How They Connect Wicked Secret Underground Cities

How They Connect Wicked Secret Underground Cities

How They Connect Wicked Secret Underground Cities?

I know at lot of people struggle with the idea that there are huge tunnel systems running around the world, underground connecting secret underground cities.

There are over 10,000 Deep Underground Military Bases all over the earth. Now, get your head around this… there are more than 161,000 kilometres (100,000 miles ) of tunnels connecting them!

Could this really be true?

Originally they would have been dug out by hand using slave labour. It would have been very slow in comparison to how it’s done these days.

The tunnels have been built over hundreds, even thousands of years… so it didn’t happen overnight. But these days, these wicked people have secret methods of building that defy imagination.

Tunnel Boring Machines

Here is a Tunnel Boring Machine, and as you can see, it’s monstrous, especially when you consider the people standing in front of it. They do have various sized ones as well, depending upon what job they wish to do.

The Tunnel Boring Machines uses nuclear technology called ‘subterrene’. It melts the rock at temperatures reaching 1,570 degrees Kelvin = 1296.85 degrees Centigrade = 2366.33 degrees Fahrenheit

The costs of just one back in 1970 was $850 million dollars – I do not know what it costs currently.

This machine can rapidly excavate through rock by melting it, and uses the rock itself as part of the fuel. As it excavates, it forms a smooth glass-like surface around the edges of the tunnel.

You can look up various patents for these machines.

Secret Underground Cities

Underground rooms contain massive computers and servers.

They have built massive cities, many times city on top of city. I’ve heard there could be as many as eight cities built on top of each other but separated with a kilometre or more of earth.

The cities are not like dungeons at all. They have buildings for everything we would use buildings for above the ground. These are beautiful cities complete with lakes, animals, birds and plants, using holograms to create the effect of a sky above.

You would find there fuel storage units, water reservoirs, restaurants, medical facilities, storage of every movie and tv series ever made. The list goes on and on. Just think what we have ‘up here’ and they have replicated it ‘down there’!

What do they use them for?

Reasons for their use are not so pretty though… genetic experimentation, clone mills, mind-control research. Warehousing sophisticated super-human mind control technology, advanced military weaponry and weather manipulation .

And… children who have never, ever seen the light of day… many generations of them… used in satanic rituals and many unmentionable things.

How They Connect Wicked Secret Underground Cities?
An example of an opening. You can see the size of it.

Many of them are close to railroads and have entrances that trucks can drive into. Some of the entrances for trucks are protected by holograms so they look like the side of a mountain but allow vehicles to simply drive straight through them. I have heard it described by a fellow who followed a large truck up a mountain and he saw it disappear in front of his eyes!

These bases are not cheap. They currently consume $1.25 trillion per year coming from a ‘black budget’.

The NWO were in the final stages of their satanic plan which was to reduce the current worldwide population by 80-90% and to have total and complete control of the remaining subjects.

Just in the Nick of Time

Just in the ‘nick of time’ or the ‘eleventh hour’… enter President Trump! The NWO, the elite, the globlists, and the cabal… call them what you like, have been working for countless generations to bring their evil plan into fruition.

The more I hear, the more I realise that we have only just missed out by the ‘skin of our teeth’!

President Trump, together with the Alliance, or an 8,000 strong team who work with him, began immediately to clean out the swamp… a very, very dirty swamp it’s turned out to be.

We are truly living in Biblical times. we need to be aware of the fight that is going on right now being led by Jesus Christ Himself. Make sure you’re on the winning team!

Many people are sincere about defeating the NWO but the only real way is to uncover, expose and alert the people of the world to what’s going on below the earth’s surface.

More than 3,000 people have been killed for trying to expose what occurs in these underground bases. It’s basically a death sentence when you get too close to the NWO’s plans.

Magnetically Levitated Trains

Many of the dumbs are connnected through a highway of tunnels which use magnetoleviton trains manufactured by Krupp in Germany. Air is vacummed from these tunnels to eliminate wind resistance and due to the magnetic propulsion system these trains are capable of speeds more than MACH2.

