Greatest Uprising Against Evil – Are You Ready To Join

greatest uprising against evil

Today we have the greatest uprising against evil ever to happen in the history of humanity. I would like to encourage you to join with thousands of others so we can flood this world with truth and help win the war.

Are you ready to raise your hand and come work together with us? Join the teamwork of patriots from every country on earth helping to fortify the front-line workers, in the battle of all battles, with positivity and truth?

A hidden enemy… or is it?

In my last post we took a look at how the enemy is hidden in plain sight from us all.

Easy to spot when you know who it is

Down through the ages, different people have been seen as the enemy… the Romans, the Germans, the Japanese, the Muslims, the Koreans… so on and so forth.

None of these people listed, or any of those who have not been listed, were ever truly the enemy. We need to look at who is behind, not just what we see.

It all began at the beginning

Right back in the Garden of Eden, Satan began to bring humanity down. He’s the ultimate enemy. All evil happenings link back to him.

Remember in the last post I said that Satan is not omnipresent? This means he doesn’t have the ability to be everywhere at the same time. Like us, he can only be in one place at any given time.

Although he likes to think of himself as god, he is not God. To this end, he has worked through demon spirits to spread himself far and wide. He is the boss and they answer to him and do his bidding.

We can’t see the rat with our normal eyes, but never-the-less he is real enough. Working through the fallen angels, or the demon spirits, he’s been able to infiltrate every area of society.

So tell me again, who is at the head of this?

Now that our eyes are being opened to what is going on, we realise that he has been working through a specific group of people – the 13 bloodline families and all their extended families. They have been ruling the world for a very long time with their evil plan.

This family has been known as the ‘Head of the Beast”. One of the first things President Trump did was ‘cut the head off the beast’! Apparently the heads of the 13 bloodline families were all gathered together at a convention. I don’t know the details, but according to those who have connections with the White Hats, President Trump rounded them all up and arrested them.

With these people being under the control of the devil himself, and being the ones who were in control of all those under them, this was one of the most important happenings during President Trump’s presidency.

Imagine a headless snake! Not too much to be afraid of anymore is there? But never-the-less it wriggles and writhes until its life drains out of it.

Now this family group had a huge team of their own, and through them they were able to infiltrate every area of society. They took places of authority all through the government, law, police, medical, banking, education etc. (it’s a very long list), and even church leadership.

As President Trump visited all the government powers around the world, one by one they capitulated to him. This is because he exposed dossiers of information that his team had gathered against each one of them, exposing their evil deeds.

You can learn much about it here:

World Leaders Capitulate to President Trump

Not everyone is evil… it’s just the few at the very top

I need to express here that not everyone in the above mentioned departments are evil! Not by a long shot! There are many good solid citizens working for the good of humanity, but in an evil system.

  • Even in the government you find good people, they are just few and far between unfortunately.
  • Ministers of the Gospel are generally good people, but did they go through a seminary where truth was distorted? Horrible thought.
  • Doctors are generally good people with a love and desire to help humanity, but they were trained by Big Pharma on how to push their drugs.
  • Teachers of Education are generally good people but they are told what they may teach. In reality, they didn’t sign up for that!

All this evil has caused these good people to stand up on their feet and have the greatest uprising!

Happy to leave!

As we know, President & Melania Trump left the White House. Did you notice how happy they were?

The media were portraying it as if he had failed and that the votes were stacked against him. Shouldn’t he have looked even a little sad?

But no, they were glad to be out of that place! Why?

Living on top of a snake pit

He found out, only days before he left the White House that they had been living on top of a snake pit… a very evil snake pit! There were areas of the White House even he was not allowed in to.

But they found out that underneath them was a huge D/U/M/B filled with every kind of abomination. Horrifying stuff!

Many wondered why the high fences were built around Washington, especially seeing that the locks were on the outside. They were designed to keep people inside, not to keep the people on the inside safe. Nothing of the sort.

The military were there in droves and had one of the worst imaginable jobs to perform. As they entered through the tunnels underneath the White House, they came upon…ugh! I’m going to allow this report below to explain:

Unfortunately, when I saved this information off Fa/ce/bo/ok I didn’t grab the writer. So because of this, I cannot confirm it to be true. But, I’ve heard other Truthers talking about it, and with all the strange happenings around the White House, something was definitely going on.

