How To Understand The Lock-Downs And 2nd Virus Spikes

How To Understand The Lock-downs And 2nd Virus Spikes

Lock-downs and 2nd virus spikes are the subject today so we can learn to understand exactly what is going on.

Just as soon as the news stations announce that a certain area is about to go into lock-down, they tell you it’s because of a 2nd virus spike.

Is this really true?

There are two hats at play here… the Black Hats and the White Hats. Sometimes, the lock-downs happen because they are trying to keep the narrative going that Covid-19 is so rampart that they have to keep everyone social distancing and wearing masks. The best way to stop the spread of this horrific virus is for businesses to close and everyone to stay home and indoors! Ultimately, they must be prepared to take the vaccine as it’s the only way to control it!

What Others Are Saying About Covid-19

While ever they can convince you of this, it allows them to be in control. That’s exactly what they want. You must become used to them telling you what you can do, and where you can go.

This is preparing you to be in the right place to receive their vaccine which will then allow them to completely control you.

All this, is the work of the Black Hats!

White Hats work for, and not against you

For more understanding on lock-downs and 2nd virus spikes, we need to also comprehend what else is going on.

Sometimes, it’s the work of the White Hats! It can be hard to tell the difference unless you are informed and know what is going on in your area.

So why on earth would the White Hats be locking us down?

That’s a good question and there is a very real answer…

The readers of my pages would be aware that there have been millions of children kept deep underground. These children have been used in the most unthinkable ways. Everything from pedophilia, to body parts, satanic sacrifices, scientific experiments and to produce the world’s most expensive drug. Most probably for a lot more reasons, but I don’t even want to go there!

As they have worked around the world, going deep underground to free the children, it’s quite apparent that those who have held them were not going to give them up without a massive fight.

The Covid-19 Smokescreen

What happens is that very highly trained military are sent in, and often they need to lock down the area to ensure the safety of the community. The best way to do this is to use the ‘virus’ as the excuse.

This was not too hard to do. People have been thoroughly indoctrinated to believe the virus is vicious, and they must protect themselves… of-course this was by the Black Hats.

Melbourne’s lock-downs and 2nd virus spikes

Take Melbourne as an example… I think the whole world knows what happened there… the lock-down which seemed to go on forever.

To begin with, it was all about the children. It was a huge undertaking to complete and it took them a whole lot longer than they were anticipating.

Many virus stories were given by the mainstream media. But we knew from Charlie Ward, who is in direct contact with some of the White Hats, that what they were saying was not the case. They were just saying whatever they had been told to say.

Once all the children were removed, and the battles over, certain of the military were left behind to completely destroy the tunnel system. The rest of the military moved on to the next place which happened sometime in September, 2020.

Why the lock-down continued long after that can really only be explained by the Black Hats and their agenda.

Melbournites may remember the many, many ‘earthquakes’ they experienced during that time. No, not earthquakes… it was the military.

Unfortunately, there were casualties along the way. Those evil places were booby trapped, and the occupants had very highly sophisticated weapons. It’s very dangerous work and could only be performed by highly trained military.

Once they had dealt with these underground creatures, and the children were removed to safety, the military blew up the tunnels.

Mind you, this is a huge undertaking. These tunnels travel all over the world at an average down-under depth of 10 kilometers… that’s deep!

How They Connect Wicked Secret Underground Cities

Exactly Who Are The White Hats?

Please read for further understanding:

As you can see, these people work very much behind the scenes, quietly, almost ghostly! They only allow information out that will assist in their efforts, but hold everything else very close to their chests.

They are working to bring down the cabal and free the world of the debt they have enslaved us into.

Much has been achieved as this page clearly shows… but much is still going on. We must be patient and understanding… and pray!

The Evil World Leaders Taken Down By White Hats

So I hope you better understand a little of why we have lock-downs and 2nd virus spikes. I would encourage you to read my pages so you have a more thorough understanding of what is going on.


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