How They Connect Wicked Secret Underground Cities?

As the writing is not easy to read, let me tell you what it says:

Left-hand side:

  • Magnetically levitated train

Right-hand side:

  • Maintenance shaft
  • Main tunnel section
  • Magnetic track
  • emergency track
  • Power supple
  • Anchor tether

What does MACH2 stand for?

As modeled in the International Standard Atmosphere, dry air at mean sea level, standard temperature of 15 °C (59 °F), the speed of sound is 340.3 meters per second (1,116.5 ft/s).

Mach 2 = twice the distance of sound. So 340.3 metres per second would be 680 metres per second. This equates to around 1522 mph or 2019.727 kph!

They go ‘more than MACH 2!’

This is technology we do not have the use of above ground. Can you even imagine travelling at more than 2000 kph? I can’t!

The images and information were taken from this above video with Gene Decode. I suggest you take some time to watch if as there is much more to see.

So I hope this answers at least a few questions on how they connect wicked secret underground cities together. It may not be the only way as I know they can use our shipping to go from port to port with large containers full of unmentionable items. By clicking on the link below you will be able to learn a lot more.

How Current Events Relate to End Times



    • Holde, you are once again so right! We must keep our thoughts positive in the midst of these very negative happenings!
      I do believe the war has already been won and that we only learn about things after the fact… not before… unless it’s through prophetic words.
      Thank you.

        • Dear Amy… the pudding is still proving! You must realise that we are in a war and any news that’s let out can only be ‘after the fact’… in other words, only after it doesn’t make any difference once the news has been released.
          Anything else, is kept very, very secret.
          We… are only trying to make some kind of sense of it all, working on very limited information.
          You’ll see though… the time is coming when it will all be revealed.

      • Marilyn, thank you for sharing this with all that are awake to the many things that we have been subjected too.
        I am a great researcher for truth, Jesus Christ was about truth and i follow that truth as well.
        When you have the trust and the suit of armour of God on there is never anything to fear.
        We where saved only by the length of a cat whisker, God came through for us in 2016 and it has been a roller coaster ride with confusion as to who to believe who was on the light side and who was on the dark side. As long as we are on the light side we will win this battle, Jesus needs us all to come back to him and light the earth with powerful electrifying energy, this is our time to do so and stand by our Heavenly Father. Amen ????

  1. Dear Marilyn, I wanted to thank you again for all the work you’ve done. Your contribution is so valuable. It’s so incredible, so crazy. It’s all divinely orchestrated, really. How my invisible team guides me month after month to get to know all this evil plan, as it went fast when I think about it… The information was instilled in me very slowly on this subject less than a year ago. Just when President Macron here in France gave his speech in July 2021. Thanks to your blog, I have the global vision I need. I know that I can continue to trust, to follow my own guidance to know what to do, how and when. No matter how long it takes. I think 2022 is the most obscure year, one where we need to keep even more trust and faith. The Liberation has never been so close… but that the work of many will be to remain calm in chaos as there is a risk of a lot of panic, anger and pain when a larger part will wake up. We will need all our patience and compassion because everyone has his own particular rhythm. I send you a lot of Love dear Marylin, to support your own journey.

    • I agree with all you said Pascale! We need to be active in researching and understanding the whole world scene. Everything is happening worldwide, so we can’t get caught up, or even comprehend the vastness of this, if we are only looking at what is happening in our own country.
      I salute you! You are doing the right things and I believe you will be used as an amazing aid to others as we transition through.
      Bless you!

  2. Hi Marilyn….so when will all this mask mandates and Covid crap come to an end..will it be when the EBS kicks in or something else?

    • Such a good question Jerome and one we are all asking! The way things are currently heating up, I don’t think it will be for too much longer, at least, I truly hope so.
      Once the hoax is finally exposed it will all go away. The EBS for sure is designed to do that. Will it be the only way, I cannot say.

