Worldwide Alliance – Revealing Three-Fold Purpose To Save The World

Worldwide Alliance

Even though many don’t believe there is a Worldwide Alliance working on our behalf, it doesn’t make it none the less real! They are often referred to as the White Hats.

Let’s have just a little look at what their agenda is, shall we. I found this in the Judy Byington newsletter only this morning:

Judy Note: The Alliance’s three-fold primary purpose is to rescue scores of tortured and suffering children from the evils of Satanic Rituals; to punish those responsible for betraying the trust of their fellow world citizens and once and for all, to liberate humanity from the sick, sadistic and twisted Elitists who seek the Darkness of Enslavement and Destruction over the Light of Freedom and Divine Love.

Judy Byington

We are at war! Could it be Armageddon?

Most will say no, but have you really thought about it? Do you know what God’s Word says about it? What you’ve been taught over the years might not be correct. What if it is? Would it change your perspective on things?

There is nothing in human history that comes close to what is going on in our world at this present time. It’s amazing and it’s happening right before our very eyes!

It doesn’t mean that we comprehend the plan. Yes, it would be nice if they sent out a memo to us all explaining their every move. Then we could all watch in real time as it all happens.

But we can never forget we are in a war. No, it’s not like the everyday wars they (the evil ones) subjected us to… not at all.

Generally, it’s one country against another. There were two world wars where many countries got involved. But this is every country, bar none!

Meanwhile, a Worldwide Alliance had been set up made of top military generals and the like. These men and women have been working quietly in the background for many years.

This war is not against another countries, or even countries, but against the evil that’s present in every country. Being a war, they have to use the ‘art of war’ where they keep everything close to their chest.

I’m absolutely sure, that if the military could let us know every move, they would do it. But please realise, if they can let us know, they would also let the enemy know at the same time.

It can’t be done!

We have to be thankful for the little bits we do get to know, but only after the event and never before.


It would be worthwhile mentioning here that 209 countries and territories signed up to be part of Gesara. This happened back in 2017 under President Trump. As he toured the world and presented dossiers of damning information to each country leader, they were quick to capitulate to whatever he asked of them.

All the leaders of the world had to capitulate…

Part of that agreement is that they would not participate in any more wars. If a country did go rogue, they would be dealt with and removed from all the benefits of Gesara. They would not be able to trade with other countries neither.

So let’s look at the Worldwide Alliance three-fold primary purposes:

  1. Rescue scores of tortured and suffering children from the evils of Satanic Rituals
  2. Punish those responsible for betraying the trust of their fellow world citizens
  3. Liberate humanity from the sick, sadistic and twisted Elitists who seek the Darkness of Enslavement and Destruction over the Light of Freedom and Divine Love

1. Rescue tortured and suffering children

This is the reality. While most of us have been busy just living our lives, countless children, teens and even adults have been going through pure hell! There’s no words one can use to describe the horror, so I’m not even going to try.

This has been going on for a very long time. Most of us know of the ch/ild sa/crific/es made centuries ago, but had no idea it was still going on today.

With the use of the underground they’ve hidden most all of it from our view. We had no idea that the whole world was a spiderweb of tunnels fully connecting huge underground cities. Furthermore, connections to the outside, or above ground, were absolutely everywhere. Business buildings, government buildings, private homes etc. etc., many of them had a door into this underworld.

They were busy collecting children out of foster homes, off the streets, or anywhere a suitable child was found on its own. Not hundreds, but thousands… no, in fact… millions of them each year.

Pe/do’s everywhere

Their need for children was very, very big. We don’t really know the extent of what they used them for, but we do know one of them and that was pedo/philia.

Look, we didn’t even realise how many pedophiles there were in the world! As for me, I used to think they were just those horrid men that would hang around a school… you know, the odd one here and there.

Oh dear, how naïve was I!!!

No, they are everywhere. In all the places of power too.

So ped/oph/ilia is part of the evil, headed up by the freemasons, under the control of the powers-that-be that have been in control of this world. On top of that, those evil ones were directly under the control of Satan who has such a lust for blood! Therefore all the sacrifices.

