Nesara & Gesara in Simple Words

Nesara & Gesara in simple words

Nesara & Gesara in simple words explains the most ground breaking reformation sweeping the world in its entire history!

  • Nesara = National Economic Security and Reformation Act (America)
  • Gesara = Global Economic Security and Reformation Act (Global)

It’s SO exciting and definitely the best thing to ever happen to all people worldwide. We have all regarded the way the NWO has been treating us as normal, without realising that what they were doing was completely unlawful in every way.

No more! Their end is near!

Be patient people for the list below to be fully realised, as first the complete removal of the evil satanic-worshipping cabal tyrants that have been running our world.

Nesara & Gesara… here we go:

  • Debt forgiveness (Jubilee). All illegal banking and government activities such as credit cards, mortgage and loans or fees forgiven
  • No more Income Tax
  • Abolish tax collection agencies
  • Food, medicine, sale of old homes, or any essential items will be tax-free.
  • A flat rate tax (could be somewhere between 14-17%) on non-essential new items only as revenue for the government.
  • Senior citizens will receive increased benefits
  • Law and legal matters returned to Constitutional Law
  • Reinstating of the original Title of Nobility amendment
  • Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to Constitutional Law.
  • No more fraudulent elections owing to the new Quantum System
  • Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver,
  • Taken from the old fiat currency (what we are currently used to now) to a gold backed standard (including silver and platinum precious metals) on the new Quantum System
  • Forbidding the sale of Birth Certificates and/or Baptism Certificates as currently happens
  • Initiates new Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law
  • Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the Treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.
  • Financial privacy restored
  • Retraining of all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law
  • The cessation of all aggressive government military actions worldwide
  • Peace established throughout the entire world
  • Enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes released
  • Over 6,000 suppressed technology patents released. Previously withheld from the public by the NWO. These will include free energy devices, anti gravity and sonic healing machines.

For a full description on the history of Nesara/Gesara

The Roll-Out

We don’t know if the roll-out of the above will actually come under the names of Nesara & Gesara. In actual fact, who cares what they call it, just bring it on!

You may say, but this all seems too good to possibly be true! I quite understand where you are coming from!

I’ve heard about this for so long now from reading about it online to hearing many folks discussing it on Youtube etc., that it no longer effects me in that way. So I’m fully expecting it… in fact, I know it is already rolling out in dribs and drabs. Millions have already received debt forgiveness.

I guess President Trump and the ‘team’ are setting things into motion only when it’s safe to do so. We are in a war after all, so much care must be taken.



  1. The Rapture is coming also. Which one will be first. I think the Rapture, trib, Armageddon, Millenium, eternal life with Jesus.

    • John, I no longer believe in the rapture as taught in many churches. I do not say I’m right and they’re wrong, but I cannot see it happening this way.
      In light of all the happenings going on in our world, I believe we are right in the midst of the tribulation period and have been for some time. Most of the language used concerning this troubled time is symbolic. The Armageddon battle is happening before our eyes!
      I do feel the Millennium is just around the corner and not happening as we once may have envisaged. I see Jesus at the helm, leading out, sorting out, and directing us in the ridding of evil in our world. Life will be very different once evil (I don’t just mean bad people, I mean EVIL as we now know them to be) have been removed.
      All we can really do is stay close to the Lord and be involved in any way we can to aid this all to take place.
      Thank you so much for adding your thoughts here.

  2. Hi Marilyn,
    I hear by Simon Parker, that his Humanitarian Project is being accepted and will be Funded soon. Some Tier B4 and Tier B4-1 are being paid.
    Some Student Loans are being paid to $0 balance, so NESARA GESARA is working. They will start paying to the Seniors, because, if they pay to the young ones, who is going to work then?
    This is something wonderful and good for humanity.

    • You bring up an interesting point about who will work if all have sufficient means to be able to not work!
      I think that maybe for a time it might be a bit wonky, but eventually people will become bored if they don’t have something constructive to do.
      Many people have retired early only to go back and work harder than ever on something they enjoy… this is the clue I believe.
      People who love to build, will build. People who love to lay around in trenches will go back to being a plumber to help humanity… haha.
      Interesting times ahead to say the least!

  3. There is no NESARA/GESARA law. Shaini Candace Goodwin turned the real proposed NESARA bill into a scam, when the Omega Trust scam she was working got busted and shut down. She needed a new one to keep her deceitful livelihood going, and she hit the jackpot when she came across the real NESARA and made it her own. The real NESARA (National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act, it’s real name) was created by Harvey Francis Barnard. Read everything at his site which is archived to learn the full truth and stop spreading the NESARA scam lies. All the other scams that fall under this scam, GCR/ZIM/Dinar/RV/BASEL III & IV/BEF/FSC/QFS/Farmer’s claims-property foreclosures, are not to be believed either. Hope you all have a lot of patience, because you’ll be waiting until the day you depart this earth plane for nothing to happen.

    Follow this link to the REAL NESARA site:

    • Hi Napos,
      I would be more likely to believe what I read on that site if it weren’t for the fact that they are taking out all these evil people that have been involved in blocking the Nesara for their own ends. But as I always say, time alone will tell. Readers can make up their own mind as to what is truth.

  4. Hi Marilyn.

    Telegram is a platform I really haven’t gotten very familiar with…yet. I do follow you there though.

    Just a thought that I have noticed many people have posted on here wondering about their money in banks, their stock, and the most common concern…the value etc of their home. One thing that people fear most is change and this is getting them all worked up when no one who truly knows how it’s gonna work can share anything. They are being very quiet about all of it cuz, from what I have heard, N/G was to roll out on the morning of 9/11 but the evil players destroyed the money in the buildings. They are keeping everything under wraps so no one knows but it will be an amazing reveal!!
    Back to the value of homes. Our home mortgages take a large % of our income now but if we go back to 1950s it was totally different. Only one person in family worked and had extra money! Think about if home prices were attainable for everyone but we all had more than enough money to take all that stress away!! We would spend much more time chatting with our neighbors over the fence instead of being so stressed and tired that we just hide in our house on the couch with TV on! I’m flat excited and anticipating what the possibilities can be!!!!

    Thanks Marilyn

    • Beautifully put Dan! Yes I do believe people could almost be panicking at the thought of losing so much of their home value potentially, but the thing is EVERYTHING will be different. I don’t know if any of us can truly appreciate what you are saying here about the different life they will be able to live. We are so debt driven in this age it’s hard to realise you will not need to worry about such things anymore. What does it look like? How does it feel? Young people having more than sufficient to obtain their very own home… and not have to work for a lifetime to pay it off!
      Yes, I agree with you… it’s all amazing!
      PS… thanks for following me on Telegram… cool!

  5. Hi Marilyn,

    Thanks for this site! You post some very helpful information and it gives people hope.

    I’m just wondering… I was in a mortgage forbearance plan throughout the past 1.5 years since April 2020 where my mortgage company told me that I didn’t have to pay my mortgage due to financial hardship. I was offered this plan because my entire livelihood shut down after March 2020 due to you-know-what. Now the mortgage company wants to be paid back all of those months that I wasn’t paying my mortgage, including the interest I owe. The amount $$ is astronomical!

    Do you know if there will ever be some type of mortgage forgiveness in the new era we are entering? It sure would be a nice thing to look forward to. So many people are in the same position as I am, hurting and broke do to no fault of our own.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Margaret,
      How terrible they led you down that path! How deceitful!
      Listen though, the end of the story will be a good one. Yes, you will be set free from all of this. Whether it’s through mortgage forgiveness or not (because I don’t really know anything about the plan you’re on… or if it’s through a bank or not). The thing is you will have more than sufficient funds to pay it off out of the way.
      What I more than suspect is that it will just disappear, but of-course, I’m in no position to confirm that.
      We don’t have any idea really of the full extent of what N/G will be, we only have a rough idea. They are keeping everything very close to their chests until the time is right. I believe that time is almost upon us.
      Don’t panic and try not to worry… give it over to God and trust He will take care of you.

    • Hi Joyce… it actually makes sense to me too, if they ARE illegals. Seems to me there may be a lot of sorting out going on once this all starts to take place.
      Sounds exciting really!
      If people knew once they returned to their own home place there was a sizable payment waiting for them, I don’t think there would be much problem with them scurrying back home…. do you?

    • Ok Wade… from what I’ve heard I believe you will be able to take your currency into a bank and deposit it into a bank account. I think it will have to be done via a bank. Also, from what I understand, you will receive whatever that currency is worth once revaluation takes place.

      • I guess what I meant was if we are suppose to get the money that has been stolen from us and you don’t have a checking account.Then how would you get it.Sorry for confusion.

        • In the new QFS system, everyone will have an account, whether or not you have a current bank account. I can’t give details on how it will all work, but I really believe no-one will miss out simply because they are not holding a current banking account. Many have lost faith in that system, so you would not be alone.
          Hope that helps. 🙂

      • Hello there. I read somewhere that scotus made a decision that anyone that took the experimental “j” now become “property” of the state in addition to all of their property and possessions (including their own body) because the MRNA production in their bodies make them no longer “human,” this national and constitutional human rights don’t pertain to that “non-human.” Is this true? Will NESARA/GESARA over turn this?

        • Hi Regina,
          Yes, it is believed that the ‘j’ was to do as you say. If it is totally true or not, I am unable to say, but it appears so.
          Whether just one ‘j’ will do it or whether it is the stream of boosters they have planned, is another question.
          All the wonderful technology that is coming out and being released after Nesara/Gesara may very well be able to turn it around, I really hope so. People receiving the ‘j’ have no idea of the evil agenda and will be totally aghast when they find out.
          Technology comes from God. God made our bodies. God can fix our bodies. Whether it’s through the available technology or through straight faith and prayer, He is the Maker, so He knows how to undo all the evil have perpetrated.
          We need to cause our faith levels to rise up. Some call it rising to the 5th dimension and above… whatever. I have heard it will be imperative for the Med-Beds. In other words, if you are in a negative mindset you are not likely to receive a positive outcome.

          • So …you think that NESARA/GESARA could overturn this? Just curious. My rent is going up…again sigh and I am wishing I could get a home but don’t think I could ever afford it. It’s expensive in my area.

          • Hi Regina!
            I really do think Nesara/Gesara will overturn it. High rents are a blight on society. I do believe you will be able to afford one for absolute sure once we are threw all this. Bless you.

  6. Under Nesara, will we be required to alter or re-write our wills, durable power of attorney and other estate documents to conform to Constituional law etc.

  7. Hi Marilyn, thank you for easy to understand info. Do you have any information regarding what happens to crypto currencies when N/Gesara comes into force? I have read that all crypto will vanish. Unfortunately for me and many others I keep money in crypto rather than the fraudulent banking system. So we would loose out? I cannot see why crypto would affect N/Gesara so would welcome your views. One more concern – you mention that property mortgages would be gifted – and that would be amazing. However, you go on to say that property prices would plummet to the value back in the 50’s!! So…..if our mortgage is gifted, should we then sell the property asap before its value crashes? Many thanks in advance if you are able to respond.

    • Hi Vanessa!

      Crypto: I have not followed or really had anything to do with it and therefore am not able to give you the type of answer you require. I’ve heard that all crypto including Bitcoin, will become null and void, but I’ve also heard that there will be a crypto currency. If there will be any kind of change over for it, I don’t know. I mean, everything will be backed by gold, silver and precious metals… I don’t think crypto is any of that. Ugh, as I say, not really up on it. Sorry.

      Property: Many people wonder this very same thing. Let me just say this… at this present time we are so conscious that we could lose out if we don’t get the very best price! But what I believe is that once N/G is announced we will be so looked after that it won’t mean anything to us. With everyone that I’ve heard talk on it, I haven’t heard anyone advising us to go sell our homes asap. Just as well I guess, because soon the market would have a glut of homes for sale and absolutely nowhere left to rent! It’s virtually like that here in my area anyway without the added ‘quick go sell your home!’

      If I could help you more, I would, but both of them are difficult questions when the fullness of N/G hasn’t been released.

    • Hi just a question what happens to my property once my debt is forgiven do I get to keep my property and live in it
      And also will I be forced to sell the house amd if I want to live in it amd not sell should be ok right

      • Hi Steven,
        You will not be forced ever to sell your home. Once it’s yours, it’s yours. Debt forgiveness will happen automatically once Nesara/Gesara is formerly announced with the potential that your forgiveness could happen at any time as they are happening around the world as we speak.

        • I am unable to figure out how to post a question, so will just piggyback here. I understand about our current home, but how will we obtain new property? How do we move when we retire?

          • Hi Leslie,
            I certainly do not understand all the ins and outs of how the system will work once implemented. It would be great to know as I would love to be able to spell it out exactly how it will be.
            But having said that, there are a couple of things that would be handy to understand:
            1. They tell us we are all going to be paid back. We will have more than sufficient to purchase another home without worrying about going into a mortgage.
            2. I have heard it said many times that the value of properties will drop quite significantly. As it will be the same everywhere, it will just be a matters of getting used to the new values.
            3. The selling and purchasing of homes I believe will continue.
            From everything I have been told, you will have not one thing to worry about. 🙂

    • Hi Marilyn just come across your page started following you on Telegraph you have really put a smile on my face today, you are doing amazing work. I was wondering what would happen to our money in the bank, is it best to take it out, l have worked hard and don’t want to lose it. Thank you ?

      • I completely understand your reasoning Claire, but from all I have heard so far, the QFS already has a record of whatever your bank account contains. We are being told that because of this you cannot lose any money… it’s as safe as houses. Of-course, I do hope that is the right information, but I’ve heard it over and over.

  8. Hi Marilyn!
    As we are getting closer to Nesara/Gesara rollout, can you confirm what I have pasted below is accurate yet? I found this on duck duck go search, published in 2003. I know it will not be all about money going forward but would still be nice to be able to keep what we worked so hard.

    “The STOCK MARKETS, currency exchanges, and commodities markets will be CLOSED for a period of days after NESARA is announced. The White Knights
    enlisted contributions from the world’s best experts in economics and banking systems regarding how this WORLDWIDE shift in our economies will be handled. There is an INDEX of prices of products and services which will be tied to the price of gold and which will be used following NESARA’s announcement. The prices of stocks and bonds will be protected from losing value and the major stockbrokerage firms have already set up “conversion tables” which they will use after NESARA is announced. It is expected that the price of gold will go up after NESARA is announced, HOWEVER, stocks, bonds, etc. will HOLD their value because this has
    already been built into the formulas.”