The devil hungers…

The devil has a hunger for human flesh. He want’s nothing more than to kill, steal and destroy.

“The thief (the devil) comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came so that they would have life, and have it abundantly.”

New American Standard Bible John 10:10

Just think what he has done to those young lives… babies, children… he has stolen their very lives; he’s killed them painfully; and destroyed any hope of normalcy. He’s done this to countless millions, right under out feet… out of sight.

He demands to be worshipped. His demons enter people, as they allow it, because they believe it when he promises them fame, fortune and power. But, these same demons have a deep hunger for human flesh.

So, in response to this, they perform satantic rituals involving the sacrifice of babies. It’s been going on for thousands of years, one way and another.

The time is now! Be involved in the greatest uprising against evil known to humanity.

The time has come when the God of Creation has said… “Enough is enough”. This is when He is cleaning up this mess, once and for all.

God works with, in and through His people. We don’t just sit back and simply watch the show as God does the work. No! He’s chosen powerful men and women to work on this plan for years. He’s raised up right-hearted people to carry out the work. It is all His planning.

When you think that this satanic evil has been taking place for thousands of years, isn’t it amazing just how far we have come in just a few? Once the time was right and men and women in the know were fully prepared, the job began.

These people, known simply as the White Hats, the Alliance Team, the (*Q*) Team, the Military… is a world wide movement. These dedicated people are working quietly in the background, not receiving any accolades for the work they are performing.

President Trump was part of the plan for many years before he became president. How many accolades did he receive for all he accomplished. Virtually none! The media saw to that.

Don’t worry, he’s not finished yet!

Where’s the proof?

Unfortunately, there are people all over the world who are demanding proof! We will have more than sufficient proof when the time is right. How can we expect these people to do what they have to do, in the war above all other wars, and be putting out a newsletter telling the world what they have accomplished and what they are doing?

Even Dr Charlie Ward, who has over 10 millions followers, is sometimes used to put out misinformation designed to put the enemy off! The enemy listens to him and what he’s saying! The White Hats tell him what they did, after the fact! We must remember that the enemy has eyes and ears too!

Who’s side are you on?

Greatest uprising against evil… are you ready to stand up and be counted?

God has also raised up thousands of people all over the world to back the work of the front-liners. We do this through making videos, social media, posts and any way we can to wake up the sleeping masses.

This is the greatest uprising against evil of all time. It’s amazing to think we can play such an important role from within our own homes.

Do we always get it right? I would say no! It’s not really a matter of trying always to get it right. We are more endeavouring to give sufficient information to cause people to begin to do their own research.

None of us have all the answers. Each of us have a little bit of truth. This is why we need to involve much time listening to others and doing our own research.

Also, we have the msm against us. They mock us in every possible way. They are being used by the enemy to spread lies and deceit… and misinformation. Unfortunately, most of the world listen to them through their news broadcasts.

But people are waking up… one by one. Many are asking what’s going on. They see that things simply don’t make sense! Each will become aware when it’s their time. We all have our own personal journey.

Remember, God wins! Come join the winning team.

How can I help?

Raise your hand and get started! Help and aid the cause by spreading my posts! Get them out there. That’s just one little way. Join me on Telegram so you don’t miss any of my updates.

Search out others who are all involved in trying to do the same. For instance, who likes to think of himself as a 60 year old grandfather just trying to search out the truth.

You may be interested in the enormous amount of information here: Associates Online.

Can you imagine what it will be like as we together defeat this evil by having the greatest uprising of all time? Have faith in our Commander-in-Chief, the God of all Creation, who when He speaks, it shall be done! Follow His leading and do your part. We can all play an important role defeating evil by the spread of good.



  1. I agree and want to help. You mentioned it all started with Adam and Eve. I just published my book “A Dialogue with the Lord God” wherein I explain that the big plan started 6000 years ago. Everything that happened in the Old Testament was planed by this High Priest, who called Himself the “Lord God”, but he is not God.
    The Lord God (Imposter) was planning to control the whole world. Even the Illuminati, the WHO and the NWO are under the influence of this “god of this world” and they don’t even know it. The only way to change this world for the good is going back to our pristine origins way, Our Father’s way.

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