Simplified Pyramid Of World Control

pyramid of world control
Image: Cosmic Light Force - Telegram: @Drue86

Look closely and see! We see a simplified pyramid of world control, as it has been. The part surrounded in blue, has already been seized. It’s no longer there. Gone!

Now look at the area in red. The words at the side say:

The lower D/S minions in high level positions are at crossroads. Will they continue to march N/W/O Ag/enda, or will they flip? By choice, or force, the operation is here now.

These include the Wor/ld Re/source Con/trol such as all those corporations mentioned, as an example. Then there is the Wor/ld Po/pulation Con/trol including Religion, Governments, The Intelligence Community, Military, Police, Courts, Prisons, the Media and schools.

Here is a larger version of the Pyramid of World Control so you can read it easier:

Image: Cosmic Light Force Telegram: @Drue86

Now, as we watch, we see many corporations sliding into the dust. We hear regularly that corporations are going bust and stores and banks are closing down. Many times, without warning… here today, gone tomorrow!

Will they flip?

At this point in time, many of these have the opportunity to flip. That is, turn around…repent!

To repent simply means to stop what you’re doing, turn around and go in the opposite way. To be sorry for what they’ve done, and do all in their power to make amends.

With all the information that’s going around the Internet these days, the hospitals, doctors and nurses, would certainly be hearing that they have been working the N/W/O agen/da.

Many of them will say ‘I didn’t know!’

Unfortunately, that’s not good enough! If we are clued up enough to do our own research, surely it’s expected that doctors and nurses should automatically research the medications they’re giving.

If not… why not?

This goes for all the corporations, together with the others listed above. Unfortunately for them, it’s too late if they have been complicit. They will be taken before a military tribunal where their future will be decided.

The lower yellow portion of the pyramid image, is the Population and the Workers. This represents most all of us. As information spills out all over the Internet, and it begins to drip out through the mainstream media, people should become more and more aware of the horrific crimes that have been committed.

Let’s have a little look at just one of the systems in the pyramid of world control:

The Banking System

We have thought our money was safe in a bank. Right from when we were little we were taught to place our money in the banks for safe-keeping. They pay us interest, we were told. Our money will grow.

Little did we all realise how the banks have been manipulating us right from the get-go. All the interest they paid into our little savings accounts, could never make up for how they have ripped us off, over and over.

For most people, taking out a mortgage was the only way they could ever hope to own their own home. This is because the cost of living and the cost of buying a home became astronomical! But how many of us knew that the loan the bankers gave us was from our own money!

What do they mean, our own money?

The Cabal took control of us from the moment we were born. Our Birth Certificate was sent over to the Vatican. It was then used, over and over again, to make money for the Cabal through the Stock Markets.

Our Birth Certificates are now potentially worth millions of dollars!

Just another hoax…

Millions of dollars!!!

When the bank gave us a ‘loan’, we were borrowing from our very own money… that we didn’t even know existed!

They called themselves the Creditor. We were the Debtor. That’s what the paper work said. They called us a Debtor of our own money!

Then as the loan is being paid, if we ever got behind on a payment, they’d be after us. So much so that they’d even take over our home if for any reason we could pay ‘them’ the money that we’d borrowed from our own funds!

All kept from us.

We didn’t know.

Every area represented on that image is corrupt. Yes, even the schools!

How come, the schools?

Because they were all under the control of the people at the top. All the schools had to use a curriculum put out by ‘them’. This curriculum had to be taught. Beautiful little children that our governments enforced to go to school to learn lies. Our history… we don’t even know where we really come from! So much fiction, taught as absolute fact.

It continued from kindergarten through into university. Compounding the lies.

No-one knew!

The Pyramid of World Control tumbles down

Gradually, more and more of the population are waking up to the fact that there’s something not quite right. Those of us who’ve been awake for some time, breathe a sigh of relief.

At last!

But we need so many more to come out and make a stand. To come over onto the side of light. To come out from under the darkness.

