Yom Kippur And Hunt For Red October Happening Now!

Yom Kippur

What exciting times we are blessed to be living in! What is the relationship between Red October and Yom Kippur?

Yom Kippur brings out the opportunity to seek forgiveness and to be forgiven during the ten days preceding, and therefore to be able to enter into unimageable joy thereafter.

Those refusing to repent, enter into the judgement of the Lord.

Red October to me, brings out all the drama that’s being enacted in our world today. It’s showing those not yet awake, how things would have been if God hadn’t stepped in and put a stop to it all.

Remember, God does not work alone… He works through His people.

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is the name of a particular Jewish holiday.

And why are we interested in Yom Kippur? What has that to do with anything? Most of us are not Jewish and can’t comprehend why we should take any notice of one of their holidays.

Let me try to explain:

The reason we should care is because of everything that’s going on in our world today. Whether we like it or not, The Great Awakening is following closely to the Jewish calendar.

So what is Yom Kippur?

The words Yom Kippur means the ‘Day of Atonement’. To explain it simply, I found a page written for children. For those of us who are not Jewish, it will explain in simple language to give a good understanding:

A simple explanation

It is the most holy day in the Jewish Year and the beginning of their new year.

In our Western culture, many people on New Year’s Day, spend time quietly contemplating what they would like to do better in the coming year. Many people laugh about it because it’s well known that New Year Resolutions generally last no longer than a week before they’re forgotten.

Not being Jewish, and just trying to get a hold of what Yom Kippur means to them, I do feel they put a whole lot more into it than we do. For most of us, it’s not more than an excuse to party the night before, so that on the first day of the year a great many spend the day suffering with a very sore head!

A serious day of soul-searching

Meanwhile, the Jewish people believe it’s a day when God decides what will happen to them in the year ahead. So with this in mind, they treat it quite seriously.

On the ten days leading up to Yom Kippur, known as the ‘Feast of Trump’, they try to amend their behaviour and seek forgiveness for any wrong they may have done against others. They try to make sure that everything is put right because on Yom Kippur, they will confess their own sins to God and ask Him for forgiveness.

Generally, the Christian community does not keep these feasts as laid out in the Old Testament. Most consider they are no longer relevant. But God did say to keep these feasts perpetually!

“But that’s just for the Jews!” you argue.

Everyone who loves God, and Jesus is their Lord and Saviour, has already been grafted in. We are all Jews! There were the original God-loving Jews, and now it includes those in our world who also love Creator God, the true source of all life.

Now I’m not talking about the Khazarian Mafia! Those who pretend to be Jews… oh no! I’m talking about the real Jews.

He was the final sacrifice

As Christians, we understand that Jesus fulfilled the law. He was the sacrificial lamb. All the previous animal sacrifices were pointing to the real sacrifice. Once it was completed through Jesus, there’s no more need for them.

He paid the price on behalf of all of us, so that we don’t have to follow these old rules of animal sacrifice anymore. Praise God for that! All that ended at the cross.

But the feasts were to be kept ‘perpetually’!

The more I learn at this time, the more I can comprehend why God said to keep them. It wasn’t a matter of keeping some empty, mindless ceremonies, but a real time of seeking the Lord.

This is because they tell of so much more.

Of-course these feasts are not generally taught in Christian circles, so I didn’t ever understand the power connected to them. I’m much more interested now though, as they bring out the truth of what is happening in this very day we are living in.

You see, God has thought of everything, and of-course knew it was going to happen at this time, from way back then!

Day of Judgement has arrived

Yesterday, starting on the evening of the 5th October and through into the 6th October was Yom Kippur. It’s the Day of Atonement. Everything needs to be set right.

What major wrong needed to be set right? Who is it that has refused to put things right with humanity? You’ve got it! The Cab/al!

Now they are in huge trouble and experiencing the wrath of God!

Yom Kippur in action!

They are trembling with fear! That is, those that may still remain. They’ve had every opportunity to confess, but they wouldn’t budge. They’ve just kept on with their horror show and have no remorse. I do believe maybe some took a step back, and therefore will receive a lesser punishment for their evil deeds, but maybe not that many.