  3. If the tunnels are true, who’s doing the maintenance & management? The amount of people and supplies would be huge. The square area for housing and farming would be HUGE! Slaves have to be cared for by overseers, doctors, nurses, hospitals. All this goes on for years and no converts, no whistle blowers?

    • Makes the mind boggle doesn’t it?
      According to what has been released concerning these tunnels (Gene Decode is one of the best), they are interconnected throughout the entire world. Millions have been involved in this underground world… apparently the cities are like our cities but down under. And then they have other cities down under those cities.
      How they managed to do everything the way they did, I do not know… but I’m sure we will all learn soon.

  4. This is useful information especially for me who is just waking up and helping others. Marilyn, I am curious about this rumor that the cabal is being eliminated. Because no images or videos are being shown to convince us more. I hear Hillary, Obama, Biden, Soros etc have been eliminated but we see pictures of them in the media.

    • Welcome to the ‘Awake’ world CNRMO! Yes, you have a long journey in front of you but at least you have begun. We are all somewhere along the line of that journey as there is just SO much to learn and realise.
      Think about this for a moment… we are currently in the biggest war the world has ever known. This is it! We are there! The good guys, the Alliance/White Hats call them what you may, made up of world wide militaries etc., are currently bringing down the biggest evil ever.
      Meanwhile,, they have the media 100% against them as they are fully sourced and belong to the Cab/al.
      They need to work very quietly and swiftly behind the scenes.
      How would it be if they were releasing information that could so easily be read by the enemy and then be used to counteract what they are doing?
      It is so much more than a rumour… it’s happening every day. Those that do have connections with those involved in it can testify to that fact.
      This is why they have asked us to trust them… they cannot do more. Even those who have very strong connections and are told much more are then slapped with an NDA and not allowed to say… not yet.
      Until the White Hats are ready to reveal, you will continue to see these people such as Hilary etc. Much of what is shown on the media are body doubles, actors wearing masks or CGI etc. I’m not sure about clones though many people say they that that too.
      Just remember, the media is owned by the Cabal and they will only say what suits their agenda. That is why we suggest you switch off the nightly news and begin to seek your own information elsewhere.
      It’s all very subtle. Soon they will reveal all and it won’t be pretty, but it will be necessary.

      • So, who is presenting/controlling the doubles?, if the cabal is still in control, why would they be doing that?, it makes no sense.

        • I completely agree with you Jose… it makes no sense!
          Actually, I truly believe that all these doubles or whatever they are, are being controlled by the White Hats, not the Black.
          One of the reasons would be because although they have ‘taken out’ the criminal politician, they have not been ready to reveal to the world exactly what has been going on. It’s all about timing…AND… it’s about playing it out so the world can see with its own eyes how life would be living under the tyranny of these government officials etc.
          It’s only as they begin to see and understand and then begin to rise up as say ‘NO MORE’ that we can all move forward.
          The length of time it’s taking for people to wake up, I believe, is taking a whole lot longer than the White Hats ever thought it would. They are getting these people to read scripts and play out sometimes ridiculous scenarios, making things so difficult for people (as we are experiencing) all to WAKE PEOPLE UP!
          Every time you see J/B saying something absolutely stupid, think to yourself… he’s reading a script… it’s all an act.
          This will help you comprehend exactly what is going on a lot of the time.

    • Yes John, I agree.
      I’ve found some people just laugh in your face!
      On the beginning of our journey, we too found it hard to believe… we needed to do a lot more research.
      The problem I find is that people won’t even do their own research as they just pass it off as unbelievable, and that you are cuckoo!
      I think we all have a lot to learn.

      • I told some friends of mine (not vaxed people)they said :I don’t want to hear something that terrible. so I said: you don’t want to hear it, but these children have to live it.

        • Hi Holde!
          I have repeated these words you have written here now many times! What wisdom! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us… you are much appreciated. It’s so true what you have said in just a few words.

  5. I know the feeling Kathryn- no talking to anyone in my family either! They won’t even try to listen to what I say- they all think I should be committed! I keep saying ‘you just wait and see” ! Hang in there, there are more of us out there than we know!

