Good Vs Evil! We Are Living In Exciting Times

Good vs evil! We are living in times such as there have never been before. This is the time spoken of by the prophets of old. Never in the entire history of the world, has there been a time such as this.

I have owned a board game for many, many years, called Squatter. This is an Australian game designed around real life farming. It is very similar in concept to Monopoly and can keep going for a couple of hours.

In Squatter you have hay stacks, stations i.e. properties which must be improved, sheep which need to be dipped etc, and so on. Some people groan at the thought of playing it because it can take so long, but others love it.

The Australian Wool Game

So why am I talking about Squatter?

Well, I want you to visualise this… Let’s say six people are sitting around the table with Squatter in the midst of them. As the game goes on, you become totally engrossed in buying sheep, dipping, worming, buying haystacks, obtaining stations (properties) and being paid for the sale of wool etc., all based on a real life situation on a sheep station.

Now to real life… I want you to imagine a small group of people who have control of the whole world. Oh, it’s not obvious they are in control, in fact, most of us never think of this group that we spend our entire lives working for and making them increasingly rich.

These evil people are known as:

  • Globalists
  • Deep State
  • Cabal
  • Illuminati

cabal is a group of people who are united in some close design, usually to promote their private views or interests in an ideology, a state, or another community, often by intrigue and usually unbeknownst to those who are outside their group. The use of this term usually carries negative connotations of political purpose, conspiracy and secrecy.

It can also refer to a secret plot or a clique, or it may be used as a verb (to form a cabal or secretly conspire)[1][2]

These people come together, as if around a game of Squatter, but instead of playing by the rules, they make the rules!

Globalists use War

For example, through their discussions together, they realise that if a certain thing happens they could profit abundantly. This is what turns them on… money and power.

War is very powerful. Just a small amount of people are able to instigate a war and pay for each side to war against the other.

You see, they are not on one side or the other. They are on no-ones sides except their own… the rest of us are just pawns in the game. Millions of lives are lost through war, but they care not a less! It means nothing to them. It only means more money and more power.

Each war that has taken place, such as World War 1 and World War 11 and 264 (if I counted correctly) countless other ones (I had no idea just how many wars there have been, even since the year 1900… and lives lost… amazing!), has added to their power, control and finances. They would sit and watch the war games and laugh with glee. This was just their amusement, like a ball-game to them!

I believe these people thought they had it made. They had stockpiled most of the money in the world and could play these games according to their whims. Meanwhile, we the people, lost our loved ones… fathers, brothers, uncles, sons. Gradually, these globalist elites were reducing the male population which was also a big part of their plan.

Pitting us one against another

There were many other ways they could pit us against one another. Examples… coloured people against non-coloured people; Muslim against Christianity; White Collar workers against Blue Collar workers; Male against Female; Gender against multiple genders; Evolution against Creation; Vaccinated against Unvaccinated; Mainstream against so-called Conspiracy Theorists; Alternative Therapies against Modern Medicine… and on and on and on…

They use the mainstream media as their propaganda tool to keep us divided in any manner they can.

The Bible tells us that ‘Any kingdom that is divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself shall fall’ Luke 11;17 NIV

While ever they keep us divided in any way, they know it keeps us distracted and going nowhere. Meanwhile, they were inflicting us with their evil ways which often went almost unnoticed by most of us.

World War 111

We are all used to hearing about unrest here and there around the world. The Middle East for example, just keeps on keeping on. Syria… good vs evil war without an end in sight… they have kept it all going so we become used to hearing about it.

Unless we have a family member involved in these wars, we are not immediately affected by them. Sure we may pray for peace, but it all seems endless.

So World War 111 crept silently up on us! It’s here! It’s now!

Strangely enough, it was done in such a way that the rest of us didn’t even know it was happening… until something woke us up!

This war is different to all others. The ‘good guys’ have been planning it for many, many years. Each minute move planned strategically. People have been gathered from around the world. There is not a country anywhere that is not involved. This is ‘ good vs evil ‘… nothing more, nothing less!

When the time was right

Their evil amusements

When the time was right, the war began. This war was not to be against a country, but against this evil Cabal, and everything related to their evil such as, sat/anic wor/ship, c/h/i/l/d s/e/x t/r/a/f/f/i/c//k/i/n/g, human traf/ficking, or/gan harv/esting, pedo/philia… etc. etc. etc.

These evil people were planning on completely ruling us… that is, the ones of us who would remain. De/pop/ulation was high on their agenda. Their plan was to have only about 500 thousand (Edit: Oops, I mean half a billion!) of us left living, as they felt that would give them enough to use as their slaves. Zombies most probably!

All along, these globalists have been planning a One World Government, with them ruling of-course. They have taken countless years to plan, with many of them living and dying as the plan outworked itself.

So now here we are in the midst of a war that most people don’t even realise is going on! How could this be?

