been the plan of the New World Order to bring us all under their control.  One of the steps along the way has been communism.  Remember, Socialism leads to Communism, leads to total control. As it now turns out, communism in China is no longer… they have been taken down.

China has been buying up land all around the world, and particularly in Australia, and yes, it has been their plan to bring us all under their control, not China, but the NWO.

I don’t know how this will all play out exactly, but I have definitely heard that it’s no more and that Australia doesn’t have anything to worry about with the communists.

The problem for me is this… many times Charlie Ward or Charlie Freak and some others, are able to tell us this news but sometimes they can’t give information that can prove their point. For example… that China is no longer under communist control.  This is one of those times.  The mainstream media say nothing about it of-course.

But what I can say… seeing how the communist party treats their people gives us a total understanding of the type of tyrannical control we came so close to being under.


Many times, people scream that Trump doesn’t even know how to spell, or to write proper English.  What they don’t understand is he is using code.  Those who understand his code or symbolic language know exactly what is going on and what he is portraying. It’s the only way he can relay to ‘us good guys’ without the media taking hold of it.

Just to give you more idea on all this, here is Melissa from Freedom Force Battalion…

(OK… this video has been taken down off Youtube. I’m leaving it on here just to show you the kind of thing that is happening. The fake Fact Checkers are removing any video from Youtube that goes against their narrative. Mind you, these Fact Checkers are a private organisation being paid to do the job. It’s interesting isn’t it, that they didn’t need to have Fact Checkers until the truth was being told!)

Here are some alternative sites for: for Charlie Ward videos for videos by Melissa

President Trump also says many things against China at this time, but it’s just a part of the narrative he has to go with so that the ‘evil ones’ don’t catch on.

Who is *Q*?

*Q* Information

This is an anonymous group of highly placed individuals (likely military and NSA) close to President Trump who are providing information and insight via the internet.  They are bringing public awareness to the vast amounts of corruption in the government and the world.

You cannot fight an enemy that you do not know exists.  ‘They’ are showing us who our enemy really is.  Justice cannot be served, and arrests cannot be made until the public becomes aware of the enemy.  Once the public recognizes how we have been sold out and misled by leaders in both parties, they will be outraged and demand justice.  ‘They’ are trying to set the stage for justice while avoiding civil war.

The Main Stream Media call it a Conspiracy Theory and it’s not to be believed!
Everything that has been published by them has or is coming to pass before our very eyes!

Because the Main Stream Media (MSM) is so biased and corrupt, POTUS must go outside the normal channels to communicate with the American people.  The Main Stream Media covers up and does not report many global crimes.  They actually put out a lot of disinformation, which they know is false, to shape the narrative to the public.  

When you type *Q* into a search engine, the top websites will all be about how ‘they’ are nothing more than a conspiracy theory. Remember, Google is owned by the Cabal.  The Deep State will do much to discredit anything that is designed to expose them.

Much can be researched.  Each should make up their own mind.

Our Governmental and Religious Powers

It doesn’t matter which party you vote for… Liberal… Labour… Greens… whatever, they are all puppets in the structure of the New World Order.  They have to do whatever they are told to do.

The NWO have infiltrated every part of society, from our schools, universities, medicine, pharmaceuticals, seminaries… and on and on.  The folks graduating from there have a certificate to show they have matriculated according to what they were told… and fed, and all in accordance to the agenda of the NWO.

So, who is our Enemy?

It is quite obvious to me that our enemy is:

  1. Satan – Lucifer, the angel of light
  2. The New World Order whom he controls, and they in turn, ultimately control all the other institutions, which in turn control us.

They are more evil than any of us realise. When we realise just who has bought into it, there will be much mourning.

But the good news is… we are all beginning to wake us… to wise up… to become aware.

The Day of Reckoning is Upon Them

The 170,000 Federal Indictments (I’ve heard it could be as many as 500,000) are to begin being revealed to the public. This will be a very sad time as we see name after name being revealed, with confessions and resultant punishments.

