How to Understand Symbolism in Revelations

Symbolism in Revelations, when understood with their potential meanings, makes reading the book a whole lot easier to understand. If you identify the beast as being the New World Order, it makes for very interesting reading.

I first heard this information from Freedom Force Battalion from where I’ve gleaned a lot of information as well.

This is symbolism in the light of the NWO being the beast. This is how it would go…

Symbolism in Revelations & Other Bible Passages

11:11 – ‘And after 3 ½ days the Spirit of Life from God entered into them and they stood upon their feet and great fear fell on them that saw them’ Revelations 11:11.

  • The antichrist doesn’t come alive again… it’s us who receive the life as we become awakened!
  • We all began to stand up and fight.
  • The Great Awakening is not a human movement… it’s a movement of the Spirit of God!
  • The NWO and minions are now in great terror, but they can’t stop us
  • We will not be raptured but rather the Lord is raising us into positions of authority all over the earth.

1260 days – 42 months – 3 ½ years – a long struggle between good and evil.

1/3rd = 33% = 33 degrees –

  • Every time you read 1/3rd, think Masonic Secret Society Cabal who are responsible.
    • 1/3rd Sea became blood = (Sea usually represents humanity) – Devastation on our health and safety.
    • 1/3rd Sea creatures died = Could mean the damage to the health of animals, birds and fish intentionally causes by the NWO.
    • 1/3rd Ships destroyed = Commerce and financial security. Joblessness, monopoly on business, profiting on slave labour etc

144,000 – Those sealed by God (Warriors )- chosen to fight in the Battle of Good versus Evil called Armageddon.

24 Elders –

4 Angels holding back 4 winds – the holding back of all these terrible truths until the time was right

4 Living Creatures –

  • The 4 flags that were around the tabernacle were:
    • Lion
    • Ox
    • Man
    • Eagle
  • They all represent the tribes of Israel – God’s people turned to worship Him.
  • Remember… we are spiritual Israel
  • We use the 4 gospels to proclaim God’s Word – each is different.
    • Matthew is like a lion – Christ’s Kingly Authority and Judgment
    • Mark is like an Ox – Christ’s Servant-hood and Workmanship
    • Luke is like a Man – Christ’s Humanity and Compassion
    • John is like an eagle -Christ’s Strength by the Spirit of God

7 Golden Lampstands –

  • Represent the 7 assemblies or congregations in Revelations

7 Horns & 7 Eyes –

  • 7 = Fullness
  • 7 Horns = Fullness of Power
  • 7 Eyes = Fullness of Insight

7 Kings –

  • 5 fallen, 1 is and 1 is to come
  • Fallen:  Egyptian, Babylonian, Medio, Persia, Greek
  • Is: Roman (in John’s time)
  • Is to come: (not in John’s time) Holy Roman empire
    • New World Order (is of the 7 and goes to perdition – will be judged and cast into the abyss – it is a resurgence of the 7) Melissa believes = The beast ‘that was and is not’ = The Egyptian Luciferian Death Cult that had been eliminated;  but is a resurgence of the Egyptian/Babylonia Baal worshiping death cult; which goes to perdition!
      • 10 horns = 10 kings/kingdoms
      • 10 toes, 10 horns, 10 king/doms = the 10 regions called the UN under authority of the NWO.  They work together for world domination and control for a short time. (1 hour)
      • The UN originated 75 years ago – 25/4/1945.