    • Hi Cindy!
      It’s hard for me to confirm all of the above as but it does appear to be pretty much how I expect it to be. I don’t know all the details concerning Nesara/Gesara and wouldn’t like to pretend I do. Just the basics of it really. I am happy to wait until it’s announced and then explained in detail as I’m not sure all those who say they know really do.

      • Thank you for preparing all of this. My question is in regards to receiving money. Does every person receive money and if so, how is the amount determined?

        • There will be more than enough for every single person on God’s earth Brenda! How it’s determined, I cannot say as I’m not privy to that kind of information. Just relax and be calm as we go through a messy time knowing that wonderful times are on the way. 🙂

    • Question, would it be better to hold on to my investments or convert to Gold and Silver??
      Thank you. From one who is praying and also afraid of losing everything I’ve worked my butt off for.

      • Hi Chris!
        Charlie Ward tells us that if you have more than 75,000 (I’m not sure if it’s dollars or pounds) in the bank, the banks can take everything above that amount if they have need of it. Apparently they believe it is their right.
        Investing in Gold and Silver is a move where you could never go wrong, or so I am told.
        When the QFS is all we are operating on it will have any bank account you currently have transferred onto it. There is apparently no fear of loss of money.

    • Hi Cindy S and Marilyn
      Cindy-your comment about the stock being charted out makes me feel more comfortable and not cashing all in.
      I am wondering if anyone knows what the Capital Gains on stock, what that % will be or where I can find it. I’ve seen conflicting charts at various % . Does anyone know? I am thinking of cashing some in to invest in the future tech.
      Thank you!

      • Hi D,
        All I have heard as a worthwhile investment, at this time, is to buy gold or silver. With that, you can never lose. I believe that once Nesara/Gesara is announced percentages will be the same worldwide, although I cannot completely confirm that. Sorry.

    • dont know how to post a question so will piggyback here….for people under 21yrs when they become of age will they get the funds then and will their debts be forgiven also I have cosigned for someone under age will that debt be forgiven…..thanks

  9. Hi Marilyn,
    I check in every once in a while to see any new posts and there some good questions and answers here so hope all who visit your site find it beneficial! But I will say this…I am not very good at waiting!! lol just saying! Keep praying it’s tomorrow and then tomorrow and then tomorrow ugh but I do know it is being done on God’s time table so it will be the best time! But I’m still not patient. Thanks Marilyn and hope you are doing well!

    • Thank you Dan! I’m doing very well thanks!
      Why don’t you join me on Telegram. That is where I post all my new posts and we can share among ourselves as well.
      Yes, it’s hard to be patient as we wait and wait, but one thing we can be sure of, it will come. It’s all happening as we speak.
      Trusting in God’s timing is what we all need to do.
      Thank you so much for sharing with us!

      • Thanks Marilyn. I just joined Telegram a short time ago. I’ve found Bob Joyce is Elvis a site that I really enjoy on Telegram. You would be surprised at the people that are in the Federal Witness Protection Program. Some I thought were dead but are not and it’s refreshing to read the posts there. Yes, Elvis is alive at 86. I will get on your Telegram page. I heard this morning on that Trump has signed off on the GCR and RV yesterday so the Tiers will begin to get exchanged soon and then I believe it mentioned Nesara and Gesara. That should be announced soon. Just as soon as it’s safe for the people in the FWPP to come out, they are going to, JFK Jr. is one of them. There are 900+. There’s one that I’m glad is still alive and has been to Trump rallies in disguise. JFK Jr. too.

      • marilyn, you state above that there will be increased benefits for seniors. what increases? Will I finally be able to own my own home and afford to help others with housing?

        • Hello Billie!
          Yes I do state there will be an increase… and I’ve heard that increase will be far in excess of what is currently received, but I cannot tell you how much it will be.
          Your desire is beautiful… not only for yourself, but to help others.
          May God grant you your desire!

      • How will a person receive their money for their birth certificate and social security card (bond) if they don’t currently have a bank when we fill out the form from the Treasury Department after Nasara/Gasara goes through? I closed my bank accounts recently.

        • I’m sure Kathy, there will be many, many people who have taken to keeping money ‘under their bed’! I cannot tell you exactly how it will all work out, but I’m sure they will have it all worked out before hand.
          I believe, that they would have all your details anyway, and even if you don’t have a ‘normal’ bank account, one would be opened in the QFS on behalf of you. That’s my thoughts anyway. 🙂

    • I went to the bank today to make a deposit. I said “I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul”. He smiled and completed the transaction. “Yada, yada, yada” and before I left his window I said “I can’t wait for the QFS to start” He laughed and had a big smile. And I spoke to a woman in Loans ‘back office’ on the phone and said something about Nesara and she said all banks are consolidating or merging. “We all hope we’ll still have our jobs.” I said “I’m sure they find places for you.” I made a deposit another day and when the woman handed me my deposit slip, I said “Backed by Gold”. She had a big smile. The last two incidences were 6 months ago when it was still hush hush. So I was getting confirmation that it was actually happening. This was a bank I worked at for 10 yrs as a teller myself. It all feels so surreal. We are all hurting bad, waiting for the funds promised. I live here at Marilyn’s site! Peace to you!

    • I’m piggybacking too. If you have US cash, will it be worth 1:1 when nesara kicks in? Should you put it in the bank, or buy gold or silver, or invest in something else? Wouldn’t want to lose it. Ty!

      • Hi Karen!
        All cash from all over the world will be worth 1:1 once Nesara/Gesara kicks in. At the present time, buying gold or silver is recommended if you can. Banks are eventually going down, but meanwhile the QFS is running alongside the current fiat system so it knows exactly how much you have in your accounts.

          • Hi Dawn… I have never heard this particular scenario ever discussed so for me to answer one way or another would be pure conjecture. I only know that the system will be very fair, and from what I’ve heard, it will know your situation. By that I mean, that it will have all the documentation etc to hand.
            Sorry I can’t help more.

  10. One question I haven’t seen posted. Those of us who are Social Security recipients, will we be able to purchase a home on Social Security income? I’ve never had a “real” home. Thank you for taking the time to respond

    • Hi Joyce!
      From all the intel that’s come by me, I believe everyone will be able to buy a home. They are saying that the price of houses will drop tremendously to start with… maybe go back to the 50’s or even the 40’s. Only time will tell if this is what happens.
      Also, by the time they pay out on our Birth Certificates etc., you should have more than sufficient to purchase your dream home.
      Much has been written concerning Nesara/Gesara but we need more concrete evidence which will come when it’s finally released and active. Until then, we wait.

        • Hello Carmen,
          I’m sorry I don’t quite comprehend what your question is referring to.
          I would say that when we come through all this, apartment buildings and condos etc will remain.
          Any person found to be evil will be removed.
          Just guessing here. 🙂

      • Hi Marilyn, How do we find out more about the payout for Birth Certificates? Is the something that need to be done now? How do we look up the value of the bonds on our “Person”? All of this sounds so confusing right now! I also heard that if your spouse is deceased, we can look up or benefit from his “bonds” Thank you Marilyn, I’m going to join you on telegram now!

        • Hi Mary! Yes I see you on Telegram… thank you for joining here with me. We are in this together and therefore we can encourage each other.
          I don’t believe it’s something we need to be attending to right at this moment. In fact, I think they have removed access to the information, well they had, last time I looked.
          Once Nesara/Gesara is formerly and fully announced I am quite certain they will let us know step by step what we are to do (if we have to), and they’ll also let us know concerning deceased estates.
          Meanwhile, some people have been taking steps to remove themselves from the evil corporations. How important it is to do that at this time, I’m not sure. I know they receive benefits, for example, the police leave them alone etc. etc. etc.
          But I feel all this will be virtually automatically attended to on the change over.
          I haven’t heard anyone suggest the Birth Certificates as a matter of urgency.
          Hope that helps. Remember, no-one knows all the ins and outs of what to do, or not do, at this stage.

          • Thank you Marilyn, I truly appreciate all the research and info you put out here for those of us who don’t know exactly where to look! My son is in Hawaii, and in “Academia”, so “Mom, you’re not listening to the right news! You need to get the jab!” there are still so many that are not awake, but we don’t want to ignore them or ruin the relationship! so much deception!
            Thank you again for all you are doing, see you on telegram! Mary

          • Hi Mary… yes I see you on Telegram… thank you for joining me there.
            It’s definitely hard when it’s your very own loved ones who are encouraging you to ‘do the right thing’! Getting into arguments doesn’t help, and in fact, it can sever relationships.
            I tread very lightly with some of my own family members as we are on opposite ends of the stick. It’s not always easy.
            I pray you remain strong though… the odds is not worth it.

      • What about our mortgages now? I read something awhile back that we could just stop paying them but that seems a little scary ?

        • Hi Leslie!
          That’s not something I would advise. I think keep on doing what you’ve always done until you see the mortgage forgiven. Pretty much the same for everything else too. It’s wonderful that we know it’s up ahead but let’s not create difficulties for ourselves in the meantime.
          Having said that, ages ago I heard someone talking about how you can legally stop paying a mortgage… I think it was Charlie Freak. I haven’t listened to him for a long time but maybe if you do some searching there…
          OR… wait! It won’t be long now!

  11. Hi there. I have read all of the comments and questions asked here and I don’t see my problem/question here so here goes. What happens to those of us that have mountains of hospital bills that have gone to collection agencies. We have over 50 thousand dollars in hospital bills that have gone to collections. We are bombarded with threatening letters etc, with zero income, what happens to us? Thank you for any info you can give us. God bless you!

    • Hi Cindy!
      Gosh it must be hard for you right now with all the threatening letters etc.
      My advice is try to hang on… afterall you are between a rock and a hard place.
      But listen… I believe that once Nesara/Gesara is announced and really happening, that same 50,000 will seem like chickenfeed. This is from everything I’ve been hearing.
      Be assured, you will not be left out. It’s indeed criminal that you have such a bill for healthcare… I’m am totally confident it will be dealt with as it should.
      This is exactly how the Ca/bal have got in and treated people as nothing more than a way to line their own pockets.
      Continue to stand up for yourself and the way will be made for you.

      • Hi Marilyn. I have been doing research on Nesara and try to read as much as I can. I just listened to a podcast by a guy named Pimpy. He says that to receive the debt forgiveness, we will have to give up all rights to our property and agree to take as many jabs as are put out. Do you know anything about this?

        • My goodness Barbara! Yes I have listened to him in the past but haven’t for a long time. I thought he was one of the ‘good guys’! But, anyone putting out that kind of information is not on ‘our team’!
          If this is what he’s saying, don’t listen to him again… that’s really disturbing.
          Giving up all our rights to our property is exactly in line with what the NWO want… and we all know they want us to take all their jabs.
          No, this is the time to use wisdom and RUN!

        • To Barbara Silversmith: The ‘pimpy’ is working for the dark side and may be in some trouble by now with the ‘boys’. There are/were 2 resets planned, the 2nd one benefits “We the people”, the 1st reset plan did not, and is in the process of being trashed.

          • Thank you,Mr.Roger for clearing that up,I was about to mention the same thing about “pimpy”,he’s all in with the likes of Alex Jones and the rest of the dark side.

      • I’ve heard they’ve started paying down national debt which is in the T’s and Q’s with the assets acquired from the DS.

    • The new law is not just about money… but is a sizeable part of it. Yes, there will be benefits. Your birth certificate will be considered a bond and worth money. If on S.S. that will increase. There will be help financially, medically, and spiritually/emotionally. There will be lots of help “agencies”.
      We will be under the original Constitution. Go back and read the act of 1871 U.S. Corp.

    • I had several surgeries on my right kidney. My insurance paid for a lot of it, but I would have owed $50,000 to pay myself that my insurance did not pay. I went to the hospital and they had me fill out paperwork going by my income at the time, and they cleared the whole $50,000 off of my bill. So,I then owed nothibg. They even gave me back the $200 deposit that I paid to them before having surgery. Thank God, he is So Good. Maybe you can do the same thing.

  12. Hi it’s July 13th tomorrow. I heard Nesera will be granted 7/15. I believe we should wait till Trump gets back in office supposedly sometime in October. You heard the payout is $100,000.00 a month for 12 years? That would be fantastic. What is the $5000 a month I hear then? Is that social security? Any info on when the banks will be depositing?

    • Hi Carmen!
      I agree with you that from everything I understand concerning Nesara, I truly believe it would be so much better if PT were back in office before it’s announced. But one thing we can be rest assured, is that it will come at just the right time. We only know such a little really. those that know the whole story are in control.
      I cannot say, and I question whether others know, although they may, exactly how the roll-out will be. $100,000 or 5,000 or whatever!
      We just have to wait and see.
      Exciting isn’t it!

      • Nesara has pretty much been confirmed as of July 15. Don’t think it would be good for the US to wait until October for President Trump to return. Military proclaimed him Commander and Chief on March 11, 2021. We have a VP now and he is John F. Kennedy Jr. President trump could return in August but I believe he should return now. He does not have to be back for Nesara/Gesara to be implemented. I got confirmation this morning on Restored Republic. Not sure on the $100,000 per month for 12 years but have heard that Social Security will be called retirement and could be three times what we are receiving now and maybe $5000 per month. Wait and see. Happy Nesara/Gesara.

        • Hi Joy!… Oh it’s exciting even if it’s not yet really clear what is going on. Some are saying October for PT but my heart groans when I hear that… how much damage could be done meantime! I’m not prepared to post on these things until I see it confirmed in a number of places.
          I really appreciate your information…keep it coming Joy! Well done!

        • Will normal citizens be given a stimulus too? It is so difficult to buy a house and I am praying that the cost for them goes down. Black Rock Inc and Vitcom Inc are buying up all of the middle class homes and outbidding all of us by $30,000-$75,000. We are forced to pay for new builds which are much more expensive. It is so depressing I fear I may never become a homeowner. The downpayment is nearly impossible to save for since the price of everything is going up due to inflation. Do you know how NESaRA will effect real estate prices and our current salaries? And what about the education system/public schools? How is that going to pan out?

          • Hi Regina!
            Yes, I do hear your heart here… the impossibility of buying your first home. There are so many suffering in this way… but hey, good news is on the way!
            Nesara will make all the difference in the world!
            It is totally believed that house prices will drop tremendously… they are saying maybe back to what they were in the 50’s or even the 40’s.
            On top of this, you will receive money of your own as well. All intel I hear on this suggests that all will be prosperous.
            The education is also be affected bigtime… the Quantum Education System will come into play. Education will become real instead of the disastrous curriculum they have at the moment, or are wanting to bring in. History will be rewritten back to how it really was and taught in the schools.
            At the moment we just have to hold on to our hats and ride out the rest of this very bumpty ride. Once we come through, it will be a different world.

