Global Food Supplies Affected – Be Warned And Act Now!

Global food supplies are being tampered with, in ways we could have never imagined.

For many years, preppers have been warning we should all be stocking up.

As for me, I took no notice for a very long time.

But these days, I’m advocating it… we should all be stocking up on necessities because ‘they’ are doing all they can to destroy our global food supplies.

Within the past couple of weeks the food growing areas of the eastern coast of Australia have been receiving a hammering, completely flooded out… floods like people have never experienced before, when they believed they had seen it all.

global food supplies
Photo by PATRICK HAMILTON/AFP /AFP via Getty Images

Some parts of the city (Brisbane, Qld, Australia) received about a year’s worth of rain in a few days.

More than 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) of rain were recorded at the town of Mount Glorious, about 30 kilometers west of Brisbane, this week alone.

The average annual rainfall there is about 1.6 meters (5.2 feet).

Who is responsible?

The question you may be asking is… who is doing this?

Is it the Black Hats or White Hats?

It’s really a very good question and deserves some thought and consideration.

Is this really so?

First up, most people believe it is nothing more than ‘Mother Nature’ at her best?

Personally, I don’t think so… nope, there’s much more at play here.

Whoever did this had the ability to target specific areas and cause rain bombs to fall.

As we look at where the worst flooding occurred, it’s amazing that they are the same areas where much of Australia’s food is grown.

What have the floods done?

They’ve virtually completely destroyed all the crops that were designed to feed the population of Australia, especially on the eastern side where the greatest population resides.

So what will happen now?

There will be a tremendous scarcity of many fruits and vegetables etc. so the prices will go sky high for those that have not been damaged.

South Eastern Queensland, Northern Rivers area in NSW, together with around Newcastle, Central Coast and Western Sydney have seen rain like never before.

So who is it that’s causing all this havoc?

When I first began to hear of what was happening, I personally thought it was the White Hats flooding out all the D/U/M/B/S. We’ve heard of these things happening in Washington DC together with the Netherlands and other places.

It was natural to think this way.


Whether that was also part of it or not, I do not know.

Australia has been targeted with monstrous bushfires, and mammoth floods. As a nation, we are used to both of these happening… we have a well-known poem:


I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of drought and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea.
Her beauty and her terror –
The wide brown land for me!

2nd verse – Dorothea Mackellar

(This poem is my all-time favourite in school and ever since!)

So, it was easy for the Cabal to come on in with their HAARP weapons and cause more devastation and blame it all onto climate change! It convinces everyone, so they simply blame Mother Nature! And on top of that, they become more compliant to whatever they are asked to do to help combat it.

We’ve seen all of this before haven’t we?

They convince everyone there is a deadly virus attacking us all and so the masses become compliant to face masks, social distancing and the whole lot they put upon us.

More lies, but unfortunately, most believe it.

For those of us who can now see, we are comprehending that we are living in a world of lies… all around us.

The Black Hat Agenda

The Black Hats have an incredibly sinister agenda that they have been bringing out upon us. An agenda that would remove most of us off this earth!

They’ve tried many things, and meantime killed countless people using wars, engineered sicknesses, Big Pharma, poisoning our skies, our global food supplies, our water, and so many other ways including injections.

People are now dying before people’s eyes, but they do it in such a way that it’s ‘acceptable’! Many believe those dying are dying of natural causes… anything other than what is right before their eyes… the jab!

So the Black Hats have, through using HAARP etc, created rain bombs that have been targeted directly onto food crop areas of the eastern coast of Australia. Now they wish to starve us out! They don’t care how they kill us, just as long as they do.

Countries around the world are now feeling it at the fuel stations. Now you almost need a large portion of your weekly wage just to fill up your car at the bowser. They are telling us that it’s because of Russia/Ukraine that the oil prices are rising. Just one more lie of-course!

They are forcing the prices up, and they will continue to rise.

So once again, who is really behind all this?

I believe it’s all the work of the Black Hats.

But I thought, you say, that the Black Hats have virtually already been dealt with!

Good thinking! Clever of you to think that way!

