The 2 Beasts In Revelation 13 – Open Your Eyes Now!

I believe that many have no real idea who the 2 Beasts in Revelation 13 really is. Because of this, they have no real comprehension that they even need to fight it.

Those who have somehow woken up are also called to enter the battle. We have a job to do.

As fear grips the world

We live in very uncertain times, in fact, frightening to many. We hear about the threat of nuclear war and many fear for their lives.

  • We are being told, non-stop, of a deadly virus that travels wherever it will around the planet, infecting any who happen to have let down their guard, even for a moment. Yes, we are being told we can never be too careful!
  • The hospitals are full to overflowing with people who have ‘caught the virus’ which sets fear abroad to a new high level.
  • All of this causes untold stress which only adds to the problem. People mask up more through fear and only end up poisoning their own systems which in turn, makes them sick and usually ‘diagnosed’ as Co/vid!
  • Everywhere you go is the sanitizer bottle. The faithful squirt it on their hands believing they are doing the best for both themselves and others… but only end up poisoning their own bodies even more.

Good doctors and nurses, the ones who are truly ‘following the science’, try to spread the truth about the so-called virus, but in general the masses don’t get it. So they are gripped with fear. The ‘real news’ they watch every day tells them it’s real and they must follow the orders of the government.

The rest of us who have woken up to the MSM lies, struggle in our attempts to alert the rest of society, but we are shunned. Before we know it we have been relegated to being the black sheep of the family. For many, arguments have broken out and family/friend ties have been broken.

But the good news is… this is not going to go on forever!

2 Beasts in Revelation 13

I would like to concentrate on Revelation 13 and the 2 Beasts:

  1. Beast of the Sea
  2. Beast of the Earth

Read the whole chapter here.

Many believe that ‘in the future’ the Book of Revelation will come to pass. They do not see how what we are going through right at this present time, is the Great Tribulation.

I get that! I’ve been there too!

But, considering we are in a major battle between good and evil, couldn’t this be it?

It’s not country against country, instead what is taking place is happening in every country world wide, at the same time.

When has such a thing ever happened before? A time when a worldwide Alliance have come out in force against evil that we didn’t even know was happening in our world and/or under our feet.

Much of the physical side of the war is taking place underground, but the Military Alliance are also arresting whole governments all around the world. Countless thousands are being arrested for their part in crimes against humanity and treason.

Secret Sting Operations, the like the world has never seen before.

It will all be revealed.

It’s not war as we know war… it’s a world-wide Spirit of God phenomenon!

Yes, it’s a move of the Holy Spirit.

God has had enough! When He decides the time is right, He acts. When He acts, it’s ‘watch out!’.

That time has come.

It’s not a time for us to fear what’s up ahead, but rather, it’s a time to shout “Hallelujah”!

Angels have been given the operative to go into the four corners of the world and wake up the people. We have heard the call! Our eyes are being opened! People from every walk of life, throughout the entire world, are now seeing!

Once you see, you cannot unsee!

We now know who the enemy is, and who we are fighting against.

We have joined in the fight, sharing in any way we can to help wake up the rest of humanity. God is leading an immense army out against the evil ones who are falling before them like flies.

Who are the evil ones?

The N/e/w W/o/r/l/d O/r/d/e/r!

In Revelation chapter 13, they are represented by two beasts, who work together. Let’s see who they are:

The First of the 2 Beasts in Revelation 13 is the Beast of the Sea

This beast is reported as having 7 heads. The ‘7’ here is the clue. 7 is the perfect number of God. Ahh… so in other words, this beast believes he knows everything just the same way God does.

(Uh-uh! Not so!)

It is also reported as having 7 crowns… which means it believes it has the authority to rule over all of humanity, and therefore enslave them.

(Hmm… it’s done a jolly good job of that! But not any more… we have woken up… we see… N/W/O… you lose!)

Have we seen anything like it?

I wonder…

There have been a group of people living in this world who believe they are way above us underlings. Yes, these same people have used tyranny to control us. They have a way of convincing us it is always for our own good, that they care for us, and only want what we want.

Quite slick really!

The N/W/O has controlled us through:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Government
  • Media
  • Religion

OK, stop right now and really look at the above list. Try to think it through as to what it really means. How do they control us through this list?

I’ll lightly touch on just a few of them… some of the more blatantly obvious ones. For example…


Here is where they have taken the ‘burden’ of educating our kids off our hands. How kind they are!

It’s been a great trick to use. As they set the curriculums they can add in or take anything out they please. A little this year, a little more next year, and so on. Before we know it they are teaching our children not how to be good moral, upstanding adults, but to embrace filth and depravity as being the norm.

