The Mark Of The Beast – Scared It’s The Jab?

The Mark of the Beast

People everywhere are running scared! What are they scared of, you ask? They are very scared of the jab, but not for the reasons most would refuse it. They are scared that the jab may be the Mark of the Beast!

Do you think that for you to be able to buy and sell, you are going to have to take the jab, whether you want it or not?

Please read to the end so you receive a good understanding how you will not receive the Mark of the Beast even if you have had to receive a jab to buy groceries! These guys may say you cannot enter this shop or that, but please realise they are acting against the Nuremberg Code and against our Federal Law.

They are acting against the Nuremberg Code and the Federal Law

Now, for those unfamiliar with the writings of Revelation in the Bible, the Mark of the Beast is something people receive which is so abominable in God’s eyes, that His wrath is poured out on them. Not a very nice thought is it?

But, right up front I want to say I DO NOT BELIEVE that the jab is the Mark of the Beast!

Even if you don’t believe there is a God, think about this: If there was a God, do you believe He would become livid because someone was forced to take a jab/tattoo/microchip, or whatever, so they could buy groceries? Of-course you don’t believe that for a second!

For those who do believe there is a God… is that the action of a loving God? Really?

So let’s look at why

First up, let’s look at the symbolic meaning of two words:

  • Forehead – represents the thoughts and the state of the person.
  • Hands – represents the actions of the person.

It’s very important you comprehend these meanings… take a moment to read it again…

Now, Revelation 14 talks of two marks

  1. The Mark of the Lamb
  2. The Mark of the Beast

1. The Mark of the Lamb

“Then I looked, and there before me was the Lamb, standing on Mount Zion, and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads.”

Revelation 14:1

This is where those who belong to God receive a seal or a mark on their forehead to show their position. What position? The fact that they are completely united with God. They are on His side. They are one with Him, and their thoughts are towards God.

I don’t hear anybody saying that particular mark or seal, will be a visible mark. In fact, I hear very little about this particular mark at all.

2. The Mark of the Beast

“A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives its mark on their forehead or on their hand, they too, will drink the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath.”

Revelation 14:9-10

This Mark of the Beast is to be received on the forehead or on the hand. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know of anyone who has had a jab in their forehead, or in their hand!

Of-course, we know they have microchips they’re inserting into the hand to encourage a cashless society. When you first look at this it really does appear that this is what it’s talking about.

But wait…

Satan has no ability to do anything original himself. The best he can do is counterfeit. He wants us to believe that the Mark of the Beast (remember, he knows the Word) is a bar code, or a tattoo, a microchip or whatever, so the N/W/O are busy implementing his desire.

You see, it keeps us from realising the real truth!

OK yes, I know we are taking this quite literally, but what about what I said up above about using the symbolic meanings?

Read this very carefully…

What if the people who have received the Mark of the Beast are those who have thoughts (forehead) towards the Beast. In other words, it’s all they think of. They worship it. In fact, they are totally devoted to it. And, what if their actions (hand) followed through i.e. satanic worship, blood rituals etc.

What if???

Who is the Beast?

You may be asking right now… but who is the Beast? I’ve already written a post on that:

The Beast…

The Beast is referred to as an ‘it’ because it’s a group of people who are very, very evil.

Think… who would you call very, very evil?

The very same people the White Hats are bringing down as we speak! That’s right… the N/W/O Globalists.

The more we learn what they’ve been up to, the more we realise the depth of their depravity. There appears to be no end to how far it goes.

The Beast (N/W/O) worships Satan… how do they do it?

So now we know who the Beast is. Let’s look at how the Beast worships and obeys Satan.

Maybe you are thinking to yourself right now… I don’t believe there is a devil. That’s OK and I’m not here to try and convince you otherwise. But I will tell you that all those in the N/W/O do believe in him with total devotion! They have experienced him first hand and have no doubts at all.

