Explaining Current Events in an Exclusive Powerful Interview

Explaining Current Events in an Exclusive Powerful Interview

This is an exclusive, quick and powerful interview explaining current events as Clay Clark interviews Charlie Ward.

For those who choose not to watch the video I have a partial transcript below. Trust me, there is much more shared in the video than in the transcript.

It’s quick, to the point and quite humorous!

Charlie Ward shares a little of his background:

  • Retired 15 years ago from mainstream work. I’ve been moving money around for a long time because I was in the hotel and holiday business. People would ask me to exchange their currency and it evolved into moving money around.
  • Over the years the amounts of money grew larger… from tens of thousands to hundred’s of thousands, into the millions and on to the billions.
  • I have a lot of private clients which are nearly all Arab. They have huge sums of cash.
  • Through this, I began to get connections with governments. As an example… when you move cash out of Africa, if it’s not African currency but it’s in US dollars, we had to notify the Federal Reserve in the US. This would be so even if it went from Africa to the Middle East. If it’s in US dollars, it belongs to the United States.
  • Up until four years ago it was ever so easy! They didn’t ask any questions at all… and then Mr Trump came along!
  • He wanted to know the source of the funds; the history of the funds, and the proof of the funds. This did not create a problem for me, just as long as I knew all those details. It meant I changed some of my rules to accommodate the required information.
  • During all of this I got to meet diplomats, bureaucrats, politicians, body guards etc. in private planes as we were moving the funds.
  • (Charlie didn’t get to complete this question… but it means he meets a lot of people who ‘are in the know’ as to what is going on in the world.)

List of Questions Explaining Current Events

Clay: What is your website? Where can people look you up just to verify you are a real person?

Charlie: https://drcharlieward.com

Explaining Sidney Powell Events

Clay: Sidney Powell, the attorney who is diligently working to expose the vast and massive voter fraud. She’s also works with Lin Wood who we just had on our show. She tweeted out “He already decided to release the kracken. You can sit back and watch the show”.

What is ‘the kracken’, and who is ‘he’ who released the kracken’?

Charlie: This is not a war between Biden and Trump. This is between God and satan. The media will try to drive you down the political side of loving one and hating the other.

This isn’t anything like that… this is the Great Awakening. Good is taking down evil on many, many fronts.

Sidney Powell has detached herself from the Trump Team. This is because she is going to be dealing with the military side of things. She needs to be detached from Trump’s Team because she is representing the people, not Trump, as he has his own team.

Clay: Many people are hearing this for the first time because they are getting all their information from the mainstream media. We know that 90% of the media is owned by just six core groups. (He expounds further on that.)

Explaining Dr Fauci Events

Clay: Should we trust them (the media), and if not, why? For example, Dr Fauci, should we trust him, yes or no?

Charlie: No! You have to follow the money. If you follow the money, this guy is nothing more than a prostitute. Whoever pays him the most money, he will give them whatever they want. The more you pay him the more he will lie for you. He’s not a man to be trusted.

Clay: President Trump banned research involving fetal tissue and then Dr Fauci moved that to Wuhan… (plus more)

Explaining Bill Gates Events

Charlie: If you trust Bill Gates you need to go and see a brain surgeon! Absolutely not!

Clay: Can we trust Bill Gates?

A little example: He invented to virus for a computer. Look at the facts. I cannot transmit a virus to you. I can transmit germs to you but because we know what germs are we are not scared of them.

We’re scared of viruses. Everyone has a computer so we know that if it gets a virus it’s going to play up so it scares us. The word ‘virus’ came from Bill Gates. He wanted to scare us, and of-course, he had the solution! He’s got the ‘anti-virus’!

I don’t trust him one little bit.

For further info on this, here is a video by Rolf Krahnert
https://vimeo.com/403121047 OR read:

How Current Events Relate to End Times

For more info on Bill Gates:

Clay: See all the details on Bill Gates and so much more in the link above… it will blow your mind!

