Please Pray For These Needs

Prayer Vase

A Prayer Vase showing prayers rising up to
God the Father!

I receive quite a lot of comments and/or emails from people experiencing real needs. Please pray for them.

If you would also like prayer, this page is open for you through the Comment Section down below.

I felt it was the least I could do and we can all share in it together.
Thank you!

Father God, thank You for hearing us. We come to You today to lift up these needs (below) to You. You know them all intimately. You love these people and willingly paid an enormous price on the cross of Calvary to heal and set (us and them) free from all afflictions.

“But He was wounded for our transgressionsHe was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5

Thank You! We give you praise and honour. We believe that “… as He is, so are we in this world!” (1 John 4:17)… in Jesus Name, Amen!

I’m writing to you today regarding my son Markus. He has a brain tumour called Medullblastoma which is in the cerebellum.


I was totally destroyed by Big Pharma. Ruined my brain leaving my son without a functioning mother. These beds would be the only thing that could heal me. I’m only 43.

Donald & Evelyn

Could I ask for prayer for my grandfather and his sister my great-aunt. They are on my dad’s side of the family and my great-aunt has a strong aversion to Christianity. Neither of them are saved and my great over the last 15 or so years has been strongly influencing my grandfather to agree with her extremely far-left views. I wouldn’t go so far as to call her a crazy activist, but she has always been a very controlling person. I would love it if everyone would pray that they would come to see how much they need Jesus. My grandfather is 77 and my great-aunt is 88 my grandfather while younger has been recently diagnosed with Congestive Heart-failure, and Kidney Disease. He weighs so much that after he collapsed and can’t use his legs that they have been medically declared a lost-cause. They both have had diabetes for decades. Our family is more worried about them not going to heaven before they give out than their physical problems, if the Lord will heal them though that would great. Thank you everyone!!!!

I already consider them healed in spirit because Abba knows what we need be we ask.


Can I please have prayer for myself? I may have a blood clot in my lower right leg, I have contacted my doctor and he is organising a scan for me for tomorrow.
I used to be a registered nurse, so I am very scared, I don’t want to go to hospital or have needles, or have blood thinners made by Pfizer.
I am being extremely open here – I do not have the faith to ask, decree or declare my own healing especially, every time I have prayed for healing it doesn’t happen, probably in part due to me always having a back up supply of natural remedies I instinctively go for instead of trusting God. I come from a church that doesn’t do this sort of healing. Yes they pray for healing, but just in prayer only if you know what I mean. We don’t decree, declare, speak life etc for people.

ANSWER RECEIVED: ALL CLEAR!!! No clots!!!!Praise the Lord!!!!

What a wonderful God we serve! Thank you Lord! Marilyn

I am asking for help my brother has bowel cancer late state we live in Pineville Kentucky is there med beds near this state I don’t want to loose my brother my whole family has the lunch syndrome. I’ve already lost 3 of my siblings to this. And a mother. Please help if you can
Love and light.


Hello! Do you have any updated information about the MedBed rollouts? I am in desperate need of them!! Thank you so,


Hi Marilyn, I just wanted to apologize as I meant to contact you personally. I have been dealing with ongoing stress, suicidal ideation for decades and about to lose the roof over our head as apartment keeps getting raised more than we can afford. I am sorry to come across so negative. We are really hurting badly and its been so many years of hearing about financial relief and med beds I have a hard time holding back tears. If we end up in our cars I do not know how we will recover. There is absolutely no help anywhere for many of us struggling badly. We have no family no resources. No shelters and most struggling people still make too much for any type of relief. I am trying to fight of so much fear praying this will lift before its too late. I lost the page where there were prayer requests sorry I would have placed it there. thank you for keeping us in the loop just praying its all truth.


Oh Lord do I need this !!! I hope to get on a waiting list for a med bed. Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 2, I am 64 now, all joints are gone. Fatty liver from the RA, gum disease and tinnitus…. I have struggled through the pain on no meds the last 14 years !!!

Gregory’s grand-daughter Hailie

My grand-daughter has a very aggressive cancerous brain tumor attached to her brain stem. Hailie is 22. Her condition is considered terminal. She is undergoing traditional treatment but it only hopes to slow the progression of the tumor. A med-bed might save her life. I pray that they come available soon as she doesn’t have long. I pray for her to be healed in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

How much longer are we going to have to wait? They were saying early 2022, nothing is happening yet. Before you say have patience, I’m literally dying while waiting on the med beds.