7 Seals –

  • 1st Seal – White Horse – Satan
  • 2nd Seal – Chestnut horse – War
  • 3rd Seal – Black Horse – Starvation and Death
  • 4th Seal – Pale horse – death to ¼ earth through famine, death and by creatures of the earth)
  • 5th Seal – Martyrs 
  • 6th Seal
    • Earthquake – complete and utter destruction of the beast as their crimes are exposed
    • Sun blocked – chemtrails
    • Blood red moon – warning to the NWO
    • Stars fell from sky – Stars of Hollywood and the elite, fall like ripe figs in the wind
    • Scrolled sky – chemtrails
    • Mountains shifted – rich and powerful shaken to their core
    • Islands shifted – weak shaken to their core
  • 7th Seal – Silence in heaven before the 7 trumpets were blown

7 Spirits before the throne – (potentially could mean…)

  • 1st -The Spirit of the Lord
  • 2nd -The Spirit of Wisdom
  • 3rd -The Spirit of Understanding
  • 4th -The Spirit of Counsel
  • 5th -The Spirit of Might
  • 6th -The Spirit of Knowledge
  • 7th -The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord

7 Stars –

  • The 7 Stars represent the church that are meant to light the world.
  • The 7 stars form the same shape in the sky as the churches in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) – Pleiades
  • Pleiades is found in the heart of Taurus the Bull (We are in the heart of our Lord) and He’s rampaging like a bull in a china shop against the NWO.


Adrenochrome –

  • About 1,000 times stronger and more addictive than Heroin
  • Derived from the Pineal Gland of babies and young children up to the age of 12 years
  • Once the drug has been withdrawn it brings death. The users are empty souls waiting for their doom.
  • The users age rapidly when Adrenochrome is withdrawn

Ages – 2,000 years

Angels (1) – wandering stars

Angels (2) –

  • Are NOT the ones inflicting destruction on humanity!
  • They wake up the people to who is responsible for the evil that is happening on earth.

Antichrists –

  • People say that ‘the antichrist’ has not come yet…but…
    • Antichrist is not a person
    • Means everything that is anti-Christ
    • The NWO is totally anti-Christ
    • NWO act like they are God on earth demanding absolute obedience
    • Symbolism
  • According to Dr A Nyland who wrote ‘The Source’ New Testament…
    • The word in the Greek is Antichrists, not Antichrist. Anti-anointings. It is not an individual. There is much speculation among some Christian groups as to who the ‘Antichrist’ will be in the end times. However, the antichrist as an actual sole person is just a myth – the term is not mentioned at all in Revelation, and in fact is mentioned only in 2 John just once. John uses the term in the plural – he says that anyone who denies that Jesus is the Anointed One is an antichrist (anti-anointing) and says that many antichrists (anti-anointings) have come into the world. At no point does John refer to an ‘Antichrist’ (anti-anointing) as an individual. There appears to be some confusion among many contemporary Christians who appear to have confused the ‘Beast’ of Revelation with the term ‘Antichrist’. Again, the term ‘Antichrist’ is never used to refer to an individual and the term appears only in 2 John and does not appear in Revelation.

Antichrist must sit in the temple and proclaim himself as god –

  • This is symbolism
  • It’s anything that is anti-christ… the NWO… Beast who act like they are god on earth.
    • Tell everyone what to do.
    • Demand absolute obedience.
    • Financially enslaving.
    • Remove prayer from the schools and government.
    • Give us anti-God education.
    • Flood the airwaves with lies and fifth against God.
    • Insist on the satanic ritual wearing of masks.
    • Ban singing in churches.
    • Social distancing separation.
    • Deception and lies about boogy-man viruses.
    • Fake news plandemics.
    • Confusion of the sexes.
    • The list goes on and on…

Aquarius – Symbol of the Lord pouring out His Spirit on all flesh

  • January 2020 – Mars looping in Aquarius
  • The dawning of Aquarius

Army from the North –

  • Worldwide Q Patriots (Joel 2, Rev, Jer 50)
  • Destroys Babylon (NWO)
  • We fight with ‘truth arrows’ as we expose them

Asia-Minor – Modern day Turkey


Babylon – entire Cabal with their leaders, the bloodlines.

  • Babylon is brought down by Trump, Q & Patriots (Babylon is fallen)
    • Satan – the Commander
    • Bloodlines – (13 Phonetician families)
    • Cabal – the Royals, the secret societies etc
    • Minions – those who do whatever the Cabal desire as they gain wealth and fame.

