What If The New World Order Was the Beast of Revelations?

What if the ‘beast’ of Revelations was actually the New World Order?

The Beast = New World Order

The above shows a simplified pyramid of those who are in control of this world.  For a more detailed version see The Black Nobility

To start with, this didn’t really make sense to me… but the more I looked at it, the more I began to realise it could be a reality!

Please, if you haven’t already, take a read through the following page… how super dreadful things have been right under our very noses!


Let’s take another look at the four phases as explained in It’s all Written In The Stars, but with inserting the New World Order into the equation.

During these phases with the exposure of the Cabal (Indictments); the removal of the Cabal’s power worldwide, and the arrests of the Cabal with the holding of the Military Tribunals took place.

Royalties, Leaders of Government and Government officials of the highest kind, all the rich and powerful people who follow the NWO, together with their minions and evil monetary systems. This goes without mentioning the absolute horror of child trafficking and all it means,. These people are all being arrested and/or jailed as we speak, and in some cases, have already been executed for their evil deeds.

Imagine a world without all that corruption!

I’ll let all that sink in for a moment…

Birth, Judgement, Wrestling, Destruction

The BIRTH of the Kingdom of Christ… the JUDGEMENT of the beast (NWO), the WRESTLING phase as they wrestled the Cabal’s power away from them… worldwide, and the DESTRUCTION of the beast (NWO) through the countless arrests of the Cabal who then all faced Military Tribunals!

Look what it says in Revelations 6:15-17:

“And the kings of the earth, the great people, the high ranking officers, the wealthy and the strong, and every slave and every free person hid in caves and among the rocks in the mountains. And they said to the mountains and the rocks, ‘Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the Lamb’s anger!’ Because the mighty day of their anger has come, and who can withstand it!”

The verse above describes what’s happening to the Cabal and all their Minions perfectly. It cannot be denied!

Beast of Revelations & Their Minions

  • Buckingham Palace has been cleaned out!
  • Royalty in other European countries have been arrested!
  • The Vatican has been cleaned out!
  • The Reserve Bank (a private organisation) has been taken over by the government.
  • Hollywoood has come grinding to a halt as it was filled with fifth and scum.

Many names have been released through certain channels. The official release is apparently to begin happening throughout October 2020.

These evil people are running frantically. More and more they’re finding they have absolutely nowhere left to hide. As everything is exposed, it leaves them with nothing but their shame.

Keeping the People Calm

To keep the people calm, body doubles and clones are being used. So that the whole agenda can be taken care of, it’s important to continue to keep the population as calm as possible.

Some say to me that they see their prime minister or whoever out and about all the time. My question to you would be, is it really them?

Are we in the middle of the Battle of Armageddon?

Remember, it’s not a physical battle, not as far as we are concerned. The military are involved in a very real battle… in the underground against a very real and very dangerous enemy. Lives are lost. There are many booby traps.

We are in World War 111 – the largest war the world has ever seen. Every country in the world is involved, as the military are removing the children and arrests of the evil perpetrators are being made.

Let’s think for a moment what is going on around the world

  • China is a communist slave state
  • Venezuela are literally starving
  • Honduras is under a brutal dictatorship
  • North Korea has been under a brutal dictatorship directly by the NWO
  • Europe is in shambles since the EU took over and the migrants have flooded in
  • Mexico is in utter ruin as it’s terrorised by the drug lords
  • Africa has continually had its assets stolen not to mention the prolific evil of organ harvesting
  • Until recently, Saudi Arabia was the head of the worldwide human trafficking
  • Most of the middle East has held the people in untold oppression
  • Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are the capital of the world for baby harvesting
  • The entire world is covered in underground tunnels full of the most awful abominations. Melbourne is one of the worst of all
  • America is under assault from every direction
  • Horrific wars (Our men have fought and died, believing it was to save their countries from evil, in wars brought about by the very sick, greed without end, bloodline families and their worldwide Cabal. They have pitted one country against another, supplying themselves with a thousands upon thousands of children. They whisk them away into the endless tunnel systems, leaving the parents to believe the children were killed in the war!)
  • Deadly diseases often designed to depopulate the planet

Ask the Children!

You ask the children if they’ve been living through tribulation! What these poor children have experienced and the unspeakable horrors they’ve endured, it defies all logic!

(The more you learn about this, the more inhumane it becomes, being far too horrible to share.)

The world has been in tribulation after tribulation in ways that we can hardly comprehend!

The world is in virtual ruins. Therefore, cleaning the swamp rats out the swamp has become our last chance, according to President Trump.

We live under the thumb of the NWO every day of our lives, while they’ve make us think it’s ‘normal’. Gosh, we are being robbed and cheated in every area. Is that normal? Of-course not! The NWO made us think it’s normal… as they become richer and richer from our devastating lack.

I know what I’m saying here doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what has been going on. Our countries are being sold out by evil governments, while at the same time, they pursue their abominable pleasures with out most precious commodity, our children!

It makes you sick, sick, sick! It s horrifying beyond description!

If you identify the NWO as the beast of Revelations, the rest falls into place! So now, when I read Revelations, I understand it in a whole new way,

Am I correct? I’m not saying it is categorically.

But all things considered, the current circumstances do fall into place with Revelations. It makes sense!

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