April 1st, 2022 I had about 1″ diameter gliobastoma removed. I never did radiation or chemo. I now have some symptoms again. I will do an MRI today. I want Med Beds! I have been taking B17, CuraMed, Graviola, and Fenbendazole. I made an order to change the last one to Mebendazole. I do not want another surgery. Can you help me?

Need prayer for hip, back pain and severe muscle spasms

Maria and John (son)
Pain and deafness and that my son John recovers without sequelae. (Sequelae of traumatic brain injury include headache, dizziness, anxiety, apathy, depression, aggression, cognitive impairments, personality changes, mania, and psychosis.)

Please pray for Ilene that God will heal her from brain tumors.

April’s daughter
I found your site while searching the med beds. I need help. I have a beautiful, healthy 5yr old that doesn’t talk. She was diagnosed with Autism and severe developmental delay. She is extremely smart and understands what we say…but she us unable to get the words out. Please help. Any advice and prayers are greatly appreciated.

Ismael’s mother
I’m in Puerto Rico and need treatment for my mother who is 93 years old and very sick.

I am overwhelmed with emotion. I have lost hope. Medically I am out of options. I was born with a rare birth defect diastematamyelia. It is very hard to explain.

When I was about 11 my spine started to curve. My parents never took me to a doctor. My curve is very bad. I am on oxygen now as the curve prevents my lung from functioning properly.

I went to one of the two neurosurgeons in the country and because of my breathing they felt an extensive surgery would be catastrophic. As a result I have been dealing with very painful neuropathy. It affects everything I do. My sleep, my mood. It is very hard to get comfortable due to the extreme curve.

I am 54 now and had given up hope. I also had breast cancer, BRCA1 positive, bilateral mastectomy and full hysterectomy. Can these beds repair your body rom all the plastic surgery on the breasts?

Mary’s husband
Has Stage lV Cancer. Mary finds it hard to stop crying so needs to be uplifted in prayer to give her strength.

Lisa’s son
Had a motorcycle accident 11/5/2017 and has been paralyzed from the chest down ever since.

I am on borrowed time, and just in a time of my life ,it is the best at a time where I wish to live and to be here in the transition of when we will live like we are in heaven 🙏💜,and to be here to witness and be a part of it ,especially to help others to accept the realities that have been hidden from us for centuries, to help others through the realities of what’s coming?, thankyou 🙂 🙏.

John L
Suffering badly with chronic disease. 62 year old male.

Elisabeth’s mother
Would you be so kind to add my mother’s name to your prayer vase? She recently had a stroke and now cannot see. Please say a prayer to the good Lord for her sight to be restored. She’s the most beautiful soul you could ever wish to meet.

Could you add me to the Prayer Jar for Tinnitus, Vertigo and stress fracture of T-8 in my back! I can’t do any lifting! I’m 77 yo. Thank you!

I am 59 years old. I live in Spain
I am operated with total protections of the right hip. And I’ve been in a lot of pain on the left for 6 months. I am a masseuse. I have been working and helping my patients for 19 years.

I would like to ask you to pray for my husband who is having so much difficulty accepting all of the new “ truths” that we must all accept. I have tried my best to talk to him but I’m not getting through, and I pray that I can find the words to help him look at this changing world through eyes that are wide open.

Panico (“Sister’s Stage 4 multiple cancers”)
I beg for your prayers for my sister Vera that God heals her. Also, that all critically ill patients are allowed med bed treatments very, very soon.

I have lost sight in my R eye. I am unable to read without a magnifying glass.

London (Angelia’s granddaughter)
My 7 year old granddaughter (London) who wants to be a preacher. She has no enamel on her teeth, asthma, severe peanut allergies and type 1 diabetes requiring 5 insulin shots every day. The devil is attacking her but we are standing firm believing she is healed in the name of Jesus. We’re just waiting on the manifestation of it. God has healed me and my family so many times I know He will do it! Hallelujah 

Pray for me, Dixie. I have a pinched nerve in my right leg. Pray that I can get it healed.

Ed (Dixie’s husband)
Pray for my husband Ed. He cannot see very well out of one eye, so pray it gets where he can see out of it and it does not get any worse.

