Alien And UFO Demonic Deception Coming Upon The World

Alien And UFO Deception

There are demons seducing the world with the doctrines of devils bringing about Alien and UFO deception.

Demons? Who or what are demons?

Are they real?

Can they seduce us?

Are you sure they’re not Aliens from another planet?

Many, many people believe in Aliens, no problems at all. All their lives they have been schooled/ indoctrinated to believe they exist and are really ‘out there’.

How come everyone now believes in Aliens
The D/S keep us in deception through their hoaxes

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether people call themselves Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Athiest, or nothing at all, they have watched so many movies and been taught in schools about life on other planets and in far-away galaxies that they now believe it completely.

Do I say this couldn’t be?

Well, let’s just say, I think it’s very doubtful.

Unidentified Flying Objects

People believe UFO’s are real, but are they? Or, who are they?

Remember, the term UFO stands for ‘unidentified flying object’.
Unidentified is the operative word… they have NOT been identified for the public!

Why is this?

Could it be because they can’t? Or is it the governments are hiding something?

We’ve seen so many images of the supposed UFO but really, where are the clear images? Have you noticed that all alleged footage of UFO’s is blurry at best?

We’ve heard the UFO’s are evil spirits!

Could this even be so?

Maybe an evil spirit who has shape-shifted into the shape of a UFO?

Or, are they being Blue-Beamed into our atmosphere?

A very strong delusion including Alien And UFO Deception

We are under a very strong delusion… and it’s getting stronger daily.

We know from the Word of God that God does allow people to believe in lies and deception.

10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

2 Thessalonians 2

Why? Doesn’t that appear to be counterproductive?

We have to realise that it’s not satan who blinds the eyes of the people. It’s God!

That’s right… God Himself gives people over to believing the lies and deception they have taken on board. There are plenty of verses that tell us that. Jesus clearly said:

“Take heed that no man deceive you.”

Matthew 24:4

A woman I know describes her experience with grays

I heard this story only a couple of weeks ago:

She said that a number of years ago she had taken a young boy (maybe her grandchild) to a playground to play. Before leaving she bought him an ice-cream and then they headed home.

As they passed through a certain bushy area, she got a surprise to see at least twelve alien grays! In fact, they were crossing the road, so she had to stop.

She described them as: ‘covered in silver, large heads, large eyes, and only about four feet tall’.

Apparently, none of them looked her way, so once they crossed she was able to drive on. Meanwhile, the little boy was screaming. She said he screamed all the way home as he was so traumatized!

Testimony of a friend

Could she have imagined all this?

All I can say is that she is not one for telling porkies! I have never known her to to exaggerate her stories or tell lies.


Would there be a dozen people dressed up like aliens, out in the bush, crossing the road, not looking at her?

I don’t really think so.

In fact, I suspect she really did see what we perceive to be aliens and, we know she’s not alone in this.

But the real questions are these:

  • Who/what are they?
  • Where do they come from?

These two questions need an answer.

I feel they are real enough, and that they have the ability to deceive us in many ways. But not in the way most people seem to believe though.

Are demons real?

Yes, we know they are real. In the New Testament alone, there is mention of demons/devils something like 50 – 60 times. They are also known as unclean spirits or evil spirits. The King James Version of the Bible calls them ‘devils’.

As I’m sure we’re all aware, these devils/demons are able to enter into individuals who open a door and let them in. This can be done by playing around with the occult, or even deliberately inviting dark entities to take over your life.

We are hearing much about this these days. Many in Hollywood succumbed to the ultimate enemy, the devil, because of their great lust for fame and fortune. This was offered to them if they would just ‘do this little thing’!

But not only in the entertainment industry, it’s right across the board. In our country leaders, governments, our seminaries, anywhere where there’s a desire to ‘succeed’ above all others. Also, where there’s a lust for little ch/ild/ren.

We currently live in the Age of Deception!

Listen to this Aussie give his account and experiences with aliens. Through his much research, find out what he discovered!

One man’s journey through the ‘Alien’ experience to becoming free from it all

It becomes very clear these things seen and experienced by many people are nothing more than demons.

Jesus gave us authority over them and told us to cast them out in His name.

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

Matthew 10:8

Originally given to His disciples and then given to all:

These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons…

Mark 16:17

Now watch this excellent video which brings out how we are all being faced with demonic deception:


I would have to say that virtually all of us have fallen for one deception or another. More than likely, we have fallen for most all of the deceptions our enemy has perpetrated upon us.

It’s only as we seek God and ask Him to reveal truth that we have any hope of comprehending what is truth and what is a lie.

It’s not that God is hiding truth from us. He wants us to be informed. He is long-suffering towards us and doesn’t want any of us falling into the traps set.

Coming before God with a repentant heart is the beginning of revelation. 2 Peter 3:9

From a Christian standpoint, those who communicate with UFOs and extraterrestrial beings have always delivered messages contrary to the Bible. This can be attributed in a large part to the occult methods that they employ when they receive their messages. Christians may not have ready answers to every question about UFO sightings, but in the face of extraterrestrial doctrine, no question remains as to the source of the message: spiritual beings opposed to God’s truth and thus, demonic in nature

Walter Martin, The Kingdom of the Occult, Nashville, Tennessee: 2008 page 370

Anyone who comes in contact with these beings, whether they feel they have been abducted or not, can cause them to let go of them by calling out the Name of Jesus! Countless people can testify to this very thing. Jesus said:

In My Name they shall cast out demons.

