Putin Takes Out Evil Bio Labs With Precision Strikes

President Putin

Guess what? The Russia-Ukraine drama has finally taken over the top spot on the mainstream media! While President Putin takes out evil bio labs, the world is once again thrown into the propaganda that Russia is the evil one.

While the man is working for us, he has to put up with worldwide news media making out he’s the bad guy!

Julian Edward is a good speaker to listen to… very confident and pushes it out there. I cannot embed Facebook videos onto this website, so if you would like to watch him, you will need to open it up in Facebook:


Meanwhile, I have made a transcript for those who no longer own a Facebook account. Throughout I have added my comments and/or posts to round it off.

Putin removes evil bio labs

… begin transcript…

As I’m scrolling through Facebook, all I’m seeing is ‘pray for Ukraine… pray for Ukraine… pray against Russia… pray against Russia… pray for Ukraine!’

All we are seeing in the media is Russian invasion, Russian invasion, Russian invasion! Putin is now making moves against the Ukraine, Putin this, Putin that, Putin this and that!

Haven’t we been here before?

It’s not what you think it is!

What I want to say to you, the people that are watching, is there’s a bigger picture than Russia invading Ukraine, which by the way, the people on the ground floor of the Ukraine, not what the media is showing, but the people that are on TicTok that live in Ukraine, which can actually speak English, or its been translated, are telling a different picture… they are telling a different picture than what the media is portraying.

So the media is portraying that Russian troops are flying over Ukraine bombing stuff… they are not! In fact, the Associated Press got caught this morning using a footage, using photos from when Palistine was attacking Israel, and blowing up Israel! The photograph of the explosion that all the media is carrying and has yet to take down, is not from Ukraine!

See how they use heart-breaking images to fool the masses!

You can’t believe everything you see! The media do this over and over again! Not to mention the use of CGI!

So, why are we trying to push a war with Ukraine against Russia, and then we try to be an ally against the Big Bear of Russia?

It’s very, very simple, which I’m going to explain it to you simply before I run into the store and get my protein shake and go off to the gym!

Russia stands against the progression of the NWO!

Russia stands against the progression of the New World Order. In fact, Russia is the only country that does not have a centralised bank that’s run by the Rothchild, Lucifarian family. Russia doe not play with the Freemason society. The President of Russia, President Putin is not a Freemason.

The Globalist Cabal that is run by Charles Schwab, the Rothchild family, the Rockefeller family, the Chase family, the Russell family, cannot be controlled and therefore you are always at war with the Big Bear Russia.

Think about it!

President Putin acts against evil bio labs at last!

Russia is the only place they could not put a centralised bank because every single leader in Russia was at war with the Rothchild’s families. The Rothchild’s own all of the centralised banks in every single country… think about this! They have refused putting in one of the Rothchild’s banks meaning they have controlled the currency of that country we’ve gone to war with.

Why is it that Trump didn’t have a problem with Putin?

Was it because he was a Putin puppet?

Or was it because Trump like Putin, did not want to stand with the New World Order?

Nothing you have seen since the election of the fake JB has been real!

Now, the moment they stole the election in 2020, and if you don’t believe it was stolen, you live under a damned rock! OK?

So the moment they stole the election in 2020 the NWO immediately swept in and put Biden in office.

What has Biden done in office but to destabilize our economy, inflation is at an all time high, he withdrew the troops from Afghanistan leaving billions of dollars of our equipment that our tax dollars pay for. Now they are selling off our armament to the highest bidder, including weapons of mass destruction.

Now, think about this… why would Trump in four years of office, keep us from all wars? He didn’t lead us to war. The president before him, Obama, we were in war. The president before him, Bush, we were in war. All the presidents before them, all the way back to Carter, we were at war, war, war, war, war!

The United States has been used since its inception as a war making machine for the profiteers of Europe. People like Charles Schwab who are sitting at the very top of the Economic Forum talking a ‘United Globe’; a one-world currency; a microchip which will be implanted in the back of the hand or in the forehead of all citizens of the globe in the NW/O.