My daughter is 8 months pregnant. She’s not had the jab as she is very awake. Here in England, at every ante natal check they ask if she’s had the jab and say that if she doesn’t have it her baby could die. So angry that they’re putting this unnecessary stress on her.

My sister Vera has stage four peritoneal cancer, breast and ovarian cancers. There are no more chemos… How do I get her on a med bed list?

The wife of a good friend of Michael (below)
… recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer…

I am a 70 year old male with arthritis in my back that gets worse every year and bad lungs

Mindi M
I have been tagged by county code enforcement in Monroe Fl by a person who was renting my house with a bogus complaint that he made up just for vengeance. I now am being made to destroy part of my hard earned property because of this bogus complaint. Please pray that I will be given the god given power of the Constitution of the United States of America to fight against these draconian laws that go against my constitutional rights as a free American property owner to do what is right for my god given right to do with my hard earned paid for property. Thank you

margaret carlene
I have diabetes and bouts of bronchitis and pain from it.

I had Cobid just over a year ago. Surprisingly I zipped right through it, thank God and since I have COPD I had shortness of breath. Now, I have the long Covid and experiencing extreme shortness of breath. 

Emma (Spain)
Operated hip and the left is starting to bother me a lot…

Mother of 3 on second round of chemo and low T-cells

Heart failure, kidney transplant failure and cancer. Pray I live to get treatment.

Claudia (Info provided by Martin for his Godmother)
She has pancreatic cancer. Has just undergone exhaustive chemotherapy and spent Christmas in hospital. She now needs an operation.

I have pancreatic cancer so I pray for a medbed asap!

I have kidney failure and have been on the transplant list.. but now I’m off because I didn’t get the jab..

I have a klestiotoma in left ear ,refusing surgery as the first one messed me up,

i am a 100^% disabled US Vet HELP!

I have been following some information on the Med Beds that could be coming to the public soon and I was wondering if these Med Beds could help my 48 year old sister in law (Teri Segura) who has been suffering with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She has done many things alternatively and has endured radiation and chemotherapy. Her cancer has unfortunately progressed and we fear she may not have much time left. She has 2 teenagers who she very much wants to survive for.

I seen that there are 15 med beds in Florida. My mom has been very sick for 7 years. 3 strokes, COPD and severe sleep apena. I was wondering how I could get my mom treated with the Bed Beds and if it would help with her conditions?

I have suffered from multiple conditions basically since I was born. My immune system was compromised, I had to be tube fed as a child through my nose.
I went on to have head injuries, diabetes, other injuries, stenosis, osteoporosis, scholiosis, chronic pain, surgeries, hormonal imbalances, ADD, memory issues, I need knee surgery, have had an ocular hole and have vision problems, and trauma from chemical and mercury exposure.
Of-course, right now I don’t feel like I could go back to work. But, after treatment I would possibly be interested in training to operate med beds. I have been a nurse assistant, and studied natural healing most of my life to try to help myself.

I’m from Australia and have spinal cord damage resulting from a car accident 35 years ago. I can’t walk or use my upper body. I have lost feeling my body.
I’m really excited about the medbed . Do you know if I will be able to walk again Marilyn?

Hi i am trying to get my brother in medbed. How has GBM. Was recently giving 2 to 4 weeks to live. Can you help?

I have a Ilostomey which I had my colon and rectum removed due to years of Crohn’s and Colitis. Have other medial issues. I have been dealing with this for over 40 years and would love to get my health to be improved and cured. It’s been tough but I understand there are many people with health issues and want there health to be cured.

I had a stroke 3 years ago and have difficult issues remaining to deal with daily.

My daughter is running out of time… lung cancer

My daughter was diagnosed with sever autism I truly believe vaccines. She is non verbal, with cognitive delay, she needs hands on for everything she needs and want, among other things.

My 17 month old grandson choked and is on a vent in NY. He has brain stem damage. Do you believe a med bed can help and can you help me get one?

I stand on my feet all day doing hair (21 years and counting). Love my clients that have been with me for most of those years, but having back, shoulder and leg issues. Tired mentally and emotionally and physically. Need a break.

I’m 39 and had a mildish medium stroke last year, I’m at roughly 80% recovery after a year and really waiting for these medbeds!