          • Black Rock and Vitcom should be “taken out.” Buying up property wholesale like that is suspicious and evil, depriving others of a home of their own. These companies are profiteering!!!!!

        • I sure hope we don’t have to wait until October for PT to return. Our country may cease to exist if the wait is that long the way the DS is doing their business. Too many people are passing due to the jab. So sad.

          • We will be dealing with the effects of these times the rest of our lives, if 50 or over. So much will be changing. To Ruth: Black Rock is toast, or at least will be downsized considerably. Throw in Vanguard also, if you are into mutual funds.

        • I would just be happy if I got back the money that was made from the “purchase” of me (without my consent) of my birth certificate, I was declared a sovereign individual, I got all of the $ that I paid in income taxes back and got the remainder of my student loan cleared. Would be nice to go back to 40’s and 50’s prices too. I can actually afford a nice home free and clear (without a loan) if that was the case ?. I’m also curious about the “free Tesla energy” that I keep hearing about. Electric cars stink and I DO NOT want an electric car! Also curious what “Tulsa energy” will do to the oil and coal industries. Natural gas too.

      • To the host Marilyn Williams: Thank you for having this site. The roll-out will be slow in my opinion. It will happen for the countries that signed up for it (209). That tends to be a complex transaction worldwide, I imagine.
        It could take awhile, just have to wait and see. On the 100k dollar issue.
        Can you imagine what the stores would look like if everyone instantly had one hundred gee’s? There would be nothing to buy. 🙂 There could be a slow payout of some kind. The Act is more about freedom than money.

        • Hi Roger!
          The more I learn and observe I tend to agree with you. We all wanted it to be that one morning we would wake up and boom! All done! We don’t know how they will roll it all out, we can only trust in their plan that it’s for the better good of all.
          I so appreciate you sharing these things… thank you!

      • Hi again. Ok today is July 30. My second 1/2 of property taxes are due by September 1st. Question, should I pay this even thought the fed is gone and the irs is corrupt. What will the treasury do, accept payment? Wondering what I should do. Thanks.

        • Hi Carmen!
          The advice always seems to be that it’s best to pay anything that comes due at the time. As I understand it, you should receive it back once Nesara/Gesara kicks in.
          Having said that, we have heard many stories of people who have tried to pay taxes (maybe income taxes) and the IRS has refused payment at the time.
          So I guess you should be prepared to make the payment and see what happens.

        • Property taxes are collected by the individual STATES, not the IRS, so we will need to keep paying those. I haven’t heard anything about individual states changing anything with NESsara, etc.

    • If that’s true I’m telling my job to kiss my butt, they force us to work 60 hrs or you can hit the road, sometimes 6 days a week.

    • I went to the bank today to make a deposit. I said “I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul”. He smiled and completed the transaction. “Yada, yada, yada” and before I left his window I said “I can’t wait for the QFS to start” He laughed and had a big smile. And I spoke to a woman in Loans ‘back office’ on the phone and said something about Nesara and she said all banks are consolidating or merging. “We all hope we’ll still have our jobs.” I said “I’m sure they find places for you.” I made a deposit another day and when the woman handed me my deposit slip, I said “Backed by Gold”. She had a big smile. The last two incidences were 6 months ago when it was still hush hush. So I was getting confirmation that it was actually happening. This was a bank I worked at for 10 yrs as a teller myself. It all feels so surreal. We are all hurting bad, waiting for the funds promised. I live here at Marilyn’s site! Peace to you!

  13. Thank you for all your information. This is going to be an amazing time. Praise and thank our loving GOD. The LORD will say when. All is good.

    • Hi Vicki!
      I like very much your outlook! Yes, it will all be in the Lord’s timing so we may as well relax and enjoy the transition.
      If everyone does their little part in spreading the news, it will all be done in a flash.

      • I’m a small commercial cleaning business owner. Our employees will all quit, as will many businesses when this comes in—disincentive to work….how many restaurants will fold, just think of the workforce, how it will be impacted. I’m just not sure.
        If you have tons of money to spend but where, without employees? Don’t mean to be a downer but this will happen.

        • Hi Diana!
          There is always another side, isn’t there. But you know what, I think you’ll find it will work out fine. Maybe you will quit yourself because unless you love, love, love the work you do, you won’t have to do it anymore. Or… if it’s something you definitely want to continue, you will find others who will also love to do it to work for you.
          I wouldn’t worry too much because the wonderful thing is that people everywhere will be helped. I think the incentive to work will no longer necessarily be for money… there will be other reasons. Most people wouldn’t like just sitting under a palm tree all day sipping Pina Colada’s! They’d go out of their mind by the end of a week.
          There will be a whole new mindset… something most probably none of us have entered into yet.
          It’s be OK.

        • It may come to be that the “stimulus payments” for nesara/GESARA will only come to those that have worked for a certain number of years and have bank account/deposit history to prove it. That would make sense. Also if the education system is changed to a more “homeschool curriculum,” I would imagine some kind of vocational work (ie apprenticeships wether paid/unpaid” will be part of it. I think it may also be a good idea that stimulus’s will come after a person has put in so many years of working and at a certain age when he/she gets the “stimulus.” There are also going to be several young, entry level skill workers that would benefit from your company. It is also a possibility that those who want to retire early may still take on 2-3 jobs to get there. In fact, if people were able to save more money they may be open to that idea, especially if they are younger and have more energy. In closing, I think the restaurants and your industry will be fine.

    • to Vicki: This could only happen with God. It’s just too big of a thing. The dark side runs wide and deep (literally). If anyone thinks He is not cleaning up the earth, they haven’t been paying attention.

  14. Hello Marilyn Williams:

    I posted a lengthy message with many questions about NESARA/GESARA. I do not see it on the comments. Should I, or may I re-post these questions?



      • Hi Marilyn!
        I’m hearing & seeing word about our birth certificates, and some banks like Wells Fargo, who have our first & last name all in capital letters on our accounts, and that it should be removed immediately to a capital first letter then lower case and so on. (So it’s removed from the corrupt “corporation”).
        Is this true that you know of?

        • Hi Kara!
          The more I comprehend Common Law, the more I’m of the same opinion. The sooner we make the shift the better. At this stage, I have not done it but only last night both my husband and I were talking about it and wondering what steps to take.
          I guess a little more research is required.
          Won’t it be fun if we all start making that move… will cause more than a few raised eyebrows don’t you think!?

          • Thank you Stanley for sharing this information. I’m sure many people will be interested in what the site has to say. I haven’t got to go through it yet, but look forward to doing so.

          • I’ve heard that Nesara/Gesara will take care of the BC. I’m planning to wait. It is my understanding that the social security card is worth something also.

    • Will we have to cash in our Birth certificate? I have seen above that it says seniors on social security will receive an increase! Is that true of both?

  15. Greetings from the USA Marilyn. I must lead a very sheltered life here. This is the first I’ve head about Nesera/Gesera. I would love to have this article posted to my facebook page as I’m sure others here don’t know about it either. There is no share button that I can see. Trump advised us to be patient that big news was coming but we’re all in the dark here as the MSM has shut down any information over TV because it’s all ran by left wing, Soros backed, liberals. Can you help me get the word out please!

    • Hi Michael!
      Because of your request I have just added the social media buttons. I thought I already had them on there but it must have been my other website. I’m so sorry about that! Anyway, they are now added and you should be right to go.
      For further information, why not join me on Telegram… I put all my updates and information on there.
      Happy top have you on board… enjoy your learning process.

      • Marilyn, God gave me my WHY with my very first job to be in insurance to help others. My parents added to that WHY when they told me to always help others and get involved in your community. I’ve been researching all this DS stuff, truths, etc. since March 2020 when CV plandemic was formed. While my family and friends think I’m a looney bird I continue to push the truth by being a Digital Warrior. I will be here to help everyone when the entire truth comes out. When I spoke to my adult son about JFKjr, EP, MJ, etc. he began telling me I needed to get a mental evaluation. I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE! This will shock all. I’m so glad I found you today and will definitely follow you on Telegram. THANK YOU!

        • Wonderful! Thank you Barb for joining me on Telegram too. We need to be around each other to encourage and uplift. It’s not always easy, with family being the hardest of all. God bless you and may you continue to stand in the face of it all. Yes, you will be needed for sure… we all are… I’m not sure we really realise just how much!

        • Im pretty sure our names being in all caps means we are a Corp.and to have this reversed we may have to become state Nationals unless President Trump will return us all our sovereignty.

  16. Can you confirm that GESARA has begun in Paraguay and in Mexico? I heard that from a source last night. Thank you.

    • Hi Judy,
      No, I cannot confirm that. I do know that the revaluation has taken place in Iraq and that ALL mortgages etc have been forgiven there. They must really be celebrating right now. This of-course, is part of Gesara/Nesara. Gradually people around the world are having mortgages etc forgiven, some here and some there. I believe it’s all part of their testing process.
      I think one day soon it will be happening country by country…just like Iraq.
      But, we wait to see…

    • The RV and Nesara will be announced today June 27th hopefully. That’s what I’ve heard. Found this on Don’t know how it will be announced though, maybe EBS but not sure. Keep your eyes open and your ears tuned in.

      • I saw it this morning on that Nesara was to start July 2. People on Social Security will find out about that in two to three weeks. Also the interest on the debt will be forgiven. I thought it was the whole amount and not just interest but will wait and see. Hopefully, this is it. Thanks be to God and the military.

    • Hi again Judy!
      I can now confirm that Gesara has officially commenced in Iraq, Mexico, El Salvador and Portugal. Why those countries, I cannot say. All I do know is that if it has commenced in these countries, everyone else will be right behind. Maybe it’s up to the individual countries to say when they will go… hard to say.

    • My daughter and husband have not lived in the same home for over 7 years. He has always filed their joint income tax from his personal bank account. Will he be receiving the Nasara money? How can she get her share and he will not be willing to give her any on his own?

      • Hi Annette!
        I don’t know all the ins and outs of how they will do it, but what I do believe is that your daughter will be more than looked after. At the end of the day, tax is just one little part of the overall. I can understand your concern according to the situation though, but I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about.

      • Sorry to bother you again. Someone said the Nasara payments will come out the same way as the stimulus checks. That is not good as our daughter hasn’t seen a dime of those.

      • I do not mean to make this any of my business but, once I thought about it I couldn’t help but tell you to advise your daughter to open up her own bank account & take her name off of his (only if this doesn’t cause more headache). Also, have her change her home address to the one she lives. She just needs to go by post office & complete the form that she has moved & put her new address.. She may be able to do this online. I don’t mean to jump in & im only giving my opinion b:c I’ve been in a situation similar to your daughters. She can become an individual, although the two of them may still be married. I’m not even giving my opinion in any regard to NESARA/GESARA. I just know if she is experiencing what I may experienced, she may want to feel like an individual. Many prayers to all.

        • I saw on that everyone would be sent a card by express mail with the $$ on it. If that is incorrect I apologize. Quantum computing has everyone’s information.

  17. Will the funds due to us from the the worth attached to our birth certificate be distributed thru Nesara Gesara or is this something we will do for ourselves? I have heard that funds are due from the worth of our Social Security number. Do you have information about this? I appreciate your answers and time. Thank you, Judy Durham

    • Hi Judy!
      In reality, I don’t know if there is anyone who could answer that for you unless they were one of the White Hats! I don’t think that it’s something we will have to chase, but I could be wrong.
      I think also, that as we keep our ear to the ground so to speak, we will be told what to do, if anything.
      Just relax and watch as it all plays out. When the time comes there will be people who know exactly what we should do if we need to.

    • You will need your original BC with a certification number on it and that should be in all red numbers. All I have is a copy and it does now show the number. I’m going to try to order mine from my birth state county seat. This is something we need to look into. It could be lots of money they owe us. Not sure if it will be included in the distribution of wealth. Maybe Charlie Ward will make an announcement about this soon. Hope so.

      • On the SS card the Red Cert # is on the back and the BS it is on the front. Must be an original BS as Hospital BC are not official. These bonds are no longer interest-bearing at the age of 40. I searched mine and my husband’s and was totally shocked and angry to know the $$ being used were for the black hats benefit.

    • I believe you have to do the birth certificate yourself. I need my original BC so I ordered it. You need the certification number from the original to find out how much you are getting. Mine is an E bond. The calculator is on From what I understand you will need the form 1522 and fill it out. Get that also on treasury direct or just put it in your search engine and it will come up and you print it out. Then take it to the bank and redeem it. The banks have the money from what I heard. This is what I’ve also seen on Check it out.

      • This is what I’m hearing too,when you order your original birth certificate have it sent to the court house,because it will be addressed to that government building and it’s not legal for you to open government mail.

      • How did you obtain your “original” BC? Mine clearly states it is a copy and the form I have to order another from the Vital Records of my birth state..says I will be receiving a copy as well. No red numbers anywhere on these.

  18. I’ve been following another website called Restored for anyone who is interested. Seems pretty on the level with lots of updates.

  19. I would like to know your thoughts on when Nesara Gesara will be put in place for us. Will it be when RV is finished and QFS is running or will it be after President Trump is back? Thank you for sharing information. I appreciate your efforts. Judy

    • Hi Judy!
      They say something very big is going to happen this week. Will it be any of the three you mentioned… time alone will tell.
      They appear to still be using the QFS to root out more evil bankers and such as we speak. Last I heard it was over 8,000 arrested so far, but that was awhile ago.
      I believe it will most probably be RV first and then the full instigation of the QFS.
      When they are going to reveal that Trump has been the President all along, I cannot tell. I only hope it is really soon.
      Like you, and everybody else, I’m tired of so many losing their lives while they endeavour to wake up the masses.
      Unfortunately, we don’t have a ‘calendar of events’ so it’s pretty much guess work while we wait.
      Charlie has always maintained that the famous five (virus, vaccine, riots, alien invasion & 5G) will be in place as a smokescreen until they have completed the RV and QFS.

          • I am currently looking to buy a new car. Should I wait for this to set in first? Will it impact the sale or cars.

          • Hi Elizabeth!
            I believe it will impact everything… but it’s not here yet.
            Although all things point to the fact that Nesara/Gesara will be here very soon, we cannot say exactly when it will be in full implementation.
            I guess it depends on how urgent buying the car is.
            Also, if you set up a bank loan for the car it should be forgiven. Not that I would do that deliberately.
            We have been told it’s ‘business as usual’ for the time being.