Their rival is god’s people – symbolically the City of Jerusalem – city of peace – led by Christ the King.

Battle of Armageddon –

  • Is a battle of Good versus Evil – Patriots against the beast
  • Not a physical war – a spiritual war against the Cabal and Satanists
  • Not a war between nations
  • Christ and His faithful army are fighting the NWO
  • After which peace will settle over the earth
  • Not a battle against unbelievers

Beast – The New World Order represented by 2 beasts:

  • First Beast – The Beast of the Sea
    • 7 heads – believes he knows everything like God
    • 7 crowns – ruled over and enslaved humanity
    • Phoneticians (13 bloodline families) who control under maritime admiralty law (Piracy laws)
    • Used these laws to legally enslave the people
    • Get their power from the dragon – Satan worshippers
    • Infiltrated governments at every level
    • Appalling blasphemies and horrifying crimes against humanity
    • Used tyranny to control through:
      • Government
      • Entertainment
      • Media
      • Business
      • Education
      • Religion
      • Family
    • Reminds us of the 4 creatures:
      • Lion – Bloodline rulers of England
      • …with 2 Eagle wings – America
      • Bear – Russia
      • Leopard – Germany
      • The same beast all rolled up into one with power from the dragon.
  • Second Beast – The Beast of the Earth (who worked together with the First Beast)
    • Religion and Government
    • Used religion and government to make sure the people obeyed the rules… Obey… Comply…Follow… Believe!
    • Had ram’s horns (wolves in sheep’s clothing) Appeared gentle while sending to the slaughter.  Sheep are trusting.  We trusted the NWO people.
    • If a sheep points out something, they are ridiculed, silenced, punished… and even killed.
    • They urge people to accept their culture falling into degradation promoting tolerance and peace.
    • If we start to ‘wake up’, they divert attention so we’ll go back to sleep

Bible Student –

  • Revelations expects you to be an avid bible student:
    • Use the whole bible to interpret Revelations
    • Need a complete understanding of the Old Testament Feasts
    • Understand the constellations or zodiac

Blood Moons – a warning to the NWO.


Coming of the Son of Man

  • The sun shall be darkened – chemtrails
  • The moon shall not give its light – Blood moons
  • The stars shall fall from heaven – the famous exposed
  • The power of the heavens shaken – the NWO broken.
  • Then the sign of the Son of Man will be revealed – Rev 12 star sign – 23 September, 2017

Conquering Horses:

  • White Horse – antichrist
  • Red Horse – war
  • Black Horse – starvation and degradation including banks taxes etc.
  • Pale Horse – untold death of ¼ the earth.

Court – Gentiles / evil doers


Days being shortened – by the Great Awakening and the dismantling of the beast and false prophet


Earthquake –

  • Not physical
  • Exposing the NWO crimes
  • Complete and utter destruction of the beast, false prophet, and the harlot.  NWO gone!

Evil Horsemen – Method of destruction by the enemy – Anti-Christ deception, War and Death


False Prophet

  • Like Elijah – the religious institutions
    • Should be like 2 olive trees – for healing and health
    • Should be like candlesticks – as a light to the world
  • False prophets mean anything false such as educators, reporters, lawyers, judges, history, science, doctors, governments, politicians, wars, entertainment, food, weather, financial markets… etc

Festivals –

  • Expected to know the Jewish Festivals inside and out
  • Much of the Revelation interpretation relies on an understanding of why the Festivals were held

Field – Profession

One taken and one left in the field etc…

  • the ones taken from the professional field: All the criminals removed from their positions of authority no longer able to hurt us in fields of bad medicine, media, surveillance, GMO’s etc. etc.
  • the ones left in the professional field: Those who will use their fields of study for good instead of evil. They will run companies and organisation such as the media and education etc. Health, Wealth and Peace will permeate the entire world.