My 3 yr old grandson’s brain cancer has returned after surgery to remove it a year ago. He desperately needs a med bed!! No telling what a 2nd surgery will do to him! We live in Arizona! Please help with referrals!

I get scared. Really scared now, for my daughter..10 years old. She is at home, but she is unvaxt and it worries me as our gov has an order that they can come into the home or anywhere and remove people.

Are the med bed officials taking names for patients? How do we get information on when and where they are operational? My son has liver failure due to a genetic disorder.

Marilyn , my sister got jab and heart rate went crazy. Now having intestinal issues. Please 🙏 for her .

I feel I am in need of one (med bed) – (not life threatening) but I either have a pelvic bone injury, or it’s severe osteoporosis which seemed to suddenly start 2 years ago. Extremely uncomfortable and my balance and my walking is affected so much so that I choose to sit more than I should. I used to be much more active. I am 65.

Will you pray for me? A long time sufferer of severe acute migraines (40 years), the past 15 years, having headaches every single day, around 8 years ago, it began getting compounded with fibromyalgia, and the last 2 years, a heavy sense of dread and heartburn. It really takes its toll on me. I pray and give thanks but I honestly don’t understand why me? why all of these things. it was hard just living with migraines now these other things makes it so much harder and I only wish to understand so if I can do anything on my end to end these experiences so my quality of life increases exponentially, so I can live and not merely spend every day just pushing through…

I understand the life pods is taking some time before their availability, and I await patiently but I am often disheartened that this suffering has gone on for so long…

Please pray for me to give me strength. I do trust God wholly, and completely but I am also very tired, I am so tired.

I am half blind and an unhealthy mouth, there are other more serious cases that have priority, but we must not despair

I am a mother fighting for my daughter’s life who has Leukemia. She has suffered to the point she wants to die. In the hospital now but I believe they are killing her. Please tell me how I can get her name on the list for the med bed before it’s too late. She is a fighter but today she quit fighting. She has ALL and chemotherapy. The pain is unbearable and the hospital is not addressing it. Please, I’m begging like everyone else, I can’t lose her at the age of 34. Her death will kill me!

I have copd and other problems and I am 74 years old.

I am a 84 year old Veteran with physical knee joint disability, extensive skin Cancer, Bad jaw and teeth underbite.

I have stage four mastisized cancer. I’m trying to hold on…

I didn’t believe the shedding until I went on holiday and was exposed to vaxxed people.. Now my menstrual cycle is all messed up. It’s been a month since my holiday and I’m still not back to normal.

My mom is in the hospital fighting for her life.

My mother has stage 4 cancer and will be starting her 2nd round of more aggressive chemo tomorrow. I would love to get her in a med bed before it’s too late or to have her suffer so. So sad that there was a cure and it was kept from the public

Lola (Regina’s friend)
Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer that can’t hang on much longer. I’m praying she makes it long enough to be able to be cured with the Beds!

I too have MANY ailments, Ptsd, degenative joints from severe arthritis, spine/disc issues, hormonal deficiencies, autoimmune disease, but also a benign brain tumor, that has caused many problems including personality, mood, sight and coping skills! So I’m praying for these Bed to come very soon!

I have several conditions, Crohn’s Disease, Lupus, Fibro, severe hip pain, however, the one that is the most debilitating is, apparently unknown as the many specialists I have been do not know. Everyday I burn up, my body core gets and whole body becomes unbearably hot. All testing is coming back Normal. The doctors clearly can see this and I do not have a temperature. It feels like being sick and running a temperature so hot you have chills. These chills make me visibly shake. I take Clonidine as it helps decrease the heat. But it always comes back and has heightened over 12 years, every day. I started at 1 pill a day and now up to 5. I cannot go outside and really have to stay quieted. Any heightened emotion such as laughing will bring it on fast, or oddly, laying flat I feel it starting and coming up my body to my face. My GI doctor witnessed this. They are amazed at my positive nature given the suffering they know I experience. So I am quite curious as to what this is or causing it and if the Med Beds will help. My face is so bright red and hot, I use aloe gel on it, but still so uncomfortable.

Wouldnt happen to know where a med bed would be available. I need one for my mother. She is declining fast and im beginning to get extremely concerned. I would appreciate any help you could provide if any. We are located in south Louisiana.

My son has been on ecmo for 10 weeks for Covid. Is there any chance Medbeds will be available in the near future. He will not survive without a miracle or a lung transplant.