Most of these evil people (Cabal, Deep State, Illuminati, Globalists, New World Order – different names all relating to the same kind of people) have all been arrested between about 2018 – 2020… and their trials have already been held. We are currently on the final leg of the journey.

I am to believe there could be a period of a 10-day communication blackout where only emergency calls will be allowed. Will it be world-wide? I’m unsure, but sources say it will definitely be in the USA.

During this period, all media will be shut down. There will be a massive unveiling of the unsealing of the indictments and trials etc. This will be relayed world-wide on the TV for all to see.

I’m not sure of the details, but we have been told this could happen anytime now. If it does, please be prepared ,and although there will be much shock and horror as we learn who’s been involved and the depth of degradation these people lowered themselves to, we need to always remember this… no pity! Remember the children! We owe it to them.

Can you imagine a world without all these ‘creeps’ running it?

As we have all spent our entire lives living under their rule, when I say ‘Can you imagine?’ you most probably are like me… it’s almost too hard to visualise?

But we need to do some visualisation… we need to begin to comprehend what it would be like to live in a world free of the ‘creeps’. It almost sounds like it would be joy unspeakable!

How does this line up with the Word of God?

For quite some time I could not line up current events, all this intel, and the Word of God.  I struggled with it and searched long and hard trying to find something that could connect the dots.

To begin with I read the end-time scriptures over and over… watched many videos online concerning it and talked with Christian friends.  Still I could not align what I was hearing.

I was crying out to the Lord to show me…

Then one day I heard a woman called Melissa (Redpill the World) sharing on a video with Charlie Ward and something inside me jumped.  At first, I couldn’t agree with what she was saying, but she said enough to make me purchase her audio book on the subject.

Night after night, as I listened and took notes, a deep realisation came over me.  Here suddenly, it all started to make sense, and everything matched up.

Now I have no idea if you would experience the same, but now my understanding and outlook on the book of Revelation has completely changed… completely changed!

Currently I am reading back over the many, many bible verses she expounded on. Now I’m feeling totally at peace with a deeper understanding than I’ve ever had, or experienced before, concerning what is going on around about us.

I don’t know if it’s all totally correct, but I’m finding it lining up better than anything I have ever read before. 

But I remain open… I only want truth.  Yep, I’ve become a real truth-seeker along with countless others.  Not interested in people’s theories, and heaven only knows, I’ve heard plenty of those, but truth only please.

I will be updating as more comes to light.

A very interesting visual given by Pastor Roy Fields.

How to understand Revelations in the light of Current Events



  1. I followed Q and I listened to C. Ward’s interviews; then I asked God if this system that was coming in His, and next I knew I was listening to a Pastor, who had been teaching the bible for 60+ years, he has passed now, and his son teaches. This Pastor teaches the whole bible verse by verse; and I soon learned that this last system – humanitarian system (GESARA) is still Satan’s system, where Satan will come as the false Messiah pretending to be Christ, and the whole world will believe him. That is the 5 month tribulation (there is no rapture btw) a one world system, Rev 13v1 The Beast; where Satan comes half way through as the false Messiah Rev 13v11 onwards. 2 Thess 2 tells us that there will be a falling away from the truth, the great apostasy, then the man of perdition (satan-the only one mentioned in the bible as being judged by God to spiritual death) You are all being deceived – there is no good and bad side, they are all working together, the Jesuits are the controllers, doing the bidding of Satan. Dark to false Light, the only true light is Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God, whom He sent to die for our sins, the only Way, Truth and Life everlasting. Don’t be deceived by Satan, he is the prince of this world; but the true King of Kings and Lord of Lords, will return at the end of the 5 month tribulation. When they are saying Peace and Security (GESARA – one world system – The Beast) then sudden destruction when Christ returns. DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY SATAN!

