Revealing Evil Signs Right In Front Of Our Eyes

Evil Signs

Evil signs, in fact real cute evil signs, are right out in front for all to see!

Let’s take a quick look at Street’s Ice Cream here in Australia. You may say… I can’t see any evil signs!

Look a little closer… see the logo? The little heart surrounded by the bigger heart?

That my friend, is potentially evil… or should I say… represents an evil deed!

The Australian Street’s Ice Cream is a favourite. These are often chosen for their quality taste and feel.

Now, people buy up these ice creams without giving a single thought to the little heart symbol that’s clearly displayed on each of the packaging.

Of-course, I’m not talking about their health value, as really, anyone who has read the ingredients within them knows they are definitely not a healthy food to be consuming.

But, once in awhile, on a hot day, there is something quite delicious about stopping off at a store and purchasing a drippy, licky, cooling ice cream!

For the uninitiated, the little heart symbol means something like… ‘you will love this!’

Let’s take a closer look at some symbols

For those who are aware of some of the symbology used by pedophilia people, will not be surprised to learn that the little heart symbol stands for ‘Girl Lover’.

  • ‘Boy Lover’ is for those who have a preference for boys up to the age of 18 years.
  • ‘Little Boy Lover’ is for those who prefer little boys.
  • ‘Girl Love’ is for those with a preference for girls of all ages and…
  • ‘Child Lover’ is for those who are happy with either.

Of-course, for any clean living member of society it makes us totally sick to the stomach. But all the more so when we realise they have hidden this clear message in PLAIN SIGHT!

When I realised that this symbol was on all the Street’s ice creams, I couldn’t believe this favourite company from when I was just a little girl could carry such symbolism!

Evil Signs? I decided to dig a little deeper…

There was no doubt in my mind that this symbol was exactly the same as the one used by the pedo’s… except for one thing… it’s back to front!

Now to be absolutely fair, it is not exactly the same as the other symbol. Being back-to-front does open up for a little possibility that it doesn’t carry the same meaning… but it’s only a VERY little possibility! Maybe, just maybe, they randomly came up with it, being oblivious to the fact that one just a tiny bit different is being used by such a deviant mob!

So I continued to dig…

  • Is this symbol only used for ice cream here in Australia?
  • Is there a special gang here that blatantly uses such symbolism?

I discovered it’s the logo of Heartbrand.

My question then was… Is Heartbrand only here in Australia?

No it’s not!

I found Heartbrand is owned by Unilever… a British multinational consumer goods company headquartered in London, England.

So the plot thickened…

Below is a list of national brands around the world who are all owned by Unilever:


Here are a few of the different world-wide brands all carrying the Heartbrand symbolism the same as Street’s here in Australia:

Image by
Evil signs Walls Ice Cream

So the same symbol is all over the world representing Heartbrand owned by Unilever.

So what do you think?

Do you think it is just a coincidence? Personally, I don’t believe coincidences, but what are your thoughts?

I ask this because we need to think! In this day and age, more than ever before, we need to learn to ask questions. The time for just shrugging it off has ended. Our world has been full of evil with them getting away with their dirty deeds right under our noses. It has to stop.

The good news is that the world is currently being cleaned up. I heard recently, but unfortunately I cannot remember where, that the Alliance know every single ped/ophile in the entire world. I do so hope this is true.

I’ve also heard that over two million people have been arrested regarding the awful things they have been doing to our children, and the way they have illegally lorded it over us. Soon the proof will come out as it will all be made public. I can’t wait for that day.

Our precious little children’s lives are at stake. Is there anything more beautiful than an innocent little bub?

Become a Boycotter!

As we become more and more aware, we are in a place where we are helping the White Hats to get the job done!

Boycott those companies we know that are caught up with crimes against humanity. DJT gave out a list that I read this morning on Telegram:

Just remember, the fight is not between Demo/crats and Rep/ublicans… this is a worldwide war we are fighting. Although a lot of these companies are American based, many companies world-wide need to be boycotted.

In Australia, Quan/tas is showing itself to be against ‘we the people’. Do not fly with them.

We need our eyes to be opened!

Sometimes they don’t use evil signs such as logos, but we can tell because of what they are wanting us to do. If for example, they insist that you must have the so-called vac before doing business with them… great… don’t do business with them! Hurt them in the pocket until they fall to their knees…


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