All of us have been had.

Not one of us escaped the delusion.

The whole world has been under their pyramid of evil control.

But, then God…

Yes, God has seen it all. Nothing went unnoticed.

Evil will pay.

President Trump in 2017, paid a visit to many country heads, where he supplied them with a large dossier of information.

He told them… we have it all!

They received an ultimatum to work together with the Worldwide Military. To do this, they had to give names of all the corrupt people they knew, or go with the military immediately on a trip to Guantanamo Bay prison.

Needless to say, they all capitulated!

They knew they had been caught red-handed. The military had it all.

Learn more about it all here:

Images showing… we have it all!

This work has been going on for years…

Way before most of us knew anything about it. But since President Trump came on the scene, it bounded ahead. I know, I know… to the world, President Trump is no longer the president, but we know, he’s still in control under the new name of ‘Commander in Chief’!

So, back to our image… the blue portion of this image. We know this as the ‘head of the snake’, or ‘the head of the beast’. It was removed back in 2017 as shown in the above video. But they did it in such a way, that those under them were unaware. Many of these high level minions continue to work the agenda of the N/W/O. They do not realise the head has been removed!

The headless body continues to flap about, but the head’s long gone. That snake, or body, cannot continue to live. All it can do is gradually die. No other choices!

But many of these minions (the red portion) are getting to realise that no-one is backing them up. Now, they’re running scared. The military is gradually rounding them all up and taking them away… hey, hey… to a camp in the tropics!

God in action in Biblical proportions!

God has waited for such a time as this. He is so full of compassion and long-suffering. Really, I think maybe the devil had pushed Him to the very edge. But now He says “NO MORE!”

He’s not waiting any longer. This is the time!

This is the time when all the unspeakable evil is being rounded up and removed from off the face of the earth. We are living through the battle of all battles, as the forces of God move against the forces of evil.

And guess what?

God wins!

In fact, He’s already won.

Waking up the sleeping masses

Our part is to keep pushing out information, such as this article, to all who will read it. We need to continue to share, share, share. I know many are tired. But look, even if none of your family or friends are interested, there are millions on the Internet who are coming into the light on a daily basis.

Help that to happen.

See those countless people on the bottom rung of the pyramid? Many are waiting for you to share with them, and to show them that we are on the winning team. It’s not a maybe, it’s a definite!

Help to bring comprehension to the masses, where ‘but for the grace of God, there goes us!’ Wouldn’t we want to be told if we were still fast asleep?

You know the answer to that.

Don’t allow fear to rob you of the wonderment of seeing the pyramid of world control crumbling down into nothing more than a pile of ashes.



  1. Hi Marilyn, this is not about this post, I’ve been looking for a previous post that I couldn’t read when I first saw it, it was very disturbing & anti-Biblical when I read just a bit of it. I’d like to read it through & give my opinion on it. It was titled “Jesus …. Or YESHUA?” Do you still have it? Thanks! Mary

  2. Marilyn, Good morning. Great article.. one long road this has been, I don’t think that I’ve thought of much more than this battle since 2017. All of the bad,evil, and crazy events that have taken place. And all of the lost lives in addition to the horrible things the children went through. There is only one thing that gives me any peace at all and that is knowing that our Father is on his throne, as well our lord and Saviour… God is faithful and he promised to make everything new. For every little life lost to this evil, they are with our Father. And for every sick, wicked and twisted pedo that ever abused a child will get just what they have deserved, Our Father is Just! And God always wins! Marilyn I’m on your Signal group and always look forward to your stories and articles. God bless you!

    • Ah Rick… It’s so nice of you to comment here and share your thoughts.
      Yes, we have a just Father and each of them will receive what’s coming to them. We also know that he’s a forgiving Father, so if they truly repent… Together with this, He’s a just God. What has been done is beyond despicable and only God knows what needs to be done.
      Thank you for letting me know you’re on Signal… really cool. Do you ever share in there? I do know I’ve heard from a Rick sometimes.

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