Sealed Till The Time of the End, Revelations Now Open!

revelations now open

Something amazing has happened! Are you able to see to see what is going on right before your very eyes? The book of Revelations is now open!

Eyes are being opened everywhere! Are you one of them? Have you begun to have real ‘ah-huh!’ moments? If you are reading this then I’m guessing you have.

Do you find yourself thinking… ‘What’s going on now just doesn’t make any sense!’

Maybe you’ve realised that some of the restrictions placed on you regarding Covid-19 doesn’t make any sense when you apply logical thinking. For example:

  • You can attend a church, but not sing.
  • Wear masks, even though it clearly says on the box that it will not protect you.
  • Pubs are essential while churches are unessential.
  • Wear masks on entering a restaurant, but take it off once seated.
  • How’s this one… Charlie Ward was told to cut two holes in his mask – one for his nose and another for his mouth, and then he would be allowed to enter the store!
    • I could write a very long list here…

They are playing us. These restrictions have nothing to do with Covid-19, and all to do with controlling us.

This is How They Are Playing Us… See the Plan of the Deep State

First Request
Test our obedience. Compliance with a few rules so they know they can take us onto the next level. This includes: mask wearing, social distancing, staying at home, obeying lock-down restrictions.

Second Request
Then onto accepting the vaccine (No air travel, no entering stores to buy food, etc. etc. unless you can prove you have been vaccinated.) Many would die from the vaccine which is also exactly what they want.

Third Request
Accept an ID chip so they have full knowledge of everything we do, where we are, what we eat, full medical history… everything…

This is exactly what they (the Deep State, the Illuminati) have in mind, and are doing everything within their power to bring it all to pass.

This is all terrible stuff… and there is not one of us who would wish any of it on their worst enemy. But look, don’t give up reading at this point, as I’ll share how they will not win.

Let’s back up into a little history…

The Bible Reveals It All

The last book of the Bible is called Revelations. Revelations… a revealing… yes, it talks about a time when what was previously hidden is to be revealed. A time has come to open Revelations and begin to see.

Back in the time of the Old Testament, King Nebuchadnezzar received an incredible vision/dream of a statue like this:

King Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream (

Daniel interpreted the dream for the king, which was prophetic of time to come… kingdom by kingdom. There was the:

  • Babylonian Empire – Gold Head (605-539 BC)
  • Media-Persian Empire – Silver Arms and Breast (539 -331 BC)
  • Greek Empire – Bronze Thighs (331 – 168 BC)
  • Roman Empire – Iron Legs (168 BC – 476 AD)
  • Divided Kingdoms – Iron & Clay Feet and Toes (476 AD – End of the Age)

European Union – The Ten Toes

History has proven that the first four of these kingdoms have come and gone… in the exact order shown above. Currently, we are now living in the last kingdom.

There are ten toes… and guess what… there are ten nations in the European Union.

The 10 nations that made up the alliance were: Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom

You may feel that this ‘kingdom’ hasn’t been a big deal. Well, it’s true in some respects. We’ve all been getting on with issues within our own countries and haven’t taken too much notice of what has been happening through this alliance in Europe.

We hear about their gatherings on the News but outside of that, people in general, don’t give it much thought. But they’ve become more insidious over the years, while we don’t realise what is really going on.

Sealed Till The Time of the End, Revelations Now Open For All To See

There was much more to the vision received by King Nebuchadnezzar, and after Daniel finished with the interpretation, he was told:

“Go your way, Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

(Daniel 12:9)

On reading through that vision, it clearly shows that we are now living in that time… ‘the time of the end’.

Let’s be clear here: ‘the time of the end’ doesn’t mean ‘the end of time’. It’s referring to the end of the age… the age we are now living in. We know this is the right age because of all the prophecy that has come true… it’s history.

As far as time is concerned, there is still more time to come. The Bible promises at least 1,000 years of peace before He wraps up and a new Heaven and a new Earth will be created. Until then, life will continue upon the earth.

