Horrific Day Of Judgement Like Never Before In History!

Are we living in the Day of Judgement? Is this the judgement God always said would come upon the world?

Are we in it now?

Is this the time where God sorts out the sheep from the goats? Can you hear Him calling “Sheep to the right… Goats to the left?

Do you think you could actually be living through the Biblical time that the church has spoken of over the ages?

This is a time when we all need to takes sides. Whose side are we on? The side of good, or the side of evil.

The Day of Judgement sorts it all out.

Which side do you want to be on? With the sheep, or with the goats?

For many, this is a time of total confusion

This is a time when many want to hide away in their homes and hope it will all go away.

But how many people have turned the pages of the Bible to see, with new eyes, what period we are really living in?

Many people are waiting for everything to ‘go back to normal’. Will this ever happen?

No, I do not believe so! Ever!

We don’t want the ‘old normal’ to come back, do we? I mean, really?

If that is all you are waiting for, it’s time for you to take another look around. In fact, it’s time for you to use seeing eyes and hearing ears.

If you are still fast asleep right now, you are missing out on the most exciting happenings our world has ever seen! In time, as it is all revealed to you, you will think back and wonder how you missed it!

Social Media has opened up the most marvellous method of communication for us to learn quickly, if we have eyes to see and ears to hear. We all have the ability to go onto Telegram, or Bitchute etc., to keep up to date with what is going on currently in our world.

There are no excuses!

If you want to comprehend the age we live in, stop watching the mainstream media! In fact, if you still watch, realise this:

You need to believe the opposite to what they are saying!

Yes, they have been lying to us for a very long time, but those who have come to realise it, and their eyes have been opened, they can’t unsee what they have seen. It’s now so obvious to them.

Doesn’t take much to work this one out!

What I’m about to say is ‘old hat’ news to so many of us, while at the same time, is still totally ‘new news’ for those who spend their time in front of the nightly news on television…

Because people have been busy following the god of this world, they have missed the fact that God is moving!

The mouthpiece used for propaganda and to keep the people following the god of this world, is the television set… together with most all of mainstream media. Yap, yap, yap in their ears… it never stops!

John who wrote the Revelation… the last book of the Bible, saw this as ‘an image that speaks’! What a strange thing!

But not so strange anymore… in fact, it’s quite easy to comprehend. Through the television, it can speak virtually to the whole world, can’t it. It teaches, preaches, and shares opinions and propaganda 24 hours a day. In fact, it never stops.

And what’s more… we don’t have to go anywhere to view this ‘image that speaks’… we find it right within our own loungerooms, with a quick press of a button!

Don’t believe them anymore!

For a quick overview on what you should be following, follow the abbreviated version of Judy Byington to give you an idea.

But, is it possible that this is the Day of Judgement?

What does the Bible say?

Does it talk about a time where:

  • Evil men and women from virtually every country in the world, will be arrested, tried and given their ‘just desserts’?
  • Does it talk about a worldwide information war that affects each and every country?
  • What about a military army made up of hundreds or thousands of men and women, who work together in a common cause to eradicate evil?

Are these things mentioned in the Word of God? Well yes, it is more than mentioned… it’s found all over the place.

But, much of it is hidden from those who give it just a casual read. There is the use of symbology and types and shadows.

Now, before your eyes glaze over because you feel this is far beyond you, don’t be so hasty. It’s not you know. It all makes perfect sense once you get ahold of it.

I’ve heard people say we are soon to enter the ‘1,000 years of peace’!

Could this really be true?

My first reaction to this was negative, to be sure!

I would say… “How can they say that? What about the Great Tribulation period that must come first?”

Whether or not people believe in a rapture (the word rapture cannot be found in the Bible – a supposed time when all Christians will be ‘raptured’ up into the sky to meet the Lord) or not… whether they have been taught it’s pre-Tribulation, mid-Tribulation or post-Tribulation, matters not! Because first, before the 1,000 years of peace, a Great Tribulation period must take place… but maybe not necessarily as we have been taught.