We are dealing with a Lucifarian N/W/O, and the only president now that is standing against it is President Putin!

Why is it that when Trump was in office and he met with President Putin, shortly following their meeting, President Putin takes the stand and in Russian, and I translate, that the West was run by demonic Lucifarian Cabal members. He literally stated that the west was run by, I’m saying it again, Lucifarian Cabal members! The people that run the Federal Reserve, the people that sit at the top of the Bilderberg group, and the people that are at the very top of the CIA cult which runs all kinds of programming that are demonic is nature.

Just look up MK-ultra. Jonestown massacre. Look up all that’s programmed coming through Hollywood. Watch the documentary, ‘Out of the Shadows’ on Bitchute (Youtube).

Please understand that we are not fighting Russia, we are not fighting President Xi of China, we are fighting the N/W/O progression, the rise of the Antichrist, the One World Order, the One World Banking System; One World Religion, and President Putin is standing against it!

Understand who the real enemy is, once and for all.

They turn it on us while they work in broad daylight!

Isn’t it funny that they call us Conspiracy Theorists when the conspiracies and the conspirators are doing things in broad day light. The moment any one of us wants to speak out against it, we are Conspiracy Theorists!

No baby, we are Conspiracy Realisits!

The difference between a Conspiracy Theory and the actual reality of the fruition of the conspiracy is six months, is what they say. So give it time!

Every peice that the loud mouth Alex Jones that got sensored from all over the social platforms, has talked about, has come to pass! Everything he has screamed from the mountain tops about the N/W/O coming, the rise of inflation, he even predicted years ago that they would put in another puppet in office. He said that Trump would not win another second term, even though Alex Jones was for Trump and marched against the election fraud.

I was with him here in Atlanta, I met Alex Jones. I met him in Washington DC on January 6th when the supposed insurrection happened. There was no damned insurrection. That was nothing but a fraud so that the Congress and the Senate would get off free and clear with appointing their puppet in office.

If you understood what was going on…

and the United States were to ever wake up to the fact that we are run by a Globalist Cabal, there would be no silence in the streets! If you knew what they were really doing by trafficking our children 800,000 of them to the highest bidder across the globe, all the rich elite would not survive what would come. There would be people in the streets assassinating these people.

People like Opera, like Ellen Degenerate, people like Clive Davis the head of … Records, and the head of Sony Records, people that work for Black Rock that controls all of the media; people that work for the bureaucracy of Washington DC and the capital. Other people who supposedly work in the White House, but the White House has not been inhabited by anybody since the election of Jo/e B/iden… explain that!

Something nefarious is going on…

But I do believe that good people, and I’m not saying the president Putin is good, he has his evil faults, but what he is doing is he’s going into the Ukraine, (where by the way, there is an energy company that Biden’s son sat on the board, Chuck Sumour’s son sits on the board of, Nancy Pelosi’s son and daughter sit on the board of) so why is that in the Ukraine, and why are we fighting against Russia, and Russia’s going in? Could it be that President Putin, who stands against the N/WO, is going in to clear out the mess?

Unfortunately, there are innocent people dying… that happens every time there is a war.

It appears innocent people are dying but I question whether they really are. So much CGI… I somehow doubt it!


But you have to stop watching the media… all you are seeing is President Putin, President Putin, President Putin on my timeline. Oh, pray for Ukraine!

You need to start praying against the N/WO and the advancement of the RFID chip, and the advancement of the globalist bankers.

You need to start praying against what really matters.

Do you understand that? Unless you like being a slave to the NWO, unless you like in the next coming years, a RFID chip being mandatory, like they are trying to make mandatory the injections.

I have been following all of this. I’m not a theorists! All you’ve got to do is watch the World Economic Forum. I have watched Charles Schwab talk about how they are getting ready globally, to implement the RFID chip, and then all of a sudden we go to war with Russia… Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia!

