Nesara and 9/11 related? Hidden, But Now Explained?

nesara and 9/11

Nesara and 9/11… who would have thought these two were very closely related?

Let me show you, in a few words, how this epic movie played out before us… only, it wasn’t a movie… it was real!

(Update: Now known only as “Global Economic Security And Reformation Act as it refers to the whole world.)

Terrorist Attack

We all watched our TV’s on September 11th, 2001, absolutely aghast at what we were seeing! Before our eyes we saw the mighty World Trade Center’s Twin Towers come tumbling down.

It was such a shock! Those images are burned into our memories, and the feelings we experienced, can never be forgotten.

To our horror, we watched as people jumped from the windows to their death, choosing it over being burned alive from the fire that surrounded them.

As the day unfolded, more and more horror was revealed to us that day. How the terrorists came in and… boom, boom, boom, made light work of total destruction.

The Twin Towers, The Pentagon, Building 7, and the plane coming down in Pennsylvania were all reported as America being under attack.

It Was Not Terrorists – It was Staged!

But what we didn’t know, as we remained glued to the television, that this sacrifice of human lives was a staged terrorist attack! Not terrorists, but staged!

Who would want to stage such an event? Who could kill so many people in one go and for what purpose? What was it all about anyway?

I’m not about to go into all the details concerning that event, as how would I know anyway! But one thing I can tell you is that right from the beginning it left me with many questions. Like, for example:

  • How come the plane coming down in Pennsylvania left nothing more than a scar on the ground?
  • Why was there no evidence of a plane dug into the Pentagon?
  • Indeed why was the hole created not big enough to house a plane?
  • What made the Twin Towers tumble in on themselves looking very much like a demolition?
  • and so on it goes…

Now I know the official narrative just as much as anyone else, but why did it just never sit right with me?

We all have choices in this life. We can believe the official narratives simply because the news told us, or we can have our doubts. I was a doubter, but I didn’t know why. I simply couldn’t make sense of what they were saying.

Nesara and 9/11 Research

Over the years, as others who felt a similar way, researched and dug, more and more information came up to the surface. This brought with it an opportunity to read and wonder, which was then popped on to the back shelf of my mind.

My really big ‘Ah-Ha!‘ moment came when I read many articles relating Nesara and 9/11 together. The dots were joining. The pieces of the puzzle started to take shape. Now I seeing the bigger picture! If was all falling into place.

The Planned Announcement of Nesara

On September 11th, 2001 the first stages of Nesara were to be made public by Alan Greenspan. His announcement which was planned to take place at 10 am included:

  • A new US Treasury Bank system
  • Debt forgiveness for all US citizens
  • IRS was now abolished

What amazing news this would have been for all Americans!

Connection Between Nesara & 9/11

George Bush Jnr was the President at the time, but apparently it was his father, George Bush Snr, who ordered the demolition of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers for 9 am – the day of the announcement! They arranged to have explosives installed into the building which were remotely detonated from Building 7. That building was later demolished to cover up the crime scene.

But why did they do this?

The Black Hats, those who we know as the Globalists, the evil Deep State… did not want the announcement of Nesara to go ahead. They were more interested in keeping the world enslaved in debt.

As it turned out, contained on the first and second floors of the North Tower, were the international banking computers which would initiate the new US Treasury Banking system. So that’s why they blew it up.

Hmm… alright… so how come the Pentagon was involved?

It just so happened that people known as the White Knights, were gathered together in the Pentagon in what was the new Naval Command Centre, where they were coordinating Nesara’s implementation across the nation.

With precision, a payload of explosives was delivered to that part of the Pentagon using remote pilot technology. The flyover took them all out.

Did we hear anything in the news about those lost lives? I don’t remember hearing about it… do you? Maybe I’ve just forgotten.

So for the time, all hopes of Nesara coming to pass was dashed to pieces. But it was not over yet… not by a long shot.

Extremely Strong Opposition

I don’t know about you, but I’m not totally sure this was the only reason they sent in the planes and did whatever they did. It could also have been a way for the American people to side with them regarding war against terrorism, because that surely happened as a result.

But what we do know is that the plan for a liberation was around since 1907, and it received very strong opposition all the way. Really, it’s quite an interesting story to read. You can read that documentation, at least up until August 17, 2011 here… History of Nesara.

The battle has continued from that point though. Part of Nesara is it must continue to be brought out every year, but of-course there was so much evil lurking in our lands. The evil had to be brought down before the release could be realised.

Back in 2001, the enemy to Nesara got a massive win within this battle. Yes, it stopped the progress for a little while. Everyone’s attention was firmly placed over on terrorism. You couldn’t go anywhere without terrorism fear. A perfect solution for the Black Hats.

Behind the Scenes the Good Guys Were Always Working

But, behind the scenes, the White Hats were working. They worked out every part of it in minute detail. Of-course, they were quite aware of what they were up against. Meticulously, every detail was formulated and planned.

The first major part of the plan was to remove the evil people who would use the money to their advantage. This has come, and is coming to pass. We have watched this taking place, from the 13 bloodline families who ruled the world, right down to the puppet minions those families were using.

Most all of it has not been made public because they are working by stealth. The good guys are positioned all over the world. They don’t seek acclamation as they work from their heart. Their work won’t be released until it’s both safe and beneficial to do so.

From my sources of information, that will be very soon.

Nesara Develops into Gesara

What is so wonderful about Nesara, is that it developed into Gesara… worldwide. So, it’s not just for American any longer, but it’s for the entire world. This is a great time to shout ‘Hallelujah!’

America will be first though, and once President Trump and the Team have got it running there, it will infiltrate the entire world. How wonderful is that?

This gives us a little understanding as to why Nesara and 9/11 have been so vitally connected. While ever we are dealing with such an evil force, there is no way it could go ahead. The wonderful news is that they are now very close, and most of those who were in positions to instigate the opposition, have been eradicated… that is, they are either sitting in Gitmo waiting for their trials, or have already left this earth. Soon, it will all be revealed.

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  1. Sounds like you have done some accurate research. The Masses have been deprived of the science we have paid for and developed since the 1930s on. We need access to our heavy investments during past 90 years. Suppression of these technologies is pure evil. For those familiar with the bible this has been ongoing since the beginning of earth time. I agree with your findings. Carry on the good work. We win via God/Jesus.

  2. there are lot of people who do not believe this is Possible . but from what i am reading it all makes sense , though that is my believe . we will be clad when this twilight zone is done . sooner the better .

    • Hi Phillip!
      Well, when you think of it, it really does all sound unbelievable. This is why so many cannot believe, but the problem is that most all of them have never done the research to confirm it one way or the other.
      I agree with you, we are all more than ready for it all to end.

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