Head of the Beast Removed, Now Running Like A Chicken!

Head of the Beast Removed, Now Running Like A Chicken!

Back in 2017, President Trump removed the ‘head of the beast’ by taking down the 13 Phoenician families gathered in Europe.

I wanted to list the names of the 13 families but I find some discrepancies on the Internet as to the exact names. Never-the-less, the only one I find different to this list is the Reynolds Family. I’m posting the list to give you an idea of who they are, if you are wondering.

Those who did rule the world (Image)

Nesara & Gesara

President John F Kennedy was from this bloodline but had removed himself away from it. We all know he was a good guy.

Nesara and 9/11 related? Hidden, But Now Explained

The Head of the Beast Cut Off

President Trump, sometime after being elected, flew directly to Italy. You remember when the Covid was particularly ‘bad’ in Italy? That was the time.

All these families had gathered together for a meeting. Trump walked in and presented them with huge dossiers of evidence that he and The Team had gathered against them.

I don’t know the exact details, but he relates that he had ‘removed the head of the beast’. This meant they were arrested and all taken to Gitmo.

These families had perpetrated huge crimes against humanity. The penalty for that was the death penalty..

Without trying to cover all their crimes, suffice to say that they completely ruled the world. They had governments all around the world who worked for them. Virtually every area had been infiltrated by their puppets and minions.

Drugs, sex, children, the pharmaceutical companies, universities, schools, religions, banking systems etc… every part of society around the world, were being controlled by them.

They organised the horrific underground crimes, traded with our birth certificates and robbed us with fees of all kinds. Their objective was to keep us as poor as possible while they raked billions of dollars away from us all.

The Bible refers to their efforts as being a ‘Beast’. Well, the head of the beast has been removed. Gone!

So what are we left with?

This huge world-wide organisation has lost its controlling power. Truly, this is amazing. But do you know that when a chicken has it’s head chopped off, the body of the chicken runs all over the yard? It keeps going until the poor bird loses so much blood that it finally drops to the ground.

Well, lets take the chicken theory and relate it back to the beast. The beast has lost its head but its body is still very active. But because the controlling power has gone, it will soon run out of steam.

President Trump and the Team, also took out some key people such as the Bushes, Clinton’s, Obama’s, the Queen of England, Prince Charles etc. These, together with many others, were what are known as the Cabal. They were also taken to Guantanamo Bay and have undergone trials for their terrible crimes against humanity.

The Evil World Leaders Taken Down by White Hats

I know it’s hard to believe, especially the Queen, but it’s true and will be revealed to the world in the near future.

Digging Out All The Swamp Rats – Worldwide

Since then, the arrests have continued to take place quietly around the world as they dig out every swamp rat they can find.

Of-course everyone knows that the recent US elections were fraudulent in countless ways. This was allowed by Trump, as in the end result, he wants to expose their evil actions and remove every person and corporation involved.

Powerful Sting Operation Catches Voter Fraud in Real Time

This is so he can release Nesara (National for America) which has developed into Gesara (Global for the entire world). There is no way this can be done while ever money could find its way into the hands evil men and women.

Making Them All Squeal On Each Other

Using the elections as an example… this is now how he’s working: Everyone who is involved in treason against America, faces the death penalty. So for those people working on vote counting, if they were trying to alter the votes coming in, they were committing acts of treason. And, as we’ve established, the punishment is death.

But some of those guys were doing what someone higher up the ladder of corruption was telling them to do. Still, they have been arrested and told what they are up against. As you can imagine, if they were offered to ‘tell us who told you to do that, or face the death penalty’, what do you think they would do?

Of-course they would squeal!

Just like these pigs they would be pointing their finger and squealing quicker than you can say ‘oink’!

Video by eemcgee from Pixabay

As each one blabs on their boss person, they would be able to move through the entire pigsty in record time! Up, up, up it goes until they have everyone involved in the whole scam.

So now the beast has not only lost its head, but its toenails, feet, hoofs or whatever, legs too… and now they’re into the mire of the main body.

This work they are doing is not new. They have been working on it for a few years now, but quietly and in the background. They are almost at the end!

Can you even imagine a world without them?

Once the Beast is taken down we will be then able to move into a whole new era. The Beast was behind all the satanic sacrifice rituals around the world… they will be over. Imagine that!

Governments and corporations, companies and secret societies, all the Cabal who had sold out to them and robbed the rest of the world blind, will all be gone.

Well guess what? It’s a-coming! It will be a wonderful new world!

But meanwhile, there is a war going on. A real war. Not in the usual sense so much although lives have been lost, but an Internet War so to speak. It’s a war against the mainstream media, that is, all those news outlets who speak out lies and incrimination’s against the president of the United States. Many of them will also find themselves faced with treason! Together with the countless minions who carry out the instructions of their head… all of them.

It’s Light versus the Dark.

It’s God against Satan.

Let’s Share and Be Kind!

So, we need you to join in the fight. Yes, President Trump, the Alliance, the Military all play a part in freeing our world, but really, we are needed to rise up, speak up, share up… gently awaken all those who are sleeping peacefully.