    • So true Karen! When we sometimes feel all alone against the barrage of their push, it’s good to stop and think about what you said… ‘there are more of us out there than we know!’. What a lovely thought… thank you for sharing.

  6. Bonjour ,
    Comment vous dire ,que je tombe des nues pour simplement ce tunnel du Vatican à Jérusalem ,et je pense que dans le monde entier c’est pareil , aussi l’Etat profond qui n’est plus ,d’après mes recherches ,mais on nous raconte tellement de mensonges depuis la nuit des temps et un bourrage de crâne ( depuis 68 ans ) . je suis ce que vous avez fait de sérieuses recherches et permettez moi de les diffuser dans un groupe personnel . merci beaucoup . Gaby

    • Translation: Hello How to tell you, that I fall from the nude for simply this tunnel of the Vatican in Jerusalem, and I think that in the whole world it is the same, also the deep state which is no longer, according to my research, but we are told so many lies since the dawn of time and a stuffing of skull (for 68 years). I follow what you have done serious research and let me spread them in a personal group. Thank you very much. Gaby

      Answer: You are welcome Gaby to share my posts in your personal group. I’m happy for you to do that. Yes, these tunnels are everywhere and it has been a huge job for the Alliance to clean them all out. The Deep State is coming down and soon will be no more. What an amazing difference it will make in our world!

      Thank you for contacting me… I appreciate what you are doing.

      • Hello Carlos!
        Much of this specific information comes from Gene Decode. You can watch many of his videos on BitChute. He has first hand knowledge of a lot of this stuff. Charlie Ward has also been down into a few of these dumbs so he knows about the specifically. Other info I dig for and then bring it altogether.

  7. X-actly Marylin. This is the usual response from those who are just beginning to feel that there is something wrong with the world today, that maybe they got things wrong and cognitive dissonance is at play

      • I just learned of some very saddening news. This is vey not good for our future. How can all these people we know that are supposedly trying to put the truth out not know about this.
        I trued to copy and past this with the links, but it got deleted when I posted it as spam. So I copied the test below without the links

        NATO is the NWO’s army …
        The Pentagon surrenders Norfolk Naval Base to NATO
        The Pentagon surrendered their Norfolk Naval Base to NATO on Friday. Norfolk is the largest naval base in the world.
        NATO is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the United Nations (UN). Now the Pentagon is too.
        NATO announced it in June 2018.
        Allied Joint Force Command Norfolk declares Full Operational Capability

        And the Biden Administration is about to announce this.
        NATO will enforce mandatory lockdowns and imprisonment.
        For those who refuse the experimental COVID-19 shots and boosters.
        Just like they do in France.
        General Philippe Lavigne, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander,
        is in charge of the Norfolk Naval Base. And the Pentagon.
        Gen. Lavigne is from France.

        Soooo, that being said, have we been played?

        • Hi Les!
          I think there is a very important point that most people are completely missing.
          All this activity is optics! It’s a pantomime! It’s designed to:
          1. Show the world what life would be like under this kind of government.
          2. Wake people up!
          All these things we hear are very frightening if we don’t comprehend the reality of what is going on. People everywhere are focused on the ‘vir/us’, the ‘vax’, and all these other horrible things coming out. They are so focused on it that they forget to look up!
          We know NATO is bad. We know nothing is going on in the Pentagon… no government… it’s all a show… an act from a studio somewhere.
          Try not to get caught up in news of what the NWO are ‘bringing upon us’, and focus instead on the incredible future that lies ahead of us once all the demons have been removed. We are almost there. Hold on tight. The ride may be bumpy. Continue to trust those who have asked us to trust that they know what they are doing.
          But most of all… trust in God who says “I have a plan with you beyond your comprehension!”