Make a point of reading this post wherever you are in the world:

What Happens With Trump Affects Everyone – Better Stay Tuned

Dig For Truth and Revelations will Open For You

When I say that something amazing has happened, I mean it! Amazing revelations are opened and being revealed to all those who have been digging for truth. These people who just know that there’s more going on than we are being told. It’s an inner gut feeling.

These revelations of understanding about what is going on in the current events of our world, can bring gob-smacking unbelief! The question you will ask is ‘How could they possibly do that?’ It’s unbelievable!

Something Amazing Happened as the Good Guys Took Action

But once you realise that this utter filth is being eradicated, you will find peace. Little by little, or more precisely at this time, at a full-on rate. News that is one week old is old indeed!

Once they finalise what they have to do, we have a wonderful and very different world to enter into.

Of-course, there have been quite a group of people who have been totally aware of this degradation for some time. They decided to take action.

Quietly they formed a team, and have been working on a plan for twenty years or more. Brilliant minds working together on how to overcome this evil and rid it completely from our world.

This team working with President Trump, has been dropping little pieces of coded information since 2017. Those who are following carefully are able to decode and share with us.

Revelations are opening up, all over the earth. Many thousands upon thousands are joining together through social media, through websites and blog posts, with videos posted on youtube (until they get taken down). FaceBook and Twitter have been very instrumental in removing truthers from their platforms. Anything good about President Trump is removed… anything anti is allowed to stay.

But we keep on fighting and alternative platforms are sort out. These Patriots, these Warriors, will do whatever it takes to alert the nations to the truth.

Come join us!

Amazing Things Happened In My Personal Search

My own experience has been very gradual. Over the past four to five years in particular, I’ve learned a little, followed by a little bit more.

During the year 2020, dots began to be joined at an incredible rate. Suddenly it was like it all started to come together. A large jigsaw puzzle was taking shape at last.

Towards the end of 2019, before Covid-19, I became immensely interested in the Book of Revelations. For some reason, I couldn’t put it down. The problem was I didn’t understand it. I thought I did because surely it said what it meant, and meant what it said. But really, I had no idea.

Every day saw me searching the Internet time and again, reading everything I could find on the subject. Actually, I think this just confused me more.

Revelation Theories

There were many theories. I took each one to the Lord and asked Him as I had problems with every one of them. I’d agree with this, but not with that. I found so much just didn’t sit right with me.

Remember, I’m nobody special… just Marilyn. But I had a keen thirst for truth. Discussing Revelations with various friends helped… but still, I wasn’t sure.

It was when I began to relate symbolism in Revelations to open up and cojoin with current events, that it happening for me. That’s when I found it all started to come together.

I looked to the stars for the first time in my life. I had no real understanding of the story they tell. I found that truly incredible. I’d ask my husband to go out at night to search the heavens.

But my main breakthrough came when I identified the ‘Beast’ in Revelations. Now, it was starting to come together like never before.

My thinking now is that I don’t think it was possible to understand Revelations up until this year for most of us. Some, this quiet group of Good Guys, may have understood more… but for most of us, I don’t think we had a hope.

Something Amazing Happened to Others Too

Melissa from Freedom Force Battalion had a similar experience. She explains how she was never drawn to open Revelations… but then suddenly, she was. Like me, all the different views left her feeling blah!

She’s been teaching the Bible for 35 years, but it wasn’t until she looked at the whole thing through the events that were happening around her that she started to see it. Suddenly, understanding began to come. You can buy her book at FreedomForce.Live.

Is she totally correct? Most probably not with everything but, she has some thoughts, I have some thoughts, you have some thoughts… the more we gather our thoughts together, truth will be revealed in greater depth.

Rise Up and Join the Fight – We Can Be Amazing Together!

What about you? Are you seeing things that don’t add up right to you? Whether it’s to do with Covid, or maybe the US elections? It may be something going on with your local government that you find yourself saying ‘Now wait a minute!’. Something is not sitting right with you.

This is good news. It means that an awakening is beginning to happen deep down on the inside of you. This is the time to start your research. Go deeper.

