Greatest World War Of All Times Working Behind Scenes

Although times are troubled, the average Joe Blow does not realise that the world is at war. It’s a very serious war, and one that is bigger than all previous wars.

This is the war to end all wars!

Many people seem to hanging on by the skin of their teeth.

‘How long,’ they ask, ‘when will justice be served?’

I want to say that justice is being served virtually every day!

But we don’t hear about it, do we?

We are in the 20% realm

Look, we have been told that we only get to learn 20% of what is going on… maximum. There is an awful lot over in that 80% that we have yet to hear about.

I keep saying it, and I want to say it yet again… we are in a world wide war!

No, I don’t mean Russia against Ukraine! I mean a world war that’s happening in every country, at the same time!

The ‘Good Guys’ can’t go spilling the beans and allowing the enemy to hear, now can they?

Because we live in a digital age, we expect to learn everything immediately.

But the enemy can read too!

The complaint continues… ‘But nothing is happening!’


Is that what you believe?

Way back in March 2020, was when I first heard that the plan was to bring down the world’s economy to usher in the Global Financial System.

Can we see the world’s economy falling?

You betcha!

Back then we were told of the following that will occur:

  • Virus
  • 5G
  • Riots
  • Vaccines
  • Fake Alien invasion (if required)

Now let’s see whether anything has been happening or not:


OK, is there anyone who would like to debate this with me? No, I didn’t think so! Our lives have been ruled by this so called virus.


As we are all aware, 5G is out and about. 5G was not simply an upgrade on telecommunications, but an evil weapon in disguise.


Unfortunately, we’ve seen enough of these. Black Lives Matter. Antifa. People dressed up as Trump supporters to cast the blame onto the innocent, but who were really riot squads.

An arguments there?


Once again, our lives have been ruled and/or destroyed in many cases, by these vaccine mandates.

Alien Invasion

As ‘they’ said, this would only be used if necessary.

Necessary for what?

Many people are primed ready to receive aliens from outer space. People often say they have always believed in aliens since they were very young. I guess it’s no wonder considering all the sci-fi there’s been over the years, sowing ideas into young heads.

Anyway, I’m not going to go there… it apparently has not happened yet.

It could though… it’s amazing what can be done through CGI (computer generated images), laser beams and modern technology.

So, please don’t tell me that nothing is happening!

Arrests, arrests and more arrests!

Through the 20% intel that comes our way, we’ve heard of the millions of people who have been taken captive, tried and potentially executed for their serious crimes against humanity… including treasonous acts against their countries.

We have not seen absolute evidence of that yet, but have been promised it’s coming.

Meanwhile, what has been more than obvious to any observant person, is the fact that most of our prominent ‘leaders’ or folk from Hollywood etc, don’t look like they used to.

If you haven’t noticed this, please look closer.

Notice the shape of their face, the placement of their eyes, or their ears.

There are so many giveaways to let us know that it’s not who they are saying they are.

Body doubles. Silicon masks. Clones?

Whoever, whatever, these people are not the original version.


If nothing has been happening, why has it become necessary for all this deception?

May I yet remind you… we are in a world war!

Deception is necessary in the Acts of War.

If God is at the head of all what is going on, and I believe He is, He works by His own timing. We don’t always comprehend God’s timing, but He knows all, can see all, and knows the very best end result.

I found this word from Diana Larkin really interesting.

September 25, 2022

“Just as My ways are not natural man’s ways and My thoughts are not natural man’s thoughts, so the MYSTERY OF MY TIMING is puzzling and confusing to the natural man.

To understand My TIMING of events on the earth, you must ALIGN your SPIRITUAL MIND with My SPIRIT’S MIND.

To the natural mind, My TIMING will seem to be TOO LATE, and that will open them up to FEAR, and they will JUDGE Me as being POWERLESS and UNCARING.

If they ENTERTAIN these ACCUSATIONS against Me, it will become fertile ground for DOUBT and UNBELIEF to grow, and they will have NO PEACE and NO ANCHOR in this life.

This is why it is so IMPORTANT for you to UNDERSTAND that there will ALWAYS BE SOME MYSTERY attached to My TIMING.

I’m not about to give the enemy EXACT DATES and help him out in his schemes of darkness.

I also want to help My children learn that they can TRUST MY TIMING because it is PERFECT, it is PRECISION, and it is DESIGNED to bring DESTRUCTION to your enemy and ULTIMATE BLESSING to My people.

Handle LIGHTLY My way of speaking about TIME because there is always MYSTERY attached to it to FOOL the enemy and his partners and to give My people a HEADS-UP, so they won’t be blindsided.

Since there is always MYSTERY in My TIMING, it’s good to be PREPARED but do not put your life on HOLD.

I AM the God of LIFE, and I always want you living each day in its FULLNESS that I designed for it.


Diana Larkin
A Watchman’s Journal
Instagram @diana.whatalark
Facebook @DianaBlackburnLarkin

Diana Larkin – A Watchman’s Journal

I know it’s hard for us all for many reasons. We see people suffering and even dying, while meanwhile we have been made promises of wonderful things to come.

Many are in financial straights but have heard there’s relief on its way.

But when?

People write to me all the time about their physical suffering, while at the same time med beds are promised. When?

Nesara/Gesara is all over the Internet… but when?

Please be patient!

I’m going to say something really deep now… listen closely…

When the world wide war is over!

When they finally have all the evil ones under lock and key, or passed on to face their Maker, then it will be safe for the release of all that we’ve been promised.

Just to encourage you here… President T/rump has been telling us that ‘they have them all’.

Mopping up appears to still be going on.

I really like what the above prophetic word said at the end:

Since there is always MYSTERY in My TIMING, it’s good to be PREPARED but do not put your life on HOLD. I AM the God of LIFE, and I always want you living each day in its FULLNESS that I designed for it. WATCH and WAIT, LIVE and PLAY, and understand THE MYSTERY OF MY TIMING.

So do as it says… don’t put your life on hold. Be busy. Live each day. Plan your future.

Will you be involved in a humanitarian project? If so, what?

Imagine if you have all the money you could ever require to carry out this project, what would you do?



Be happy.

Don’t just sit around whinging and complaining that nothing is happening.

It’s happening alright, but are you?

Soon we will kiss this world war good-bye and we’ll enter into a whole new era. Are you ready for it?



  1. Yes don’t worry, all bad things will come to an end. This is also written in the Bible: “For the evildoers shall be cut off, but those who wait for the Lord shall inherit the land. In just a little while, the wicked will be no more; though you look carefully at his place, he will not be there. But the meek shall inherit the land and delight themselves in abundant peace.” From the Bible (Psalm 37:9-11). Also, Australia finally scraps mandatory COVID isolation rules (link to the article:, so yes more and more good things keep happening. Light will win over darkness in the very end. The evil and wicked will be sent back to hell.

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