          • Good Morning Marilyn,

            Thank you for all your works, it’s been 2 years i’m working to awake people on my family and friends, it’s kind of hard work for me. Lots of research and have to translate everything in French, while we don’t have any MSM , Deputy, Police, Doctors on our side, in Quebec. I’ve been blocked from Twitter ( 3 accounts) been blocked from Facebook (4 times)so it’s getting harder and harder eveyday….I Trust the plan and i Keep fighting, But i guess that until our MSM won’t be down or arrest it will be hard to go further. I am translating your post in french to help people in Quebec they need to know about those dumbs and the children …Which i can help more in my country , I have share so much stuff from the USA and President Trump (I have lots of Respect for this man of Honnor) The MSM destroy so much the reputation of President , that people think it’s true what they are saying about him while it’s not. Thank again Marilyn for your post and hope you wont be mad at me if i’m taking some to translated in french so i can help my country. God Bless you all

          • Hi Guerrière!
            You are more than welcome to use anything off my website in the effort of getting the news out to those who need to hear it.
            I congratulate you for all your extra work as you translate… it’s wonderful.
            Unfortunately the MSM will be the last to be taken down. Personally, I wish they were the first because they spread so much false news… but their time is coming.
            I agree with you about President Trump. It always saddens me when I hear the terrible things they say about him… but it will come to an end and soon, everyone will see.
            Keep doing what you are doing… it’s a very important work you are doing.

  8. For some time I have been concerned for “people”, just their well-being. But I am much older now and have seen the same mistakes, the same social problems repeated countless times. I have come to the conclusion people are incredibly stupid and there is very little chance of their awakening. We, and I say, “we” believe all the non-sense on TV, the news, the politicians – we really think we vote for a president when the whole scenario is planned before we even vote. In general we act in ways detrimental to our well-being and then complain because “someone” isn’t fixing it. We are destroying ourselves – we don’t need help from alien beings. Yes, there is a God, and what’s the point if all this was decided before we were born? If these beings exist, why don’t they just create robots to obey them and just kill us off now? I was a public “servant” for 43 years and I have seen nothing but stupidity repeated interminably. It’s all so pointless.

    • Hi Carolyn!
      Thank you for your thoughts. I know, sometimes as we are going through this journey, we wonder why people don’t learn! We see history repeating itself as you say.
      Try to keep focused! Yes, there is a God and He is in control… even when we can’t see it.
      We must unite and stick together against the tyranny… the more we do that, the more those on the front line of the battle will feel we are with them in the fight.
      I believe soon we will see what the point of it all was as we see the evil depart and the goodness of God on this earth.

  9. I have been down in the rabbit hole for a long time. I have had a completely paradigm shift in my beliefs and perceptions. Not one person in my family can I talk with about it.
    They just think I’m crazy. I’ve had a medical condition that has kept me bed bound for 25 months now. I devoted a minimum of 6 hours a day in this research. Your words resonate well with me. ??

    • Hi Kathryn,
      I’m so sorry to hear of your medical condition and trust that help is on the way for you.
      Yes, I can imagine you’ve had more than enough time to research, and how sad it is that the others take no notice of all that you’ve found.
      Don’t lose hope. A time will come, and soon, when they will be coming to you to help them understand all that has been going on, and why.
      Be encouraged… and thanks for your kind words too.

  10. where is the evidence for these bold claims? And you obviously don’t read the Bible… it will get worse and worse and the antichrist will rise up and will take over the world… then every eye will see the Lord Jesus Christ coming with clouds… no aliens or light beings.. so not Trump nor the 8000 people alliance can do anything to stop biblical prophecy, oh and btw the Harpazo or the resurrection, won’t happen before the tribulation… there is no secret evacuation plan for us believers, Jesus suffered so will His followers, He said to His disciples that the servant is not greater then the master… so settle it in your heart now that as a follower of Christ you will be persecuted and will lose your life possibly proclaiming that Jesus is your God…