Explaining George Soros Events

Clay: Should we trust George Soros?

Charlie: Did you get these people from the list of satan’s heros? This is another evil, evil man. He’s funded by the Rockerfellas and the Rothchilds, and behind them you’ve got the 13 bloodline Phonetician families. One evil man.

Clay: The mainstream media has been saying that if you get Covid-19 you need to take Remdesivir. This is patented in China in conjunction with George Soros. It never made it through trials and is classified as a poison. Every time you go the the hospital for Covid they inject you with poison. It costs US$3,100 per dose!… plus more info…

Explaining Dorsey and Zuckerberg Events

Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook…should we trust them?

Charlie: These people are part of the problem… they have nothing to do with free speech. You have to have a leftist, Marxist, Communist view to gain free speech. The minute you have an open mind and challenge that, you are ‘fact checked’. Before the truth came out they never needed fact checkers!

Vice-President Pence

Clay: Should America be trusting Vice-President Pence? He leads the Coronavirus Task Force and is working with Dr Fauci. He overseas that task force which says we should lock down our country, etc. Should we really trust him?

Charlie: When I look at Pence it reminds me that Donald Trump is brilliant at playing chess. He’s a 5-dimensional chess player. In chess, you very often have to sacrifice your own pieces to win the game. Let’s see where he sits at the end of the game… but keep your eyes open.

Dominion Voting Machines

Clay: (A very interesting question explaining events with the dominion voting machines… and the fact that the election voting software was created by Bill Gates.) Should we be concerned at all about voter fraud in these great United States?

Charlie: (He explains about the 2016 election with Hillary Clinton and how she thought they only had to switch a few votes over to her so she would win… she thought everyone loved her. The problem was that the silent majority trusted President Trump and therefore voted for him... (plus more…)

Explaining General Flynn Events

Clay: President Trump just pardoned General Flynn. The mainstream media who remember are owned by just six corporations say, “President Trump pardons convicted criminal, General Flynn!” Why did President Trump pardon General Flynn, and why is that significant?

Charlie: First of all it was a witch hunt by the Demoncrats, right from the start. go check out the case they tried to build against him, completely and utterly false and every genuine judge in America threw it out. But, Nancy Pelosi hung onto it as was desperate to convict him. She knew if she didn’t, all the truth would come out.

Clay: General Flynn, what’s his role in the next coming months?

Charlie: (Explaining events with a number of very interesting points.)

Clay: Explains numerology points:

Numerology and Prophesy with President Trump

  • On the day of President Trumps’ inauguration he was 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old.
  • Israel was declared a nation exactly 700 days after President Trump’s birth.
  • President Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 77 Electoral College votes
  • 7 defections from the College votes went to him
  • Lance Walnau (pastor who prophesied) said Trump would be a 45 president, a Cyrus president that’s going to fight back against these nations. President Trump just happens to be the 45th president.
  • Kim Clement prophesied President Trump as being the man for the job.
  • 2 Chronicles 20:20 “Believe in the Lord your God so ye shall be established and prosper”. The year is 2020.

Further talk covering some great information.

Explaining Military Operations Events

Clay: There appears to be 17 nations teaming up for a large scale military operation. Am I on target here?

Charlie: You’re bang on target. President Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do… drain the swamp! It’s a world-wide swamp and he’s draining it.


Clay: When can we see some of the arrests happening?

Charlie: Something that is not out in the public domain is this… I have access to 300 private jets because I move money. I’ve had captains who’ve called me, because I’ve asked them to if they visit the ‘holiday resort’ of Gitmo. I’ve not interest in anywhere else. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing from flights at Fort Lauderdale, backwards and forwards, so something is happening. Maybe there is a festival or a carnival there or something (tongue in cheek).

Clay: You mean the detention camp at Gitmo? Gitmo… where is that?