Flee into the Mountains –

  • This has already happened in 70AD when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and the temple

Fountains and Rivers – pleasures

  • Once they lose their (NWO) pleasure, they’ll only have a constant reminder of their judgement
  • Celebrities will lose every bit of prestige they had and be held in utter contempt forever

Four Living Creatures – Us as represented by the 12 tribes in 4 groups.  To the East, West, South and North of the tabernacle.  Children of Israel = us = spiritual Israel

Frogs – Coming out of their mouths – fake news!


Gathering of the Elect –

  • The Great Awakening – When the angels wake us up as to what is happening in our world, and what the Lord is doing.
  • When people realise what *Q* is trying to tell us and the Patriots have their eyes opened and are ready to fight… exposing the NWO.

Gentiles – evil doers

Gog and Magog –

  • A battle which takes place after the Millennial Reign
  • Just before the New Heavens and New Earth
  • Prior to this battle, Satan will be released from the abyss and able to launch attacks on God’s people
  • God comes and zaps him and casts him into the Lake of Fire

Great Awakening

  • Rev 11:11 Then they shall rise up on their feet…
  • Revelation of all the despicable horrors going on under our feet
  • The urgency to warn others of the time

Great Day of Wrath – only the righteous will stand, but they (NWO) will fall

Great Multitude

  • Entire group who have put their faith in God since the beginning of time.
  • Refused to be traitors or participate in satanic rituals to harm the innocent.

Great Tribulation –

  • NOT a nuclear destruction and obliteration of all humanity!
  • IS the suffering of humanity for all time under the evil empires
  • The final New World Order has caused worse suffering and deception than all the former empires ever did.

Great Tribulation saints – those who stand before the throne who have suffered under the tyranny of the past.  NWO is the worst of the worst.


Hailstones – NWO will be crushed

Harlot –

  • Will do anything for wealth, privilege and to be regarded as part of the elite.
  • The beast and harlot do not care for one another, only need each other to work the evil plan.  They use each other.
  • The ones in power have no respect for the harlot and toss her aside when finished with her.
  • The harlot sits on many waters… those with predominant positions throughout the world – CEO’s, Government positions etc. etc.  Virtually every high position in everything, everywhere!
  • They are addicted to power, money and prestige
  • They steal from an unsuspecting world and laugh as we trust them
  • To prove their loyalty, many participate in filthy abominations.  Sick!
  • The Harlot runs the NWO and the Elite.  If the harlot fails, the NWO fails.  It has never failed until now!

Heavenly Signs, Constellations, Zodiac

  • Expected to understand heavenly signs, constellations or zodiac.  It was all common knowledge until this modern day.  The heavens talk and tell the story of God.  They are for signs and seasons, days and years.
  • We have been warned off anything to do with the stars and zodiac etc.  But they are meant for the Christian, not to be used for Horoscope purposes!
    • Aquarius – Water Bearer – spiritual water flowing
    • Pisces – 2 Fish – Church and Evil – spiritual quests
    • Aries – the Ram – Lamb of God… Jesus.
    • Taurus – the Bull – contains Pleiades, a cluster of seven stars
    • Gemini – 2 figures – Jesus and the Church
    • Cancer – Crab – Encircles and protects – marriage
    • Leo – Lion of Judah –
    • Virgo – the Virgin
    • Libra – Balance – the debt of sin has been paid
    • Scorpio – Scorpion – Dark side of the spirit
    • Sagittarius – Centaur Archer (man – waist down; horse – waist up)
    • Capricorn – Sea-Goat (Half goat/half fish –

Heavens scrolled – Chemtrails


Incense – The Holy Spirit perfects our prayers as we don’t see or understand everything

Islands – Weak shaken to their core


Jew –

  • Relates to God’s family, whoever they are… worldwide
  • We are true Israelites or true Jews or true Hebrews
  • The name Jew has been hijacked for evil purposes
  • Rev 2:10 ‘I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews but are not, they are part of the synagogue of Satan’