    • On the contrary Eutimio! In particular, this last couple of years, I’ve read everything I can find that people have written about Revelation, together with reading it over and over myself. I’ve searched through all the relating scriptures… but most of all, I’ve asked the Lord to guide and enlighten me.
      You see, I found I couldn’t find any ‘end time’ writings that completely sat right with me. There were always holes I could find. It bothered me so much until I relaxed and let God.
      I’m not saying that I have the truth! Not at all. But I know that I find a whole lot more now sits right with me… it makes sense… for the first time. That’s all.
      I agree with much of what you say, but I don’t agree with all. That’s OK.
      When asking the Lord how what’s happening in our world in this current time lines up with the Scripture, this is when I began my ‘break-through’.
      I no longer feel dread for what’s to come. I now believe I understand that it’s on the evil-doers, the real evil-doers, that judgement is falling. It’s not on God’s beloved people.
      Remember too, God loves all those evil-doers just as much as He loves you and me, but a time has come where God has to clean out the filth of satanism and everything related to it.
      If you read through the pages I have written it may shed some light as to where I am coming from.
      Do I expect you to believe it on first read? Actually no!
      Will it cause you to seek further? I do hope so.
      Revelations is not a doom and gloom book that it’s been made out to be. Not for us. It’s for ‘them’ – the Cabal, the satanists etc.
      There is an enormous amount of evidence out there concerning what is happening… it’s not coming just from me. You will find it all if you search outside of anything mainstream media… all documented and waiting to be found.
      Thanks for sharing Eutimio!

  11. Thanks Marilyn. Stunning information. On Genes information I am downloading and plotting the earthquakes from USGS at certain depths (5km, 10km and 15km) on a GIS package, and also plotting the worldwide DUMBs and Tunnels (to the extents and accuracy that I can establish from available information). Its extremely fascinating to see these ‘earthquakes-not-earthquakes’ matching up with these tunnels (as well as in many other locations that I have no tunnel records for). If you are interested I would be happy to share that database (or some images) with you

    • Hi David!
      Yes, I agree with you, it is mind-blowing. I think as time goes by our minds will be blown over and over. We think to ourselves… I’ve heard everything now… and then something else comes along. What else is there?
      Thanks for participating. It all helps others to see the bigger picture.

    • Hi Mark!
      I noted down beneath the video…’The images and information were taken from this above video with Gene Decode.’ All the images came off this video. Who originally took them, I cannot say.
      When you look at imagines under Tunnel Boring Machines, you will find many similar there. There doesn’t appear to be anything secretive about it… it’s right out there in front of us all. It just takes someone like Gene Decode to decode what it’s all about and what they are actually doing.

  12. Bonjour, et qu’en est-il du TUNNEL SOUS LA MANCHE entre la France et l’Angleterre ? Ils avaient parlé de plusieurs tunneliers, au moment de se rejoindre, l’un a été prétendument « perdu » car c’était trop coûteux de le récupérer. Je commence à me demander s’il n’a pas au contraire continué sa route pour allonger le tunnel un peu plus loin…

    Trouvé sur Wikipedia : « Les tunneliers sont tous partis des puits de Sangatte (France) et de Shakespeare Cliff (Angleterre). Pour les tunnels sous-marins, un tunnelier était lancé de chaque côté de la Manche. Ainsi au milieu du parcours, les deux tunneliers se croisent. Étant donné leur conception (chaque tunnelier est construit spécialement pour un tunnel) et leur mode de fonctionnement (après leur passage, les anneaux du tunnels sont posés ce qui les empêche de faire marche arrière), les tunneliers sont détruits à la fin de leur utilisation. Pour cela, soit ils sont enterrés (en déviant leur trajectoire) soit ils sont démontés.