Charlie: Somewhere in Cuba. On the sunnyside, I think!

Clay: So You’re saying there is a busyness in flights to Gitmo… are they one way tickets?

Charlie: It seems to me they go there and they don’t come back. So, it must be a lovely place to stay!

Clay: We’re talking about Guantanamo Bay in Cuba?

Charlie: Yes! That’s the one!

Clay: OK, we’re talking about Barack Obama…

Charlie: (interrupting)… I think he likes the sun! He’s down there too.

Last week General Michael Flynn began leading the largest ever in the world 17 nation Military Operation in Europe.

At the same time 1,000 planes were sighted in American skies, some headed to GITMO.

It was rumored that Cabal Global and Political elites were being arrested.

Judy Byington https://dinardetectives.com/judy-byington-1241/

Billions sent to Iran

Clay: Hmm… OK, so Obama sent US $152 billion to Iran, some of it on pallets. It didn’t stay in Iran but began to circulate. My research has shown me that it might have stopped by the Vatican… and it might have gone to the Ukraine. Let’s start with the Vatican. Why did it go to Iran?

Charlie: (goes on to explain about the military facilities) Then goes on to explain the three pillars of evil:

Three Pillars of Evil

  • The City of London & the British Royal Family
    • This is why Buckingham Palace is empty right now and being combed by investigators
  • Phonetician families and the Vatican
    • The 13 bloodline families who have ruled the world for a very long time.
    • The wealthiest is the Paseur family (translates to Pay Master)
    • They funded the Rockerfella’s, the Rothchild’s and all the rest.
    • This is why Italy was hit hard at the start
  • Washing DC and the Federal Reserve

The Pope?

Clay: Can we trust the Pope?

Charlie: No!

Clay: Why can’t we trust him?

Charlie: Although it was a big shock for me, I’ve learned that the Roman Catholic Church is satanic and is against Christians. Research into the history of the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican will reveal it.

Clay: Can you give us something we could search for?

Charlie: Just start looking at the symbolism around and in the Vatican… it’s nothing to do with God. It’s everything to do with satan. The structure. Everything. When you;re researching, which you need to do so you can believe it, have an open mind because you will find stuff that you will not want to believe. I thought they were goodly godly people… it turns out I was wrong.

How to Search

Clay: Give me something specific to research?

Charlie: Go to roman Catholic Church and Vatican. Don’t go to Wikipedia because it has been edited to satisfy the narrative. You have to go deeper than that to investigate history, but we need to also understand that a lot of history has now been deleted on purpose. Something that I know about personally (because he was part of organising the planes)… it took 650 plane loads to empty out the gold, cash and documentation to empty the Vatican.

Clay: When did this happen?

Charlie: April, 2020

Clay: There’s a lot of rumours about the Vatican and sexual impropriety, luciferian, demonic, pedophilia stuff… can you comment on that? Is that a real thing?

Charlie: It’s 100% a real thing! It’s a sad world we live in. I grew up in a cult where I was interfered with as a child. I have spoken to hundreds of people who have been sexually abused from within the church. It’s a very difficult subject to talk about. I’m 60 year old and I couldn’t talk about it for 50 of those years.

Explaining Epstein and Gates Events

Clay: Bill Gates was hanging about with Jeffrey Epstein after Jeffrey was convicted of being one of the world’s most well-known pedophile. Jeffrey Epstein was working to create his own race of people and Bill Gates agreed to be involved with that! This is the same Bill Gates that wants to give my kids the vaccine… that’s not cool! He was so tightly connected to a lot of those type of people… why was this?

Charlie: Evil attracts evil… it’s as simple as that. I’ve spoken with people who have been there and I’ve spoken with females who have escaped from there. It’s not just Epstein Island… there are probably about 20 islands in that vicinity that were used for the purpose of taking young children, abusing them, and terrorizing them. There is no excuse for any person to treat a child in this manner… absolutely no excuse.