Jubilee –

  • Daniel 9:12 – throw off the enemy.  We must use our understanding of God’s Word and Astronomy. 
    • Daniel 9:24-27 Weeks = the festival of weeks = jubilee
    • Lev 25:15,16 Pentecost = blessing and plenty.  Every 7th Pentecost everyone gets a vacation.
    • Jubilee = 7 x 7yrs = 49.  The following year all debts are cancelled, property returns to its original owner and the land rests.
    • The elite always kept everyone in debt slavery.  There was no way they would cancel the debts and return the property they had stolen!
    • Jerusalem was in rest for 70 years because of all the years of Jubilee that wasn’t kept.
    • Daniel 9:24 the Lord was talking about all of humanity being set free.  10 weeks = 7 Jubilees.
    • As the land rests, the people receive a vacation!
    • In Jesus’ first mission he did not destroy the evil tyrants on the earth.  He did not assume His role as king and rule on earth.  He told us to go and disciple the whole world and when we finished, we would kick out the evil and Cabal together.  Promise made and kept – happening right now!


Locusts –

  • Mainstream Media and its fake news
  • Appear to be doing good while having a sting in their tail like a scorpion


Mark of the Beast

  • Not a physical mark or chip
  • Not a mark or chip people take in order to save their families!
  • It’s a mark taken by the NWO minions to gain wealth and privilege.
  • They invite demons to possess them and ask the Holy Spirit to depart!
  • They engage in pure evil, satanic rituals and utter lawlessness to gain this privilege
  • They are prepared to do anything so they can be part of this elite club.

Masons – Funded and controlled by the NWO

  • To spy on us
  • To know who rises up within a community, social media, church, school to speak out
  • Bring false charges, or do other harm, if necessary
  • They believe they are doing God’s service!

Millennial Kingdom –

  • Like a Garden of Eden only much better
  • There will still be sin, but much less owing to Satan being bound for the 1,000 years
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Peace
  • Unity
  • Life lengthened
  • National debt wiped out
  • No income tax and all previous taxes paid returned to us etc
  • Gesara/Nesara

Minions –

A world-wide secret society web of minions:

  • puppet leaders in governments,
  • powerful players in media,
  • Hollywood,
  • religious institutions,
  • education,
  • medical,
  • pharmaceutical,
  • corrupt judges,
  • military, corruption
  • justice official corruption etc.

Miracles – That the masses listened to their lies and lapped it up!

Moons –

  • Blue Moon – two full moons in one calendar month usually happens once every 150 years
  • Blood Moon – eclipsed making it red – warning to the NWO
  • Super Moon – really close to the earth
  • Three signs in one means it’s from Almighty God

Mountains – rich and powerful


New World Order – (Elite… anti everything Christ)

  • The globalist bloodlines and the Cabal including their Minions
  • Origins in the Club of Rome which morphed into Nazism globalism
  • Infiltrated governments at every level
  • A Triangle of Evil…
    • Financial Control – head (Rothchild’s)
    • Political Control – head (Soros)
    • Human Trafficking and Drug Trafficking – head (House of Saud) (Saudi Arabia)

Three-pronged control system:

  1. Military –Washington DC (not part of the US) – military, mental programming, brainwashing and depopulation.
  2. Banking – City of London (not part of the UK) & The US Federal Reserve (not part of the US) all controlled and owned by the Rothschilds.
  3. Control – The Vatican City (not part of Italy) – indoctrination, deception and tactics of fear.


Plagues –

  • Are for those who follow the beast and taken the evil mark of satanic rituals
  • Specifically targeted at the NWO
  • Each vial poured out goes to the root of their evil empire
  • Their health, their wealth, their sick pleasures, their satanic worship ripped from them and ultimately cast out to eternal punishment.


Rapture –

  • There is no such thing as a rapture – a lie perpetrated by the NWO as they infiltrated the seminaries
  • 1 Thess 4:16-17 is not about escaping earth but about the Great Day of the Lord!
  • The clouds relate to power and authority.
  • We will rule with Him right here on the earth in great power and authority
  • Matt 24 – The angels gathers the warriors from all over the earth to fight the NWO.

