Revealing 336 Evil Bio-Weapon Labs Established And Funded World Wide

bio-weapon labs

When Obama was in office, it appears he was extremely busy… and it had nothing to do with running the country of the United States. No, he was creating and funding Bio-Weapon Labs!

Unfortunately, as time goes on we hear more and more what he was really up to… and to think he managed to get in for two terms! Of-course, we now know the elections were rigged.

Obama, along with countless other puppets around the world, were cued up to do whatever the Khazarian Mafia (Cabal) wanted them to do. These people were offered huge amounts of money, together with fear for their lives, if they didn’t attend to their ‘masters’ needs.

It’s now come to light that more than 336 Bio-Weapon labs were established and funded around the world. This funding has been happening since 2005, and who was the president of the US at that time? George W. Bush (January 20, 2001 – January 20, 2009).

Biden also had a large hand in all of this – working together with Obama.

Did Donald Trump also fund these Bio-Labs?

I do not believe so for a minute! He was put in place to do a job and that was to bring all this evil down. To him, we shall always be grateful… oh what a massive job he and the alliance with him have had to do.

What were the Bio-Weapon Labs for?

The New World Order had a long-term plan to depopulate the earth by removing 70% of the population within the next six months or so. Seventy percent!!!

That was their plan, and yes, it’s exactly what they would have done if God hadn’t stepped in and said ‘No more!’

God moved Donald Trump and countless top generals etc. into place to form the Alliance (White Hats) and gave them a plan on how to bring all this evil down. They have had to move stealthily and work behind the scenes in ways we cannot fathom. The most amazing maneuvers the world has ever seen. God working together with men and women to clean this earth up once and for all.

How did the evil Bio-Weapon Labs plan to do it?


They create deadly pathogens and release them. Murdering off humanity is what it’s all about.


Injections that people are so brain-washed about that they line up in the streets waiting for their jab. Unbelievable!

Taking of blood!

How easy it is for them to collect blood… have you ever had your DNA checked? These companies sell off your blood to these nefarious Bio-Weapon Labs where they target certain ethnic groups etc. And… you pay them to receive it! Smooth move!

Proves nothing…

I’ve shared on this before… don’t allow them to swab you!

Within the swab tips is the same poison that is contained within the jabs. Even with these they can target certain demographics… eg: those with disabilities! Here in my country they are swabbing those with disabilities on a daily basis in the schools.

It is said, that just three PCR swabs in a short period of time is the same as being jabbed three times!

Please be warned! If your children’s school is requiring this… keep them home if at all possible… or change to another.

Where are these Bio-Weapon Labs?

I don’t know but apparently they are spread all over the world with more than 30 in the Ukraine alone. Any one of us could be nearby one and not know it.

You can read more from this document put together by Marilyn Vine:

But… do not fear… their plan has failed!

Telegram posting

We need to become aware of their evil plan so we can appreciate the mammoth task the Alliance have undertaken for the sake of humanity. Without them stepping in, we were doomed!

But no more!

Currently we are living through many threats of this and that… and they all sound really frightening. But the truth is, the White Hats are in control… the Alliance has this.

Praise God!

As you read and hear about these things and feel yourself falling under their spell… REMEMBER!

Remember that this unannounced 3rd World War has already been won. They (The Alliance & co) are allowing these things to play out before us so we can comprehend how evil the Khazarian Mafia (Cabal) really are.

Never forget that God is fully 100% in control… even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Soon and very soon, the great reveal will take place.

Then we will comprehend it all

John 16:33
These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

Imagine a world with no more Bio-Weapon Labs or evil people running them.



  1. Yes indeed very frightening to think what could have been. These people are beyond evil and don’t even deserve a trial in my opinion. I have been researching stuff since late 2015 early 2016 and never thought we would be so lucky to get rid of the evil on this earth. I wasn’t sure about Trump to start with but I love this man..the whole world is so lucky to have this man, the Alliance and the white hats. I live in a small country in Europe too the UK and I have been following American news for the last 5 years. The best thing to happen to the USA in the last 5 years is Trump and all the good souls who have liberated our world. Hallelujah to them all and the most important man GOD.

    • Yes Caroline, it’s amazing isn’t it how once Trump came on the scene we all began to follow what was happening in America. As time has gone by and we’ve gradually learnt more and more about what is really going on in our world, it makes perfect sense to us now.
      I was only saying to my husband this morning how terrible it would be to live in this world at this present time and not know Jesus. Although, many Christians do not have any comprehension unfortunately… many do not see the relevance between the world we live in and the Word of God.
      I too praise God for Trump and the Military Alliance who I believe is being led by the Spirit of God.

  2. It is absolutely frightening to read this. When I think I almost missed Donald Trump; I mean when I think about how the media was telling lies about him and his wife. I understood so late… and I will be in gratitude until the end of my life for this man and all those who work behind the scenes, with great generosity. Thank you Marylin and lots of kisses from Paris. I too am happy to be able to exchange with an Australian. In my mind, it’s such a big country, so far from my little land here in Europe. Take good care of yourself and see you soon.

    • Hi Pascale,
      Well the good news is that before these places were blown up, the Military/Alliance went in and made sure they were able to get rid of all the pathogens etc in them before they blew them to the moon!
      I would say that was very good thinking.
      Yes, Donald Trump has had to put up with a lot. It takes a man like him to be able to stand against the tirade of abuse that the media and general public have thrown his way. But when God chooses a man, he doesn’t make mistakes… of that we can be assured.
      Always lovely to hear from you Pascale!

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