Are you paying attention to the bigger picture? We are NOT at war with Russia! We have NEVER been at war with Russia. Hell, the Ukraine is NOT at war with Russia!

This is a game for the globalist elite. They put us into wars to usurp the people’s thoughts… to usurp our will in order for them to implement their globalist agenda.

Oh my God! Wake up!

Wake Up!… the people that are watching are saying ‘spot on’ because you know, we know, there is something bigger every time something pops up on the media like propaganda to the puppets… they’re talking heads…

Why does the media immediately, always say the same thing?

Because they are owned by four corporations that is run by the CIA that has puppeteer players as mouth pieces doing what is called Operation Mockingbird. Where, like the telephone game you start news of Russia, Russia, Russia or the Ukraine and you have the whole country talking about it, in fact, the whole world talking about it… while the globalists are moving chess pieces on the board.

I’m so sick to death of the media, and so sick to death of all the social media that keeps parroting, that keeps echoing like echo chambers – it’s fake news!

Isn’t it funny that if Trump had been in office and there were to be a real war where Russia was invading Ulraine, he would have immediately taken the podium within hours and did a press conference.

Why is it that Biden is delayed by three days in giving a press conference while Russia is supposedly invading the Ukraine.

Think about what’s going on! Think about it! Use your head! Use your reasoning!

If you have not been injected and have not been f***ed up by the injection… excuse my french, I said it, use your reasoning… you are not programmed.

Open your mind

Begin to read a little bit instead of turning on CNN and MSMBC, the ABC and all the other garbage that these four corporations that run them are spewing.

This is why so much of our nation is divided. This is why we can’t get anything done. Really, this is why the Truckers’ Convoy in Canada actually was the one that put the shoe, the boot on the neck of Justin Trudeau!

This is why we can’t get our act together to put the boot on the nation’s capital in this country, because we are so divided.

We’re divided, because the media keeps dividing us and holding a little carrot above the people’s heads about Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine!

Isn’t it funny that the election cycle is coming?

All of these democrats that push for mandates, that push for totalitarianisms and push for lock-downs, perpetual lock-downs so they can control everything.

Isn’t it funny that they are up for election in 2022 and all of them are lifting the mask mandates and the injection mandates? Why is it that they say they follow the science and then all of a sudden election year rolls round and they’re lifting the mandates all over the country… in every blue state.

And why is it that the media refuse to cover the Ottawa Truckers’ convoy that had 100,000 plus truckers, roll into the capital and not move for three weeks until the Prime Minister, who by the way, is Madel Castro’s son… do the research and was put inn place by the globalists, would not lift the mandates. They fought for a week at the parliament going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth while he brought in the military.

Why is it that the media didn’t cover it?

Why is it that when the media covered it, it was these racist men flying Nazi flags going into Ottawa, Canada, when in reality it is the furtherest from the truth?

And… why does the media refuse to cover right now that there are over 200,000 truckers called the Freedom Convoy, going from California, Michigan, Ohio, Chicago, Florida up, Texas up, Alabama up, to the Washington capital?

Over 200,000 and counting and the numbers are growing daily, including farmers and the media is not covering it. But the Truckers’ Convoy is riding right now in this country.

So you will see food shortages because of that. You will see all kings of things happen.

How can we prepare? We should have already prepared! But until the masses wake up to the delusion that we have been dictated by the Washington bureaucracy for decades. A bunch of pedophiles. A bunch of white, and even black, pedophiles, that are sacrificing our children. They are warmongering, frothing at the mouth to make profit off war after war, after war.

We allow them to sit and walk amongst us freely!

Every last one of them from Bill Gates to George Soros, to Bill and Hillary Clinton. To Barack & Michelle Obama, to George Bush and his wife, to every single senator that placated. And to every single health member that is a part of this scripted reality, known as the Washington bureaucracy should have been locked up and prosecuted, and not only prosecuted, but hung by the neck until dead!

That is how you treat treasonist people that sell out their country! Those that traffick their children, that bring war to free people.