    Chacun des trois tunnels (tunnel de service, tunnel ferroviaire nord et tunnel ferroviaire sud) a nécessité quatre tunneliers : deux de chaque côté de la Manche depuis les complexes de Sangatte et Shakespeare Cliff, l’un partant côté mer, l’autre côté terre. Il y a donc eu 12 tunneliers utilisés pour la construction du tunnel. En réalité, seuls 11 tunneliers ont été utilisés puisque le tunnelier ayant servi pour le tunnel ferroviaire nord côté terre a ensuite été retourné pour forer le tunnel ferroviaire sud. Toutefois, il a par la même occasion changé de numéro (passant de T5 à T6) et changé de nom de baptêmeS 4. (…) »

    • Translated by Hello, and what about the TUNNEL SOUS LA MANCHE between France and England? They had talked about several tunnellers, at the time of joining, one was supposedly “lost” because it was too expensive to recover it. I begin to wonder if he did not on the contrary continue his road to extend the tunnel a little further…
      Found on Wikipedia: “The tunnellers all started from the wells of Sangatte (France) and Shakespeare Cliff (England). For underwater tunnels, a tunnelling vessel was launched on each side of the Channel. Thus, in the middle of the course, the two tunnelers intersect. Because of their design (each tunnelling vessel is built specifically for a tunnel) and their mode of operation (after their passage, the rings of the tunnels are laid which prevents them from turning back), the tunnels are destroyed at the end of their use. To do this, they are either buried (by deflecting their trajectory) or disassembled.
      Each of three tunnels (service tunnel, north railway tunnel and south railway tunnel) required four rotary digger shields: two on each side from the English Channel since the complexes of Sangatte and Shakespeare Cliff, the one leaving side sea, the opposite side earths up. There were therefore 12 rotary digger shields used for the building of the tunnel. In reality, only 11 rotary digger shields were used since the rotary digger shield having served side for the north railway tunnel earths up was then turned to bore the south railway tunnel. However, he changed at the same time of number (passer-by of T5 to T6) and changed name of christenings 4. (…)»

      To be quite honest with you, I am not sure what the question is. I know there are many tunnels created around the world for use with trains etc, or even to pass across under a body of water. I do not believe this is the type of tunnel we are referring to as they are usually extremely deep… 5 miles… 10 miles down.

      • Ok it was more a thought than a question about the use of these « other tunneliers left or buried », as it’s a very expensive tool (I never understood how they’ve left it there, buried) and as some of them could have been used to dig another more deeper tunnel (as it was already under, at the right place, and could easily keep going on digging), but off course, we won’t have any answer for sure, as it’s all above our knowledge as every relevant information’s hidden from people.
        the channel tunnel has cost a lot of money, ( ) was built for trains (
        it may be the visible side of the iceberg, now that you’ve informed us.
        thank’s for waking us all.

        • Hi Ally,
          I have seen images of the tunnel machine on the ‘outside’. In fact, I believe there is one on the website. They are tremendously expensive, so surely these use them for more than one. Maybe once under the ground, they use it to tunnel to the next place, and so on.
          As you say, they are answers we may never actually know, as once it has all been demolished, will we even care anymore?

          • Hi Mildred!
            I understand these cities provide much food through hydroponics etc. They say everything we have up here, they had down there. Plus, I’m guessing they would also import food from ‘above’ as well. I don’t think they starved. Not them anyway, not so sure how much they gave the children.

  13. When I first heard of this I thought it surely must be a hoax! How could they go for such long distances deep down under the sea? But your explanation has helped me to comprehend – thank you so much!

  14. About the picture with the polished floor: There are drinking water tanks under Istanbul that look the same. Only not with a polished floor, but with water … ^^
    You can see that in the James Bond film, “From Russia with Love”.

  15. Great write up.. horrifying:'(((I am not sure why it’s hard for anyone to imagine though even that these cities exist. The incredibly wealthy and connected EVIL elite has been in existence for thousands of years.. who knows what evil they’ve managed to do? Thank God these monsters will FINALLY be paid what they are due! Thank You God for being hearing our PRAYERS! Please prepare our hearts/minds to accept this horrifying information and do everything we can to help these children and also to do Your good work, Lord?? Amen & God bless you!

    • Hi again Angela… yes, God has definitely heard our prayers and now He’s acting. They try to hide in the rocks of the mountains but there is nowhere they can go from what is to come. Such an amazing time we live in!

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