And then onto University Education… I’ll just choose one – Medicine.

Generally speaking, our brightest students choose Law or Medicine. Off they go to university, gripped with the anticipation of learning how to ‘help’ the sick live a better life. Their intentions are pure.

Unfortunately, the medical universities are owned and operated by the pharmaceutical companies. What are their interests? They train doctors to prescribe their drugs to increase the pharmaceutical company’s bottom line!

The good news for them is there are a myriad of side-effects caused by these drugs, which in turn means they will require more drugs to counteract them… and so on… more and more…

Are the doctors taught how nutritional deficiencies or toxins are behind most of the sicknesses? No… or maybe just a little. Enough to say they did learn, but without any depth or true comprehension.

No for sure, education has surely gone to the pack!


Has the family come under attack or what?

We all know it has. I know a family who had the Department for Family Affairs come and take away all their children because someone reported them as using drugs.

How easy that is! Someone they knew who had a beef with them, reported them to the ‘authorities’. As the Department needs to follow up, they took the children off the parents while they were making a decision.

It took eight long years fighting to have their children back… that’s most of the children’s childhood right there! Eventually the Department deemed the parents innocent and so the children were allowed back home.

Lost years of heartbreak all round.

Now, years later, we are seeing the dreadful outcome of a department getting it so wrong.

What comeback is there?

None! Little lives smashed, and grieving parents wondering if there is anyone out there who will listen to their heartbroken pleas!

Oh well, (shrug) who cares? Apparently no-one at the time. So sad.


Author unknown

For many, many years, it has been common to hear it said that the nightly media produce nothing but lies. You can’t believe a word… or so people say.

But… those same people wouldn’t miss the news for anything!

The media is the mouthpiece of the First Beast, sprouting lies, fear and propaganda to keep the people in check. We have to say they’ve done a very good job at what they do. It’s certainly worked, hasn’t it?

Who makes up these people?

So this First Beast, made up of the Phoneticians, that is, the 13 bloodline families, have controlled through Maritime or Admiralty Law. Also known as Piracy Laws.

head of the beast

These people all derived their power through the worship of Satan.

You might not believe Satan is real… but all these people surely do. Their ‘worship’ included h/u/m/a/n and c/h/i/l/d sac-rif-ice. Satan gave them immense power to do what they’ve been doing… horrifying crimes against all of humanity.

The top 13 families have been arrested and met their fate.

The head of the snake has been removed…

So who is the Second of the 2 Beasts in Revelation 13

This beast… the Beast of the Earth we are told, works together with the First Beast. Their job was to make sure that the people ‘worshipped the First Beast’… in other words, obeyed all the rules of the First Beast.

Of-course, it started right back in kindergarten, or even before. Children are taught to sit still, be quiet and listen. They are given the rules they must obey. Unfortunately, they are not taught how to think for themselves, but to do what they are told… or else!

As we look more into who this Second Beast is, we see it quite clearly as the:

  • Government and
  • Religious organisations

Now wait a minute, you may be saying… there’s nothing wrong with them!


Author unknown

The government organisation was originally put in place by God to serve the people. They are there to ensure we can all live peaceful lives and to take care of issues on behalf of the people.

Is this what we see today? NO!

Instead, the government believes they are there to rule over us. We have to do what they say… or else!

We pay licenses for everything. There are fines and fees. They have us so entangled in never ending red tape, we can’t see any other colour!

In fact, as we all know… they work opposite to their intended purpose.

Religious Organisations

Just as the governments have been totally infiltrated by the dark side, so too have the religious organisations. They use the very seminaries that are there to teach and train up men and women to serve in churches and mosques etc. Instead of teaching how to have a true servant’s heart, they teach them to propagate the N/W/O narratives upon them.

(I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s all seminaries because I don’t really know… and I would certainly hope not.)

Unfortunately the church in general, gave away it’s authority to the government by becoming tax exempt. I suppose it sounded like a good move at the time, but instead it was a trap.

We have all seen how in the height of the ‘virus pandemic’, the churches were instructed to close. Most obeyed. When they were allowed to reopen, they had strict rules to apply. Once again they complied.

Like the good and trusting sheep they are, the pastors, ministers, imans, lamas, rabbis etc., led their folk to obey the government rulings as a matter of course.

At the same time these organisations were under such strict rules, the brothels etc. were allowed to remain open. Go figure!

And, if anyone goes against the narrative these places are teaching they will soon be ostracized. Conform! Conform!

While society is falling into total degradation, it is being enforced upon us to be totally accepting of non-Godly practices.

Yes, total control and just as the medical doctors do the bidding of the pharmaceutical companies, the leaders of the religious organisations carry out what they have been indoctrinated to do.