It is time for Americans to wake up and realise that the government is not God here! The FBI cannot do sh**! The CIA is controlling everything until we get out cards in order. We need to bring this war to their doorstep or we will forever be a slave to the system.

God is never NOT in control!

In case you don’t know it, prophecy in the Bible is coming to pass. But it’s not coming to pass at the hands of the sovereign one named Yahweh. It’s coming to pass by the Luciferian Globalist network that know the scripture better than you do! They are bringing it to pass.

I am so worn out! Do you know how hard it is to being truly awakened to the truth? Comprehending what is going on around you? While all the while watching so many people be asleep.

Oh dear God… awaken the nation!

Oh dear God, there are still people wearing masks in the grocery stores. This is not because the grocery stores are requiring it but because they are programmed to do it.

Lost their ability to think straight… unfortunately!

And oh dear God! There are people still willing to get injections after the pharmaceutical companies have refused to give the information out on the damage that it’s caused for the next 50 years!

Oh dear God! We are still listening to senators and house members who are profiting off of this war. But all of them have stocks in Pfizer and Bayer. All of them have stocks in Moderna and Johnson & Johnson and yet none of them were required to get the injection!

Oh dear God! When are people going to wake up and realise they’ve been duped? And realise that we the people in number are the ones, and only the ones that can bring this down.

Wake up!

Wake up!

Oh wake up!

Stop watching the media!

Wake up! Pull your money from the main banks. I have just now started the process of pulling my savings out. I’m pulling my investments, and my checking account from Bank of America. I’m moving it to a local credit union.

Pull your money from the national banks.

Stock up on food and water.

Stock up on guns and ammos.

Read your Bible.

Pray and talk to your Creator.

Wake up now… and take off the damned mask!

end transcript…

We need to be praying FOR President Putin as he roots out the evil bio labs where such nefarious deeds have been committed for countless years.



  1. I have always admired Putin. Yes he has a past, he was in the military and the KGB but I think he genuinely cares for his country and his people. Being British I saw before voting for Brexit (after research) what the EU was all about, the rise of the 4th Reich. People ridiculed, laughed and said don’t be stupid Hitler is dead. I reminded them that was the 3rd Reich. The Nazis are still very much alive. The Nazis in Brussels had 28 countries and talked about an EU Army lol. Probably wanted to fight the Russian Bears…good luck with that. People are so ignorant, live in their own little worlds sat in front of the MSM buy the fake newspaper bla bla bla. Won’t repeat what hubbie called Putin. I told him he was wrong, tried to explain to him he didn’t want to know…he watches MSM and asleep.

    • It occurred to me as I was reading this message that when someone is in a deep, deep coma, you could talk to them until you are blue in the face and they won’t respond. We hope that we’ll wake them up, that they’ll jump up and scream ‘Hallelujah, I see the light!’ LOL. One day… Just keep on believing for them. Sometimes the coma is such that they refuse to believe anything YOU say, just because you are you! What would you know, they think? They can be proud and ignorant at the same time. It will have to come across the MSM by anybody else but YOU before any inkling of understanding starts in their head.
      We all have this same situation, but thankfully for some of us it’s not with our own spouse. That would be very hard, I agree.
      I think we all need to remember that ‘there goes I but for the grace of God!’
      We didn’t wake ourselves up, did we?
      Just be thankful that we are awake at this crucial time in history, and mindful of those who still need to become aware. Their time will come.

  2. Hi Marilyn. Is there a video of Putin taking the stand and saying that the West was run by demonic Lucifarian Cabal members?

    • According to Julian Edward there was but he spoke in Russian. I have not tried to find it because I didn’t think there was much point.
      But… I have heard this same thing said on a number of occasions.

  3. “ Read your Bible. Pray and talk to your Creator.“ Good advice but I would add: stop stressing, put your faith in the Almighty God who sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, to die for us so that we could be saved and have eternal life. These evil times are prophesied to happen before the second coming of Christ.

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