          • Have a question. I read something yesterday. That we would have to make a Oath to the Alliance?
            As believers we should never make oaths as stated in the Bible.
            That could be the Mark of the Beast.

          • Hi Glenna!
            Not knowing what you read it’s hard to make a comment on it. But honestly, I cannot imagine such a thing being expected of us…
            Police Officers etc have to make the Oath of Allegiance, but for the rest of us… I doubt it.

      • I saw your post. Interesting and I am coming to the same conclusions. It’s very peaceful in Costa Rica, where I now live. Of course, these good people have always been slaves. Crazy thing they are always happy. The reason I chose this beautiful place as home

        • Hi David!
          Sounds like a wonderful place to live. It’s great they are so happy. Imagine how happy they will be when they are all set free… like all of us will be!
          Thank you for sharing that.

          • I’ve heard their not planning on any redistribution of wealth like we were all lead to believe. What’s your thoughts on that?

        • Yes David,I have a good friend who was living in the US and was originally from there and moved back a few years ago,very humble people,always happy,hard working,and some of the best people to have as friends.

      • Marilyn…I am hoping you can elaborate on this a little more regarding NESARA, debt jublie etc. I understand what’s written above regarding the basics of NESARA but would you suggest to someone that has a couple credit cards that went to debt collection and now they’ve sued for the collection in court our local court? I certainly hope that something does happen this week but if it doesn’t in the next couple of weeks, what can we do? If the banking was all illegal and the USA corp was bankrupt as well as the entire legal system set up in maritime or admiralty law, how can this be legitimate? How can I combat this until the RV/QFS is implemented? Also, is this all tied into how our birth certificates and SSN create us as corporation? I vaguely remember a Charlie Ward video that focused on a company but over seas that had something to do with helping people fight stuff like this but I can’t seem to find it. There was also a recent video about regarding a Post Master General Mark Kishon? Is that legitimate? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks for your time.

          • Marilyn, the GMC was sued for ignition switch case. Put me on disability. Wanted me to settle the case is in very less and refused to give the amount deserved even I won the case. When I didn’t settle the lawyer left my case. I keep connected judge but no reply. Can you help?

          • Hi Sunita!
            I’m so sorry to hear of your problems… it sounds most unfair.
            I cannot be of any help to you except to say this… with Nesara/Gesara just around the corner, I believe God will see to it that you are totally reimbursed, and much, much better off than if your case went through properly. God knows and God will look after you.
            Try not to lose hope at this time. What’s coming is so much better than anything we have right now.

        • I’ve heard that Nesara will be implemented June 14th. I’ve heard a lot of things such as today, Thursday June 10th, is a day when a lot will happen and maybe EBS but not sure. I believe President Trump wants to get going on it. The first thing that will happen after Nesara is implemented will be debt forgiveness possibly even this month. They are not telling us much. I watched the Frog News Network last evening on Youtube with Doug and Mike. They get some intel and you might want to tune them in around 9:30 EST. They have a huge following. There are replays on Youtube also of last night’s program. We are all anxious to know what’s going on. It’s exciting but nerve wrecking.

          • Hi Joy!
            Yes, there is supposed to be a lot of things happen this week. Thank you for sharing. I have not watched Frog News but have it up now and will see what they are saying.

          • Today is June 18th and no change here. I don’t think anyone knows when all this is happening except the people behind the project.

        • I’m hearing of Russell J.Gould claiming he is postmaster general of the world,and he rescued and holds ownership of the Title 4 flag.Another person who has a great deal of knowledge of these things is David Lester Strait.

      • Hello Marilyn Williams:

        These are amazing times we are living-in.

        A question or two about NESARA/GESARA, please.

        I heard about U.S. birth certificates being used as collateral on the American stock exchanges by the esoteric scholar, Jordan Maxwell. When I head his theory, I thought he was crazy. Time hence it is revealed that Maritime Admiralty Law (MAL) -“Law of the Sea” theory he spoke of many times, is in fact correct. Our justice and court system, and financial system here in the U.S. operate (or did) operate under the “Law of the Sea” (MAL).

        Q: Talked-of PROSPERITY PAYMENTS (PP) of $100,000 per month or year (still not clear) are to be distributed and are ready to be go, from the Wells Fargo Bank! Really?

        Q: If the (PP) mentioned above is correct, ….is this the same as NESARA/GESARA?

        Q: Is this different than the birth certificate security investments?

        Q: If (PP) is different from the birth certificate security investing, must I get my ORIGINAL certificate with red ink in order to redeem this investment? What recourse do I have if the original certificate is not available?

        Q: Are we still “covered” as it were, if I can not access the ORIGINAL birth certificate?

        Q: How can I access my certificate or all important numbers?

        Thank you for your assistance.


        • Hi Daniel!
          Sorry for the delay.
          Yes, not only the US, but for all of us… we’ve all been caught up under the Law of the Sea. Pssst… not for long though!
          Q1 – I cannot say exactly how payments will be made. I too have heard this and that but nothing I could categorically say is 100% correct. I do know that it’s been well discussed that the money would be better coming in increments so people don’t just blow it all before you know it.
          Q2 – Yes, it is Nesara/Gesara and will not happen before that’s fully released.
          Q3 – It’s hard to say. Some of my research suggests that you will have to organise your own Birth Certificate pay-out… I am not sure. The enormous amounts of gold, silver and precious metals stolen from each country could also represent payments back to the people.
          Q4 – I do believe you will need the original. I checked my recently looking for red ink and was happy to see it there. For a very long time I know I only had a really basic copy. I would lose no time in arranging for your originals just in case… but I do not really believe they would somehow lose them in the changeover and say ‘oh well’ and leave you be. This is going to be fair on everyone.
          Q5 – I cannot see why you or anyone else could miss out, especially if you have to hand a copy of your original etc. Remember, it’s not going to be like the tyrannical government we are under at this time… it will be so different. I know it’s hard to comprehend it really.
          Q6 – I don’t know where in the world you live, but here in Australia we go to the Births, Deaths & Marriages website to order certificates. I’m sure you would have something similar.
          I hope I have managed to answer some of the many questions going through your mind. It’s good you are asking questions and thinking ahead. Good on you! It’s how we all need to be in this time.
          Continue to do your research!

  20. Has anyone heard that the QFS banking system will start June 1st. I listen to Nick’s Intel Podcasts and I heard it there. They are finishing everything up by Saturday May 29th.

      • Charlie and Nick this morning have said it. June 1st and the first week of June are going to be outstanding. Actually, the QFS has been already running and the currency is backed by Gold, Silver, precious metals. Charlie said June, July, and August are going to be great months. Also heard that JFK Jr. has been Vice President since the fall of last year and was wearing a mask to look like Pence. Gives me chills. Happy days are coming.

        • Hi Joy!
          Things are gradually coming together. We must watch closely during this first week of June… I wonder what could be outstanding? RV? QFS released for all? The arrest of ‘someone’ which will ‘shock the world’? So much!
          Yes, the QFS is already running, that’s for sure. It will be wonderful to start really using it.
          I have not heard what you said re JFK Jr. It will be interesting, very interesting indeed, if something like that comes out… we shall wait and see.
          Appreciate your comments and enthusiasm. 🙂

          • I asked at my credit union if they have heard of QFS this past week and they had not heard anything, but I bet they will now or soon. I hope they get to keep their jobs. They are great people. A lot of people think Social Security is going away. Not true. It will be under another name and we could see three to four times what we get now. Not sure on that yet of course but I did hear that yesterday. Very interesting times ahead.

  21. Hi Marilyn,
    I’ve written to you before but a couple of your recent messages from people and your responses prompted me to send you another comment.
    I’ve been a Christian most of my life and the one thing that I’ve remembered from the Bible is something that has given me peace. One is that we are not to worry cuz we can’t add a single day to our life by doing so and the other is that only God the Father knows when He is sending His Son back for His bride. When is that? Only the Father knows. So when people come up with dates, etc, that just makes me laugh and be sad at same time cuz it misleads people. I know there is a time, you call it 1,000 years of peace, but in my Bible, if we’re referring to the same thought here, it is called the time when satan is bound and put in a bottomless pit for 1,000 years. Which would definitely be peace. The one thing that I have learned to focus on is a saying He gave me a few years ago…it’s not up to me to question, it’s up to me to trust! So while NESARA would be really great, and I am hoping and believing it will happen within the next few months, I just have to put my trust in Jesus and believe He knows what’s best for all of us! That allows me to live a simpler life cuz I don’t have to carry everything else on my shoulders.

    It really is fun to envision how life could be so fun and great when NESARA is actually working in all of our lives. I’m sure many of us have thought, “what would I do if I won the Mega Millions”. It’s fun to think about what all we would do with all that money and that’s what I do at times thinking about NESARA and how life will be. I probably won’t really care if I am paid back millions cuz we’ll live in a different world than we do now and so having all the wonderful additions, such as the 6,000 patents and what they are and do, it will just be fun to live again!

    Thank you for all you do and the research you have done.

    • Hi Dan!
      What lovely words… thank you!
      Yes, the 1,000 years of peace and satan bound is one and the same thing.
      It’s interesting as we watch it all play out before our eyes, how all the ‘evil’ ones… that satan worshippers are being removed by being arrested, trialled and gitmo’ed or whatever. Once they are all gone and the rules of Nesara/Gesara are put into play, there can be no more war, no more debt slavery, no more or all the evil that has ruled in the world.
      Is this it? When they are removed… all of satan’s minions, all those who follow and worship him… when they are out of the picture is satan actually ‘bound’ in that very act? Really I’m not sure, but it’s beginning to sound like it to me.
      We will have so much fun working out what we can do to help others… that’s what it’s all about. Sure, we will be well looked after, but together we can help all of humanity into a much better place.
      A better world is coming for sure…

  22. Hi I currently Have a lawsuit against Bank of America because the screwed me over in a home modification and lied to me I lost my house I had to short sell it because I couldn’t afford the payments and it’s currently with an attorney and a Bank of America is appealing it will with this debt forgiveness and no mortgage with the Nosara help me in anyway with this lawsuit and what do I say to my attorney

    • I cannot tell you how it will work out Donna, except to say that I feel totally assured you are going to be in a much better place when it is all released.
      Debt forgiveness.
      Lawsuit’s worked out in a proper court… fair and square.
      It must be a real worry for you but I do encourage you not to be discouraged. Commit you situation to the Lord and He will definitely work it all out for you.

  23. It seems to me that this could happen after the rapture. In that case, it won’t matter to those that have received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Thoughts on this? Also, you posted this October 2020 saying the end is near. What is your thoughts on “near”? In my opinion, if a date is near, it would be 6 months or less. We have well surpassed that time frame, so curious as to what you are hearing “near” is.

    • Hi Tambra!
      Thank you for your thoughts.
      When I first started on this journey, I tried in every way I could think of to fit the pieces together… rapture… tribulation… current events.
      Because I was thinking the way I had been taught to think concerning the rapture etc, nothing worked for me. In fact, I was in more confusion than ever before!
      I read and reread the scriptures concerning it all trying to find out where these current events fitted. They wouldn’t, I found.
      So where to now? What to do?
      As I was expecting the HS to direct my thinking, I had to try to see everything with new eyes.
      Then one day He showed me! At least, I believe He showed me because now the dots are connecting.
      I’m ever so conscious that many don’t think the way I’m now thinking. Most have been taught variations of the same thing… and taken the Book of Revelation literally.
      I don’t want to go saying I’m right. Far from it. But now I feel a peace like never before.
      I now see that there most probably will never be a rapture… pre, mid or post.
      Will we have to go through the tribulation? I believe the answer is yes. BUT… I believe we are IN the tribulation RIGHT NOW!
      The tribulation is NOT something that is going to happen to us, but to the EVIL people living in this world… all summed up in the Globalists, Cabal, NWO, or whatever name you wish to give them. Those involved in all the horrific things we’ve previously talked about… you know what I mean.
      The Book of Revelation is full of symbology and when it says things like ‘huge hailstones the size of 100lbs’, it doesn’t mean it literally. The Cabal are experiencing it right now as they are exposed… arrested… trialled… gitmo’d or eliminated whatever. Boom… boom… boom! They are squashed like a bug.
      One of the best books I’ve read that explains a lot of this is by Melissa from . I would encourage you to get it and read it prayfully.
      So… in my humble opinion, I do not think Nesara/Gesara will come after the rapture, but rather it will issue in the 1,000 years of peace… the millennium, amazing as that may appear.
      I’m not sure what I said was ‘near’. But, I’m sure everything that is going on in our world today is bringing us ever nearer to the climax. Things are happening every single day, and so much more than what we ever hear about.
      Tambra… am I correct about this? Only time will tell… but what if I am? What if?
      Worth thinking about, so we can enjoy this bumpy ride along the old bush track… with our eyes open and our mouth full of praise!

      • Marilyn,Thank you for what you do.I have been looking at this for awhile.My only problem is I know it is not about the money.But if you dont have checking acc.will you be left out.Thank you

        • Well Wade, I don’t have a checking account, so does that mean I’LL be left out?
          No, I don’t think it’s anything to do with that kind of thing.
          I understand that any bank accounts you have right now have all been placed on the QFS.
          The fact that it is not right up there happening at the moment is because within the last couple of weeks they have been able to flush out 8,000 corrupt bankers from around the world. Each step they take seems to flush out more.
          I believe the whole system was expected to be up and running right now but I don’t think they realised just how mnay corrupt people there are to deal with.
          It will come to an end. We just have to be patient and let them do their job.

      • Thank you so much for your well thought out answer! What if…? I know I am ready for some “good” to prevail! Although money does not resolve all the worlds problems, it would be nice to have the money to travel and have some enjoyment from life as I age. Whatever the answer is, I do trust that God’s purpose and plan will be perfect. If I miss Nesara/Gesara, I’ll be in Heaven, so it really ends up being a win/win situation. ❤️

  24. Hi Marilyn, just wondering if you have an info on what senior citizens social security benefits will be according to NESARA? I’m on Social Security and would like to know more. I have had several friends who also are seniors and they are afraid that we will lose our social security benefits and I tried to tell them what I knew about it which isn’t much. I remember President Trump wanted to do away of the payroll tax and have heard that is for Social Security. I wanted to reassure them that we will not lose our benefits. Thank you.

