Global Walkout – Pushback One Step At A Time Now!

Have you joined in the Global Walkout yet? If you are unaware of what is happening, please read on. This is so important. WWG1WGA!

This is a practical way in which we can make a difference. This is a global movement. Everything suggested here can be carried out in your country and can make a difference.

Join these people who have come together to pushback against those who wish to enslave us:

  • Monica Smit – Australia
  • Robert Kennedy Jr – USA
  • Dr Peter McCullough – USA
  • Dr Robert Malone – USA
  • Christine Anderson – Germany’
  • Mike Yeadon – UK
  • Jimmy Levy – USA
  • Morgan C Jonas – Australia
  • Amanda Forbes – Canada
  • Alexander Tschugguel – Austria
  • Michael Matt – USA

Step1- Global Walkout – September 4th, 2022

To begin with, our first step was to only pay using cash.

Step 1 Global Walkout

This is the little ticket we have been asked to hand out every time we use cash to pay.

From Reignite Democracy Australia –

If you have not already read the above link, I really urge you to do so.

Print out the cards

Business Print Out

They also have a print out to give to shop owners who are interested in saving themselves some money. Everyone is!

Most shop owners are very happy about it all. It really is helping their bottom line.

It’s worth printing off and giving out wherever you shop locally and use cash.

Isn’t cash inconvenient?

Yes it is a little inconvenient! We have been spoilt rotten as a society. We live in what we call the ‘microwave age’… and we want everything quick and easy don’t we?

Our lives are busy. Any way we can save on time or hassle is a plus!

Like us the other day. We were off to buy some fruit and vegetables. We rounded the corner and off down the street when I asked my husband… do you have enough cash on you?

Oh dear, no, we had both forgotten our mission.

So we turned around, went back home, hopped out of the car, unlocked doors… grabbed the cash and then started out all over again!

But it was worth it. The woman behind the counter was delighted as we handed over our little ticket (seen above).

Our plan is to take back one of the shop printouts to encourage others to do the same. From then on, we carry them with us.

We are so used to just swiping our card and walking out of the door. But this is the way they track us… they can track everything we buy and then use it against us.

No more.

I’m loving this paying by cash and remaining anonymous!

Step 2 – Global Walkout – September 11th, 2022

Step 2 – Global Walkout

The plot thickens! Week 2 came along and this time they are asking us to shop local. I love this!

Give the little local shops your cash. Stop giving it to the big supermarket chains.

Now we’ve been doing this for some time, but sometimes convenience raises its head and we slip into the our supermarket chain.

They have it all there for us, don’t they? A quick walk around a few aisles and then home with the lot.

But it comes at a price… and unknowing price… a hidden price.

Research your area and find the local stalls or Farmer’s Markets. Find out when they are open and then work out your schedule around it.

You can do so much better than eat their produce

Do you know what the big supermarkets do to ‘fresh’ produce? there is a lot around about this kind of thing but recently I saw a video where whole boxes of oranges etc. etc. etc. were being dowsed with a concoction of some sort. I’d show the video here but unfortunately the quality was quite poor.

Everything, from herbs, to fruit, to vegetables were been dunked into a big bucket of herbicide or something. It dries on the fruit/vegetables and then is sold to the consumer.

How many people truly wash their produce? Not many. Most just run it under a little cold water and shake it dry. The sprays they use in the field are designed not to wash off in the rain, so how does running a little cold water over them take it away?

At a minimum, soak your produce in bi-carb soda (baking soda) and or/white vinegar. Not for too long, but around ten minutes. A good swish around helps.

Of-course, I have no way of testing the outcome, but many do tell us to do this.

It’s just another of their methods of killing us softly… slowly so that we’d never, ever make the connection.

Step 3 – Global Walkout

Making a difference, one step at a time!

Shun all mainstream media outlets! Don’t listen to the mainstream news. Switch it off. Oh your phone, delete the app. Stop it coming to you whatever way you can.

Of-course, so many have already done this step… even years ago. But for those who still ‘want to know what is going on in the world’ and turn the mainstream media on… please stop.

You will be amazed at how much better you will feel not having all those negative vibes entering your brain on a regular basis. Once you realise that, it will be easy not to turn it back on again.

Don’t worry, you won’t miss out. Items of importance will still find their way to you. 🙂

Step 4 – Global Walkout

Transfer your accounts

Transfer your accounts to a local bank. Stop using the ‘big guys’. Interesting indeed.

Why bother moving your bank accounts to a smaller bank?

  • Smaller banks support local family-run businesses more. If you invest your money in them, you are helping your local economy overall.
  • If enough people take their money away from the big banks, they will have less control.
  • In some cases, smaller banks are less controlled by big corporations and the government.
  • We are unsure what the future holds. We know that the globalists are trying to bring in a digital ID and a cashless society. This step alone will not prevent this, but it’s a start.

Can it really help?

Some may ask? How can it really help? Most people are not aware of what’s going on and therefore would not be taking these precautions.

That is true, but the more of us who carry out the Global Walkout, the more it will make a difference. Never underestimate the power of one! Tell others. Move this post on. Move on any other post you see on it. Keep the memes moving. One by one, by one, will develop into countless thousands who are preventing their money ending up in the hands of the Cabal. Give it to the business owners… they are the ones offering you the service. They will thank you for it.

Every bank transaction we can prevent is less money going over into evil hands.

If you like, you can join these Telegram sites at:

Get excited! Become diligent. Print off the above messages and the business print-out. Move them around. Let’s do this… let’s all become part of the Global Walkout today!



  1. Hi Merilyn ,
    Do you have any information , what will happen to our superannuation please? What is the best thing to do with it?

    Thank you xx

    • I cannot answer specifically about the superannuation but they have always informed us that our money is safe. Even if banks close down and don’t re-open, your money will still be safe according to what I’ve been told.
      Anyway Eniko… let’s take the worst scenario… even if you were to lose your super, the amount of money you will receive will make it fade into the distance! But really, I do believe they will pay you back for any you lose through illegal means.
      Rest easy. Prepare for the EBS blackout that’s about to come upon us by having food, water and everything else you can think of you may need during the time. Remember too, that once shops etc open again,, their stocks will be low and you may not be able to purchase items. Stock up now!

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