To Find The Truth Look Behind Breaking News

Find the Truth

It’s important to realise that if there is a huge story coming from the mainstream media, there is something else going on behind the scenes. To find the truth we need to look behind… at what they are not saying!

It’s so easy to become so engrossed in the ‘latest news’. We watch with bated breath as they give all the details, without realising it’s often a cover up! It’s designed to distract the masses.

Have you ever noticed that it doesn’t matter which channel you watch, the same news is coming forth?

Some people will watch one news broadcast and then switch to another to hear it all again. They don’t wan’t to miss anything.

This is why it is so easy for the media to control our thinking!

To those who have been researching and digging deep to try to find the real nuggets of truth, they know they have to look right past the msm.

If we are still in the mind-frame that the news broadcasts wouldn’t lie to us, then we have a ways to go towards finding the real truth.

What we wait for each evening is a criminal mainstream, C I A controlled, mockingbird media.

What is a Mockingbird? (Britannica)

It’s a bird that has no natural call sounds of its own. Right from when it’s very young, it begins to mimic the calls it hears from the environment.

The media can sound just the same. What it hears, or what they are told to say, it mimics.

So what does the media hear?

Exactly what they’ve been told from those six corporations who control them. Those people who know exactly what it is they want the people to know… and what they don’t want them to know.

Of-course, the media know that on the whole, we relate very highly to images, because a picture tells a thousand words! So, because of this, they are very good at fabricating scenes to tell the stories they wish us to believe.

For example, here is a video that did the rounds on social media:

The media are videoing a man who is carefully wrapped up with gloves, mask, bodysuit to save himself from catching a ‘virus’. Meanwhile, the guy doing the video doesn’t need to take the same care. Strange!

As that image was streamed around the world, it built a picture of what we all should be doing, according to the narrative they are pushing.

Find out the truth behind the fake news

President Trump is well known for calling them the F]ake N]ews… even to their face. He knew exactly where they were coming from.

The problem is, they take only what they want to. At the huge rallies President Trump was running, they wouldn’t turn their cameras around so you could actually see the crowd. Even though he would ask them to, they still wouldn’t.

Of-course, at the B]iden rallies, few that there were, they also wouldn’t turn the camera around. This was because there was next to nobody there. You’d see them waving to the ‘crowds’… LOL.

This is what I mean about building a fake picture of what is truly happening.

In the same way you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink…

Unfortunately, how true this is!

When digging for truth, you have to learn to look outside the square. You have to ‘think’! You musn’t simply take on board the narrative that everybody else is accepting.

Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes, it’s tiring,. But it’s what you have to do. If they are saying ‘xyz’, ask yourself… what is opposite to what they are saying?

Most people simply accept. They believe the news the same way as they believe and trust their doctor. These are the same doctors who haven’t received any real training on food and how it relates to health!

My advice to you, if you are just beginning your journey of truth, turn off the television! Yes, every channel! Remove yourself away and start searching elsewhere.

For a list of positive and very helpful people to start you on the right track in your research… go here:

Psychological warfare
Evil Psychological warfare – Know How To Counteract It

To find the truth, you have to go online. Of-course, much of that will follow the same narrative, but begin to follow Youtube videos and Telegram. Follow the people suggested who have been walking this pathway longer than you.



  1. Hello Marilyn! Pertaining to blood transfusions, I’ve read a few times that blood from Vaccinated people is not being accepted as it kills a certain substance in the blood and makes it useless, I do not know for certain. But, anyway, I want to thank you for being there! Because I trust in God, I can actually at times, feel the Evil being lifted from the earth….(It’s unexplanable), but when an evil tragedy occurs such as what just happened in Ill., I’m down again and I feel myself getting anxious and wanting things to hurry up and happen. I pull up your posts and I feel at ease again. You are a great Inspiration for me and I’m sure a lot of others feel the same. Thank You So Much!!

    • Thank you so much for sharing that with me Debbie! My endeavour is to put out the truth as I know it, but at the same time, relate it in to what the Word of God says about it.
      I completely comprehend how you feel… I think we all do. All of us want this over and done with… and it will be according to God’s perfect planning.
      Meantime, it’s a time of making sure you are grounded in the Word of God, and that you take the time to read posts such as mine.
      Just remember, that not everything is as it seems. You have to dig deeper sometimes to try to unearth the truth about these tragedies. Did it really happen as they say? Maybe not… just another distraction.
      Be encouraged, we are coming through!

  2. I just wonder how far this is going to go before human extinction. I see the next thing is Monkeypox lol apparently you can catch it by shaking hands!! Really how dumb do they think we all are. These Psychopaths haven’t got an intelligent brain between them. No doubt a percentage of the population who are dead asleep will comply. I don’t know what the MSM vipers are reporting as I don’t waste my time with it.

  3. Hi Marilyn Williams, Thank you for all you do.
    I think we the people of the world have another vaccine-related problem. I have no idea if there are existing plans to deal with this but : what about blood donations centers and the fact that they accept donated blood from people who are vaccinated !? Who knows what being given away with that policy. Someone could have blood with hydras or whatever bad stuff in it.

    • I totally agree with you Judy! It would be awful to be in the position of requiring a blood transfusion at this time. I don’t know what is happening about it but soon… hopefully very soon, everything will be different.

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