The Good Global Currency Reset versus the Evil

The Good Global Currency Reset versus the Evil

It occurs to me there is a great deal of confusion about what’s going on with our currencies. Let’s take a look at the good Global Currency Reset versus the Evil!

On the Internet there are lots of warnings regarding the coming Global Currency Reset. It really concerns you as you read as it’s scary stuff!

Thankfully, what the Deep State planned for evil, President Trump and the Alliance are planning for good!

There is a system soon coming out that will bring with it freedom and safety like we have never before experienced.

It’s all part of Nesara/Gesara… and the long overdue Jubilee.

Deep State One Global Currency

The Bad News!

  • The New World Order have been planning for a long time to bring out one single currency to be used by the entire world. It would be fully digitized which would enable them to be in complete control of all individual’s finances.
  • Most of us are unaware of the fact that the old fiat system we currently use, is completely unlawful and counterfeit. It’s like Monopoly money, with the Central banks deliberately debasing the currency at the same time.
  • Under their system, there would have been no cash at all, which brings with it a whole host of problems.

Note: The terms Deep State, Cabal, Globalists, Illuminati, etc are all part of the New World Order. As we read these terms although they can have different meanings, they are often in use interchangeably.

Global Currency Reset / Revaluation

The Good News!

Fortunately, the Global Currency Reset is coming with many benefits and here are just a few:

  • All currencies from around the world will reset and have the exact same value as the currency in all other countries.
    • Special Investment Note: If you have purchased currency from one of the badly affected nations such as Iraq (dinar) Vietnam (dong), Zimbabwe (zim), when the reset is performed the value of those currencies potentially could increase enormously.
  • All currency has the backing of GOLD.
  • Each coin or note will have a gold certificate to validate authenticity.
  • Each country will maintain its own currency.
  • The USD (United States Dollar) will become the USN (United States Note). I haven’t heard how it effects currencies in other countries.
  • Cash will still be available in every country for at least the next ten years.
  • Transfer of funds across the world happens in minutes. No longer will banks be able to use your money mid-transfer to create funds for themselves. This racket, completely unlawful, is perpetrated by banks worldwide… by the Deep State.
  • This will prevent fraudulent transactions and the funding of known terrorist operations as the currency is fully traceable.

Quantum Financial System

The Great News!

  • A new Quantum Financial System is currently undergoing testing which in easy words, controls how finances work.
  • For eight years, a huge team tried to hack the system. To this date, it’s unhackable.
  • There are no system equivalents anywhere.
  • During beta testing, people have had random debts forgiven. This has happened around the globe.
  • If someone steals funds, arrests will quick as all currency is assigned a digital tracking number.
  • There is agreement by all the nations to use the new Quantum System. Without it, international trade would not be possible.

  • All currencies will rise and fall in par with one another according to the value of gold.

Cabal Panic!

The Best News!

  • This system will completely destroy the Rothschild Central Banking system which has been enslaving the world population through the control of the world economy.
  • Now the Cabal, in a total panic, are shaking in their boots! President Trump and his team and the Alliance team of 8,000, have them in their sights. They drop like ripe figs off a tree, as the wind blows!
  • The truth is coming out… and guess what? They can’t stop it.
  • But they are still trying… they are still trying to control us by using Covid-19, social distancing, face masks, riots, 5G, Black Lives Matter… anything they can conjure up to try to bring us back under control and to suppress the process.
  • Of-course, the media is on their side, as they own and control them. They continually feed lies to the believing nations, and misrepresent any of the good happening in the world. It’s time to stop listening to their lies and begin to think for yourself. Go on, admit it… you have so many questions, don’t you?

I hope this makes it a little clearer for you as you read The Good Global Currency Reset versus the Evil. Truly, there is nothing to be concerned about… it’s all good!

More Gold Than You Can Imagine Found in the Tunnel



  1. They say there will be 14-17% tax on clothes but I don’t know what happens when the Replicators come in as that tax will not be collected and not needed.

    • I’ve heard that the taxing will only be on new and unnecessary items. Do you think clothing fits that bill? I guess if someone bought excessively maybe, but generally I don’t think so. Anyway, they are just thoughts… the reality will kick in once it really gets going.

  2. I have read that the funds in our bank will be mirrored by the QFS. I inherited some money 2 years ago and it is earmarked so I pray what I have read is true. I believe the Alliance have been working on this for longer than a few years and every account has been checked. Thats a lot of accounts but there are some very clever good people in our world and this all takes time.

  3. What happens to the money we now have? Do we loose it all? For example the balance in your bank account? The mutual funds or tax free savings accounts (Canada) of the money in your wallet or sock drawer?

    • Hi Joanne!
      It would be a terrible thing if we all lost our hard-earned money in the change-over, wouldn’t it!
      It’s ok… the QFS has been working alongside the current banking system for more than 12 months… it knows exactly what you have in all your bank accounts.
      Of-course I don’t think it knows what you have in your wallet or your sock drawer 🙂 But when the time comes, you will be able to take it all in and have it added to the QFS.
      Nothing to worry about here.

  4. I am on SS Disability which is my only income. I am 63 and can you explain how that will work? Also,…what about property taxes and auto excise tax and inspection sticker, etc. Thanks

    • Hi Kathy,
      All we have been told is that those on pensions will be a whole lot better off once Nesara/Gesara kicks in. No, I can’t explain exactly how it will work.
      There will be no taxes of any kind except on unessential items which will be between 14-17%.
      I hope that helps.

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