Nesara Gesara Opens Up A Whole New Exciting World


This is the anniversary of 9/11 once again. this year though, is Gesara going to be announced? We can only wait and see. For much of the world that would be 10/11 as we are ahead of American time.

In case you’ve forgotten what it stands for:

Gesara = Global Economic Security and Recovery Act

** Just remember, we have all been under the understanding that a certain person would need to be removed from the fake office he holds, before the full outworking of Gesara could be released.

The three pillars of the Unholy Trinity:

  • Queen and the City of London (done)
  • Pope and Vatican City
  • Fake president and Washington DC

Please remember, that we are currently watching the movie playing out. Theatrics. These ‘leaders’ were removed in 2018, 2019. The fake one never did get to see the presidency and he passed on before he was ‘elected’!

How could that possibly be?

One has gone with the Queen dying. The pope looks about to make a departure and I’m quite sure JB will go in the very near future.













FCB /Q/ Decoder & Truth News on Telegram
One of the three officially departed.

Whenever it happens it will be sooner rather than later.

Gold/Asset backed currency

Much of the world already has currency backed by gold or silver. They are now saying that on the 15th September (or 16th September for many) that all countries will announce they are now gold/asset backed.

Quantum Financial System

Have you noticed all the banks closing down and the lack of ATM’s? They are gradually disappearing.

We have been continually warned to make sure we have cash on hand for a period of blackout the White Hats say is coming.

Somewhere between 11th September and the 15th September, there will be a huge financial system change. By the 15th it’s believed that the new currency will begin to be used.

This is the Quantum Financial System which is taking over because the old fiat money we’ve all been using will go. It’s useless… it’s like monopoly money!

This incredible system will also include the Quantum Voting System, the Quantum Educational System and so forth. It’s all a part of Gesara.

Debt Forgiveness

The word is that ‘debt relief’ is to be announced any day now. Maybe on 9/11. Wouldn’t that be cool? Is this where they will ‘forgive’ our bank loans so we don’t have to pay them anymore? Maybe! It sure sounds like it.

If it doesn’t happen on that date, don’t worry… it will come!

Interest Payments returned

Any interest you have paid on credit cards, mortgages, bank loans etc… anything bank related will be paid back to you. The interesting thing is that you will also receive 3 1/2% per year on top of all interest paid. That means all that interest you’ve paid over the years is coming back to you and they’re treating it like forced banking, earning interest.

What do you mean ‘forced banking’ Marilyn?

Well, just imagine over the years, instead of all that money going to the banks, you had been placing it in a savings account. This savings account was earning interest at the rate of 3 1/2% per year.

Now you are going to go and draw it out!

Would that be nice?

It will feel nice when it comes back to you. 🙂

Just remember, you don’t get the actual principal back. You took out the loan, so that’s legitimate. But having to pay such enormous interest for year after year, often paying a house off three times or more… that’s illegitimate.

They have been robbing you hand over foot for a very long time.

But now it’s coming back to you, plus interest on top!

The evil have tried everything in the book to stop this… but no more!

Income Taxes returned

How much income tax have you paid over the years? If you could remember and were able to sit down and work it out, how much do you suppose it would all add up to?

Some have paid in the vicinity of 30 – 50% tax! You earn $100 and have to give the government $50. You put the work in, and they put their hand out!

We have been learning that according to the law, paying taxes is voluntary! How many of you have voluntarily handed over almost half of our hard-earned money?

That’s what I thought…. none of you!

No-one ever told us that! Oh no, in fact they threaten us with jail if we don’t pay up.

Well, guess what? It’s coming back!

Trading our Certificates

All our lives they – the cabal – have been trading our Birth Certificates on the stock market. How dare they! On top of that, there are others… I’ve heard Baptism Certificates, Marriage Certificates and even Death Certificates! Oh, and I forgot… Divorce!

I don’t quite comprehend it works on the stock exchange, but apparently they are all worth a LOT of money.

It’s all coming back to us!

People have been asking me do they have to do anything for this to happen. Do they have to sign up somewhere? From what I’m hearing, no! They have it all, and it will be returned to us.

Social Security payments Increased

I have not heard specifically about Disability Payments although I’m quite sure they would be included. I cannot image them not looking after these people. So if you are on a Disability Payment, do not fret.

For seniors over the age of 62 years and upwards, their payments are going to increase out of site. They will at least double. Some are saying they will be around $5,000 per month. I cannot prove this, but this is what I’m hearing.

Do you remember President Trump telling us how the seniors will no longer need to worry about how they will get by?

For too long seniors have done it tough… it’s time for them to receive what they deserve.

Med Beds are part of Gesara

It seems to be pretty well agreed upon that the Med Beds will be rolling out very soon. But at the end of the day it’s not up to us, it’s up to when the White Hats can press that green button.

Once again, do you remember how President Trump said that hospitals will not be around any longer?

That’s because the Med Beds are coming!

Hold on in there!

People also ask me on a regular basis how they can put themselves on ‘the list’ for treatment. There is no list. Once they are released we will somehow get to know about it.

They will be taking the most urgent cases first, of that you can be sure.

I encourage people to keep their ears to the ground. When I know, I will post. So watch. Others of-course will do the same.

You can read more exciting news at Restored Republic.

Gesara is gradually being released throughout the world. My other posts explain more of the specifics that I’ve included above.

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  1. No more Cabal, we have been given our liberty, debt forgiveness, and Mankind is coming back to God. This is a Jubilee! It’s biblical. Hey, wouldn’t it be something if we heard the blast of the Ram’s Horn!

  2. I actually have a question. I have cash put away at home because i dont trust the banks. What should i do with that money if that money atsome point will not be worth anything??

    • Good question Diane!
      As I understand it, you don’t have cause to worry. There will be a period of time for you to take the money in and exchange it for the new currency. A lot of people are doing what you’ve done as the banks are so wonky.
      But, if money is left in the banks, once Gesara goes through etc., any lost money will be returned.
      This is because they have a mirror image of all your transactions, even now.

  3. Marilyn you are fantastic. A new world is going to make everyone happy and healthy.
    GOD is amazing in getting this all accomplished. It will be very difficult for those that are not “AWAKE”. But with everyone helping each other GOD will make it easier for all.

    • I agree with you Vivian! Many times I have fretted over those who are still fast asleep and wonder how they will take it. But God… If it wasn’t for the fact that God is orchestrating every move, we would have a lot of cause to worry. But exactly as you say, God will make it easier for all.

  4. I’m sorry Marilyn but I’ve always heard, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true.” All this sounds too good and too fantastic to believe. I’d love to be convinced otherwise, but the only thing that will save this world is the return of Christ.

    • You know Jair, I can 100% understand exactly how you feel. For too long we have always been held down without too much hope outside of Christ. Personally I believe all of this is being orchestrated by Christ Himself and is a part of His return. I’m not saying He’s about to come right now, I have no idea on when that will be, but that it’s using His people to clean out all that which we had no idea was there.
      No, I’m not trying to convince you, but as you pray and read God’s Word, He will open up all kinds of things to you that you previously did not see. It’s amazing.

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