There appears to be as much confusion these days as there was back in the Bible days.

The disciples didn’t know, so they asked Jesus:

Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of your coming, and of the end of the 1world?

1Many Bibles say ‘age’

Matthew 24:3

As Jesus gave a quick synopsis of what we can expect, He talked of the ‘Sign of the Son of Man’ appearing in the sky. This happened on the 23rd September, 2017. See below:

Don’t be put off by my mention of the stars. They were given to us for ‘signs and for seasons, and for days, and years’

These people know their Judgement time has come!

Even while much of the church slumbers in their pews, the satanic criminals are not slumbering! They know judgement time is coming.

He further said:

… All the people on earth will cry in agony when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds in the sky with power and great glory!

Matthew 24:30

Why is it that all the people will cry in agony? Really? Isn’t this a time we have all been looking for? A time of rejoicing?

Think about this… what if it’s not relating to you and me… what if it’s relating to all the criminals of this world who will ‘cry in agony’!

Now that makes sense!

They know their time is up! They know they will not live through this! Now is the hour!

These ‘sold-out to the devil’ satanic criminals, who have managed to take over our whole world with their evil, are now currently… right at this minute, shaking in fear for what is about to happen to them.

Actually we know that for many of them, they have already met their fate. They were arrested and tried through a military tribunal… and sentenced to life in prison or executed!

White Hats, Clones and Actors

But… for reasons best known to the White Hats, it was not pertinent to allow the masses to know of these arrests. Not yet! To cover up, many actors wearing silicon masks have been role-playing the positions of these former ‘authorities or actors’.

Many say they are clones. I’m not about to enter into whether they are actual clones or not… because really, I don’t know. I know all of what’s been said, but I have no way of proving it one way or another.

So for now, I’m perfectly happy with seeing them as actors wearing silicon masks. They are under the instructions of the White Hats, doing what they’ve been told to do.

I always feel that J/B is one of the better examples. Instead of getting furious with him for what he says and does, see him as an actor, playing out a role. Tripping up or down steps… falling off his bike… you name it. Actors taking the ‘mickey’ out of the person they represent!

You may have noticed that sometimes they use body doubles. I say this because on closer inspection, you can see the eyebrows are different, or the width of the face is different. Sometimes they have ears close to their heads while in others, the ears flare out from the head.

When you first look at them you may be fooled into believing it’s the same person, but usually, a closer inspection tells the story. Why don’t you have some fun working it out!

Great Tribulation

We have all been living through great tribulation one way and another, but none to the degree of the children we have now learnt about who have lived underground all their lives. Stories too horrific for me to relate here.

On top of all this, in these last days, we are watching as the government and medical profession have been killing off our elderly, our sports people, people from every race and creed… and now are even after our children. This will go down in history as the most bombastical period of time the world has ever seen.

All this, while people are still willing to role up their sleeves for an experimental toxic brew that has killed their friends! They don’t know why they just suddenly died! It’s right before their eyes but they can’t see it.

Day of Judgement

People are now saying to me that they feel this period of time is like the Day of Judgement’!

When else in all of history has there been a time when evil is being dug up and eradicated like it is today? So much of it is happening ‘behind he scenes’, but happening it most certainly is.

When before have all the governments of the world been taken down, at the same time, because of all their evil doings?


It’s time to think! Think like never before! Use critical thinking and work it out.

Could this be God’s Day of Judgement right now? If so, are you ready for it?



  1. Yes, I don’t think we will go back to normal (the years before 2020). Instead, our world will get better and more natural than before. Because all the evil people will be gone forever. No more evil governments who forces their evil agendas on us. No more evil financial elites stealing people’s property and drowning people in debt their whole life. No more evil hospitals, and no more non-healing medical industries/Big Pharma selling expensive toxic non-natural medicines. No more corrupted education. No more censorship and tyranny. We will have all our God given freedoms and free will, including freedom of speech. The world will be more peaceful and friendly. In other words, we will live closer to God and nature.

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