World’s Most Disgusting and Expensive Drug

Clay: A lot of these Elites talk in coded messages about ‘Adrenochrome’. What is it?

Charlie: Adrenochrome is most probably the most dangerous and addictive drugs in the world. It’s the blood of young children. It’s drawn from children under torment so that you’ve got adrenaline in the young child’s blood. The use of it was absolutely rife in Hollywood. It’s apparently supposed to make you look younger, and to keep you young. They say it’s 10 times more addictive than heroine…

For that reason we don’t use the platform called ‘Chrome’ and the operating system behind it is ‘Adrenal’. Doesn’t take to much to work out they are involved.

This shows how satanic they are and why they are so arrogant with the world…

Explaining General Flynn Events

Clay: Can we trust General Flynn?

Charlie: Now you’ve hit somebody you can trust!

Clay: In your words, what do you think will be General Flynn’s role in the world in the coming months?

Charlie: I can tell you he landed this morning in Holland. (about 27-11-2020) so there’s a lot going on there.


Clay: What is Nesara?

Charlie: It’s coming into play now. It was actually launched on the 2nd November, 2020 by the Executive Order that was signed by Donald Trump, he launched it the day before the election.

NESARA launched Nov. 2 and would eventually take us out of Admiral Law and into Common and Constitutional Law – the laws of public consent.

Judy Byington https://dinardetectives.com/judy-byington-1241/

Now that it’s law, you can reckon on the next election being on the 3rd March, 2021. The days of the Democrats and the Republicans are over, they won’t exist within a few weeks when people all wake up to the truth.

What it involves:

  • He will take America out of Admiralty Law (Maritime/Civil – depends where you live) which are the laws of consent. If you understand the fundamentals of law:
    • At the highest level is Common/Constitutional Law (God’s Law/ the Law of the Land)
    • Under there you have Sovereignty
    • Under that is Parliament
    • And under there you have Admiralty/Maritime/Civil which once again, are all laws of consent. If the people do not consent, you have no law.
    • Donald Trump is allowing people to rise up against their governments who are trying to enforce vaccines, mask wearing and all this complete and utter rubbish about Covid-19 and 5G etc. He’s allowing the Cabal and the Deep State to expose themselves because otherwise, no-one would believe him.
  • Retraining of lawyers and judges because the old courts and the old system will not exist. There are six very fundamental laws:
    • I don’t hurt you
    • You don’t hurt me
    • I don’t steal from you
    • You don’t steal from me
    • I don’t kill you
    • You don’t kill me


Clay: I see there is Nesara and Gesara. What is Gesara?

Charlie: Nesara = National – America
Gesara = Global – the rest of the world

I can tell you that every country and territory in the world has signed up to this already.

When will we see action?

Clay: When are the arrests going to start happening?

Charlie: I can tell you that many are at Gitmo already.

Clay: A little while ago I heard you say that Obama is down there…?

Charlie: Yes, he’s keeping Hillary Clinton company!

Clay: How do you know this?

Charlie: Because Biden is serving them cocktails!

Clay: Hey, when are we going to know about all this?

Charlie: I’ve already told you! The trouble is you are looking in the mainstream for the answers. As long as you’re looking to the mainstream for answers you may as well look down your toilet for gold!

On a serious note… there will be a time and a place when we will know who’s been arrested and executed. You must remember that Donald Trump changed the law when he got into power that if you are involved in child sex or pedophilia it carries the mandatory sentence of death. As that was done a few years ago, there are a number of people that have been taken down who are no longer with us because they have been involved in gross acts against humanity.

Clay: Can you share one person who has been executed?

Charlie: No, because at this time I’m under an NDA.

Who is JFK Jnr?

Clay: Who is JFK Jnr?

Charlie: JFK Jnr is JFK’s son who was born on the 25th November, 1960. He was supposed to have had an accident in a plane. Now, I’m not going to go into where he is now because all of my conspiracy theories have come true! This is the only conspiracy theory I’ve got left… that one and Elvis!