    • Hi Joy!
      The word has always been that Senior Citizens will be SO much better off… no more living from pension to pension. They are to be looked after like never before.
      It would be totally devastating if the current benefits were lost and not replaced with anything!
      When Nesara/Gesara kicks in for real, we will be living in a whole new financial world. Just think, if all the ones who have been consistently stealing our money have been put away… no more… gone… zilcho! Then people would receive what is rightfully theirs.

      • I imagine all the ones who have been stealing from us wake up one morning and their bank account is 0. LOL!

          • I’m hoping the DS’s bank accounts are at 0. No money left for them to do harm to anyone. Soon to come.

          • Hi Joy… I believe with all my heart that they will NOT be able to do any more harm. The QFS does not allow for it. At this present moment, as they carefully are testing and trialling the QFS, over 8,000 bankers have been arrested for trying to steal money. The interesting thing is this… the money is safe, but it does catch them out in what they try to do… Bamb…got you!

            Rest easy.

    • We are currently living in the 6th dispensation….under grace. The kingdom age will begin, the 7th & final dispensation AFTER the rapture (Jesus returns for His bride…,those who have obeyed the plan of salvation shown in scripture Acts2:38). THIS is when the 1000 years of peace begins & satan will he bound. Go to w/Dave Robbins
      I don’t know all there is to know & there are opinions galore concerning these last days but it’s so very important to understand scripture & believe it is the absolute and true word of God. Scripture tells us Jesus is the way, the truth & the life.,,,,,,,& ONE LORD, ONE FAITH & ONE BAPTISM……

  25. Hi Marilyn! While doing some research on Nesara, I came across a website called Nesara.News. They shared some updated information that seemed to be pretty accurate from what I know so far, except for this one area. Please see below. So, is this true? Are we or aren’t we getting money back for our birth certificates?

    Birth certificates and Sight Drafts myth:
    When the United States went off the gold standard in 1933, the federal government somehow went bankrupt.
    With the help of the Federal Reserve Bank, the government converted the bodies of its citizens into capital value, supposedly by trading the birth certificates of U.S. citizens on the open market.
    After following a complicated process of filing UCC documents with either the Secretary of State of the persons residence or another state that will accept the filings, each citizen is entitled to redeem his or her “value” by filling out a sight draft drawn on their (nonexistent) TreasuryDirect account.
    The scheme asserts that each citizens Social Security Number is also his or her account number.
    As a part of the scheme, participants also file false IRS Forms 8300 and Currency Transaction Reports in the name of law enforcement officials and other individuals they seek to harass.
    Drawing such drafts on the U.S. Treasury is fraudulent and a violation of federal law. The theory behind their use is bogus and incomprehensible. The Justice Department is vigorously prosecuting these crimes. Federal criminal convictions have occurred in several cases.

    • Hi Jennifer!
      Good on you for your research… well done!
      I’ve read over this quite a few times trying to make sense of it. have copied it directly from which I see is a government site.
      Knowing what we know about government sites, should we even believe them?
      Everything I’ve heard to date is that we are going to be paid out on our Birth Certificates, but you know what? I can’t guarantee it!
      I believe time alone will tell.

  26. We have city and county taxes we pay in December of every year in Missouri—- will they be no more?

    And we bought property for back property taxes— can the family come back and get it now?

    • Hi Kim!
      The only tax they are proposing is a flat tax of around 14-17% of non-essential items.
      It is believed that this alone will supply much more than sufficient to do all that governments and councils need to do.
      I don’t quite understand the second part of your question… I’m sorry.

    • Hi Vickey,
      Congratulations on your new home… I trust you will be very happy there.
      As I understand it, if you have a mortgage it will be forgiven. Whether or not it’s better to wait or do it now, it’s hard to say. You are almost there anyway.
      Basically, we need to keep on doing whatever we are doing as we wait for it to come. We believe it’s very soon, but what if it’ not… just saying.

    • I read that new loans won’t be forgiven but never could find like at what date! We have some fairly recent notes I was wanting to know I’d be forgiven. But I think in the end we are going to be sitting better than before. God will see us through! Just keep praying! Congrats on your home!

  27. Hi good morning I’m a little concerned about my property I have 2 of them 1 granny flat and 1 house do I loose it once nesera starts please let me know thanks

  28. Note: I tried sourcing my claims, but your spam filter didn’t allow links to supporting documentation.

    These do not exist as signed legislation in any governing body.

    There was the Economic and Recovery Act of 2001 .. a signed generic stimulus package unrelated to NESARA. Yet, a hoax was created claiming association by adding “National”… see, NESARA was signed … don’t bother reading the details.

    GESARA does not exist as actual or penfing law anywhere.

    You spend a great deal of time tediously linking unrelated historicsl events attempting to assign credibility to this fiction.


    Initially promoted by Shaini Candace Goodwin, also known as “Dove of Oneness”, who claimed that the act was actually passed with additional provisions as the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (DOESN’T EXIST), and then suppressed by the George W. Bush administration and the Supreme Court.

    There is ZERO PROOF of any “suppression” of NESARA. Your website perpetuates this hoax.

    “The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act” (or NESARA) was never signed into legislation. Not to say that won’t soneday. Just not via the farse you promote.

  29. People with no birth certificate are because they were not born in the US. They were immigrants and later becomes a US citizen. Work and pay taxes, interests, mortgage, loans, etc. Will these people apply to the rest that we’re born in US with the birth certificate as well?

    • Hi May!
      I did a little research on those who have no birth certificates… I see there are countries such as India, Pakistan, Congo etc with an enormous amount of children without them.
      All I can say is that somehow, something will work out for them. Everybody is supposed to be much better off once Nesara/Gesara cuts in.
      I guess we need to trust these guys as they pull it together on behalf of everyone. They would not, I am sure, not worry about the people who may have already missed out on so much.

    • Thank you for your reply – I believe all of the adults and children birth certificate worth millions. Will the children receive the payment for their birth certificate or it just the adult?

      • This is what we have been told May… time along will confirm that.
        As far as I’m aware, everyone will receive what they are worth, not just adults.
        How they will do this I do not know, as wisdom would be required.

  30. Hello,
    I have a question?
    I have already paid off school loans for college, paid tons into property taxes, have paid thousands in hospital debt. Will all of this be given back -returned? I am sure this applies to many.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Victoria!
      I believe you will receive it back, from what I have heard.
      People everywhere are looking forward to being debt free, but most importantly is the fact that there will be more than enough for all humanitarian projects across the world.
      None of us will miss out.

      • I would love to go back to work (unemployed now) and help the many many people who have some type of need-whatever it may be where our institutions have failed. Thank you for your reply.

          • Hi Marilyn Im trying to find the entire list of countries that have joined Nesara Gesara. Im not finding them at all. Can you help?

          • Hi Mark!
            I do not have a list to hand, but they’ve stated that all countries and territories have signed the agreement.
            I’m not sure where such a list would be found, although there most probably is one.
            Wish I could help more.

  31. I have read that the stock market will crash. I am concerned since we have our retirement and savings in the stock market. We have worked really hard to pay off our mortgage and have been really careful with not accumulating any debt. So, what should we do about the stock market? In terms of fairness, how will they deal with people that have a mortgage vs. people who don’t have a mortgage vs people that do not own a house? Same goes with student debt, car debt, and credit card debt. Many people have debt because they want the latest and greatest. Many of the rest of us buy used cars and hang on to our cars for years.

    • Hi Daphne!
      Many have questions worrying about what will happen if…
      I’m sorry that I can’t answer exactly what will happen, but I can tell you what I do know…
      No-one will miss out!
      We will all be much better off than we are right now.
      I hear what you are saying though but at the end of the day God is in control. He will see to it that everyone receives a fair deal.
      It’s quite possible, though I can’t guarantee, that the payment we all receive for our Birth Certificates will make all the rest of it pale in significance.
      Once I receive further definite information, I will post on it.

      • Can you explain why the benefits of Nesara is based on our Birth Certificates? I think I read it somewhere, but honestly, I’ve read so much interesting information, I can’t retain it all. LOL Your article on “how current events relate to end times” is absolutely fabulous! I’ve been looking for something like this with most all information in one place to share with people who are not awake. This is it!

  32. i have saved several thousand dollars over a few years . it is in a safe in cash . what happens to that ? i worked hard for that and it has helped me and my family a lot at times. Please answer , ive been very worried bout this

    • Hi Bradley!
      Please don’t be worried… it will be fine!
      I can understand you keeping it in cash for safe-keeping.
      The old Swift System, and the new Quantum System, I believe, are going to be working in tandem for about 12 months.
      This means, when you are ready, you will be able to add the cash to the Quantum System.
      I can’t give you exact details on how, but countless people around the world have cash stored up, so they would have to have a system when you can take the cash and have it added to the Quantum.
      It is designed to help and aid people… it will be OK.

      • Hi Marilyn, I read in a QFS update yesterday that the swift system was closed down very recently. They are doing exchanges in Tier 4 accounts now and my understanding is that the general public is Tier 5. I’m really trying to understand the QFS with what I can pick up on he internet. I’m fascinated with it. Thanks for your help.

          • Hi Joy!
            If I had more specifics on it I would share, but unfortunately, until it’s released it’s pretty hard.
            I just had a look what others are saying but seems to be very much the same as what I say.
            Be assured, that just as soon as I get more information, I will share.

          • Thanks Marilyn. I can’t wait until more details are released. I have a friend who doesn’t quite believe me when I tell her about Nesara. I think she will be delighted to know more about this.

  33. My son is a plaintiff in a suit against Johnson and Johnson for risperdal. It’s a mass tort case not class action. The drug caused young boys to grow breast tissue and possibly other long term effects. My son has PTSD and extreme depression because of this. The case was filed years ago and J and J are dragging their feet. What could happen to the case when nesara is official. He has never worked and he struggles with bi polar too. Will the case just go away? I had heard some things about everyone receiving some type of trust. Thank you for any information you could share.

    • Hi Carol!
      My goodness, your son has received the rough end of the stick!
      I can’t tell you what would happen, but what I THINK will happen, is that the wrong will be made right.
      Med-beds for healing.
      In the midst of it all, please visualize your son healthy and well. See him without all these problems. See him working, happy and content. Imagine what it will be like to have a normal conversation with him. See him working as a professional helping others overcome the kinds of things he went through. No-one could help them more than he could. He understands.
      Bless you Carol… seek guidance from the Lord. He will not let you down. He wants it more than you do… and that’s a lot!

  34. Love scrolling through the comments…learning alot! I do have a question about the change over to the QFS. If I currently have money in my bank, does it get switched to the QFS automatically? And with it going back to the gold standard, does it get transferred $1 for $1 or will my $1 be more valuable with the gold standard? Thanks in advance!

  35. Hi, we had to short sale our house in 2007 and have had to rent ever since, not having a down payment to get back into the market. I feel like we should buy a house now before NESARA starts so that we will not miss out on having our mortgage forgiven. Do you think that’s a good idea?

    • Hi Jennifer!
      I both hear you and understand what you are saying. I wish I could truly advise you but when we all know so little of how it will all be, it’s impossible. Not that I would advise anyway as it’s not something I’m trained to do.
      One thing I can say to you is that I feel that we will all be so much better off that the purchase of a new home will not be a problem. If you were to purchase now you would pay a much higher price… potentially… but with the hope that the mortgage would be forgiven, maybe that is not a problem.
      From what I understand, houses could drop quite substantially and if this is the case, purchasing a new one may not present a problem.
      If you were to do it now, you may rush into it in a panic because you don’t know how much longer we have to wait for Nesara/Gesara to come… it maybe just days. And if you buy in a panic, you may not choose well.
      All things to consider… and I trust the best for you.

  36. Hi , I have a question , I asked my local CC co-ordinator 3 times but could not get an answer !
    What about the people that have nothing, i.e on social security , not lucky enough to own a house , barely struggling to eat
    Whilst I’m not jealous of other people. It doesn’t seem fair that people who have bought dong will become rich , and people who already own houses will be better off???
    What about the people who can barely buy food?

    • Hi Michael!
      Oh dear, you pull on my heart strings!
      Listen… life will be very different… in a way that not any of us of us can fully comprehend. There is so much gold that each person could be paid a million dollars and there’d still be heaps over.
      People on Social Security will be a whole lot better off. Plus, any tax you may have paid, or bank fees etc. etc. will be paid back to you.
      This will be a whole new age.
      Even people who have bought dong or dinar etc., will be expected to use the greater portion on humanitarian projects. People struggling will be high on the list.
      The price of food will reduce. Most probably, the price of houses will decrease.
      On top of all this, it is believed that each person will be paid out on the money the globalists made on their Birth Certificates. This could represent a lot of money.
      Look, I want to be careful as I write as I don’t want to build any false hopes. We haven’t been told exactly how it will all work out and I’m only relating what is generally believed. It may be different, but what I can say, everyone will be in a much better place than they are now.

          • What if people with no birth certificate, but is a US Citizen and have worked most of their life and have paid taxes will they get pay to?

          • Hi May!
            I didn’t realise there were people around without a Birth Certificate, other than of-course, the children they bred underground. I take it you don’t have one?
            I’m quite sure you will be looked after anyway because that’s what it’s all about.

          • Hey there! I am a public school teacher and love my job but have become so angry with the admin and “woke” instruction by incompetent teachers. I really want to continue teaching (the core subjects the right way not the woke way) but I am not sure how that will pan out. I’ve done private tutoring before and I am currently getting credentials to teach online, but I am not sure if credentials would mean anything either. I assume that I can still help by doing what I love to do just in a more entrepreneurial way. There are many teachers that are so upset that I can easily imagine a group of us creating our own little private school. Do you think I am far off? My specialty lies in teaching English as a second language and instructing students with different learning/cognitive difficulties. It would be so nice to just teach rather than worry about ALL of the paperwork. I feel like a paralegal rather than a teacher and the students are suffering for it.

          • Hi Regina!
            I loved reading your message and I feel your heart. It’s wonderful you love what you do which unfortunately at this time is being interfered with. I loved the idea of the private school too. Why not? Gather your associates together and see who would be interested.
            But having said that, once Nesara/Gesara is fully announced, life will be different. The books will be rewritten as they should be. I feel quite certain that all the useless paperwork will go away and life will be so much simpler.
            In that time, you will not HAVE to work for money… you will be free to do what you love doing without that being a consideration.
            If money was not an object, what would you do? Think about it… allow your mind to run with it. Imagine. It could very well become your reality.