This is what I believe is taking place…

Once again we need to go back to when Trump was officially in office. If he had told the world back then, this is the kind of life we would all live under the leadership of the Black Hat tyrants, many, in fact maybe most, would not have believed him.

So the Alliance & all the White Hats had to make a very difficult decision… and that was to allow it all to play out and SHOW us what it would have been like. We would all together have to live through this pain. We have to FEEL it! It has to HURT!

We refer to this as a pantomime, theatre… call it what you may… but it’s what we are all living through right now.

I believe the White Hats are in ultimate control. This war has already been won. But, they are allowing certain Black Hats to create havoc to SHOW us what the evil side had planned for us.

Yes, lives will be lost and I believe it pains them to know this.

But to just tell the masses what evil had planned for us, would have caused riots in the streets all over.

‘Garbage’, they would all declare!

So yes we HURT, but we HURT so we will LISTEN. Soon, and very soon, I believe, the Emergency Broadcasting System will come out and all will be explained. It will happen when they deem us ready to receive.

So back to stocking up and being prepared…

It is being said that the damage being caused to our global food supplies… not just here in Australia, will possibly take quite some time to be restored.

So with this in mind, it makes sense to prepare in any way you can. In reality, this should already have been attended to.

But anyway, if you haven’t yet, you need to get very busy, very fast. To start with, make sure you have sufficient to feed you and your family for up to three weeks. Try to imagine, if you had no way of shopping for three weeks, what would you need?

During the period of Ten Days of Darkness during which the Emergency Broadcasting System will be played, they are asking us all to stay inside as much as possible. It’s more than possible that most of the shops will be closed, together with all the banks.

Be prepared!

Do you have some cash on hand in the case of emergency while banks are closed?

Do you have alternate methods of cooking, lighting etc?

What about any medical supplies… do you have sufficient to keep you going for at least three weeks?

Let your imagination run and with paper and pen, jot down everything you can think of… and then get busy putting it together.

At this stage, you may have left your run too late… but in reality we cannot be sure exactly when this will all happen, so run! Now!

Better times coming

We need to be rid of the evil cabal from our world. Never before has there been such an undertaking to completely remove them from off the face of the earth.

Please be encouraged… what appears to be a dreadful time, is really preparing us for a much better world up ahead.

But, our global food supplies are certainly being tampered with, and even shops being closed so you cannot rely on them for a time. If I were you, I’d go grab some seedlings and plant them in your backyard, or in containers on the deck. We have. I believe you will sure be thankful in time to come.



  1. Shopping today noticed the meat aisle was a bit sparse. Shopping for items dried and herbal teas which don’t need milk. Unfortunately perishables like veg and fruit you can’t stock unless growing your own. I read an article the other day that these low life’s are injecting covid vaccines into fruit and veg so the unvaccinated will get a few doses. Not sure if this is true check your fruit and veg for any marks that may look like its been tampered with. I’d like to inject these scum with vaccines too and watch their faces. Better than hanging them watch them suffer.

  2. Until a while ago, I hated having full closets. And then, by reading here and there, we ended up stockpiling food and water. I even invested in a gas stove, candles, matches, batteries. And even if it’s not for use now, it’s not lost. I really think it’s important even psychologically, that if we have to deal with very large price increases, or supply concerns, it’s wiser. We live in Paris, meaning that there are very limited food reserves in the city. In addition, I am a little wary of the panic that can seize people who are afraid and fail to manage it. As for money, I have lost confidence in many institutions so I have become accustomed to not leaving my money in my account. Take good care of yourself, Marylin. May God keep you safe and thank you for your articles and sharing space.

    • Hi Pascale,
      How lovely it is to be talking to someone from Paris… thank you!
      Panic buying certainly creates a shortage within absolutely no time. Look at the toilet paper… within a couple of days it had disappeared off the shelves.
      I do think that most, at this period of time, have no idea of the potential lack of food and water etc in the coming days. As you say, even if for some reason it never happens, it does feel good to have a good supply stored just in case.
      Of-course,, what we have also heard is that the Military will be holding stores of food for those caught unawares. I don’t know what kind of food it will be though.
      Thank you for your kind words, and please keep in touch.

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