Forget Google, they won’t tell you about amazing things that have happened… you won’t learn truth there. Also forget the mainstream media outlets as you will not learn truth from the same ones who are doing all they can to cover up.

Here are some of my trusted sources:

  • Dr Charlie Ward
    • Some can be found on YouTube and others on BitChute.
  • Santa Surfing
    • Look her up on YouTube
  • Freedom Force Battalion (Melissa)
  • CirstenW or Gene Decode
    • Can be found on Youtube

As you can see, there is nothing in this for me. I write because I feel the call within me. Does anyone listen to me? I really don’t know a lot of the time, but I continue anyway. If I help just a few then I have done my job.

Leave Me A Message

I’d love it if you would leave me a message below. Tell me if something helped you. Are you experiencing something new?

Open Revelations up and read it through. Check out the potential symbolism found in:

See if it begins to make a lot of sense to you.

Please ‘Like’ my FaceBook page and share my articles. If that’s all you do, it is enough. Of-course, you will encourage me also. 🙂

You too can join in this worldwide fight against an evil beast that’s been in control of our world almost from the beginning. President Trump and his Team need us. If each of us do our little bit… WhoHoo… we’ll soon be there.

President Trump will be the next president of the United States. He knows it, and so do we who have a fair idea of what is going on. Those that have committed abominable acts against humanity, and all those involved in treason, are either in Guantanamo Bay or soon will be. Yes, they have it all.

Don’t believe what the mainstream narrative is as it only fills you full of fear for the future.

Already So Many Amazing Things have Happened

And… if you feel it in your bones that something amazing has happened to you, or is at least beginning to happen, rise up. If revelations open up to you… make your voice count. Get busy on social media. If you like, write blog posts… open your mouth. Together we can redpill the world.



  1. Shalom Marilyn! I don’t know if you have heard of SkyWatchTV, but on that App or Channel, Derek & Sharon Gilbert have been doing a study of Revelation! I have not watched all of it, same reason you mentioned, it didn’t all make sense, YET! I read Late, Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey MANY years ago, as a new Believer, and it seemed good & interesting, but things have changed so much in the years since then. I’d love to hear what you think about Sharon & Derek Gilbert’s study online. Look up the SkyWatchTV app! They have many other studies & updates on the app. Many Blessings from Portland Texas!

    • Hi Mary,
      I downloaded and looked up a number of the posts/videos as you suggested. I didn’t necessarily agree with it from what I saw. I am not speaking against them, please understand this. They are teaching according to their comprehension of it.
      Maybe I’m completely wrong but really, once you see Revelations in the way I’ve been led to see it, you can’t unsee it! It all makes perfect sense to me.
      Do I comprehend the whole book… absolutely not! Not trying to say I do… but I now look at the world and all the current happenings through totally different eyes.
      Feel free to ask questions. I will answer but you must run it past the Lord God and receive for yourself… always.

  2. LA marque de la bete est tres liée aux vaccins,car il est expliquer que ceux qui ne l’aurons pas ne pourons pas ni achetrz ni faire quoi que ce soit!Sachant que la position des personnes qui l’acceptent,pensent est signent,pour l’obeissance au nouvelles ordre mondiale,mais pas que!la marque au front est le sceau de l’esclavage est aussi de l’appartenance de l’esclave a sont propriétaire!,est sur la main ,la signature!de plus ceux qui acceptent leurs maitres ,le nouvelle ordre mondiale veulent retrouver leurs vie d’avant,comme les juifs sortient d’egyptes pour aller a la terre promise est qui ont regrettez leurs esclavage en egypte!De plus a savoir que tous ceux qui ont accepter pour toutes ces raison d’accepter,la transformation de leurs ADN donc leurs identiter ,c’elle que le DIvin ou la source leurs a donner,ne peuvent pas je pense benéficiez des réparations des lits quantiques,puisqu’ils fonctionnent sur la memoire de notre ADN!Je pense ceci!a chacun de verifiez! quand au 666 le chiffres de la betes c’est 3 fois l’accenctualisation de l’imperfection! qui représente le systeme politique ,systemes religieux ,systeme commerciale!tous les trois sont aux service de SATAN!donc opposés a DIEU!

