You Cannot Catch A Virus – Guaranteed!

Tom Barnett gives a very clear message about how you cannot catch a virus! this is in direct opposition to what most people are thinking after their years of medical brainwashing.

Two choices… listen to him or read down below where I have transcribed the video… an easy read.

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I’ve had quite a few questions over the past few weeks. So I’m making this video to clear a few things up.

First and foremost, YOU CANNOT CATCH A VIRUS!

Why can’t you catch a virus?

Because it’s impossible!

So why is it impossible to catch a virus?

  • Is a virus alive? NO!
  • Is a virus a living thing? NO!

So how is it that people think you can catch something that is not alive?

Now I know a lot of people are genuinely concerned. That’s why I’m making this to hopefully ‘cure’ some of the unnecessary fear and stress. Apart from that it’s because you are causing it for yourself!

A quick look at my background

Just so you know that I’m not sitting here making stuff up, a quick look at my background so I can tell you how and why I’m telling you these things:

  • I was one of those kids that could read and write before I even started school.
  • Knew my 1 to 12 times tables before other kids knew how to open a book!
  • I went to …… and two expensive private schools including 6 years of science which included medicine…
  • Followed by 6 years of natural medicine.
  • Then I did 3 years solely looking into the nature of viruses, bacteria protons, fungus and parasites. As a practitioner I treated myself and a number of other people successfully long term for conditions ….

When I did my last aptitude test I was taken into a separate room and interrogated to see if I cheated.

More than anything, unlike Google and Facebook I don’t have vested financial interests pertaining to what I can say. I don’t have shares in vaccine companies.

So, what is a virus anyway?

The virus is nothing more than a solvent and these solvents are created within the cells of the body. This is why you cannot catch a virus. A virus is created cellularly.

Now the body can create hundreds of thousands of different viruses at any time.

So why does cell need to create a virus or a solvent?

They are created in response to the built-up toxicity that we have in our bodies.

So how does a cell become toxic?

Well, a lot of people have spent a number of years putting sh** in the minds and sh** in their bodies. Why do people think that it’s totally fine to eat supermarket food, then microwave it, just get flu shots injected into you every year, drink your tap water!

People that go after organic food are tinfoil hat wearing boogas! The thing is that nature doesn’t care what you believe. You can believe any of those things are true but nature doesn’t care what you believe.

So a lot of people have asked me “What is the flu?”

Well, the flu is a viral detoxification or a cleansing.

A cold, on the other hand, is mostly bacterial.

For the most part, what needs to be cleaned out of the cell are environmental toxins and heavy metals, plastics, any type of environmental industrial pollutants, the chemicals that you use in your home to clean things with, things you put into your body and so forth.

Now a virus does not attack cell tissue. What happens is that as a virus, as a solvent, breaks down the toxic residue within a cell. It creates essentially a toxic waste. So that’s why you feel sh**y if you’ve got a viral infection.

What can happen is there’s a lot of sh** in your cells?

You’re going to create a lot of toxic waste as the virus breaks it down. What happens is that if there is too much of it it can actually cause cell damage, and in extreme cases it can cause cell death.

The nature of a virus

So there is actually one way you can catch a virus and I’m going to tell you what that is in a minute. You need to learn a bit about the nature or a virus before I can tell you how you can catch one!

“Millions of people are dying and you can catch a bad flu off a counter or by being around your friends!”

A virus is specific to specific cells in your body. To someone with hepatitis for example, which affects the liver, does that affect the heart? Do they have lung problems? Do they have a brain or gonad problems?

A virus that attacks the lungs will not affect the kidneys. The virus is specific to specific cells in the body.

Because a virus is not transmissible within your own body, it should make sense that a virus is not transmissible between people. And it’s especially impossible for a virus to make the jump between different species!

This is why you can’t get:

  • Avian Flu,
  • Swine Flu
  • Bat Flu
  • Monkey Flu
  • or any other flu that affects an animal, except for one way… and we’ll get to that!

So how is it that a number of people can get the virus as the same time? If it is created within the cells, how is it that a lot of people can get it at the same time?

If someone at home has a cold, someone at work or at your sporting club, does everybody in that place get a cold?

You know that the answer is NO, despite the fact that a bacterial infection can be contagious.

Why can a bacterial or a fungal infection be contagious?

Because they are living things! A virus, remember, is NOT a living thing!

So how is it that a number of people can get a virus at the same time?

There is an intelligence that runs through all of life. It’s why seeds know when to germinate. It’s why animals know when to mate, or to hibernate or to come out of hibernation.

So the body knows when is a good time to undergo a cleaning, and it knows when it’s a good time from the environment and climatic conditions.

This is why a number of people in the same area can undergo a viral detoxification.

But again, does everybody get a viral detoxification at the same time?

You already know that the answer is NO!

So why is that?

Well, they may have already undergone a recent cleansing, or they may be very healthy people because they are always watching the way they eat. the way they think, the way they move, the way they sleep.

The intelligence runs through all of life. It means that a body knows that it does not need to go through a viral detoxification at that time.

Additionally, our bodies all talk to each other, particularly our immune systems.

