What Happens With Trump Affects Everyone – Better Stay Tuned

What Happens With Trump Affects Everyone

I truly believe that many people do not realise that what happens with Trump affects everyone… all of us… no matter what country we live in.

Why is it, as an Australian, that I spend so much time writing up about American politics? Is it because I’m obsessed with them? No, not at all!

Four years ago, as I watched the U.S. elections, it was really just because it was interesting to see the outcome. I didn’t necessarily feel that it meant a great deal to me… or that it would affect me one way or another.

Of-course I was wrong. The outcome was going to affect me, but back then, I didn’t understand how or why.

Over the past four years or so, I’ve learned such a lot. As more and more information was being released through alternative media, I began to understand what was happening over there had a direct effect on my country, Australia, and on every other country around the world.

I learned that just as soon as President Trump was elected, he began to make changes… many changes in fact.

He and his faithful team had an agenda, and that was to finally take out the evil that has been ruling our world.

He began right in Washington DC, but over the course of months, he set out around the world. Visiting the heads of governments with large dossiers of factual evidence against them, one after another, because of what they had against them, they all capitulated to him, as explained here:

The Plan To Save The World – Surrender Now!

President Trump the Right Man for the Job

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever, that President Trump is the right man for the job. Who else could take the continual flack cast against him? Who else could continue to stand?

We are moving into a new world. It’s almost too hard to comprehend what it will be like. We are so conditioned to a world full of evil, that it’s almost impossible to try an imagine a world without it.

As a Bible believing Christian, and with a fair knowledge of what the book of Revelations says, I have always believed that we had to endeavour to live through the most catastrophic times or, as many believe, that the church would be delivered out of it.

I now have a deeper understanding of Revelations, for which I am so thankful. This is thanks to Melissa (Redpill the World) and others. This time we are living in, is a time when countless revelations are being opened up and exposed to people like never before.

The Great Awakening

There has never been an awakening of the nature of what we are experiencing right now, ever in history. This will only happen one time. If we are unaware (because the media will do everything in its power to keep us fast asleep), we will miss out on watching the transition.

It’s all being revealed, little by little, with our eyes being opened to the horrific deeds that have been going on, right under our noses.

Anyone who has more than two brain cells to rattle together, knows the impossibility of a B]iden win in this last election! He couldn’t gather more than 14 people at his rallies!

On the other hand, Trump received packed rallies containing record turnouts at them all.

But even so… B]iden won the election! Come on!

It’s time to use some critical thinking and to trust your intuition.

How To Apply Critical Thinking Into The Stressed Elections

The real B]iden has already left this world. This ‘look-a-like’, whatever, that is role-playing his position, is also wearing an ankle-bracelet, covered up by a moon boot. Have you even noticed how many elite’s have ‘hurt their ankle’ lately?

What Happens With Trump Affects Everyone

The world’s media is stacked against Trump. Not because of the man, but because of what he stands for. Remember, 90% of the media is owned by just six corporations… and they all have the same agenda. They want the New World Order to reign supreme.

This is evil at its best, and is not just for America. This is a world-wide phenomenon and intimately affects every single one of us.

Their plan includes a one-world currency (so they can be in total control of every dollar and cent); for us all to be vaccinated with ID so they can track and control our every move… agh… this is just the beginning!

Is this what you want? Well, if not, you had better get to praying… because this is what they plan.

Draining the Swamp Rats

President Trump has called it ‘Draining the Swamp”. I feel that when he started, even he and his team, didn’t realise the depth of filth they would have to dredge through to find the rats. It’s been, and still is, a massive job.

But the good news is, we are on the winning side. All the top-rats of evil have already been arrested and dealt with. No, you don’t learn about any of this through the media, but soon… very soon, it will all be revealed.

We just need to pray for the safety of those who are mopping up the battle ground. There are still minions running around and need to be rounded up. Once that’s done, the plan is to reveal to the world what they have achieved. Unaware people will be shocked to the core when they realise who’s done what in our society.

The reason they are not talking about it right now, is that they require us all to remain calm and out of their way.

Look, I’m not expecting that you will just believe me. All I’m hoping for is that maybe something I say will trigger something in you to start doing your own research. But please, dig deeper than the usual media outlets.

Yes, what happens with Trump affects everyone without a doubt. Our whole future depends upon what goes on in our world in the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned.


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