CDC Admits its Own Covid Research Destroys Official Narrative!

CDC Admits its Own Covid Research Destroys Official Narrative!

The Centre for Disease Control admits that its own Covid research doesn’t line up with the official narrative. This is according to work published by Makia Freeman on 26th October, 2020 in The Freedom Articles – get a Dose of the Truth, taken from the official government article:

This happened back in June.

It’s a sham to program us and bring us under control by the government in preparation for the New World Order takeover.

But listen, don’t be afraid… the evil NWO are in the process of being completely taken down… what they meant for evil is being turned around for good:

In this post I’m going to let the links given below explain as they do such a perfect job.

Infection Failure in Covid Research

  • This is a big one as it explains how they couldn’t get the ‘virus’ to infect human tissue.
  • Also explains how it is really just something from someone’s wild imagination.

Stitched Together

  • A stitched together entity
  • Covid Positives are not cases; Asymptomatic people are not sick!
  • The Hoax of Asymptomatic transmission
    • Fauci admitts “asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks” and that “an epidemic is not driven by asymptomatic carriers.” 
    • Remember, this is at its heart a psychological operation. 
    • The NWO controllers orchestrating this plandemic are trying to erode your self-trust, self-confidence and self-knowledge.
    • They are attempting to trick you into thinking that you can’t possibly know if you are healthy; you can’t feel your own body and the fact you have no pains, aches or symptoms.
    • They want you to think you could still be contagious!
    • You have to rely on something outside of yourself (COVID PCR tests, antibody tests, drugs, vaccines), whether it’s Big Pharma or Big Government, for your health and safety.
    • This, like all the other NWO agendas, is a battle of perception and a form of mind control.

The Covid-19 Fake Pandemic

  • Are RNA Samples proof of a New Coronavirus?
  • We all have Viruses, all the time, as part of our Virome and Immune System
  • Fake Tests for a Fake Pandemic

11 Covid Assumptions!:

  • The method of counting Covid deaths is sensible and accurate
  • The PCR test for Covid is accurate
  • The antibody test for Covid is accurate
  • The Covid case count is rising
  • Thermal imagine/screening for Covid is effective
    • Taking people’s temperature by pointing a gun at their head is blatant conditioning. It sends the subliminal message that the State is all powerful and can aim a gun-like device at your head, and you are powerless to do anything but submit. Never allow this!
    • On a practical level, taking people’s temperatures has no effect in stopping viral spread.
    • Even if someone has an elevated temperature, what does that mean? There is a natural variation in human body temperatures; everyone operates at a slightly different temperature.
    • Besides, even if your temperature is elevated, that could be because you were just exercising, running to catch a flight, just had an angry conversation with someone, just got the phone after a stressful call, had to discipline a disobedient child, etc.
    • Think about all the things that make you stressed and irritated, or raise your blood pressure, which could lead to an elevated temperature!
  • Asymptomatic people can spread the disease
  • Making schools adopt insanely restrictive measures will stop Covid spread
  • It’s a good idea for government to take… oops… abduct kids from Covid positive parents
  • Social distancing is backed by solid scientific evidence
  • Mask wearing for healthy people is backed by solid scientific evidence
  • We live in a world of indiscriminate killer viruses

Only Poisoned Monkey Kidney Cells ‘Grew’ the ‘Virus’!

This shows just how easy it is to bring the whole world to a grinding halt with disinformation. Unfortunately, people continue to blindly believe authorities who are full of lies and deception. They need to think and research for themselves.

All this information clearly shows that the Centre for Disease Control knew all along that their Covid research was nothing more than fraudulent.


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