How to Think for Ourselves and Overcome Virus Fear-Mongering

Overcome Virus fear-mongering

Take back power and learn how to think for yourself and overcome virus fear-mongering!

This video starts off with Jason Shurka mentioning that everything at this time is happening faster and faster, going at an incredible rate.

If you watched my video on what is happening in the sky, you will notice that the planet Jupiter is racing towards Saturn… so much faster than it was ever going before. It makes me wonder if the two are related??

Questions and Answers with Dr Larry Polansky.
(Youtube took down the video I previously shared in this space.)

Jason shares some information from Dr Larry Polansky which is very informative:

There are three ways to go about gaining knowledge –

  1. Using your intuition
  2. Listening to what others are telling you
  3. Applying critically thinking

Dr Polansky says that basically we have lost numbers 1 and 3. Now we use only number 2 – (listening to what others are telling you).

This would explain why we are in the position we find ourselves in today, because no-one is thinking for themselves anymore!

Charlie Ward has done over 3,000 hours of research and has spoken to over 100 doctors who understand what is going on. These doctors have spoken with Charlie at length, but most of them have asked not to be identified, as of-course, they could lose their careers for speaking out. They have agreed that there will be an appropriate time… just not now.

As Jason is good friends with Dr Larry Polansky, here is some of what he has learned…

Overcome Virus Fear-Mongering

What is a fever? Is it bad… or good?

  • A fever is part of the body’s defense system.
  • It means that something is not correct so the intelligent body heats up in order to kill off whatever is not right.
  • So, a fever is working for you, not telling you that you are sick.

What is a tumour (can**cer)?

  • A tumour encapsulates something that is trying to hurt you.
  • It’s the body’s defense system to help you to stay alive.
  • It gives you a chance to fight back.
  • If you have a biopsy it makes a hole and lets the can**cer out as you have stopped it from doing its job.
  • Cutting the tumour out doesn’t address the problem as to why it’s there in the first place! That is what needs to be addressed.

What is a virus?

  • It’s part of the body’s defense mechanism.
  • They are micro-organisms that exist everywhere.
  • They are on our food, on every surface, in the air we breathe etc. etc. etc. We do not need to be near people to get them as they are absolutely everywhere.
  • Just by touching someone, you could give them a virus from on your hands… this is totally normal and an unavoidable part of life.

So when does a virus become active?

It becomes active when your body is being poisoned by something… so it activates in order to detoxify your body.

You cannot become sick from a virus, but if there is something wrong on the inside of you, a virus will activate. It has nothing to do with passing viruses from one person to another, or of it being contageous.

What could be going wrong on the inside of you?

  • All manner of things such as:
  • Chlorine and fluoride in the water you’re drinking.
  • Sprays on the food you are eating.
  • It could be radiation.
  • Any or all of these things have the ability to activate a virus on the inside of you as your body needs to be detoxified.

Why do groups of people become sick at the same time?

The reason a group of people can all become sick in the one area, at the one time, is because there is something else going on that synchronizes us together.

For example… if there were 20 women all living in the same quarters. Over time at least 15 of those 20 would find that there periods would be synchronized. Their periods are certainly not contagious!

We notice that the ‘virus’ happens in groups of people around the world, not just on individuals randomly. This is because those particular people are living where the external conditions favour their bodies to detox, therefore it will happen to them at the same time.

But… only those who are in the need of a detox will succumb.

The virus is not the enemy, but rather is a friend trying to help you in your time of need!

Covid-19 ‘Symptoms’… do they come from Radiation Poisoning or a lack of Zinc?

Jason believes there is also the potential that radiation poisoning are the cause of the loss of smell and taste. This can happen in areas where 5G is in operation.

I would also like to add… could it be a simple lack of Zinc?

It was so encouraging to me to hear what Jason had learnt from Dr Larry Polansky. Do you know why? Because it lines up so perfectly with what I have learned along the way.

And… the information also lines up exactly with what Rolf Krahnert said on How Current Events Relate to End Times.

There is no need to live in fear of something that’s not real. It’s time to overcome virus fear-mongering and learn to us our intuition. Failing that, learn to use some critical thinking by asking yourself if what they say is making sense to you.


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