As it turns out, Satan has a unquenchable thirst for blood. Anything blood related is good to him. So, they worship him through all their horrific sat/anic rit/uals… their chi/ld-sac/rif/ice, adr/enoch/rome, or/gan harve/sting… s/ex tra/ffick/ing to feed their perversions, their ba/by farm/ing and oh, so much more! Without going into any more detail, anything that revolves around blood.

The N/W/O acknowledge and fully worship Satan, and have spread out all over the world encapturing as many into their snare as they can find. Not that they have any respect for these people, as they are merely their minions, there to do their bidding.

And… so that they will do their bidding, the N/W/O have given them their heart’s desires by giving them unbelievable fame and fortune.

We also see how their actions (hands) shows very well that they are all for the devil. They use symbols to show they are on his side. 666 symbols that we see everywhere. All the minions are completely sold out to this Beastly N/W/O and will do whatever it desires, which is whatever the devil desires. Not a problem!

666 symbols we see everywhere

Offensive Crimes Against Humanity and against the Lord

The N/W/O is the Beast of Revelation in my opinion, and all those who participate in the N/W/O have the Mark of the Beast. What they have done is very offensive to God. All those who have sold their very souls to the devil can have whatever they want, just as long as they do whatever he wants them to do.

Why is it so offensive to God?

Because, to gain their fame and fortune, they have had to do whatever the Beast said they must do. And, they did exactly that. Horrifyingly so.

For an example, it goes a little like this:

A musician goes over to Hollywood who catches their eye. They begin to offer them everything that the person has ever dreamed of, and a whole lot more. They can’t believe their ‘luck’! Gradually they’re drawn in! The time comes when they’re faced with participating in the murder of a baby or child!

Eventually they participate in a ritual where they actually ask the Holy Spirit to leave them, and invite Satan and his demons in. They have now crossed over from the light to dark, from the good side to evil. They are completely caught in a demonic web with no way out. Demon possessed!

Before this point, some repent (turn away from), and they manage to get out from the morbid scene. Unfortunately though for most of them, they have already gone too far. They cannot let go of the benefits of the wonders of their success, and/or are completely addicted to the drug Adre/nochro/me.

What they involve themselves in is so evil that really, I don’t want to talk about it. I think I’ve written enough throughout this blog that you would have the picture.

I used Hollywood as an example of what did happen time and time again. But caught in this same web are our politicians, and members of councils, government and bankers etc… all around the world. They fall headlong into the same trap through their lust for fame and/or fortune, or both.

Because of this they are marked for destruction and they will pay for their many crimes against humanity

The End Times is not talking about the end of time for humanity… it’s referring to the end of the Cabal! Yes!

Their time has come to an end… happening as we speak!

Truly, I believe this is the Mark of the Beast.

These people are the ones to receive the Mark of the Beast, not any of us!

But you say, it says in Revelation that they will not be able to buy or sell if they don’t receive the mark.

Yes it does… but once again, it’s not talking about us!

It’s referring to the fact that these people (take my Hollywood example) will not have the ability to buy and sell whatever they want, unless they receive the mark.

What was the mark again?

They entered right into all the satanic rituals to gain favour. Favours that you and I could never experience!

They are the only ones who have been free to buy and sell to their heart’s content with riches untold. None of us have experienced such a thing. Look at the royals. Their lavish lifestyles in the midst of such destitution, surrounded by underprivileged and often starving people. They could have reached out a caring hand and met every need, and still had more than sufficient to maintain their lifestyle.

But did they? No!

Why? Because they were caught up in this same evil that will feel the full force of God’s wrath.

So these people are now marked for the evil side, and for the wrath of God, because of their despicable actions (hands) and their abhorrent and stomach-wrenching worship of all that’s evil (forehead).

The trap may well have been set to catch them out, but never-the-less, they chose this path… which truly leads to destruction.

The Mark of the Beast is clearly not the Jab

So the Mark of the Beast is clearly not a tattoo, a chip, nano particles, or a medical procedure, none of this. Am I saying these things are OK then? No, not at all, in fact they can be used by evil governments and Big Tech against us, but they in themselves are not the Mark of the Beast.

