Is The News Causing Panic? Stop Listening Now!

news causing panic

Do you find that by listening to the news it’s causing you to panic? There is a really good answer to your problem… stop listening now!

There is something you need to understand. Most all of the news media are owned just six conglomerates! Here is an infographic to show who owns what, and what they earn.

The problem is this. Imagine if all these companies were not so much in competition with each other, but had the same agenda. What if what they believed was exactly the same? What if these companies all answered to someone higher up than them?

This is exactly what we are looking at. These very rich billionaires and millionaires who control most all of the media, are only minions to those who control them.

You see, in the New World Order scheme, they need a method to propagate their beliefs on the nations… how better than by controlling the media?

New World Order control:

They have infiltrated every area of our society and managed to obtain positions of authority in:

  • World Financial Control
    • Tax Revenue
    • Central Banks
    • Interest Revenue
    • Bank of International Settlements
  • World Resource Control – Corporations such as:
    • Google
    • Nokia
    • Coco-Cola
    • L’Oreal
    • Apple
    • Disney
    • NYSE
    • Mastercard etc.
  • Medicine
  • Media, Schools & Education
    • Lies
    • Mind Control
    • Indoctrination
  • Beliefs & Religion
    • Creating a one world religion
  • Politics & Governments
    • Secret Service
    • Military
    • Police
    • Courts
    • Prisons
  • and so much more…

Now the news causing panic minions, feed it by spilling out just exactly what they have been told to say, by the conglomerates that control them… who are relaying exactly what they have been told to say by their authorities above them. Of-course, they mix it up with a bit of local news to authenticate their reason for being.

Who is Ultimately in Charge?

As all these areas (too many to mention them all) were infiltrated by the New World Order / The Globalists / The Deep State / the Cabal… call it what you may… with evil intent, but we must remember Who is ultimately in charge!

How Current Events Relate to End Times

Satan is the one who controls this evil plan, and you’d have to say he’s done a pretty good job! He’s managed to place everyone exactly where he wants them, so he can finally realise his plan and desire, which is to completely rule this earth.


Satan is only a created being. Originally, he was a beautiful angel with every precious stone as his covering. He was amazing and absolutely blameless! (Ezekiel 28:13)

His problem was that he wanted to be like God, and to fully take control, instead of God. (Isaiah 14:12) and because of that he became a very evil angel.

He started fighting against God. He had it in his head that he could win and then everything would be his. Of-course we know he won’t! Although he’s caused untold misery to all the inhabitants of the earth, he’s doomed to pay the ultimate price.

God is stepping in

Is The news causing panic?

God permits it for a time, but then He steps in, and this is where I believe we are right now… in the midst of God stepping in.

The 13 bloodline families (Phoneticians), the Cabal and their Minions, all came under the control of Satan. They had sold out their very souls to Satan. He promised them all much riches, fame and power… and we can see that has been outworked. They actually got their desire.

But Satan only uses people for his own ends… not to bless them in anyway. He failed to tell them about the ultimate price they would have to pay.

So right now, this is what is happening…

  • The 13 bloodline Globalist families have all been arrested
  • The heads of the Secret Societies, the Royals, Free Masons, Jesuits and Elites have been arrested
  • Right now the Minions are coming under arrest… by the thousands!

Hollywood has been emptied. The government of countries around the world have all been arrested. There are some who made a deal to stay in their positions but are being told exactly what to do. They are gradually exposing themselves to the world for what they really are.

The Patriots use the social media, together with blogs (such as me), Youtube and all the others, to spread the news. The evil corporations have employed Fact Checkers to try and stop them… but they won’t be stopped. The Fact Checkers only check anything that goes against the NWO agenda… everything else is a free-for-all.

Just as fast as they eliminate or delete accounts, the Patriots rise up somewhere else. It’s amazing to watch. The harder they try, the more firmly determined the Patriots become.

All those who have become aware of the real battle going on, feel it strongly on their hearts to join the fight. We must alert the masses. Every new person reading your blog, or seeing your video etc. is one more person that has woken up.

Of-course, we don’t see any of this in the News Media. Why would they tell us of how they are being arrested, one after another? Not at all, they will keep fighting until the end by instilling fear and panic in any way they possibly can.

So tell me, is the news causing panic within you?

So, if each night you sit down to relax and watch the news, what are you listening to? You’ve got it… you’re listening to the propaganda produced by the ‘other side’.

We are in a war… a real war. Good versus evil. God has said, enough is enough! He’s organised His leaders, His Team of Patriots, White Hats, and His Prayer Teams and the Military. This is a war like none other.

They took down the heads and powerful globalists, and now the people who sold out their souls for power, fame and riches, are being taken down. Most of these people have been involved in drug trafficking, child & human trafficking together with pedophilia and the like. Each have bowed down in absolute worship of Satan, where they have participated in the most inhumane satanic rituals, the kind of which most of us could not even imagine.

So tell me again… why are you listening to these folks?

Decide today that you will not feed on information that brings you down. Make a firm decision to spend some time to find out what the truth is for yourself. I can only tell you what I’ve learned… you need to check it out for yourself and start spreading the good news.

Very soon, what the White Hats have been doing in secret, so they can arrest the people they are after, will be brought out in the open. They’ll do this just as soon as it’s safe to do so. Meantime, we helps them for us to be kept some-what calm and out of harm’s way.

Yes, the swamp is being drained!

Their sweet-faced news readers are so believable, but all the while, they are delivering news causing panic, with the ultimate goal of controlling us.

The best is yet to come!


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