  37. I’m a wrinkled old lady. If they don’t get a move on, I’m going to miss out on the Med Bed to make me young again. My question is, If I don’t make it, can I put what my share would be in my will for my children to inherit?

    • My goodness Peggy, you have come up with an interesting question!
      I have never thought about this and I wonder if anyone else has.
      I don’t think, whichever way it goes, that your children will miss out at all, from everything I’ve been hearing.
      But listen, don’t plan on leaving us just yet… there’s much to be done. 🙂
      Bless you and thank you for posing the question.

      • Hello Marilyn! In response to the “what would you do if $$ was no object” question…it would probably be helping parents and teachers to create local co-ops for homeschooling and to collaborate with educational professionals and the public to create materials for that instruction. I’m good with reading/math/language intervention so perhaps creating a tutoring/intervention center online thing so students could continue to learn at home. I’m also open to having tutoring sessions in my own back yard.

  38. Marilyn,when debts ate paid can we expect to receive payments on a regular basis for a cretain time or will thefunds be held for loans that will be made. Will Social Security pay ments be increased? Thank you for sharing information Judy Durham

    • Hi Judy!
      I can’t tell you exactly how it will work out… I’m not sure that anyone knows those kind of details at this point in time. I have heard that money that is due to be paid to us may not come in one lump sum as with people not knowing how to handle money of that kind, it may disappear just as quickly as it arrived.
      I have definitely heard that people on Social Security will be a whole lot better off. What with debts cleared etc, your money will go a whole lot further than it does now. I’ve even heard that the price of food will reduce a whole heap… but time will tell.
      It’s hard for us to imagine what it’s going to be like.
      As I learn Judy, I share… we’ve got to keep the message flowing… thank you!

  39. Hi Marilyn! I have a few questions that I have not been able to find answers on with regard to Nesara. I’m assuming there will be no more school or property taxes collected. I have a daughter going to college in the fall. If she gets loans now, I’m guessing they won’t need to be paid off? And, how will college funding work from then on? Will everyone get to go for free? Will it just be cheaper? I’ve also heard that some of the technologies coming up can make you smarter and be able to be whatever you want. So, maybe no need for colleges anymore? My last question…I’m going to be getting a large amount of medical bills soon that I can not afford to pay at this point. Do you know if medical bills/debt will also be paid off?

    • Hi Jennifer!
      I’m assuming, along with you on this… only because I have not seen it spelt out exactly what all the ins and outs will be. But I’m figuring that public schools that are owned by the government should no longer be collecting fees of any kind. Private schools, I cannot say. Property taxes I believe will cease.
      Is the college public or private? I’m not sure how this works wherever you are, but as stated above, I feel public will definitely be free but private I cannot say.
      The same with attending the college for free… I’d say public free, private unknown.
      I too have heard that they have the ability to ‘smarten us up’… but wouldn’t we still need to learn? Even smart people don’t automatically know everything do they? They are just quicker at picking up the concepts.
      As for the medical debts… I believe Jennifer that the sums of money that you would be receiving would enable you to pay off the medical bills even if they are not already taken care of… that’s how I understand it.
      I want you to realise I am answering in a general fashion because, to my knowledge there is not a document out there, at this point in time, that tells us exactly how it will be. I have answered only from my accumulated knowledge. Please do not hold me to it. As I learn concerning these things, I will post on it.
      Warm regards…

      • Thank you for responding. Yes, I was referring to a public college. That’s kind of what I thought. I did think of a few more questions, and I do understand that your answers are not written in stone. So, what about incomes? If we go back to 50’s prices, does that affect how much we make? Such as, if you make $19/hr, will you still make that or will it be the equivalent of what it was back then? Also, do you know what will happen with cell phones or televisions? I’m guessing they will be cheaper to purchase but will they be free to use since we will be getting free internet/energy?

        • Hi Jennifer!
          Here are just my thoughts… not more…
          I think the whole idea is to make houses etc more achievable to everyone. With that in mind, I don’t necessarily think wages would revert back to what they were in the 50’s. I mean, the whole idea is to move away from the enslavement we have been caught up in.
          Whether wages would stay as they are I also seriously doubt. I think the system will be totally new and fair. A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay. Something that puts a smile on everyone’s face. That would be nice!
          Quite possibly the internet and energy will be free to use. This is what they are saying, so I can only guess that’s how it will be.
          Amazing aye!

          • Thank you! That’s what I think and am hoping for! One last thing, and something I hope is true, although I have not heard. As for the med beds, I have heard of all they can do. My question is, do you think we will be able to use them for our pets? So many die way too soon due to cancer, etc. 🙁

          • On thinking about this Jennifer… I don’t see any reason why veterinarians wouldn’t have med-beds for animals. May not happen for awhile as humans are much more important, but wouldn’t surprise me really.

      • I have a feeling that colleges and universities will not exist in a few years. Courses will probably be taught a-la-Carte and be more certificate/competency based. Independent study and entrepreneurship will probably be the norm since we will not be so reliant on big corps for our products. I was contemplating going back to school for a doctorate but decided against it. Instead I bought books, did my own research and am currently developing my own curriculum on the side. I would personally not send a child to college or a university if possible. If you have family/friends that own a business and/or know a trade, I think they would learn more valuable life and work skills from them rather than any university/college.

  40. Hi Marilyn, thank you for your information! I’ve read all the comments sand your answers and have found them very interesting and exciting. I believe there is so much wee don’t know yet about it all but after the past few months of hearing about NESARA and reading some about it I know it will be good. One question I have is in regards to our birth certificates being sold. Curious if you’ve heard what the amount is those have been sold for? Lol I guess I’m asking what I was worth to them.
    I’m so looking forward to how things can be with our rightful way of life given back to us. I was just having fun thinking last night about since I love doing handyman projects what it would be like to not worry about going to the store and the price for things cuz I’d have so much money in my account and also not care about how much someone pays me cuz the money wouldn’t really be the issue anymore!
    I do believe the things that go on in our lives will stay the same in some ways. For example we will still drive cars so we’ll need tires, oil changes, etc. We’ll still need to have our roofs reshingled due to a hailstorm. Farmers will still raise crops, which btw they have gotten screwed over a lot of years with prices of grain, etc!! I loved working on a farm but they couldn’t make enough money in comparison to other jobs in cities.
    I just think when we hear how this will all be so good for us that life as we know it will not exist and I don’t believe that. I believe there will be lots of changes but we will still do a lot of the same things but maybe in a different way.

    Thanks for all your information and I look forward to hearing the great news SOON!!

    • Oh that’s good Dan… thank you for reading!
      No, I can’t tell you what you are worth 🙂 …but by the sound of you I believe you are worth quite a bit… maybe millions!
      I’ve heard that they are worth up in the millions so maybe I’m not having you on.
      I guess this is just one more thing we are going to have to ‘wait and see’.
      Many things will change, but as you say, many things will remain as we know them. I think we all find it very hard to visualise what it would be like to live in a world without the tyranny. Not to have to pay taxes, mortgages, fees … wow, what would that be like? So much.

  41. Thank you for all the comments. I understand more than I did. At 65 and just starting my SS wasn’t sure about a lot of things. My husband passed away a year ago and he worked from the age of 14 till he was 62. Wish that he could’ve enjoyed life after this starts. Cancer sucks.

    • Hi Christi,
      There is quite a lot for us to begin to comprehend along the way. I guess we are fortunate we are able to learn little bit by little bit. In time to come I feel people will be hit over the head with it all and it could be very difficult for them.
      This is where we will need to be there for them as much as we can.
      Yes, cancer does suck as you say… you will have to make the most of it on hi behalf. 🙂

      • It sounds wonderful.My husband and I are awake to what was going on for decades. Many red pills to swallow.
        Going forward,The financial piece of Nesara remains unclear ,regarding our retirement annuity and 401K and social security benefits and fiat currency trade in as well as medical insurance remains unclear. Debt forgiveness? Does this mean that all the interest we paid to the bank on our mortgage for 25 years and all the income tax we paid for 50 years is making that debt clear. My mother always told me nothing is free. There us always a price to pay.

        • Hi Dee!
          That’s wonderful that you are aware and ready… love it.
          You are quite right… their are many unclear items concerning Nesara/Gesara. I don’t know if there is anyone that can tell us exactly how it will all work out.
          We’ve heard much about debt forgiveness and what it entails, but to be able to document it is not as easy. We do not want to lead anyone astray or offer a false hope which would be cruel.
          From what I’m hearing, it will include quite a bit of what you mentioned, but I don’t know if all.
          We are pretty clear that bank interest payments will be returned to us, mortgage interest, income tax etc also.
          I guess we have to wait in anticipation, like waiting for an unknown Christmas gift, for when it all rolls out.
          It may not be all at once neither… it may be more gradual.
          I appreciate your mother’s advice, but may I say that it’s advice given from under a ‘slave mentality’. Do you know what I mean by that? We have all been enslaved for so long that we have come to expect that we should pay all these enormous fees etc. etc.
          Jubilee frees us from all that. We all need to be retrained in our thinking!

      • Marilyn, I am not sure how much faith I would put in Charlie Ward. I think he speaks with a fork tongue, don’t say I haven’t done my own research, I have done 10-12 hours a day for many years now. He seems like a likeable guy, but I don’t think he is trustworthy. Who decided to put him in charge, the better question would be, Why?
        I was visiting with a friend of my wife’s husband last weekend. He has multiple sclerosis and has been confined to a wheelchair for almost four years now. He has a sharp brain, but the body is not functioning well anymore. I was trying to give him some hope, to hang on, hope was on the way, when I mentioned to him about med beds. There are a lot of people in this world who could use some help in many different ways.
        It makes a person sad when you think of all the things we could have done differently in life, if the Cabal had not kept all the things from us. Their end can not come soon enough and the debt can never be repaid for all the things they have done to the human race. All the wars, needless deaths, their New World Order, their pact with the devil, the Vatican, King & Queen of England and many others child trafficing, enslaving of humans, adrenochroming of children all for money and power of the few. List goes on, more than we have time to discuss.
        Thanks for the info you have provided in this public forum.

        • Hi Dallas!
          My goodness, please don’t listen to the trolls that come out against Charlie.
          I’ve seen some of this ‘evidence’ and can’t believe the jealousy!
          He’s got his faults, as we all do, but hey, all he is endeavouring to do is get the truth out there.
          I’m sure you agree there is a great need for that?
          Let’s stick together to aid spreading this news and helping others to wake up.

          Yes, I know exactly what you are talking about… how much we want those medbeds available right now! So many people and in so much pain.

          I agree with you, so much damage over such a very long time. It’s all terrible for sure, but the one that I find the hardest to deal with is the a/chrome. Innocent little children treated is such a bad, bad way. For sure… these guys need to pay.
          I appreciate you sharing Dallas and taking the time to leave a comment. It all helps to spread the news in this fight of fights. Thank you.

        • Charlie told his story on a recent program. He delivered money all over the world for a long time and was very trustworthy and honest. He had friends who were working for QFS and they asked him to join the QFS team. He got there by being very honest and I truly believe he can be trusted wholeheartedly. You can probably find his story on his website,

  42. I have a question which I have had no responses to: I am living on social security disability, worked corporate all my life. My husband passed away a few years ago. I am inundated with debt, due to his death. I have been considering bankruptcy. What are your thoughts on that, being nesarra being so close? Even minimum payments are hard to keep up.

    • Hi Dianne.
      To start with, of-course you realise I cannot give you any kind of financial advice.
      But here are just some of my thoughts… It’s obviously not easy and you are hanging out for relief. I hear your heart!
      I so wish I could say it will be next ‘xxx’ and put you out of your misery, but I can’t. There are always little side issues that seem to come in and change any dates given, so virtually no-one knows for sure. Maybe some at the very top and in charge do know.
      One of the consequences of bankruptcy is that you can have negative information on your credit report (credit score) for up to 10 years. I’m thinking that this would not be a problem with Nesara/Gesara as I don’t believe there will be any such thing as a credit score. We will not be operating under credit.
      Losing your property and other possessions is not very desirable so I would think long and hard before moving on it.
      On a more positive note: Apparently there are thousands who have already received their loans ‘just disappearing for no reason at all’, so it must be very, very close. I guess this is as they are testing out the system along the way.
      I believe that once it is rolled out, you will receive all the fees/interest returned to you that you have already paid out on your home. Does this happen if you have already sold or relinquished your home, I cannot say.
      I wish I could be of more help in your decision making.
      Warm regards…

  43. So what happens to credit cards then? If one has a credit card for with a $10,000.00 limit and does not owe anything, does that credit stay, or do all credit cards get wiped out? If they do get wiped, should one withdraw the money available on the card?

    • Interesting question Zach!
      Now to my comprehension of credit cards, I believe that the $10K credit is not actually money that belongs to you. It’s just the bank saying we will allow you to have $10K of credit that you can pay back with exorbitant fees, and take as long as you like… etc… (we are SO kind!)
      I presume you mean that you would clock up credit to the value of $10K and then when the times comes for forgiveness of debt, it would be wiped out, leaving you with the goods basically for free.
      This is possible, but I do hear explanations that explain that it may not work that way. Charlie Ward says that the Quantum system ‘knows your heart’ and will not allow anything of a false nature.
      Whether this is absolutely true, I cannot say. To me, a ‘system’ cannot know your heart all of itself… only God knows the heart and your intentions!
      Never-the-less, they are saying that it’s God that is actually running it.
      Please don’t take my word for it, because I do not know. It sure sounds incredible but I also know, that with God, anything is possible!
      Of-course, if the money you are referring to is actually a Debit Card and the funds belong to you legally, that is completely another story. Those funds would already be over on the new quantum system waiting for you.
      Further to all this… remember that there will not be a need to use credit cards in the future. You will have more than sufficient real funds on the QFS. You will receive back all the fees you have previously paid also, etc. etc. etc…
      We need to lift our vision higher to see this new way… it takes time to absorb even a little of what is coming…

        • Hi Kristy!
          Do you mean you have a mortgage on your car?
          If so, I believe so.
          My comprehension is that anything that has been charged out at exorbitant rates, such as personal, house, car etc. loans, are to be included.
          Though, I do not have absolute proof to give you, as I don’t think they have released all the information yet.
          Its easy to hear opinions, but until it’s officially released for all to see… soon!

  44. Thank you Marilyn for the information. I’ve read all I can find about nesara gesara. It’s now April 10, 2021 and nesara hadn’t happened. I’m 67 and live on fixed income. Many like me live alone and can’t afford things to help make our lives more enjoyable and maybe a little easier with less stress. I truly hope and pray nesara is implemented here in our great country and our legitimate President, Donald J. Trump is back soon and taking care of business for WE THE PEOPLE.??