    • Hi Heather,
      I hear what you’re saying… but… really, I don’t believe anyone could possibly comprehend end times prophecies until the last few years. I know what they have been teaching… I went through it all over many months as I was searching for God’s truth. I do agree with you there is no rapture as it’s come to be known by… God is calling us to stand up against the tyranny… He’s not going to just whip us out of it and to heck with the rest of humanity. Cannot find anywhere in the Word that says such a thing, or any picture/type given to suggest it.
      I do believe there is much deception going on and yes, we do have to remain close to the Lord and use our listening ears and seeing eyes.
      Much is not easy to discern, but then again, we are living in the most exciting times.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      • Loved the works you have extended yourself through, we so are in end times and things are going to darken sooner than many expect.
        I have been waiting for darker times but never expected all this.
        I am 85 and God still has use for me.

        • Thank you Les! I think things have already been incredibly dark… although we still have dark times to move through so it seems.
          But never forget that good times are on the way… much better than most ever expect.
          Because people are expecting really dreadful times according to the symbolic Revelation, they are missing what is going on all around them right now!
          Thank you for taking the time to respond… Bless you.


  3. Why do many go along with the narrative and not “see”? The answer is in 2 Thessalonians 2 10-12 I’ve personally observed every one I know firmly doing as they’re told is a Bible scoffer

    • I think there may be some truth in the fact that the jabs stop critical thinking. For most, they’ve not been using critical thinking to start with, but now it’s harder than ever.
      Really, I don’t know if that is truly the case, but one thing I do know… once your eyes are opened, you cannot unsee!

  4. Hey Marilyn,
    My eyes have recently been open and have started seeing the truth all around me. I believe its because I didn’t conform and get the KillShot that I can see the truth. I believe that the jab has infected sheep. I have a question though, how do we stop and help our children from seeing this propaganda?

    Keep fighting for the truth.

    • I agree with you Israel! How great you have started on such an interesting journey… welcome!
      All we can do is share. Be careful though how you share. Most people can only take a very little bit at a time. If you become over-enthusiastic, their eyes will glaze over and they’ll do anything they can to change the subject.
      It’s little by little.
      Our job is to share, as we can. It’s God’s job to open their eyes.
      Keep them before the Lord and trust… God is faithful.

  5. Hi Marilyn,

    I was reading another article on Nesara and was quite deflated so came off my phone. It said Nesara was a scam/hoax. Well it does seem too good to be true and you know what how the saying goes. Getting ready for bed I thought what if this was a black hat writing this article. Some days your lifted high, some days you come down with a big bump. I understand the Motley crew had their Davos meeting between 22-26 May and white hats had arrived. Nice thought but not sure if true. This odious old man Klaus Scwab of the WEF is an evil bastard. A Rothschild too apparently. They’re installed all over the world.

    • It doesn’t matter what subject you type into a search engine, you will always find the for and against. There also will always be those who do everything they can to discredit good news. You have to ask yourself in your own heart how it sits with you. Lots of misinformation/disinformation in the world today so we have to ask the Father was is and what isn’t. Sometimes we can be unsure so we leave it sitting on the shelf… in time it will be revealed for sure.
      The Rothschild family is spread far and wide but their head has been cut off long ago! The main drivers were dealt with right up front according to the intel we received. Now the tail of the snake is whipping around in its dying throes!

    • I believe NESARA/GESARA is part of WEF and Scwhab’s evil plan that we will “own nothing and be happy.” Do a deep dive into the WEF, Schwab amd Noah Yuval Harari, Schwabs right hand man and their plan to rid the world of “useless eaters” aka, you and I. Nesara sounds like false peace to me. Real peace comes from God. It is funny, when I recently saw nesara/gesara symbols on a Telegram Channel, I looked it up and sent to my husband in shock! I respect what u do and agree with much of what u have said however, I am a mid trib gal and know things are going to continually grow worse in the world otherwise, there would be no room for an Antichrist(possibly Noah Harari?) to come on the scene to establish the 1260 days of false peace, and use great signs and wonders, lest the elect be deceived! Thank u for ur work and may God continue to bless your work.

