Are White Hats In Control Of Hidden World War?

White Hats in Control

A question that always comes my way is “Are the White Hats in control?”.

It’s a tough one really, because so much happens out of sight and behind the scenes. This causes people who are struggling to live in faith to falter.

We have always been told from those who have some kind of connection with the White Hats/Worldwide military generals, that the road ahead will be very bumpy.

It’s been bumpy enough thus far hasn’t it, but apparently, there could be more to come.

What I’m finding, through people I know personally, and from many who respond either to my posts or through direct contact, when we hit a bump, they hit rock bottom!

All through my posts I have endeavoured to bring a sense of peace in the midst of all these happenings.

But then… I found this very interesting article. Maybe, just maybe, once again we are all being duped!

This is taken from which leads to a full article ‘Why are They FAKING Photos from Maui?’ by Miles Mathis.

A VERY interesting read, full of actual photos and much food for thought!

If what Miles is saying turns out to be true, it’s not a matter of the White Hats losing a battle!!!

A ‘theory’ given to me by Cheryl from my Signal group. Is it true? Could very well be so:

How can we have peace when the world appears to be falling down around our ears?

With these potential lies being fed around the world, how do we have any clue of where we are going? The whole world seems to be falling apart.

But, in the midst of it, we can have peace, because it was given to us by God.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

John 14:27

Anyone who looks around and sees God in action here, has peace. But unfortunately, many believe God has left the building!

It’s so sad.

God made sure He told us what was going to happen, long before it began. But to know, you have to read His Book.

Many don’t want to spend the time reading the Book, they’d rather put their trust in man. But, if it looks like man is failing, they fall apart! They are left with nothing to hold on to.

Before ascending, Jesus gave us the peace of God. In the midst of all the evil happenings in our world, we must lean on Him. That peace He left with those present, is available for us all.

Many battles make a war

This morning, when I woke up, this thought was going through my mind. Yes, a war is fought using many battles along the way. The old saying ‘you win some, you lose some’ is exactly how it works.

With the above potential disinformation, maybe things are not what they seem. We are always being reminded that the war has already been won, we are just seeing the gradual outworking so we can comprehend the extent of evil.

But aren’t the White Hats in Control?

Then, this same morning, I received a video, and guess what she was talking about? The same thing! But, she explained it so wonderfully:

THE PATRIOT 17 ???????? (Laire Lightner)

She points out that we have absolute assurance of the end result, but we really don’t know too much about the journey getting there.

Battles are fought. Sometimes the enemy, because they’ve been planning these things for countless years, get the upper hand. The result can be something catastrophic like Maui!

Then the cry goes out… “Where are the White Hats?”

But is it another staged event yet again?

Please keep that in mind.

If it’s not, the White Hats would hate the needless and prolific loss of life and property. Our hearts and prayers are with those who have somehow managed to live through this devastation.

In this particular case, we know that the D/S wanted the island of Maui for their own devious means. The islanders would not sell/give it to them, so this is the result.

Our enemy is fierce. Wars are not like they used to be. The weapons used are incomprehensible… or is it CGI again?

But regardless, God is in control

He sees the whole picture. He looks the world over and knows intimately every little bit. The knowledge He has is of what is going on in the air, on the ground, and under the ground… at all times.

Remember the saying… ‘you can’t see the forest for the trees’?

That’s us. Too many ‘trees’ are blocking our vision.

What happened in Maui is potentially worse than anyone can possibly describe. Like California. Like 9/11. Similar to all the catastrophes the D/S put upon us.

They have no heart. No soul. Absolutely no care.

Whichever way you see it, there intention is to drive the locals off the island and use it ‘their way’.

But then God…

Whichever it is, we have to learn how to overcome fear in our lives. Fear is debilitating.

Have you ever noticed? When one person puts out a negative, fearful statement, how many others jump on the bandwagon? Happens every time!

The natural spiral of humanity is downwards.

Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

The White Hats have always told us ‘they have it’, and to ‘trust the plan’. Not once did they tell us that we will comprehend what is going on, or why they did, or didn’t do, this or that.

There is not one of us who can answer the question ‘Are the White Hats in control?’ with full comprehension of the plan.

What we do get is this… we get that the very main purposed of the whole lot of it is to rescue the children and people who have been trafficked for more years than we can say.

We also get in doing this they have to remove all the evil that has infiltrated every area of our societies.

Fine military men and women, in this endeavour, have lost their lives!

Unfortunately the White Hats do not win every battle.

But, they have won the war! They know it, God knows it… and by faith, we know it!

And, to top it off, it’s all written in the Bible for our White Hats and good military people to follow and rest assured on.

This is how we know!

How do we really know this?

Those who hand these matters over to the Lord have a total assurance on the inside. We know! The White Hats are really there and in control.

That control is being led and directed by the Lord God Almighty. Evil men and women have been arrested, and many have already gone to meet their Maker. Many ‘elites’ who owned properties in Maui that were not harmed by the supposed D/E/W weapons, don’t even know it happened, because they’ve already left this earth.

In fact, could it actually be a White Hat operation???

(Thanks Andi for this in my chat on Telegram. I can see you’ve been thinking. Thinking is good.)

Whatever it is, speak this out until you begin to believe it: “The White Hats are in control”. Be a person of light. Remember, when the light is switched on, darkness flees!!!! Nothing takes God by surprise.



    • I am quite aware that real fires happen, just as they may have happened in Maui. All I’m trying to do is get people to be aware that even though every truther in the book is saying this or that, to look carefully at some of the facts. Did you read the PDF contained within the post? Much food for thought.
      The other thing is this… what is going on ‘over there’ while everyone’s attention is stuck on Maui???Is it all just a distraction?

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