Religious Institutions – all originally based on Abraham’s faith in God

  • Christianity
  • Judaism
  • Islam
  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism


Scorpion Sting in the tail –

  • Fake news from the Mainstream Media

Sealed or knighted – We have been sealed for a very important task with the mark of Christ on our foreheads.  Warriors. Being true Israelites in our hearts.

Sign of the Son of Man –

Sea – Humanity

Sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads –

  • Angels reveal very painful truths
  • We have to know the truth no matter how much it hurts to know
  • But with it comes the seal and protection and understanding from God so we can handle the truth for God’s people

Stars fell to the earth – movie stars and elites dropping like figs

Sun – Scorching, burning heat

  • They (NWO) would rather be miserable than repent
  • Cannot stop the daily revelations on social media or stop Trump and Q
  • Blame each other for what is happening to them
  • If we start to feel sorry for them – remember the children!


Temple (3rd) to be rebuilt before the Battle of Armageddon –

  • The beast would never allow that to happen as it would awaken the masses.
  • Battle of Armageddon is not a physical battle.
  • God is no longer concerned with just the Jewish race (they had their place in history) but is now concerned with the whole world.
  • God is not going to reintroduce the old sacrifices of the Old Covenant, when Jesus was the ‘once and for all sacrifice’ to introduce the New Covenant.
  • It’s the same whether you are Jew or Gentile, you are born again through the blood of Jesus.

Thief –

  • Jesus will come like a sneaky thief
  • In an unexpected way when we need Him most
  • We need to watch
  • Most have no idea we are fighting Armageddon – the Day of the Lord

Tribulation –

  • Most think that the tribulation hasn’t yet happened
  • There is severe tribulation everywhere – ask the children!
  • There will not be 7 years of worldwide cataclysmic tribulation.  This was built on the theory of Daniel’s missing week in Daniel 9 which is filled with symbolism.
  • Faulty interpretation of Dan 9:27. Jesus is the one who confirms His covenant with His people.  They have been sealed by God.
  • The Lord is coming to rescue, not destroy humanity!
  • Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven!

Trumpets were used for –

  • To begin the Feast of Trumpets (repentance and restoration)
  • To announce the arrival of the King.
  • To gather warriors for battle.
  • So enemies would realise they were under attack.
  • In Revelations, they are intended to:
    • A warning to those who are willfully following satan… intended to stir them to Turn Back! They need to Wake Up and leave the New World Order.
    • Blown by the angels with the intention of Waking Up the people so they can join the fight of the Beast/New World Order.

Trumpet #1 –

  • NWO can manipulate storms causing hail, fire, lightning etc.  Storms also of drug addiction, cancer, the trafficked children etc.
  • Just think evil Cabal whenever you see 1/3rd

Trumpet #2 –

  • Fiery mountain cast into the sea
    • NWO burning down
    • There have been devastations on humanity, commerce, slave labour etc

Trumpet #3 –

  • Star from heaven – wormwood
  • Toxins, chemtrails etc

Trumpet #4 –

  • Losing the sunlight, moonlight and stars affecting our health
  • Chemtrails
  • GMO’s
  • Anything else affecting our health

Trumpet #5 –

  • The enemy hits with everything he’s got, covering the earth like locusts from the pits of hell.
  • Stings of deception from mainstream media with its fake news.
  • Covid plandemic.
  • Warriors are sealed… we trust the plan but most people are confused, scared and paralysed by the scorpion sting.
  • Confusion as to whether it’s a man or a woman… transgenderism.
  • Lion’s teeth and breastplates – heartless and unfeeling to the devastating effect of their lies.
  • Sound of chariot wheels – media scare people to death over nothing.