Mark 16:17

Call on His Name and the demon/s is/are cast out. Beautiful.

Are Aliens really coming?

Alien And UFO Deception and many other deceptions!


1) They lied to u about Russia Collusion
2) They lied to u about the Ukraine War
3) They lied to u about the Ukraine Biolabs
4) They lied to u about Cov-i-d 19 Plandemic
5) They lied to u about Lockdowns
6) They lied to u about Useless Facemasks
7) They lied to u about Vaxxeens
8- They lied to u about Ivermectin
9) They lied to u about Hydroxychloroquine
10) They lied to u about Twitter Censorship
11) They lied to u about the Fake Steele Dossier
12) They lied to u about the 2020 Ele-ct-io-n
13) They lied to u about the 2022 Midterms
14) They lied to u about Hunter’s Laptop
15) They lied to u about Hillary’s Emails
16) They lied to u about the FBI/CIA spying on your social media
17) They lied to u about Fast & Furious
18) They lied to u about Election Interference
19) They lied to u about 9/11
20) They lied to u about Saddam & Iraq having WMDs
21) They lied to u about PizzaGate
22) They lied to u about Child S-e-x Trafficking
23) They lied to u about Epstein S-e-x Island
24) They lied to u about The Patriot Act
25) They lied to u about The Global War on Terror
26) They lied to u about The Southern Border
27) They lied to u about Jan. 6th
28) They lied to u about Vietnam
29) They lied to u about Watergate
30) They lied to u about JFK
31) They lied to u about RFK
32) They lied to u about MLK, Jr.
33) They lied to u about Benghazi
34) They lied to u about Afghanistan
35) They lied to u about The War on Drugs
36) They lied to u about HIV/AIDS
37) They lied to u about Cancer
38) They lied to u about Climate Change
39) They lied to u about The Green New Deal
40) They lied to u about Food, Water, Cleaning Products
41) They lied to u about The Federal Reserve
42) They lied to u about The Washington Act of 1871 where Congress cut a deal w/foreign powers and intl. bankers and took the $ making 10 sq. miles of DC sovereign and changed us from the Republic FOR The United States of America to the United States Corporation where we’re all “citizens” w/privileges instead of rights given by God!
43) They lied to u about Mass Shootings
44) They lied to u about The Great Reset
45) They lied to u about Agenda 21
46) They lied to u about Agenda 2030
47) They lied to u about the Anthony Weiner Laptop
48) They lied to u about Wikileaks and Julian Assange
49) They lied to u about Waco
50) They lied to u about Ruby Ridge
51) They lied to u about Nashville
52) They lied to u about Las Vegas
53) They lied to u about Hollywood
54) They lied to u about the OKC Bombing
55) They lied to u about Andrew Breitbart’s Death
56) They lied to u about Gold
57) They lied to u about Michael Obama
58) They lied to u about Obama’s kids
59) They lied to u about Margaret Sanger
60) They lied to u about Joan Rivers’ Death
61) They lied to u about Haiti
62) They lied to u about Hunter’s Cocaine
63) They lied to u about Investing on Wall St.
64) They lied to u about Chinese Spy Balloons
65) They lied to u about 15min. Cities
66) They lied to u about Feminism
67) They lied to u about Antarctica
68) They lied to u about Freemasons
69) They lied to u about Operation Mockingbird
70) They lied to u about MK Ultra
71) They lied to u about Chemtrails
72) They lied to u about the Earth, Roswell, NASA, Outer Space, Moon Landing??

Anything Else?? ????????

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You may ask, “Who are ‘they’?” Those who have been in control of our world… the Ne/w Wor/ld Orde/r of-course!

You can research all mentioned in the list above. If you are like others, you most probably have been schooled/indoctrinated with the theory of aliens and UFO’s all your life, so do yourself a favour and search out truth. You certainly don’t have to believe me. 🙂

To do this, you have to accept that potentially you are under deception first. Then go with an enquiring mind, asking God to lead your research into truth… whatever that may be.

I know some people won’t go research because their minds are already made up. That’s OK… it’s their choice.

Don’t live under the illusion of Alien and UFO deception. We need to recognise them for who they are. We are all aware these days of shape-shifting, now we need to become more aware that these demons can shape-shift into anything they like. It seems they can become like an alien, a space ship, a shadow… you name it.



  1. Paul Schnider if he was still with us would be able to prove that they are here underground and that they told him that they would be back to meet us in 2029 face to face. But he was mysteriously murdered after his interview with others about his ordeal with the aliens underground and was injured during the altercation with them the video is out there, I have 2-3 clips of Paul in an autitorium alone on stage explaining the whole situation and the video is everywhere as of now!

    • I did hope David that I made it abundantly clear that I too believe their is ‘something’ going on. Yes, our military etc are running into them underground and maybe elsewhere, for sure, but when everything is looked at from a Biblical aspect, and taking into consideration the strong lies we’ve all been fed, I believe the aliens are demons/devils displaying themselves as what we refer to as aliens.
      It could be, of-course, that I am wrong. We are all learning, but it seems abundantly clear to me, especially seeing they go at the mention of the name of Jesus.
      I am aware of, and have listened to Paul Schnider. Just think about what he says but ‘hear’ demons instead of ‘aliens’. It all fits.
      The thought of aliens coming is scary. The thought of demons, not so… simply because we have authority over them.
      What brings you peace? We are told to be lead and guided by peace.

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