Trained to be obedient

The globalists have trained us all well to be obedient to their wishes. Through our schooling (sit down and shut up) and then on into college and university, the training continued. Further to that, we have been trained not to question. We cannot and do not use critical thinking. There is no going against the status quo and if you do, you are called a conspiracy theorist. In other words, you are caught up in fairy tales and not worth the time of day to listen to.

An amazing plan unfolds for good vs evil

But… there is a God…

When President Kennedy was assassinated, it started the ball rolling. He was aware of what they were doing and spoke out against it. Within the week he was dead.

But others, who had also become aware of their evil, gathered together and swore to bring the Cabal down.

Thus began the planning in earnest… and then the outworking of the plan.

Part of the globalists’ plan was to bring in a one world financial system, once again, for their benefit. This is known as the Great Reset. This is not to be confused with the Quantum Financial System that the ‘good guys’ are bringing in.

Don’t be deceived!

Via the Great Reset, their plan was to abolish much of what we regard as normal in our lives today, including family life, marriage, religion, owning your own property, and even getting rid of governments as we know them. Of-course, they didn’t want any monarchies, so they’d have to go.

The Globalists were inclusive in that they managed to organise the monarchies and all the governments to further their plan. By the switching of votes, through the Dominion Voting System, they could have whoever they wished in power. This person had to be a puppet and easily swayed.

COVID-19 Roadmap: 12 Step Plan To Create A Totalitarian “New World Order” – We’re On Number 8, Headed Towards Number 9!

One by one, country by country, they moved their plan forwards.

Eventually they took control, or started:

  • Pharmaceuticals (hence they were against all natural medicines)
  • Medicine (doctors only allowed to prescribe drugs… their drugs)
  • Government (only their puppets allowed to control the states and/or country. The idea that government worked on behalf of the people was removed)
  • Police (no longer able to uphold proper law with hands tied behind their backs)
  • Banking Cabal (Gatherers of finance for the Globalists.)
  • Religion (Seminaries infiltrated to make sure the Cabal’s agenda was promoted)
  • etc. etc.

The United Nations have a catch-cry called Build Back Better, or Building Back Better. It was taken up by JB and even Pope Francis was in full agreement with it.

It’s interesting how in lower case it looks very much like 666 which is the Globalist’s battle cry against humanity. This is the sign they make to one another to show they are all on the same team. You will see this with many Hollywood artists – acting and music.

They are out after us and will stop at nothing to achieve their end result… except…

***DRUM ROLL ***

Along came President Trump! This was part of the ‘good guys’ plan of-course.

White Hats verses Black Hats

  • The Black Hats are all those who belong to the Cabal.
  • The White Hats are all those who belong to the group who swore together to bring down the Cabal. These are top military officials gathered from around the world etc.

Immediately President Trump was put in power, the outworking of the war against the Cabal came into full effect. I am to believe it was going on well before then, but they needed someone like Trump to be able to further their plans.

So to keep the world occupied as they carried out their stealth exercises, it has been caught up with strange ‘viruses’, wearing masks, social distancing, closing of small businesses around the world, BLM and Antifa riots, 5G, submitting to the ‘shot’, etc.

Yes, that has kept everyone very occupied! Strange how people have failed to see through some of this… such as how large stores were allowed to remain open while small stores had to close. Planes are allowed to be packed full, but you must social distance in the airports. Wear your mask from the front door to the restaurant table but then you can take it off. Pubs have been allowed to remain open but churches had to close. Didn’t this say something? Didn’t it make you ask questions?

Let’s lighten the mood, shall we…

OK, back to business…

Currently the world is caught up with the threat of the shot. Something else to keep us distracted.

The dire consequences of the shot

President Trump steps aside…

After four years, another election took place… an illegal election. President Trump knew right from the outset how it was going to work out as it was all part of their strategic planning.

There were two voting systems in place… the Dominion Voting System and unbeknowns to virtually everyone else, the Quantum Voting System. With the Quantum system, the White Hats watched as the fraud took place. Soon it will all be revealed.

Long story short, President Trump stepped aside and allowed the illegal so-called president Bi/den to pretend to take over. We all know from that moment forwards, it’s been a downward trail. Instead of ‘America First’, it’s been ‘globalists first’… not that they call it that.

America First… or what?

But… President Trump is so obviously still in charge from behind the scenes. He had to step down, but not step out, to further bring down the Cabal. They were everywhere… state governments and the court system were all totally riddled with them. He exposed them all!

ALL of this has been to wake up the people! So many incredibly stupid things taking place, all designed to make people go ‘Whaaaatttt?’

Unfortunately many are so trained, brainwashed, believers of everything the media says, etc., that many have still not realised what is going on.

They will soon though. In the near future there will be a revealing of all that has been going on. There have been millions of arrests. People who used to be so outspoken, we don’t hear from them anymore. Where have they gone? Isn’t someone asking these questions?

In the midst of it all, keep your calm. Don’t allow all the nonsense and the things you don’t understand to worry you. Good things are happening behind the scenes and soon all will be revealed to the world. Good vs evil and remember, God wins!


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