Trumpet #6 –

  • 170,00 sealed indictments opened and released to the public.
  • Information war and the exposing of the criminals
  • Jesus and us will destroy 1/3rd NWO

Trumpet #7 –

  • Beginning of the Millennial Reign

Two Witnesses

  • Religious organisations (Church) (Elijah)
    • 2 Olive trees – Should be there for healing and health
    • Candlesticks – Should be giving light
    • Silenced – don’t talk about politics and you’ll be tax exempt!
  • Government (Moses)
    • Without good government we’d have anarchy
    • They have authority to fine and imprison
    • Supposed to testify to the truth
  • Both overcome by the sins of Egypt and Sodom – tyranny, satanic rituals, sexual deviancy & total disregard for justice
  • Both were killed – Both are dead and not doing what they are designed to do.
  • NWO doesn’t want to tear down or remove these organisations or institutions as it would awake the masses! Very happy for them to remain dead.


Wandering Stars

  • Venus – Love
  • Mercury – the pouring out of the Holy Spirit
  • Jupiter – Christ the Warrior – the God of War
  • Mars –
  • Saturn – satan

Woe, woe, woe! –

  • The last three trumpets blasts, woe, woe, woe… are more terrible than the four before them.
  • They will bring great terror to the NWO
  • At the same time, will bring shocks and surprises for the rest of us.
    • It will be shocking as we learn what the NWO have been up to right under our noses as we have been completely unaware

Wound of the Beast

  • The real Nazi Globalists came out of the world war mostly unscathed.
  • One of their heads were wounded but because of fake news others took the blame.
  • They transferred their evil all throughout the world.
  • Infiltrated America through Operation Paperclip (Scientists) and Operation Mockingbird (Media)
  • They used their defeat to launch worldwide domination – their deadly wound was healed.
  • The deadly wound means it had been eradicated (supposedly) but had resurged.  Melissa believes it was the Satanic Luciferian Death Cult of the Nazi.  Their wound from losing WW11 had healed and then they infiltrated the entire world.



  1. Dear Marilyn,

    Thank you for breaking this down for all of us who wants to know. God must of brought me to your link since I was praying for clarity and understanding.

    Thank you and God bless you and yours,

    Marlyn M. Powell
    from sunny California, USA

  2. Wow have just read this. Very clear and precise explains a lot of the tumultuous times we are living in. I feel that I am ready for the reveal but think even I will be shocked. I feel for the people who have no idea what is going on, refuse to believe and think this is just about a pandemic. They will be shocked to the core and I do believe some will walk away from their TV’s refusing to watch and calling it bull…t (including my husband). I love him very much but he doesn’t believe anything is going on except a pandemic and a Ukraine crisis. I have been reading about a solar flash which will hopefully wake the ones asleep. We are indeed living in Biblical times. When I think back to 2015 and I came across a dear lady called Dolores Cannon and she opened my eyes for the first time. I came across her by accident….maybe it wasn’t an accident and God wanted to open up my eyes. Thank God he did.

    • Nothing is by accident Caroline! It’s all been carefully planned.
      We are learning and about to learn things that will be hard to comprehend… such wickedness… such lies!
      We certainly need to stay close to God.

  3. Also those who have kept the faith and died for the Fate those under the altar his blood Cries Out excetera excetera there’s so much symbolism we miss

  4. Interesting interpretation I can see that what about the interpretations that we have been led to believe they are or that others have interpreted as in the last 20 years or so is this true symbolism of Revelations?

    • Ginger, I do not wish to talk against what people have been sharing concerning Revelations, but in actual fact, I believe the book has been closed to full interpretation until this time.
      I was listening to someone talking about it just yesterday and they believe the times of the end to still be for a future time. As I listened I felt that what they are missing is the fact that we are currently in World War 111, a war like none other. Not with guns and ammo, but with needles and shots.
      People have to make up their own mind as to whether the symbolism is true or not. Ask God. Be open. Listen. Look around you. See Revelations with new eyes. I find it all quite amazing.

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