    • si vous souhaitez de la modération ,alors c’est que vous accepter pas la parole de DIEU ?NI DU CHRISTE!les écritures sont tres claires a ce sujet!merci de l’entendre!je sait que le christ en as deranger plus d’un,car beaucoup ont brulé sur des buchés pour avoir dit les verités des écritures est ont as voulus les faires taires,parsqu’il fallait entretenir encore est encore,le mensonge!il est ecrit que ta réponse soit clair ,se seras un OUI ou NON CAR CE QUI EST EN PLUS VIENS DU DIABLE!

      • Translation: if you want moderation, then it is because you do not accept the word of GOD? NOR OF CHRIST! the scriptures are very clear on this subject! thank you for hearing it! I know that Christ has bothered more one, because many have burned on the plugs for having said the truths of the scriptures is have wanted to silence them, because it was still necessary to maintain is still, the lie! it is written that your answer is clear, will be a YES or NO BECAUSE WHAT IS MORE COMES FROM THE DEVIL!

        My Response: If we seek truth from the Word of God, He will always guide us into truth. We must believe that and then we will see it happen. In this age of deceit and lies the Word of God holds strong and true.
        Thank you for sharing again Daniele!

    • Translation: THE mark of the beast is very related to vaccines, because it is explained that those who will not have it cannot neither buy nor do anything! Knowing that the position of the people who accept it, think is sign, for obedience to the new world order, but not that! the mark on the forehead is the seal of slavery is also of the belonging of the slave to own!, is on the hand, the signature! of more those who accept their masters, the new world order want to regain their former lives, as the Jews leave Egypt to go to the promised land and who have regretted their slavery in Egypt! Moreover to know that all those who have accepted for all these reasons to accept, the transformation of their DNA therefore their identity, that which the DIvin or the source to give them, cannot I think benefit from repairs of quantum beds, since they work on the memory of our DNA! I think this! Everyone to check! when at 666 the figures of the beast are 3 times the updating of imperfection! which represents the political system, religious systems, commercial system! all three are at the service of SATAN! therefore opposed to GOD!

      My Response: That’s a very interesting interpretation and you may well be right. I myself am a little more of the thought that the mark of the beast represents all those who willingly give themselves over to satanic worship and all it involves. To me, this is far more worthy of divine judgement than people taking a vaccine so they can buy food and travel. I am not saying I’m right… only what makes sense to me. The more I search the scriptures concerning it, the more convinced I become… but I am open to what others say. I think we have to be as we live in a world that is so full of lies and deceit.
      I have heard a little the there is some hope of restoration through the med-beds for those who have taken the jab, but I have no idea if it is really so.
      Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  3. bonjour!je m’appelle daniele est je suis venus pour ce jour,j’ai 74 ans cette année !j’ai une information tres clair des écritures ,mais aussi sur beaucoup de choses,puisque voilà,des années que j’étudie le pourquoi des choses!est ceci dans toutes les directions!j’ai une information tres clair que nous en sommes actuelement dans la séparation des brebis est des chevres celon,la parabole du christe!si vous souhaitez en savoir plus je reste a votre disposition!

    • Translation: Hello! my name is daniele is I came for this day, I am 74 years old this year! I have a very clear information of the scriptures, but also on many things, since here, years that I study the why things! is this in all directions! I have very clear information that we are currently in the separation of sheep and goats celon, the parable of the christ! if you want to know more I remain at your disposal!

      My Response: Hello Daniele, lovely to hear from you! I would love to hear more from you…

  4. Trump is mentioned in the Bible and I will always look for Gods word and when he speaks I listen when I speak I make sure I can fact all my thoughts. and God has made speaking easy because as we speak he starts to help by telling us what he wants us to say and do. each of us are Gods chilren and he wants us all to fight against this evil and false God that has no power except lies division and hate . we can leave without that .

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