(I’m certainly NOT against gatherings who worship God with a true heart, but ungodly leadership, that’s another matter.)

So what can be done about all this?

We have to be able to see in the Word of God what is happening all over the world.

Can we?

We can!

There is much talk about us about to enter into 1,000 years of peace. Oh how I baulked at this at the beginning.

No, no, no! First there must be a Great Tribulation period!

How indoctrinated I was. I thought a dreadful time of much of the sea being turned into blood, the sun going dark, 100 pound (45 kilo) hailstones must fall, and much else must happen first. I didn’t comprehend the Book of Revelation at all!

In fact, I was reading it all too literally.

I now discern it’s chock full of symbolism, and once you grasp the symbolism, the Book of Revelation opens right up.

What was a book leaving me in “huh?” land, has become a book of describing the time we live in. It’s begun to all make sense!

Now, instead of dread, I find wonderful peace. Because I know that all those horrors I talked of up above are not from a God indiscriminately expending His fury upon us all, but on the ‘evil ones’! It’s very specific.

It doesn’t mean we don’t go through hard times… no, not at all. But we must realise it’s a huge job to take out evil.

For thousands of years the prayer has been prayed, including:

Thy Kingdom come
They will be done

On earth… as it is in Heaven

The Lord’s Prayer

God is on the move!

Praise God, that is being outworked before our very eyes!

He’s not doing it by Himself, no, He’s got amazing leadership, a great army and all who will join in the battle. He has orchestrated the whole move, using men and women from all over the world, from every culture and religion.

Never before has such a movement taken place!

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalitiesagainst powersagainst the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places .

Ephesians 6:12

The ‘flesh and blood’ that is being taken out all around the world have invited Satan to come in… in other words, demons entered their bodies and caused them to do all the atrocities we read about.

Anti-Christs… (anti-anointings) have been with us for a very long time

These are the people involved in everything antichrist… anything that goes against God Himself. I mean, horrific satanic rituals and sacrifices. Pure evil.

Getting the picture that we are not waiting for an evil antichrist to come against us has been truly enlightening for me. Hey guys, ‘he’s’ already here! ‘He’s’ been here for a very long time and has been getting worse each year. ‘He’ is called the N/e/w W/orl/d O/rde/r.

The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening is when we wake up to the fact of who our enemy really is. We are fighting in a major battle between Good versus Evil. God versus Satan. Dark versus Light.

  • Good = Those who choose God (however they know Him), peace and the pursuit of happiness. Good living souls. (In writing this I am not talking about the ‘good’ in Mark 10:18 So Jesus said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good but One, that is, God. The ‘good’ here refers to those who are NOT involved in evil.)
  • Evil = Sa/tan/ists, Ca/bal, Gl/oba/lists, el/ites, mafia, N/W/O, On/e Wo/rld Go/vern/ment etc. Those involved in trafficking of all kinds and unmentionable deeds against humanity and their country.

At this present time I’m not convinced this is a battle between the Christian world and the non-Christian world… i.e. everyone else. Too many people from all religions have joined in and become a part of this very serious battle.

It’s time to rethink what we have been taught.

Who’s side are you on?

This is where everyone has the opportunity to show their true colours. We are seeing it all the time! Infiltrators, people we thought were ‘one of us’, eventually show they’re on the other team.

But, evil is crumbling as we speak. Those left, cry out for the rocks to fall on them. Their ‘head’ (13 bloodline families) has long departed… now their tail flips and flaps in it’s dying throes.

A snake cannot live without it’s head. Soon the entire snake will be completely dead and buried. No more!

Can you believe that?

So be encouraged! Read the Book of Revelation with new eyes, especially about the 2 Beasts in Revelation 13. Look this page up to help you grasp who the enemy is:

First, recognise who our enemy is…

Ask God to reveal the 2 Beasts in Revelation 13 to you

I don’t care what you’ve been taught the Book means, and I’m not asking you to believe everything I say. What I am asking, is that you ask God Himself to reveal to you the truth as you read.

As for me, it would be amazing if I had everything exactly right. I’m more than willing to discuss these things with you as you may have a gem I’ve missed. But please don’t come out with guns blazing. It’s not necessary. We are all on a journey of learning.

Like me, you will most probably react to some of the things I’ve said. That’s OK. Stick with it. Revelation is opening up like never before.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Please don’t sit around waiting to be raptured out of this world when there is so much to do. We need to join together and fight the good fight of faith against these 2 Beasts in Revelation 13. As we are blessed to live in these times, we are called to rise up and do whatever we can in our little corner of the world.


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