Know How To Survive The Storm – Powerful Refuge Awaits

How to survive the storm

There is a secret on knowing how to survive the Storm! Yes, there is a powerful refuge waiting for you.

The first thing I read this morning was a verse from one of the Psalms:

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear,
even though the earth be removed,
and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;
though its waters roar and be troubled,
though the mountains shake with its swelling.

Psalm 46:1-3

I thought to myself… how appropriate in this current trouble we are all facing!

Then I began to read through Larry Hannigan’s newsletter and saw the heading ‘Earthquake Wars Starting’! I watched the video of the devastation in Turkey… I guess you have all seen it already.

M 7.5 – CENTRAL TURKEY – 2023-02-06 10:24:49 UTC

On reading down, he mentioned that this terrible earthquake was caused by the Deep State and their high grade Tectonic Weapon. (Information from The Storm Rider / Official Page – Telegram.)

You can read all about it by clicking that link, or reading down through Larry’s page.

It’s interesting to note it was at 10k deep. This is the same depth we see all over the world as the White Hat’s are blowing up the du/mbs. Mind you, we’ve not seen them cause devastation of the likes of Turkey.

We know the White Hats are working very cautiously with the work they’re doing. Human life is very precious.

I’m not trying to say I know exactly what did happen, but happen it did, with potentially more to come.

How to survive the Storm

We’ve always known about the storm. President Trump mentioned it during a photo shoot. When asked what the storm was, he answered… “you’ll find out!”.

We all remember that, I’m sure.

I want you to look back up to the verses I quoted from Psalm 46 and realise that during this potentially scary time, those on God’s side are protected.

  • Whether the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea, we can call out for His protection and it will be so.
  • When the mountains shake… quite often from the hand of humanity, we can seek His refuge and strength.
  • When the waters roar with an almighty roar, maybe like we’ve never heard before…and also potentially from human hands (DS) and their dreadful technology, even then God will protect us.

But what about those who died?

But you might ask, what about all the people who were killed in Turkey?

Yes, a terrible affair for sure.

As I write this I see that the death toll has risen to 37,000. Just watching a few clips brings tears to the eyes for all this needless pain and suffering. The De/ep S/tate have such a lot to answer for.

They are happy of-course, that’s 37,000 more gone in their depopulation agenda! These demonic possessed evil ones know they have lost the war and are continuing to cause as much havoc as possible on their way out.

They might have taken 37,000 in one fowl swoop, but we will have the last laugh.

But why did they die?

We don’t know the stories behind all the individual people. We don’t know if they called on the name of Jesus or cried out to God.

Now maybe, before they knew it, it all happened.

Quite likely.

Were they ready to meet their Maker, or had they put it off for another time?

But God does not lie. We have seen video after video of amazing rescues taking place over there for which we praise God for.

Thank you Lord!

What I do know through all of this, is that GOD NEVER LIES!

So it’s a question that cannot really be answered because we don’t know all the details.

Then to top off my day, I received this:

In a Storm, sailing ships have to drop their sails, and sometimes even drop their anchor in order to survive the storm.
Sometimes, it feels like we’re not making any progress, like we’re standing still, or even going backwards…
That is ok – because sometimes, the only goal is to SURVIVE THE STORM.

Trust the plan also means that you can focus on taking care of what needs to be taken care of on your own ships – your relationships, friendships, partnerships, etc…

You can’t control the storm; when it hits, how long it lasts, and how intense it gets.
You CAN control how you handle any damage caused to your ships in the storm.
So don’t be afraid to drop your sails to survive the storm.
Don’t be afraid to drop your anchor in order to survive the storm.

The sun will shine again soon – TRUST IN THAT.


A comment came through from Susan saying ‘Jesus is your anchor and mine too.’

Thank you Susan…it’s so true.

Just like they say above, ‘the sun will shine again soon’. When that happens and we are through to the other side, our hearts will be filled with rejoicing.

It’s best to rejoice right now, because that time is coming and nothing can stop it!

I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

Psalm 91:2

Please note the verse states ‘I will say’. Our words hold amazing power, and if we are quoting scripture, there is no end to the power contained within them. All the power of the universe is contained within His Word. No matter how many people try to discredit it.

So, read God’s Word and learn to quote certain Bible verses (from the heart, not by rote!) that are applicable to your current situation. There is no devil that can stand against the Word of God.

Therein lies your refuge, strength and protection.

They say the journey may be rough… but no matter how bumpy it gets, it will be the ride of our life!

How to survive the storm is something we must all look into. It’s going to get even rougher from what we’ve been told. But you know what, even the scariest of storms is not so scary when you know you are protected by the One who created all.



  1. I will never give up. There is so much evil on this earth it makes my head spin. Sometimes I get so confused that I can’t think straight but then this thought crosses my mind “A plan this great could only have come from God” and it calms me down because I trust in God’s plan for me.

    I am thankful that God led me to your site. You seem to have a soothing way of explaining things in your articles. I will visit your site often.

    • Thank you Denise for sharing this with us all, and especially me. If God wasn’t in control I definitely believe we would have all been doomed. But it’s clear He is, as you say, and for that we can be forever grateful.
      May God continue to bless you like that. 🙂

  2. I am now at my breaking point. I cannot deal with what people around me believe. It feels awful to be told I’m the one who is brainwashed by the evil ones. In 2020 President Trump talked about what to expect – ‘you’ll be watching a movie, what makes a good movie? Great actors.’ He also spoke about the three kinds of Medbeds and the 6,000 cures hidden from us. Where is that speech? Why can’t it be shown to prove its existence to the many who did not see it? Why Isn’t The Emergency Broadcast System being utilized? Most people are not awake, and prolonging this makes no sense.

    • My dear Andi! Don’t give up right now… this is not the time for it. This is the time to stand up, knowing full well that you are aligned with countless others who are standing with you.
      The people around you personally… let God take care of them. You’ve done your best.
      Yes, all the things you mentioned are coming… but we do have to trust they know what they’re doing. If we can’t trust in the Worldwide Military Alliance under President Trump, who can we trust in.
      You might say… I trust in God. Yes, that’s right, we do too… but He has organised for certain people to lead the challenge under His guidance.
      Do you believe that God knows when the best time is to bring out all the good things? When it’s the correct time with the least amount of damage anywhere?
      That’s where we’re at now. It’s not about time, it’s about events happening. The good news is that those events are taking place one after another very quickly… the head of the snake has gone and the minions are now being picked up… boom, boom, boom!
      Remain steadfast and strong knowing the time will come when the people you care about so much will see that you were the one to stand strong and tall with eyes wide open, when they were blinded by the propaganda.

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