Don’t Panic – Trap Exposing Evil – Just Watch the Movie!

Don't Panic - Trap Exposing Evil - Just Watch the Movie!

I encourage you… don’t panic. The trap exposing evil has been set. They fell right into it! Hurray! It’s time to just watch the movie as it plays out.

It’s important that you realise that what is currently going on in the US has not caught the ‘good buys’ by surprise. Oh no… they knew exactly what they were up against long ago.

PT has known for many years that the voting systems were fraudulent. I’m going to give you a little idea of at least one way they’ve been getting away with it.

I watched Santa Surfing this morning… I’ll put her video below as she explains very well how it works.

Taken during US Elections 2020

For a start let’s take a little look at this. If you look in the red area on the left, you will see the time is 10.27pm. I’m guess this is somewhere in the States, but the fact is that voting had closed just 27 minutes earlier in Hawaii.

Then look to see how many votes had been counted – 0% for both Trump and Biden.

Now look to the far right and see a green check mark for Biden as if he had already won!

This is a chart made up by Santa Surfing. You can see that it’s an Excel Sheet and as you follow the letters at the top they run from A to I across the sheet.

The Trap Exposing Evil

The highlighted NC stands for North Carolina.

Under B you can see on the headings that North Carolina has 5,160,000 registered voters.

Then under C you can see the 5,387,496 people have voted.

Following, under D you can see that apparently 104.41% of the number of registered voters in North Carolina turned out to vote! Excuse me?? Really, how is that possible?

When the two totals of Trump (F) and Biden (H) are added together they add up to 5,387,799 which agrees with the tally under votes in (C).

The news, at that particular time, was reporting that only 94% had been counted. Once again, how is this possible when it clearly says under D 104.41% .

What they are doing is obvious and out there for all to see.

Just Throw Different Figures Out… No-one will Notice!

Then Santa Surfing checked another state. This time Pennsylvania. In this case the news reported that only 64% of the votes had been counted. But upon added both the Trump and Biden votes together it was clear that 85.91% of the votes had already been counted.

As you can see this is showing up just a little of what could definitely be fraud during this election.

The problem is, everyone remains glued to the mainline news, moment by moment counts during election time. No-one takes the time to cross-check if all of what they are saying is actually true.

OK, take a few minutes to watch her video so you can see exactly where she came up with the numbers.

Quantum Voting System was Ready

Did PT have to go through all of this? I don’t believe so. Do I understand why he chose this way? Not at all… except apparently, this was the best way to catch them out at their own game.

The ‘good guys’ have the Quantum Voting System all ready to go. We were fully expecting that it would be used for these elections. This is a system where people vote from their phones or computers and once voted, it’s impossible to them to pass in another vote. It’s also impossible for fraudulent votes to come in from dead relatives. You could include in that… the dog and the hen out in the back yard.

But I do remember hearing that they may go the usual voting way first. What they would do then is follow it up with the Quantum voting system. I don’t know what their plan is, except that it is so important to rat out the evil, so we can get on with good.

PT has amazing plans for us all.

Although things are not immediately obvious to the Americans and all around the world who are taking great interest in this vote, we have been encouraged to ‘trust the plan’. They know what they are doing… trust them.

Fake News Reporting

I was not at all surprised this morning to learn that PT was blamed for being a ‘poor loser’. This was even before the election was called. The news were saying that because he was falling behind he would contest it in court. Never mind the fact that these figures, as reported above, were all blatantly obvious to PT! Remember that he was bent on exposing the corruption.

It’s only a matter of time before all these media people will be removed. It won’t be surprising if they are left facing treason charges.

But as for you… don’t panic as the trap exposing evil is being worked out before our very eyes. Indeed… just watch the movie!

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