I would hope that most all of you would not take the jab, but not because it’s the Mark of the Beast! No. Because of all the other deplorable things happening to those who do take it, whether willingly or by being cajoled.

I do not believe the Mark of the Beast can be received accidentally neither. It’s a choice people make to receive the promise of both fame and fortune. If someone forces you to have the jab as we have seen happen, you have not received the mark leading to destruction!



  1. A manipulation of gods design in your DNA. A false one standing in the temple that god built. Jesus said your body was the temple. The manipulators say you cannot travel, work, shop unless you get the jabs that dont even work effectively. They will create a desolation of abomination of Chronic Prionic illness down the road. It could be the deception the Bible warned would fool the elect and the Nations.

    • Yes Chris, I believe this is the kind of thing the manipulators had in store for us. But praise God, they are all coming down and it will never get to any of that in my opinion.
      Maintain your peace.

  2. I know so many people that took the JAB ! I expect casualties! Most of them in my area! I refuse to wear masks anywhere ! Thank God we live in Florida and God Bless Ron DeSantis !

    • Hi Christopher< We don't know what's ahead of us. I just pray the Med-beds or similar technology can be used to help all these people. I believe the day will come when they will realise what they've done and be frantically searching for reversals. We are all hearing how our friends and relatives, and acquaintances have taken the jab... so sad.

  3. Marilyn, so thankful for you. Your gift of writing and explaining these happenings and truths we are living through are so valuable. For me, whatever I read for info since God woke me up November 4, 2020, holds my attention to a point when I ask myself, “Can I share this to ones who aren’t reading what I’m reading, and being led by the holy spirit as I know I am.” Your articles are so shareable and written to be shared with everyone who needs to hear this info and the manner in which you share it. ♥️

    • Thank you Nancy! I appreciate you taking the time to say these things. It is always what I have in mind as I write, to create something simply and easily understood, and yes, so it can be shared far and wide.
      My subjects are varied but I only write as I feel led by the HS.
      Thanks again.

    • Read the Rev again, it says name of the beast or it’s number 😉 if you read Covid backwords (Divoc) in hebrew it means evil, devil… don’t lissen to Marilyn, i have read lots of her storyies that makes no sence when it comes to bibel. she uses stars in some of the script, don’t let her fool you! Rev is here today, you can see and feel the demonic year. watch everything that happends around you and start digging in the bibel also. It says name of the beast or the mark of the beast, mark is on the left armes or forhead, the name is covid! remember what jesus sai, there will be many who will come and lure people to falshood, wolfs in sheep clothes!

      • At no stage do I want people simply to accept what I say. It is designed to cause you to think, and think deeply. Go search it out in the Word for yourself… that’s great.
        Seriously, you do need to work out who the Beast is first. Once you have that understanding, the Book of Revelations does make sense.
        Yes, I do mention the stars. Why? Because God has put them in the heavens as signs and seasons for us. The fact that the NWO through New Age tried to pinch them from us so that we all ran far from anything to do with the stars, is a total shame! They have tried to hijack dolphins and crystals, gems and ever so much more, but never forget who made them in the first place. Just because they have been used in a bad way, doesn’t make them bad.
        Reading dovic backwards and receiving covid is like reading God backwards and getting dog! Come on!
        Yes, you are quite right… there will be many people who will try to lure into falsehood, but just because you don’t comprehend on first reading, and without true research, doesn’t make something false.
        We are all learning. I don’t pretend to say that everything I say is 100% true and correct. I’m not God! Only He knows all… as I said, we are learning.
        Please don’t try to jump down someones throat simply because it doesn’t line up with what you currently think. Ask questions, yes! Research, yes!
        And… the good news is… the way I now understand Revelations brings me peace in the midst of a very big storm.
        Bless you Erina, I know you mean well.

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