    • Hi Royce!
      I guess the more we realise the good they are endeavouring to bring our way, the more we become conscious of how things are for us currently. It’s not easy waiting, but keep those prayers of praise focused on God and His goodness. He will prevail… and we will rejoice!
      Soon and very soon…

      • Hi Marilyn,

        I have been spending time reading the comments and your replies as well – you have a very special soul and it’s heartwarming.

        While I have no idea what is coming, I have never been more excited in my life. The “darkness” that we are currently experiencing is leading me to believe that the amount of light that is to follow is going to be awe-inspiring.

        Thank you for your love of humanity and most importantly, your love of God <3

        • Thank you Tara!
          I agree with you… when we are through this and living in the ‘light of God’, we will soon forget about the horrors of the darkness. Not completely of=course, as we will be responsible for teaching others so that they don’t consider, even for one moment, to go the route of the globalists.
          It is an exciting time for us to be alive, and it’s a shame that so many are missing out of what we are seeing. I guess you could call us blessed because of it!
          Thank you so much for leaving such an encouraging comment. 🙂

  45. I have read different articles saying that every citizen over I think it was the age of 21 will receive money each month. I have read from $5.000 a month to $100.000 a month for a number of years. What is the actual fact on this?

    • Hi Sharon!
      Thank you for contacting me.
      I have also read ‘Every American citizen over the age of 21 will receive $100,000 a month for 12 years’ from We The People and ‘In a startling turnaround, QAnon announced in a ‘breadcrumb’ that the liberty agenda of GESARA NESARA will soon come to replace the corrupt zionist financial cabal and destroy the Deep State in climactic and total “reset” of the economy, providing each and every citizen with monthly $5,000 payments and massive expansions of Social Security payments to the elderly.’ from Internet Chronicle, but in both cases they don’t site where they received that information.
      I have never heard anything that I could say was definite, and certainly haven’t heard a dollar figure.
      Charlie Ward says that it is going to be metered out rather than people receiving huge one-off payments etc. This is designed to help people manage their money.
      I truly think, unless something definitely is leaked out, that we will just have to wait and see.
      Either one of them sounds good. 🙂

      • Thank you for such a rapid response. I would tend to agree with Charlie because if people would get one huge payment that they would blow it all in no time. There are those who do not know how to control their money. I don’t know if it is because they have never been taught or if they are just used to the government providing for their needs as in welfare. I believe it will be amazing no matter how it comes to be. AND I think it is about time that the people who have been ripped on their Social Security get their just dues and much more. I have seen so many seniors struggling so much and having to make decisions on what gets paid for (meds, utilities, food). I for one do not get Social Security because I never paid into it being under the Civil Service Retirement from the USPS. Thanks for all you do in keeping everyone informed with up-to-date info. Have a blessed day.

        • One thing Charlie mentioned that everything we have paid in taxes will come back to us the more pure of heart and good you do the faster your money will come to you. Because the money we have will be also controlled by our emotions. If someone was trying to buy something illegal then they won’t be able to spend their money on the purchase. vice versa

  46. You guys are batshit delusional. And I’m a Conservative! Stop poisoning reality with bullshit. We’ve got enough of that happening already with BLM and their Marxist ilk. Distracting the simpletons with bullshit fairytales does the country and liberty no favors.

  47. Will the current relations between Biden and China delay the process of Nesara Gesara. We have been told China wanted Nesara Gesara but perhaps they are wanting to move in a separate direction.

    • Hi Judy!
      I don’t believe so, and this is why…
      I believe, although it’s not always easy to understand, that all what we are seeing is nothing more than a pantomime.
      Even though I say that, real things are taking place, but it’s all designed to wake up as many as possible.
      I guess it’s easy to place all of China into the same bag, but the Chinese President is working alongside President Trump, not against him.
      All 209 sovereign countries have signed the Nesara/Gesara agreement.
      Let’s watch how it plays out. 🙂

  48. I live with my daughter and her special needs twins,who were born at 24weeks they will be 10at easter,takes all my as and as that one child gets .But God has blessed us with the life of our family,the girls are home schooled because of immune promblems.they both know God is fighting evil.and we pray it is over soon all the glory to God ,but it would be wonderful to live where people love each other.and stop being evil

    • Hi Malissie,
      Just be assured that the worldwide Alliance, the White Hats and Trump, are bringing down the Black Hats (the evils ones) even as we speak.
      God bless you as you take care of your little family. A time will soon come when they will be able to go into a Med Bed and find God’s healing power in their lives.
      Bless you.

  49. Will all predominant Muslim countries allow evangelism, to meet in homes/churches when Nesara/Gesara takes effect?
    I understand Med Beds will be used first for all abused children and the military. Will this include military that were injured on foreign soil as well as in the U.S.?

    • Hi Joyce!
      Such an incredible question/thought!
      I can’t give you any specifics on it, but there has been quite a lot of talk about how people everywhere will live together in harmony. All the Christian versus Muslim antagonism that has been should be no more. It’s all been causes by politics… by the NWO pitting us against one another. When they are gone, what would there be left to cause the current problems we now have?
      The more I look into what is happening in our world, the more convinced I become that we are entering into the 1,000 years of peace… with Christ at the helm. Do I understand all the ins and outs? Not really, but truly, it’s the only thing that makes sense to me.
      The Med Beds are being used for the children and military right now, and have been for quite some time. They are being/will be, rolled out around the world so that there will not be anybody who has need who won’t have access to them.
      I’m also to believe that they are to be used freely by everyone. There will be no such thing as people not being able to afford them.
      Can you imagine that? Blows my mind! 🙂

      • Hi Sidney!
        I think it’s very important to realise that there are two ‘Great Resets’ happening in our world at the moment.
        The NWO have been doing everything they can to bring in their reset which is all for them and nothing for humanity. “You own nothing and you will be happy!”
        Fortunately, at the same time, the White Hats are bringing in their currency reset which will benefit humanity in many, many ways.
        The NWO have been defeated with just the last of their evil plan being eradicated and the good reset has been implemented and undergoing final testing.
        It could happen anytime now.

  50. I was wandering if there is any info on a retirement age for Nesara. I am 54 and was hoping for maybe a 55 retirement age.

    • Hi Doug!
      I am not aware of that at all. To my knowledge, all they have said so far is that Seniors will be such a lot better off than what they are now.
      But having said that, I don’t think there will be such things as pensions and retirement age etc. There will be sufficient for everyone. We won’t have to stick to a ‘job’ hanging out for retirement.
      From what I’ve been hearing, each of us will be able to spend our time doing things we love to do, rather than working, working, waiting for retirement.
      People of-course, will be working… but working in something that they want to do. Houses will still need to be built; carpets laid, plumbing done… etc. etc.
      We are all so used to debt enslavement. It will be so different that it’s hard for us to comprehend at this time… especially on little information to inform us.
      All I know is, it’s going to be good! 🙂

  51. I hope this isn’t stupid question. I lost my home because my husband lost his job and couldn’t keep up with the mortgage payments in 2019. So with Nesara and Gesara does that mean that that home is still mine? I looked it up today and no one has bought it since we moved out. I am living in an an apt at the moment and my heart was so broken when we lost it. Just wondering what happens to that house that was once ours. Who owns it now since the banks are broke and going down? Thanks for any helpful advice in advance.

    • Hi Janet!
      Not a stupid question but a very interesting one.
      I can’t give you specifics on it as I’m not sure that anyone knows the full extent of how it will all work… but, you could be on the right track!
      In the Biblical Jubilee, which this is supposed to represent, everything reverts back to the original owner. Now as I think about that, I wonder how far back that would go. If a house was sold, and then sold again, and again…?
      No, it’s too hard for me to work out.
      But what I do know, even if you don’t receive your old house back again, you will be in a place where you will be able to have something so much better. You will be blessed!
      We are so used to being in debt slavery that it’s very hard for us to comprehend what it would be like if everyone had sufficient, and then some.
      Great question although I’m sorry I can’t be more specific with my answer.

  52. All- We are evolving in to the 5th dimension full of love. I am a very fortunate person that only owes on 1 home, own another, have saved for so many years I am well set for retirement at the age of 60. That said, I would give up everything for a world of love, peace and happiness for all. I would view it as my faith in God that He knows what is best for mankind and I know He will take care of all of us. Rest easy, sleep well and have faith. Love to you all.

  53. Hi Marilyn, thank you for this information. I have a question and would appreciate it if you can answer. Do you know if someone is a permanent resident in the USA will the Nesara Laws and benefits apply to them as well? I can’t find any information online regarding this.

    • Hi Kathleen!
      Nesara = national USA
      Gesara = global world
      I have no reason not to believe it will totally include you, and you will receive these benefits first before the rest of the world.
      It’s very exciting from all we have been hearing. I’m planning on doing an update just as soon as I can have a few things verified.

      • Thank you Marilyn. I have lived in the USA with my husband and children. I have worked hard for many years. Our mortgage and car payments are in my name because credit scores. That’s the reason for my question as I am a permanent resident, I think the same a a greencard holder. Thank you again. I appreciate your fast reply.

        • Yes Judie, I don’t have anything right at this moment to add apart from the fact that I’m told that once the QFS is turned on, Nesara/Gesara will hit GO with it too.
          Charlie Ward says that definitely something very exciting is going to happen this coming week. He’s sitting on something that he’s bursting to tell us but at this stage ‘they’ are stopping him.
          It is truly an exciting time. I will post on things as I become aware of them. 🙂

          • Thanks Marilyn. I listen to Charlie too. He is a great source of information about Nesara/Gesara. That’s how I first heard of it. I tried telling my friend about it but she doesn’t believe it yet, but I’m sure she will when it is implemented. We are both pretty much retired and on Social Security trying like most to make ends meet each and month and it is harder when there are five weeks in between checks. We both want to move from the apartments we now live in and buy homes that are better suited for what we need. Hoping this can kick in before our leases are up on December 1st. Anyway. I enjoy your replies here and am grateful to God for all I have including my angel cat Montana. Thanks.

          • Hi Joy!
            Well according to the information I receive, all that will be more than possible for both you and your friend.
            I guess people see it as just too good to be true… how could it possibly be?
            The Bible clearly teaches on Jubilee and from where I’m looking, this sounds exactly like it.
            The main thing is to keep our eyes on Him rather than what we may receive. All good gifts come from the Lord.
            Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  54. Thanks for the great information. Like everyone else trying to wrap my head around it and get an understanding. My question is what about gold, silver and cash. I have a small amount of all three, what will they be worth? Since it will be a gold base system will that make gold in the market place go up in value? Today its about $1700 give or take. What if we have cash (that is clean) that we have kept on hand, the old keep it under the mattress like grandma did. Would there be a way to exchange for new?
    Thanks again for your insight.

    • Hi Mitch!
      Charlie Ward has been telling us for quite sometime that the value of them has been kept very, very low. Once the revaluation takes place, gold and silver are expected to rise quite some.
      Cash is supposed to be worth dollar for dollar. For example $US1 = $AUD1 = ! Euro = 1 Dong = 1 Dinar etc. etc.
      The funds we have in our bank accounts have already been transferred onto the QFS. I’m not exactly sure how it will work for loose funds, but I feel pretty sure it will all be counted in. I mean, there are people in the world who have no bank accounts, only the cash they ‘store under the mattress’. Something would have to be done for those people. Maybe they will just have to take it in to an Exchange.

        • Hi Gilda!
          At this stage I don’t believe you would know. We have been told that ALL bank accounts have been transferred but we are waiting for them to hit the GO button.
          It is not something which you will have to go into your bank and arrange… it’s all done for you.
          We will soon know for sure… it’s very, very close.

          • Another question Marilyn, do you know when credit card accounts will be forgiven? I’ve been watching mine and no change yet. Didn’t realize our accounts have been moved to the QFS. Thanks again.

          • Hi again Joy!
            No, I can’t give you any exact times or dates… I wish I could. Wouldn’t we all love to know.
            I have the feeling that not everything will happen in one foul swoop… I think maybe it will happen a little m ore gradually so we can get our heads around what is going on. But who knows… I may be wrong.
            Warm regards,

  55. When everyone has come into money, what about the work force? I mean let’s say you need new carpet, who’s going to install it? If everyone has a reserve of money won’t that cause everyone to quit working.

    • Hi Roger!
      I cannot of-course, give you a run-down of how it will work… wish I could… and hopefully, soon will be able to.
      It will be a different place, but there will still be tradies etc. People will spend their time doing the things they love to do. Many people love to work, especially if it is something they really enjoy. The tradies will be paid for their work, just as people working in any other profession.
      I’m sure there will not be a problem, although I do understand why you asked the question. 🙂

  56. So you say no more SS, how do those of us live that live off SS.. they said seniors would get an increse .
    I am confused…

    • Hi Sandra!
      Please do not panic and think somehow that you will be left wanting. The plan is for EVERYONE to have more than sufficient.
      The whole plan is so completely different from what we are used to (debt enslavement) that it’s hard for us to even imagine a place where we all have ‘more than enough!’
      This is NOT the evil Global Reset that the NWO were wanting to bring upon us where we will ‘all own nothing and be happy!’
      Nesara/Gesara will be run out gently. The first thing will most probably be the removing of debt. That will be amazing right up front. Then they will begin to pay us back for all the payments we have had to make that were illegal… such as taxes for example.
      However they will work out the SS or Senior’s payments, I don’t really know, but I do know they promise that in whatever state we presently find ourselves, it will be a whole lot better.
      Free electricity. Free water. etc.
      There is so much to look forward to once they finally bring down the evil globalists for good.
      Warm regards!

    • Hi Judy!
      That’s a really great question. I’ve heard various things concerning it, even that the 120 day period begins on March 1st. Don’t know for sure that it’s true or not. There will be such a lot happening during the month of March… we just have to wait and see how it plays out.

      • I just talked with one of my bank managers the other day and she knew ZERO about Nesara & Gesara. She had never even heard of those. So if everybody’s bank accounts have already been transferred to the new system, how could she not know anything about that???!!

        • Hi Lynn!
          From what I’ve heard, many folks in the banking system are unaware of really what is going on. Charlie Ward spoke with a Director of nine banks who didn’t understand why they were having whole new systems placed throughout these banks. This man said that they had only just received new systems a couple of years ago so he was quite mystified. Charlie, who has been working with the QFS, was able to explain to him some of what is actually happening.