Experimentation is a big part too, experiments we don’t want to even consider.

Also, women were used to create more babies to use in their sick, sick world.

A battle between good and evil, light and dark

Someone is bound to say to me there are no ‘good’ people in this world… only God is good!

But you know what I mean. There are only two sides… the side of light, or the side of evil.

Who’s side are you on?

God is leading the charge, there’s no doubt about that. The Word of God has all of this outlined, and now that we’re in it, it’s so easy to see. Pick up the Bible and read almost anywhere, you can see this time being talked about.

2. Punish those responsible

So, the Worldwide Alliance has been directing the military to go down underground and release the countless prisoners, and to blow up and/or flood out the abominable places where all this has been taking place.

We’ve seen the many floods, here, there and everywhere. Think about it… is it really just excess rain from the heavens, or have these floods been purposely made?

When you look into weather manipulation, it’s not that hard to do if you have the right equipment. Yes, the dark side have sent in many dreadful weather events, but so too have the White Hats had their own.

Clean up they must if we ever hope to move on.

What is their punishment?

If these people have committed treason, it’s the death penalty. If it’s proven they’ve committed crimes against humanity, they will either spend the rest of their lives in jail or the death penalty.

The pyramid of power being removed by the Worldwide Alliance

The pyramid of power has had its evil head removed. This means that all those ‘right up there’ have long been dealt with and are most probably not here with us anymore.

Let me further explain:

The head of the snake has been removed, but they are not the ones we are used to seeing. No, they were very much behind the scenes.

They had their donkeys who worked for them… this is the middle level. Included in this lot were the royal families of the world, top government officials, WHO and many other three-letter agencies, Bill Gates etc. etc. It’s a very long list. The purpose of this article is not to name names, but to give a general overview to help you comprehend.

At this point in time I am to believe that all the governments around the world have been taken in. They are presently working on the minions who come under them.

Then under this lot, come all the minions.

minion: [noun] a servile dependent, follower, or underling.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

But wait a minute! You can’t be serious surely? I saw him on the TV just last night!

No you didn’t! You think you saw him, but it wasn’t him.

For purposes better understood by the people in charge of this war, a great many of these people who have been taken already to military tribunals, are being played by actors wearing silicone masks. You’ve only go to look at them, I mean really look at them and ask yourself, is that really the original person. There are so many clues.

The lower level minions

These people usually have been compromised and are blackmailed to carry out the commands of their superiors. This group includes most of Hollywood, the music industry, movie world, educational heads, law enforcement and many others. Sadly to say, even the heads of churches of all religions.

I believe it could be sometime before all of these have been rounded up and taken off for military tribunals and to meet their fate.

3. Liberate humanity from the sick, sadistic and twisted Elitists

We as a whole have been kept prisoners of the system. This is the system the evil ones who like to call themselves the ‘Elite’, have kept us in. They have almost sucked the life out of us all!

We have licenses for everything these days. They would tax us to even breathe if they could. Everything we do is wrong and the only way to right this situation is to keep us tucked firmly under their thumb.

Of-course, they have to do this! This lower level minions have been compromised so they have to tow the line… or else!

So when the big boys want more money for some nefarious deed, they put the screws on us. They believe our money is their money and that we have no right to it. It troubles them not if we can hardly manage to put food on the table. They take all our money and then give just a little bit back through welfare aid! We are supposed to be very thankful to them for that. Not!

Our world is being cleansed and we’re getting ready to come out the other side

So you and me, we have been blessed to live at a time when we get to see this all happening. Many times we don’t comprehend why things are being done the way they are, but we are always encouraged by the Worldwide Alliance to trust them and that it’s all in hand.

It is possible to find on the Internet a very long list that has already been accomplished. It’s far too long for this article. It wouldn’t hurt you to start searching for this good news.