I have a life long friend who has just been diagnosed with bone marrow cancer and has just started chemo and radiation.

I too am waiting, due to strokes from over use of ibuprofen…

I was just diagnosed with terminal cancer and have 2 young kids at home and a distraught husband so trying to keep my spirits up. The past few days have been a whirlwind for my family.

Pam’s husband
I forgot to mention in my previous post that has to been listed, my husband is a Veteran, his left arm amputated, has ASpondolitis, RA, heart stents, and currently battling stage 4 cancer…He wants to be in a medbed so bad! 

Pastor Tom
I am a missionary in Belize and the poor people here have only the gov controlled news and are blind and suffering.

I am a 84 year old Veteran and Trump supporter with bad painful knee joints, extensive skin cancer, Hernia and arthritis  and prostate problems.

My sister is 65, has had two strokes, two anneurisms and is mildly diabetic. She has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She is very stubborn. Has had two chemo treatments. Her body needs help.

My daughter was pressured to get the shot. She also was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and has had debilitating effects.

I have been ubder a satanic attack all yr wish i could get to ned bed now i am arcturian star seed completely blocked off from Arcturians wbo healed me for 8 yrs on their ship pls help sos

My husband is 100% disabled veteran. There is not enough room to list all that is wrong . I pray they are available soon. (PTSD , cancer, agent orange, bladder cancer, high blood pressure, prostrate issues).

I am a 64 yr old Marine Corp Veteran recently diagnosed with lung cancer. My crippled mother depends on me and if I can finish my own invention, it will benefit all of mankind and hate to complain but I’m in a lot of pain so getting to a Celestial Chamber as soon as possible, I deeply appreciate!!

I am a 64 yr old Marine Corp Veteran recently diagnosed with lung cancer. My crippled mother depends on me and if I can finish my own invention, it will benefit all of mankind and hate to complain but I’m in a lot of pain so getting to a Celestial Chamber as soon as possible, I deeply appreciate!!

I am 66 yrs old and have stage 4 cancer. no more treatment available only given about 3 months to live. Am willing to fly to a med bed location that will treat me as soon as possible. I am a christian man with lots of life yet to live and can hopefully help others. We are located in southern Indiana.

I try to find out how I can manage with MED BEDS.

Please tell me spousal support will end? My husband has made almost a million dollars to this greedy woman since 2014 on a mediocre income and now retired. We have paid her 5k a month and she is getting 3k a month and 25% of his pension, indefinitely. Tried to adjust after retirement but he was laughed out of court.

My Granddaughter has been diagnosed with cancer and she is 8. She is undergoing chemo and I so desperately what her in a medbed and cure once and forever.

I am very interested in the question about med-bedz fixing dependency disorders

Oh no you won’t be the first one in line. You will have to beat me. I have stage 4 non hodgkins lymphoma with maybe a year or two to live. So it’s one thing having med beds available and another getting my turn to use it if I live that long.

I have a daughter with a rare brain cancer. I hope that I’m understanding the potential for this to be removed. Thank you, God. I, myself, have a neurological issue that makes walking increasingly difficult due to spasticity in the lower extremities. 

I am living on social security disability, worked corporate all my life. My husband passed away a few years ago. I am inundated with debt, due to his death. I have been considering bankruptcy.

I was visiting with a friend of my wife’s husband last weekend. He has multiple sclerosis and has been confined to a wheelchair for almost four years now. He has a sharp brain, but the body is not functioning well anymore. I was trying to give him some hope, to hang on, hope was on the way, when I mentioned to him about med beds. There are a lot of people in this world who could use some help in many different ways.

I’m going to be getting a large amount of medical bills soon that I can not afford to pay at this point.

My son is a plaintiff in a suit against Johnson and Johnson for risperdal. It’s a mass tort case not class action. The drug caused young boys to grow breast tissue and possibly other long term effects. My son has PTSD and extreme depression because of this. The case was filed years ago and J and J are dragging their feet. What could happen to the case when nesara is official. He has never worked and he struggles with bi polar too. 

I have an auto immune disorder I stopped my weekly injection because I don’t want to be dependent on it.