If we don’t do it now, when the time of the revealing comes, can you imagine how much shock they will experience? This will be the time where they reveal ‘who’s done what’. It won’t be pretty. It’s not going to be nice. In fact, it’s not going to be easy for any of us, even with all we know, let alone those who are still so unaware.

I believe it’s kinder to share a little here, and a little there, to prepare them. Don’t you?

I’ve written quite a few posts. Go back and read up on them… and as you do, please share. Get the word out… it’s crucial.

Now the head of the beast is removed, the feet and legs and a great part of its body also. It won’t be long before there will be no more to be seen and we can all get on with a whole new way of living. Praise God for that!



  1. I sincerely hope that everything you have said is true. The world needs to be uplifted spiritually as well as intellectually. We need to understand our history and eventually ascend. The terrible things that have been done to all of us is astounding.

    • I trust what I’ve said is true too. I believe it to be so. We are living through difficult times for sure, but I believe as we comprehend the truth of the Word, we can experience god’s peace throughout it all.
      Thank you for sharing.

  2. I was visibly guided to your site. It is almost 5 am on France. And I read little by little. Happy to find clarification. It’s absolutely frightening and so liberating. A huge THANK YOU for all you transmit, a huge job. I will join you on Telegram.

  3. I am from the UK and would like to reassure you that our Head if the Church of England (the Queen) and her Son Prince Charles are very much alive and kicking, albeit the Queen is 95 years old.
    President Trump is a great friend of our Monarchy and they are not actors in place if these people and they haven’t been executed as this nonsense states

    • Hi Darryl,
      Interesting isn’t it?
      My sources tell me that she died in 2018 for crimes against humanity. It is believed her death will not be announced for yet a few more months owing to the fact that she worked with the Alliance/White Hats supplying much information on what others were doing. Because of this, she was allowed to leave a legacy behind and will not be made an example of to the world. Normally, if people do not agree to aid the investigations, all their assets are immediately confiscated.
      They are making great use of body doubles, actors in masks, and they say, even clones. These are all over the world.
      It’s usually not too difficult to spot the difference. They don’t make them exact so you can see the difference in the ears, or the line of a mask etc. etc. Most people do not look that closely so believe it is the original person.
      It is also interesting that Buckingham Palace has been boarded up for a very long time under the guise of redecorating. What is really going on is they have been doing major investigations right through the place.
      Please remember, I’m just the messenger girl.

      • You are on the money Marilyn. One of the final nails in the coffin of Buckingham palace being closed down & boarded up, was when the naked boy was caught on a tourist camera trying to escape the top floor of Buckingham palace, using sheets tied together, he fell to his death. Search it on DuckDuckGo, it’s still available to see. It seems Jill Dando was also about to blow the whistle on the antics of Jimmy saville & Prince Charles .

      • This must be old news Queen funeral has already been …was she really a twin? My concern is are we going to have to comply with this “new bible”>)in order to receive the nesera? And this on exterritials…

        • Hi Renee, I wrote this post December 6, 2020, so I guess you could call it old news!
          If you are referring to the woman who was acting the part of the Queen, no she was not her twin. Simply an actor.
          Nesara/Gesara is coming whether we like it or not… thank heavens! And I believe, we will really like it. 🙂
          We hear a lot about ET’s, and like you, I don’t buy into it. The only ET’s I believe are ‘out there’ are angels/messengers, both good and bad. If I’m wrong, it will be revealed in time.
          Be encouraged, I do believe good times are up ahead.

      • I am following Charlie Ward and a few others and your narration jives to a T with the intel I have digested from Charlie et al. He’s always been saying that the main story line of the Cabal is Pantomime, pure and simple. I subscribe to his Insiders Club and he stated recently that all 13 of the Phoenician family’s lines have been taken out and the second level of the Cabal, also, leaving the minions at the lowest levels to finish off the Cabal. Kudos to you for spreading the truth.

    • Body doubles, clones, cgi and others are used to replace the person taken out of commission.
      For example, Joe Biden was never POTUS. He was replaced by a number of body doubles, one of whom took place in an inauguration in a duplicate white house, but not the white house in DC. The present Joe Biden is being played by a Hollywood actor by the name of Arthur Roberts. The old saw, seeing is believing doesn’t mean much anymore. The real Joe Biden was executed before January 0, 2021.

  4. Greetings from Norway. Thank you so much for a wonderful job you have done. Fantastic. GREAT for newcomers who have “suddenly woken up” “to such a” smorgasbord ”

  5. Thank you Marilyn….I just joined your Telegram…Yes Keep up the good work and attempting to wake people up! God bless!

  6. Would love to learn more, have been researching for months now. Trying so hard to get the news out, but most want proof.

    • Hi Brenda,
      That’s wonderful!
      Why not join me on Telegram https://t.me/marilynjwilliams and that way we can stay in touch.
      If you are not yet on Telegram, it appears that’s where a most of the patriots and truth seekers are going because we don’t know how long F/B will be around and still letting us post.
      It’s true that people want proof, and yes, it’s difficult to give the hard evidence. Those who do have some sort of connection can never say who it is. But it’s quite understandable when you realise we are at war.
      We don’t know what the plot is, but we do know the end result… God wins! So with that in mind, we keep powering on.
      Thanks… Marilyn

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