President Trump has always been working behind the scenes as the Commander-in-Chief of all what’s going on. We have so much to thank that man for. But he knows he’s been called by God to do a job for which he’s given up so much for the purpose.

The very least we can do is pray for the Worldwide Alliance as they have an awesome job to do, that’s for sure. Praise God for them and share with others wherever you can. Then you can hold your head up high knowing you did what you could as a true soldier.



  1. I am grateful, and I do thank God and DJT for bringing all of this darkness to light. But I’m troubled by the fact that there is an actual realm of higher ups that over see the ones who occupy the highest positions of leadership in our land. Why are the obvious traitors (which appears to be 90 + % of the U.S. congress, 3 letter agencies and our fake president just to name a few) allowed to steal from us by means of the Ukraine war, organized demolition of our country by means of whatever and however they can? Anything from environment pollution, transgenderism, normalizing pedophilia, destroying our food supply, open boarders, giving away our energy reserves, giving our tax dollars to fund the most corrupt country in history(besides the U.S.) war. Its already been shown to be a fact that it is one of their (Deep State Dems)means of money laundering. They continue to do what ever they want and justify it by saying they dont recall or I cant discuss matters still under investigation or by simply looking the other way while they create more distractions. I could go on and on about this but my question is Where is this Alliance? What are they doing, and why is it taking so long see any results? How many lives have to be destroyed or lost just to prove a point? The criminals have already proven their position so why are they allowed to stay in office? Hardly any of them are competent and honestly care about “We the People”. I cant see any one doing anything but wasting time and tax dollars on these unproductive clown show hearings that aren’t accomplishing anything but showing the true nature of our weak and dishonest system and all who occupy it as official leaders of a 3 ring circus. Its disgusting and killing all hope of ever getting back what the U.S. stands for and was intended to be. And its not this. I see things are happing but its at a slower pace than heard of turtles. There is more good than bad in the world so why cant we extinguish these cancers within and eradicate them back to Hell where they belong! Before the destroy everything and everyone. Its out of control, I dont see any white hats in control of anything. I’m sorry, color me stupid but I dont. If someone has been dealt with then why are they allowed clones or body doubles to continue their quest for the New World Order.? They havent been dealt with efficiently in my opinion, so why say they have? Its another lie. And that dont make us any better than rest of the liars.

    • Hi Jane… although it looks like these ‘people’ are sucking the very life out of people. in reality it’s being shown to the world what the N/WO had intended for us. People cannot be told as they simply don’t believe. They have to experience the pain. Sad but true. If the people of the world had woken up a lot sooner, we would not have had to go through all the things you describe…
      Body doubles are in place for as long as it takes for people to realise… then poof… they will all be gone.
      I believe it’s soon… but even if it’s not, when the time is right all will be revealed.

  2. Regards to the Generals I read an in-depth article a while ago that this plan has been in operation for the last 58 years.
    The numbers of Generals have gone up in each decade and obviously some have retired and others have replaced them.
    I believe it would be 60 years now the Plan has been in place ever since an important event that happened 60 years ago and shocked the world! On another article I read 5-6 years ago the Event should have happened in October 2001 after Bill Clinton was forced to sign Gesara/Nesara in whilst at gunpoint of military. Shortly afterwards 9/11 happened.
    Apparently WTC had some very good influential people there in a meeting and all those good souls were destroyed along with all the other innocent souls who were working in that building. Think about the QFS and what it would have meant for the Fiat system and all the other Corporations and yet people still believe it was terrorists. It was but not the ones that live in supposed caves in the middle east.

  3. I don’t believe JFK Jr died in the plane crash. He, his wife and his wife’s sister planned their fake deaths to hide from those same people who murdered his father, President John F. Kennedy. I think JFK Jr is very much involved in eliminating our world of evil. We will see him at the end of this movie. Our future is bright.

  4. Thank you So much for all your hard work and Faithfulness ‼️ I’m getting so excited that we are seeing light at the end of the Tunnel! I thank God ALL the time for having the desire to Save us‼️ Can’t thank Trump and the Alliance enough also‼️

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