      • Hi Fran… Thanks for your comment.
        There are such a lot of different thoughts concerning the last days. Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib, Post-Trib etc. All gleaned from the same Bible!
        There is only one truth. How do we know that we are on the right track?
        This is a question I asked myself many times.
        We need to be open to the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us into all truth.
        I know some think I’m off the planet because now I don’t go along with any escape into the heavenlies! I do not believe that is what it’s saying at all!
        You cannot find the word ‘rapture’ anywhere in the Bible to mean suddenly leaving this planet for a better life.
        God want us to fight the battle… to dig out the evil ones… etc. etc. and then we can enter into His peace.
        I know many people see the Antichrist as being a specific person, whereas the Bible refers to ‘Antichrist’s’ Anyone who is anti Christ! The anti-christ spirit which the writers said were present in the world even at the time of writing.
        Peace was one thing that bothered me for some time. We all want peace, and we want it to be God’s peace. How will we come to that place? Will God wave His miraculous wand, or will it be something more down to earth and may I say… normal?
        I don’t push what I now think is going on in the world, but I do encourage people to think for themselves and seek God who leads and guides us into all truth… that was His promise wasn’t it?
        I now feel a peace concerning world issues that before I did not. When I look, I now see things in a whole new prospective. I have a new comprehension so that I wouldn’t want to go back into any of those teachings.
        In Ephesians 1, Paul prayed that the Ephesians would have ‘light dawn upon their mind’ amongst other things. I pray Ephesians 1:17-19 each day and spend much time thinking and meditating on the depth of it’s meaning. I also pray it for others.
        You may be absolutely right… only time will tell won’t it Fran?

  6. Marilyn. Thank you. So much to consume. I have a question

    1. Is the Maxwell case part of this crack on child pedophilia. If so why is the case being shown in cartoon form

    2. If trump is still in power, why is Biden being shown live on tv as president

    • Hi Allan,
      1. I’m not quite sure how to try and answer this question. I do know yes, that the Maxwell case is very big in the whole scheme of things. ‘Cartoon form’… not sure what you mean by that.
      2. Is it Biden? Are you sure about that? Can you guarantee it’s really him? LOL… We are living through the most amazing theatrics the world has ever known. Why? It’s all in the endeavour to make people ask questions and to finally go ah-huh! They have to do it gradually and relatively gently so the unawake masses don’t hit the streets and riot. Its not totally sure what Biden is… sometimes it’s CGI, but I believe most of the time it’s just actors wearing a Biden mask. What you see is just an act. Once you realise that you can laugh at how good they are when he does stupid things.

  7. Hi Marilyn,

    Something does not make sense to me, if they all surrendered, why is the vaccination/killshots still happening, specially now with children, why sacrifice children?

    • Hi Jose,
      We are living through a very difficult time with these killshots. Unfortunately, we often have to lose something precious to us to make us wake up to the overall. These parents who are taking their children in for the jabs are so blind. Information is ALL OVER THE NET about the dangers of it but still they don’t see it. Everything has been tried to cause these people to open their eyes. They will not be able to say ‘we didn’t know’ as ignorance is no defense in a court of law. It’s all so freely available. If they continue to close their eyes and ears to the truth, it may end up in the loss of a child.
      Breaks my heart too!
      Imagine a pyramid of people… those at the top were removed quite some time ago. Then the next level… and the next… and so on. We are now down to the foot soldiers at the bottom of the pyramid and there are many. It’s like a snake… remove the head and it can still bite! Those still in positions of power are still writhing like the snake does once it’s beheaded, or the chicken that’s lost it’s head but runs around and around the yard.
      We are truly in a war and with wars their are always casualties. The longer ‘we’ conform to what the NWO want (theatrics or not), the more danger it continues to put our children in.
      It’s up to us! We need to stop conforming! We could stop it all in a day if we would be all rise up together and say ‘no more’!

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