So the day of Yom Kippur is when the Jewish people learn the outcome. Unfortunately for them, they are never quite sure of what will happen. They may do all in their power to be right with God, but the uncertainty remains.

This is where it’s very different for us. We know our outcome, not because of anything we have done, but because of what has been done for us. He has exchanged our sin for His righteousness.

But the C/abal have done nothing to get right with God. God’s forgiveness is always there, but they have not sought it.

The Hunt for Red October

A time is coming when we ALL will realise who our enemy is. People will finally realise that our enemy is the N/ew Wor/ld O/rder C/abal. There will never be another enemy of this type and nature, ever again.

We’ve all heard of Red October, but how many of us have any idea of what it’s all about? Not many, me included. What will take place that will make us look back in the future and remember this as Red October?

It’s happening now readers, right before our very eyes. Can you see it?

‘The Hunt for Red October’ was a movie set back in 1984. It’s about the Soviet Union’s best submarine, a violation of orders and quick decision making… a movie full of excitement and tension as it plays out. The interesting part is, what they intended for others was turned back on themselves. The missile they fired ended up by blowing them out of the water!

We are now experiencing Red October!

What has happened? This month?

A Russian submarine has gone missing! It’s all over the Internet. They say it was carrying nuclear weapons capable of untold misery.

Now wait a minute… what was the old movie telling us?

Remember what happened? What was intended to wreck havoc on the people of this earth, was turned back on themselves!

That was a movie!

This is a movie!

God is in control and it’s the evil ones who are being removed from among us.

Most all have already been dealt with. They’ve been arrested, tried and met their outcome. What we are seeing now, as I’ve said many times before, is a movie being played out before the masses. This is because even if people were told the truth, they wouldn’t believe it. We have to feel the pain. Things have to get worse before they get better.

There is nothing to be afraid of. It will LOOK bad, because that is exactly what they planned for us. It was very bad. But it’s a movie… just showing us what it would be like living (or dying) under their jurisdiction.

Russia shown up as the bad guys

Don’t be afraid of Russia! We have always been brainwashed to believe they are the bad guys.

Putin is a White Hat. He’s working alongside Trump, Xi and Modi. It’s his part in the movie.

These people wanted war! America against Russia, and the whole world involved.

It’s going to LOOK like it will happen but it’s not going to happen.

Don’t be fearful. Trust God.

So how this relates to current happenings

Yom Kippur, in the Jubilee year, is the day when Biblically, debts are cancelled and all the captives are set free!

This is the Year of Jubilee!

So what does this remind us of?

Jubilee in action

Believers in the New Testament, do not only believe in it, but also comprehend that the New is the fulfillment of the Old. This book is not put aside and discarded as no longer being relevant, but rather it is considered all as one book. When you read the Old Testament, you read it through the eyes of the New, because Jesus came as the final sacrificial lamb.

The entire Book talks of what God did and what He’s going to do. Reading it these days is eye opening. Many times you wonder who it was that added those words in there because you have never ‘seen’ them before. God opens your eyes as you are ready.

This is the way it is concerning current world events. How completely relevant the words of the Old Testament are! The books in the New Testament confirm the Old Testament… very clearly now.

We are not just leading up to a new year. It is so much more than that. We are leading into a completely new era… a different world to what we know now.

Try to get your mind to conceive it

We have been passing through a time when evil, sinful people are being arrested and taken away to tribunals for crimes against humanity. Horrific crimes that will soon be made public for all to see.

These people have been given warning after warning. They needed to come clean and confess or meet up with some very serious consequences.

So here we are in the middle of this theatrical movie.

To recap…

Yom Kippur – is representative of the day of judgement for them, the Sat/ani/c Ca/bal, and the day of freedom for us!

Red October… representative of a time of great disclosure. This is where we learn, as a people together, of the horrific wrongs committed by evil people in our world. It’s to show us, with utter certainty, what NOT to be involved with going forward. Indeed, could we call it Revelation!


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