Take-Down of the Evil Plan – Did You Know This?

Take-Down of the Evil Plan

Did you know about this take-down of the evil plan? It’s been in action in our world for a very long time.

Every single one of us alive today, have been living under the thumb of the Cabal. They have ruled over us in every way. While we believe we are free, we have actually been far from it.

They have ruled us from the monarchy to the Vatican, and everything else in-between. Our governments, our school systems, our universities, our medical doctors… areas including science, pharmaceuticals, the food we eat, the seminaries from which our pastors and ministers trained. I could go on, and on.

Nothing has been left untouched, and yet we are so used to it we accept it all as normal.

We are living in a time of history where gradually more and more folks are having their eyes opened to the truth of what is really going on around us. We learn a little here, and a little there… gradually joining all the dots together until we finally hit a real ‘ah-ha’ moment.

Once we learn, we cannot unlearn.

Abuse of Children

The biggest eye-opener of all is the way they have been treating children for more years than I like to think of. That has all come to light… finally. We have all been aware of it, to a certain degree, but most all, just like me, had no idea of the far-reaching extent of the debauchery.

Praise God, a time came when our Lord God said it was time to act! It was according to His plan that PT would be elected… a man full of grit and determination.

Evil Plan Revealed

I want you to watch this video produced by Charlie and Colleen Freak. Charlie explains step by step, the actions taken by PT and the Team. It’s truly remarkable.

I ask you to keep an open mind. Some of the things you’ll hear about, you may reject to begin with, but if so, do your research… so the truth can be revealed to you.

In fact, everything you hear about from me, or anyone else, you need to double check through your own research. We have about a dozen different people we tune into along the way. Gradually, as you do that, the true story becomes more and more obvious as time goes on.

So grab yourself some popcorn and a drink and settle back… I can’t ask you to enjoy as some things will be quite disturbing. But if you haven’t already learnt a lot of this, it’s time you did, as it will make things a little easier for you as it all comes out within the next weeks and months. They are going to be revealing names of people which will shock you to the core.

This is the take-down of the evil plan that has been outworking around us on a daily basis, one way and another.

What They Intended for Evil, God Turns For Good

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  1. God bless you Marilyn. I have learnt a lot of this over the last 5 years but it still makes me cry about the children. Can’t imagine what horrors and pain they suffered it makes me so angry that these monsters got away with it. They’re mentally insane. Love your site and follow you on Telegram.
    Much love to you and all the good souls on this earthly plain.

    Watching with bated breath from the UK

    • I’m with you Caroline! We learnt about these horrors, bit by bit. Imagine someone who is totally unaware and suddenly begin to learn all about it. I shudder to think.
      Yes, they have got away with it for a very long time. But not anymore! They will pay but I doubt whatever is done to them will be far less then what they did to our little ones.
      Can’t wait for it all to be over.
      Thanks for the follow on telegram… we need to encourage each other.

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