This is one of the ways that we are attracted to the opposite sex – we can sense their immune system. It’s how we know that we can create a genetically diversse offspring that will have the greatest chance of survival.

We sense another’s immune system, partly by a scent. This has been taken away a lot in modern life. Things like a perfume or colognes. Especially when women go on the pill it can affect their ability to sense a man’s immune system!

This is why some women come off birth control when they decide it’s time to have a baby with their partner and they smell them for the first time and they realise they are actually not attracted to them!

How do I condense ten years of learning into a short video? Hopefully that’s enough to show you why you cannot ‘catch a virus’ and you can start asking some questions such as…

What is this Corona Virus really all about?

Well a lot of people were sus on this from the start for a number of reasons. Not everybody buys into from what they hear from the media.

Recently I saw a video from a guy who was clearly able to use his own brain, he asked a couple of good questions! Those questions led to the findings of vaccine patents.

Vaccine patents… er what!?

So what you can do is look up these patent numbers right now… The first one being

US 200 625 7852

When you look at that, you’ll see how long ago Corona Virus was patented!

The European one:

EP 317 231 9B1

That one you will see that the vaccine patent, which was funnily enough, just approved in November 2019.

When did we start seeing Corona Virus?

So I guess it’s time to tell you the only way you can actually ‘catch a virus’!

The only way you can catch a virus is by having it injected into your blood stream. So remembering that viruses are created cellularly in response to your internal environment, which means yes… take the responsibility for your thoughts, actions and beliefs. All of these being a form of ignorance because if you have to believe something it’s because you don’t know.

How can a human get a virus from a pig, a bat, a bird or a monkey?

Remember that viruses used to be blamed on other races such as Mexicans, the Spanish Flu, and remember that viruses cannot cross species. You can’t even catch it from within the same species because it has to be created within animal tissue, remembering that we are human animals.

How can they create a virus that can be patented?

So the way you can create a virus is that you can get sick and unhealthy animal tissue and put it in a petrie dish… it will create a virus and you can incubate that virus. The only reason it can stay ‘alive’, remembering that it’s not alive to start with, the only reason a virus can actually be there and be in play is that it’s taken from within the toxicity of the cells in animal tissue. So what happens to that incubated virus is that it is sterilized and put into a vaccine. Straight away you don’t want that because that’s bad news. Then when it’s added to 70-80 chemicals you definitely don’t want that in your body.

So when these viruses are loaded into vaccines and flow all over the world, and people are getting their flu shots and all their other vaccines, that’s the only way you can get animal tissue into your bloodstream. It is so far beyond the realm of possibility to get animal tissue into your bloodstream by way of being around people, or from surfaces, or from the air, or from any other way other than injection.

So you really want to question all this advice that’s been given out about your toilet paper and your hand sanitizers and everything else… and the idea that this virus is killed upon contact with heat or anything else, because a virus isn’t alive in the first place, so how can you kill something that is never alive?

So there are only two things that you need to do:

#1 Don’t get a Flu Shot, in fact, don’t get any shot!

#2 Don’t stay in your house! You want to be outside getting fresh air if you want your body to run optimally and not need to undergo a viral detoxification.

There is actually one more thing you can do… turn OFF your TV and your Social Media.

The so-called ‘pandemic’

I did make this video to bring some common sense and start relieving some of that fear and stress. I don’t want to go too far into what’s really going on with the worldwide ‘pandemic’ …

By the way, who’s verifying these deaths?

Who’s actually counting these deaths?

And who’s actually verifying that the deaths that do occur aren’t from any standard flu, which by the way, flues kill half a million to a million people every year… EVERY YEAR!

It only affects the weak and if it’s not an actual virus that’s happening within your own body for beneficial purposes, the only way you can get that is to have an injection.

Stop using the ‘correct words’

So instead of thinking you are doing the right thing by using all the ‘correct words’ like Covid-19 and ‘self-isolating’ and ‘social distancing’, and instead of staying indoors like a self-indulgent cactus, washing your hands like it’s going out of fashion and humping door-nobs, and dictating to other people what they should be doing with their lives when perhaps they are immune……

So folks if you’re doing that you’re not actually helping anything.

What you are really doing is you’re… letting the long arm of the system get shoulder deep inside of you… you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Most people have no idea about how the world works and certainly don’t have any idea about how the mind and body works.

There are things happening… if this goes down the way the people are letting it go down, you can say goodbye to what you have left of your rights and freedoms in this world.

Get out side… do normal things, watch the streets and watch what’s going on out there, because if you’re sitting in your house counting the number of days of your social isolation, counting death tolls like it’s an Olympic medal tally on the TV, you are literally paving the way to losing your rights and freedoms, and you come out of your house with less than what you had when you went in. I’m not just talking about baked beans and toilet paper!

Use your own mind!

I’ll leave you with one bit of friendly advice and that is to start using your own mind! If you don’t start using your own mind someone else is going to use it for you and it’s not going to be for your benefit.

... end transcript…

Time to change your thinking!

Read this amazing account to see how we have been duped for many, many years about how you cannot catch a virus! All this truth has been hidden from us… we need to rearrange our entire thinking on the subject and therefore be able to think for ourselves.


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