Clay: Can you share a word with my Aunt Laura?

Charlie: Happy to. Happy Thanksgiving. We are watching the greatest Show on earth. I’m very proud of you because you are awake. There are still lots still in a coma. You deserve a pat on the back for that! To be awake and aware right now is absolutely wonderful. There is nothing to fear… the war is already won. God has already beaten satan. God is using Donald Trump right now and, if you look at his history, do you know his mother’s middle name? His grandfather also shares the same middle name.

Clay: Tell us!

Charlie: Christ! You can check this out. God is using this man and his journey was planned a long time ago.

What would you call this era we are living in?

Clay: Would you call this time we are living through a Great Awakening? It seems that people are starting to see revelations of the truth. Would you call it the Great Awakening… or Revelations… how should we define this era?

Charlie: This is 100% Revelations, the Great Awakening, Atonement… this is the time. We are transitioning right now from an evil world to a world controlled by God. Of-course, God is in control right now but we are seeing the transition which is a beautiful thing to see. It’s not always nice to look evil in the face… we didn’t realise just how evil, evil could be, but it helps us to understand just what we are coming in to…

(… further talk…)

What can we expect to see?

Clay: What do you see over the next coming weeks?

Charlie: I see next week the start of names coming out, because General Flynn has been pardoned, and because of how quickly he’s gone to Europe. I know that the people in the top positions of government in Europe were arrested in the middle of this year. The whole British government have already been arrested and are under house arrest. This is not in the public domain at all. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was the same in many other countries.

…Continue with talk of the coming Blood Moons and Planet Alignments (remember how the Lord uses the heavens for signs unto us all).

It’s All Written In The Stars For All To See

To Recap…’Can We Trust’ Questions and Answers

Dr Fauci – should we trust him? NO
Bill Gates – should we trust him? NO
George Soros – should we trust him? NO
Jack Dorsey of Twitter – should we trust him? NO
Mark Zuckerberg – should we trust him? NO
The mainstream media – should we trust it? NO
The Pope – should we trust him? NO

Clay: This is where I want to stop this show. Everyone needs to stop using Google immediately as they use algorithms that hide the truth. Instead us Duck Duck Go and search the truth out.

Take the time to view the video explaining the events of our current time. Much more is shared than this transcript shows… and it’s very numerous at times. I feel it is one of the best videos I have seen to give a quick overview on all that’s happening.



  1. Once more: we are well past March 2021, but constantly assured “God is winning.” It is November now & people are still being subject to depopulation-injections, & they are going headlong for the children. The “5 Eyes” cultures are locked down and people are suffering & dying from the death shot. How are we supposed to accept your encouragement? Why did your Almighty God allow all this in the first place, only to shut it down now?

    • I actually feel your pain Randall! Yes, it can be so hard to comprehend at times, that’s for sure.
      I cannot answer all your questions so will not even try. But, I do know that this is a battle between good and evil, God and satan. Good wins!
      To fully grasp why evil is so prevalent, we need to look beyond what we see and hear happening around us. There are many levels… and as you remove one layer, another is exposed. This goes back a very long way…
      But the time is now that God has pulled the plug on the evil and He’s using men and women around the world to bring about the greatest victory ever seen.
      Unfortunately in war, there are always casualties. None of us like that. But it happens. This keeps us working very hard to get the message out to as many who will read that instead of bowing to the tyranny, we must stand against it. Man o man, if we all did that this whole thing would be over today!
      This is where free will comes in.
      Nevertheless, satan is like a little knat that can be squashed easily between the fingers in comparison to the God of the Universe!
      Yeap, we win!

  2. Remdesivir is an antiviral drug developed by the firm Gilead Sciences, which maintains the U.S. patent on the drug as a coronavirus treatment. No Chinese institution has a recognized patent for the drug.

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