    • All money will be converted to the new currency. Nobody loses. In fact you won’t be taxed in the new system so you get more. There will be much more good news to come. Trust this helps. Nobody will have less. Everyone will have more.

  57. My big question relates to state governments. Will the flat tax cover state expenses as per infrastructure such as roads and water/sewer progects ? What will States and municipalities do as regards to self government? In other words how will these entities be funded. Will Healthcare facilities be funded? I guess I have lots of questions related to the preservation of local and regional customs that preserve a way of life we have all enjoyed and make us unique. Thanks in advance for your insight and all you have done to help us older Americans understand this rather drastic and sometimes scary new world we are embarking on.

    • Hi Louis!
      My understanding is that there is more than sufficient funds for every government, local and federal, and every humanitarian project the world can come up with!
      Apparently in America (I don’t know if it was the same in other countries or not), most of your income taxes, rates etc, were being paid into the Vatican and/or to the British royals. They were not using the funds for their intended purposes.
      I can’t give you an exact run-down on how it will be at this stage, and I do believe it will take a little for us all to get our heads around how it will work. This is because it will be so different, or opposite, to what we have previously experienced.
      No local custom of any kind will be missed out.
      Can we imagine what it would be like if it rained gold drops every single day… what would it be like? Everyone, everywhere would be able to simply pick them up and keep them for their use! No, of-course we can’t! Too stupid to even consider!
      But what if funds were released to ‘we the people’ to use for every little thing, rather than being stored up in huge underground tunnels making just a few wealthy beyond our comprehension!

    • Because all debt including gov’t debt will be gone there will be adaguate funding for all levels of gov’t to flourish. Keep in mind the central banks, federal reserves, are all privately owned. They have amassed quadrillions of dollars over the last couple hundred years. These people including the Vatican and windsors will have all wealth stripped. This money will be used to fund all levels of humanity. The evil will be gone. The world will never go hungry, cancer will go away. 6000 medical patents will be released that big pharma has controlled. Freedom has never truly been realized because generations have lived in the debt system. We don’t know what we don’t know. The truth will shock the world. Freedom like no one can imagine will be there for every person alive. Have faith.

  58. Thanks for sharing! How will we buy things on this new system? Will have some sort of physical coins and dollars that we need to use? Or will have a card (similar to a debit/credit card)? I just hope that we don’t have to get any sort of chip implanted. I did hear this, but hopefully this was false information.

    • Hi Alison!
      Yes, there will still be physical coins and notes – all gold backed. I’m guessing, and that’s all it is, that we may still have cards as well. We’ve kind of got used to them haven’t we… but time will tell. Without all the fees!
      As for the chip… there is a lot of different info on this. The way the NWO is heading, I would say that would definitely come. But we have to remember that the White Hats and all the team are working very hard to finish off the job. Charlie Ward says over and over that it’s all been done, we are just watching a pantomime playing out before us. This is to wake up the masses as to what it would have been like under their tyrannical control. It needs to be bad enough so people will say… we will never go there again!
      Thank you for contacting me. 🙂

      • Thank you Marilyn. I love, love, Charlie Ward. He is just waiting just like we are to give us the information. He thought he could a few days ago but they told him to hold on for a time. He is very excited and it is better than he thought it would be. I think President Trump will be returning soon so maybe when that happens, so will the information be out.

        • Hi Joy!
          Charlie receives a lot of flack, but that is to understood, it’s just the way it is when someone gets lots of followers. People can’t help themselves for some reason. We are all working together on the same team, so why can’t we let the love flow?
          He’s got such a lot of great information, is easy to comprehend and a clear speaker. He is one of my favourites for sure.
          It’s so hard to say when it is they will give the ‘get-go’, but I do feel it’s very, very close. We are all hanging on every word we see or hear, aren’t we?
          Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

      • Hi Marilyn! Sorry I am a bit confused 🙁
        So are you saying we will need to get a chip or that it will not get THAT far?

        • Oh NO Alison, that’s not what I intended at all.
          What I meant was the if the NWO have their way they would definitely have us all chipped, one way or another.
          But the good news is that their days are over. Very soon now it will all come out and be revealed to the general public world-wide.
          I can’t wait for that to happen as people really need to know the truth as to what this awful Cabal have been up to… and that they have been dealt with.

  59. As I have learned a about Nesara/Gesara over the last several months, I believe God will search our hearts. I started to realized that this blessing is not only for our needs, but to help others. God wants us to not only have things that we enjoy, but to also help others. Instead of just getting, we are to give. I would encourage others to take a moment to reflect on how could you help others?

    • I was just thinking about that last night after hearing that this could take place this Saturday which would be May 1st and then reading some of these comments. I am 64 and love to do handyman projects and I thought how fun it would be to not care how much I got paid or if I decided I wasn’t going to charge but could do projects for people cuz I love doing it!! Having the money in my account to do all this and not be concerned about the cost would be so freeing! I would just go looking for people I could help, it would be so fun!!

      • Hi Dan!
        How great to hear from you! I love the way you are letting your mind so freely think and trying to imagine what it will be like. Good on you!
        I understand exactly what you are saying… to be able to do the things you love without charge would be amazing, especially when you have such a love of helping others.
        Not having to worry about ‘making money’ would be wonderful. Already having more than sufficient would be more than a dream come true.
        Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Tammy,
      I can’t see any reason why you would be required to sign anything for Nesara/Gesara.
      I mean, it’s going to be for everyone around the world.
      If you are referring to the RV, it could be possible.
      Thanks for contacting me!

        • Hi Josie,
          RV stands for ‘revaluation’. Some people have gone out and bought Vietnamese Dong for example, in the anticipation that when the RV goes through the Dong will be worth quite a bit more. They’ve also done it with Zim (Zimbabwe) and Dinar (Iraq). But in general terms it simply stands for ‘revaluation’.

    • Not that the insiders have ever said. The quantum financial system has been running parallel to the central bank system for some time now. They say the transition will be flawless.

  60. Thank you for your dedication and forthright comments, I am asking if you have heard of any exact dates or is it gradual and quiet

    • Hi Marius, thanks for your comment and thoughts.
      Just as soon as we start to put dates on it, it sets us up for a let down!
      We need to remember we are in a war and it’s not possible for them to tell us exactly what they are up to.
      All we can do is trust that as they accomplish what they need to do, they will roll out the good times.
      So far, much of it has been quiet and gradual, but that could change in an instant!

    • There is no exact dates because the deep state is pulling out all their stops to try and implement their great reset (communism and total control).
      The 9-11 event happened because the nesara was to be implimented within a few days. Every time something major happens it can bring delays. I read about nesara online when the internet was young. Approx 20 years ago. It has been developed and planned for a very long time. It will happen soon.

  61. I think some folks are missing the point completely. We must get out of the mindset of “what about me, me, me?”. And asking if they will be “compensated” if they paid their loans off in the past while with a new system brings in a sysyem to forgive loans. The key words are NEW SYSTEM. We cannot do anything about PAST LOANS nor should we. This is about the FUTURE for mankind. This is something far, far bigger than any one of us. We must all move forward, caring for one another, serving our community, honoring God for His mercy on us. God gets ALL of the glory and thanks for anything good in our lives. And when this country truly deserves judgement (because it certainly does), if He chooses to bless us instead, we should spend the rest of our lives living for Him and honoring Him.

    • That is beautifully put Bren! I truly believe that everyone will be very well looked after, even those who are burdened down with debt at the moment. I understand it’s hard for them to see past receiving help for their own situation, but as you say, we are moving into a NEW SYSTEM which will benefit all mankind. God is always good and cares for all.
      Thank you for your comment.

    • Well, it’s not “me,me,me”…its what is fair. I make less that 13k a year and have been paying on my small home for 15 yrs and still have 15 yrs to go. I’ve struggled to keep up my 70 yr old home and pay the mortgage. Then just as I’m about to finish paying it off itll end up costing me 144k for my 50k house!!!
      Then a new home owner on the new system can buy a house interest free and its be paid off in 1/3 the time.
      Ir the same with college, most people currently had to either earn a scholarship or take on enormous debt to get their education and after finally paying it off…then the next year everyone gets they education debt canceled????
      No, there must be some way to make it fair for everyone.
      I’ve also paid into social security my whole working life.
      Hows SS going to work for new workers. Will they have to contribute as much as pre-nesara workers?

      • Hi Peggy,
        I hear you! But what if??? What if you received all your interest payments back again? How would that make you feel? What if you didn’t have to pay the next 15 years of mortgage payments… it was wiped clean?
        Now, I’m NOT saying this is what is going to happen as it’s not really been revealed yet, but with everything I am hearing, there is a distinct possibility.
        I’m also hearing that under the new system there will be no such things as mortgages. How it will work, I can’t say.
        What if it were the same for college loans? They have all been illegal and retribution needs to be made. There is more than enough funds to easily do that with a whole heap left over.
        As for SS… I don’t think there will be such a thing.
        It’s hard to get our heads around it all as it is so opposite what we have all experienced.
        We just have to wait and see what comes, but whatever, I believe it’s going to be amazing!

    • My question is this…if anyone can help. I’m supposed to sell my house at the end of April. We’re in the process of working up the contract. Is that going to mean that the new owners will get their debt forgiven on the house? Or if I kept the house & didn’t sell, does that mean I keep the house with no more payments? I’m wondering if I’m making a mistake by selling. I’ve been paying $1500 a month for 14 years, with PITI. That’s a lot to lose, especially if I can keep it & the loan will be forgiven, & still have a house worth $245,000. Does anybody know?? Thanks so much!

      • Hi Cheryl,
        I’d love to be able to answer this question for you, but because they haven’t given out the full details it’s very hard to say. Maybe someone else will read this and have heard concrete information that would allow them to guide you.
        I feel quite sure that people will not be put in a place of hardship, one way or another. You have more than paid for your house already, so I would expect potentially you will receive back the difference. In fact, they say that all the interest you have paid will be returned to you.
        I also understand that the price of houses will drop quite considerably. There will be no more inflated prices and the return to figures that are within reach of everyone. This is what I’ve heard. Is it fact, I cannot say.
        I will be updating with the information just as soon as it comes to hand.

    • It’s called being Blessed abundantly and paying it forward. Giving rather than receiving! Love and Light for all of Humanity.

  62. Hello, thank you this is very informative. I have a couple of questions:

    What about those who have saved and not incurred loans? It seems unfair that those who have borrowed money will free goods whist others will have worked hard to save and pay.

    Will the implementation affect those who have investments in the stock markets?

    • Hey Brian!
      I think we have to realise something here concerning Nesara/Gesara. Yes, it is getting rid of bank debts etc, and that will be different for everyone. Some have large loans. Some have small. It’s not about being ‘fair to everyone’.
      Having said that, what about the other parts of Nesara/Gesara? I have been told there are some other pretty amazing parts to it… and trust me, if it happens as I have been told, you will not be in the least worried that you didn’t have a loan paid out!
      For example… the trading of our birth certificates. This is another area where it will be different for everyone, simply because we are all different ages. Whatever you are worth through the D]eep S]tate trading on you, will be paid to you. This could be a LOT of money.
      All of this will be revealed in due course and nothing is set in concrete. It will be wonderful but may work differently from what I’ve been told right now. Time alone will tell.
      I’m sorry, but I can’t answer your second question. I have no idea how that will all work out.
      Thanks for contacting me…

    • Stop thinking of yourself and fairness. If you have never had loans you must have had very good salaries. I have read that all past income tax will be returned maybe not in a lump sum but over time. You know as well as I that some people can’t handle money and would be broke in a year if they got a million in one shot. The new system will be fair and allow ALL to flourish and be free to live a good fulfilled live serving the common good of humanity. It will not be necessary to look after myself any more because there will be ample for everyone.

  63. Thank you so very much for all your work to get out to others who either don’t have the access lack of what ever reasons, Thank YOU! so I love hearing your excitement to sharing Wonderful news for all, to enjoy jump on the Train for a wonderful Ride that God has promised and got some awesome whitehats following his plan. and those that believe with all their heart yearn to hear God’s words and dedicate their life to live his law, they shall HEAR the words of TRUTH! and RUN Toward his words and way of life.

    • Hi Shane,
      Thanks for contacting me.
      I can’t see it mentioned anywhere that ‘previously paid interest will be returned’. I’m thinking that somewhere along the line you’ve heard that though.
      This doesn’t mean it won’t be, just that I don’t recall being told that it is so.
      Under Nesara/Gesara, our bank loans (except personal loans between family members etc) are to be ‘forgiven’… which means I believe, they are to be wiped clean.
      We are also supposed to receive the value of our Birth Certificates paid back to us.
      Income Tax will be abolished.
      You must remember that none of us knows exactly how it will be, as although there is much written about it on the Internet, it has changed along the way. I have been told that President Trump made some changes to it also, but I don’t know what.
      I guess we just have to wait and see… all I do know is that it will be good. 🙂

  64. So say someone owes 500K on a home. Their mortgage gets wiped clean. What about someone who has rented all of their life? No compensation for them? Thank you.

    • Hi Jan… There are some that say it will not include mortgages… only time will tell. It seems very strange to me that it wouldn’t actually.

      The thing is this… you would not miss out. No-one will miss out. The reason being that we are all to be paid whatever ‘they’ have made on us through trading on our birth certificates all the days of our lives. This will be huge!

      It’s a matter of eliminating illegal debts, not really about compensating everyone. It will all become clearer over the next weeks.
      Please be encouraged… the road will be a little rocky as it all is sorted out.

      • Hi I just came across you…was looking for more nesara/Gesara information…there are many different takes in it…i believe we will be getting some kind of financial income…is it really going to be as much as what they have made on us ? ?

        • Hello Carol, thanks for contacting me!

          According to all the information I am receiving, I believe so. Of-course, I don’t know when it will roll out, but once they get the DC drama all sorted, Nesara/Gesara should begin in earnest.

          It’s a very interesting subject and I don’t believe any of us can say exactly how it will be… all we can do is wait and see.

          But it’s exciting, isn’t it!

  65. So thankful Pryme Minister introduced you to me regarding Gold an other Treasures in tunnel between Rome and Jerusalem. Thankful Gold has been returned to Fort Knox, Kentucky.
    Love my find in your work!

    • Yes, the gold is only stored there as it waits to be used on humanitarian projects worldwide. All those who are proven to be involved in pedophilia are having their assets seized, so this was just part of what’s happening worldwide. Thanks for commenting.

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