Hi I currently Have a lawsuit against Bank of America because the screwed me over in a home modification and lied to me I lost my house I had to short sell it because I couldn’t afford the payments and it’s currently with an attorney and a Bank of America is appealing it will with this debt forgiveness and no mortgage with the Nosara help me in anyway with this lawsuit and what do I say to my attorney.

I have a grandson with duchenne muscular dystrophy. I am praying that this is true and the medbeds will help him 

Marilyn, the GMC was sued for ignition switch case. Put me on disability. Wanted me to settle the case is in very less and refused to give the amount deserved even I won the case. When I didn’t settle the lawyer left my case. I keep connected judge but no reply. Can you help?

Hello, I have a mommy that became a paraplegic when she was 38 years old when she was hit by a drunk driver. Will the med beds be able to help her in anyway. She is now 78 years old. been paralyzed comes with many complications as the years go by. I just hope that the med beds gives us some more time with her feeling better.

I am on SS Disability which is my only income.

I just heard about these Med Beds about 3 or 4 months ago and I thought, How amazing!!! I have been suffering with a number of health issues for a very long time

Is there a list to get on? If so please share, would love to get on that list. Too many issues to mention.

I am a 62 year old man with health issues like I have an ileostomy so no colon and rectum have diabetes and other health issues but have them under control also I have Crohn’s 

I would like info regarding MedBeds healing in my area (Austin, TX). I am 66 yrs old, many health problems-diabetic 2, degenerative disc disease, neuropathy, osteoarthritis all joints, thyroid, Low bone density, depression, ADHD, eye & hearing problems, plus overweight 100 lbs.

I would like info regarding MedBeds healing in my area (Austin, TX). I am 66 yrs old, many health problems-diabetic 2, degenerative disc disease, neuropathy, osteoarthritis all joints, thyroid, Low bone density, depression, ADHD, eye & hearing problems, plus overweight 100 lbs.

I have CLL Cancer of the blood. You are right, faith is everything. They gave me 5 years 21 yrs later I’m still here and Drs. don’t know why my CLL is almost undetectable. So faith and prayers are everything. I have fibermygia and when the pain in the back gets bad enough I pray and it goes away. So I’m here to tell you faith and prayers are everything.

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  1. My grand-daughter has a very aggressive cancerous brain tumor attached to her brain stem. Hailie is 22. Her condition is considered terminal. She is undergoing traditional treatment but it only hopes to slow the progression of the tumor. A med-bed might save her life. I pray that they come available soon as she doesn’t have long. I pray for her to be healed in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  2. I have been tagged by county code enforcement in Monroe Fl by a person who was renting my house with a bogus complaint that he made up just for vengeance. I now am being made to destroy part of my hard earned property because of this bogus complaint. Please pray that I will be given the god given power of the Constitution of the United States of America to fight against these draconian laws that go against my constitutional rights as a free American property owner to do what is right for my god given right to do with my hard earned paid for property. Thank you

  3. Some people are using what Shari Raye represents
    Under her name on she lists the info

    Tesla bio healers

    There will be lots of serious people treated before the gene public

    Pray and be patient

    There are healing centers opening today 1/12022 on the east coast

      • I cannot tell you Lauren, because I don’t know. I don’t know if anyone at this point in time knows. It is all being kept hush, hush by the military who are in charge of everything going on at the moment. Chiefly they are being used for the rescued children and for those involved in the horrific rescues.
        It’s also being kept hush, hush because they don’t want them getting into the hands of the Ca/bal.
        We just simply have to wait until they say the time is now… and then I’m sure we’ll know exactly where to find them and what to do.

    • Where are healing centers located? I am praying for a med med to open in our area or proximity soon… my brother lost his leg to diabetes, and my husband has cancer. Neither are terminal though if you have others who have greater needs. I cannot walk… crushed my ankle 27 years ago and arthritis has taken over my body. But again… A am fine.

    • Please pray for all those who are hurting and need Your loving care. We pray that all can be healed and made whole according to your plan. Thank you Lord, Amen

  4. right now i’m living off life savings. my sister is telling me to transfer 7000 dollars to a family account. i’m not rich. i’ve been unemployed over 20 years. i have no friends. only neighbors who despise and harass me. i’m sickly. my sister has a good dog who basically just started withering away–unexpectedly. my sicknesses are as follows: digestive disorders, asthma, allergies, possible bone problems, etc. no one will hire me for anything. i think i have learning disabilities too.

  5. Herr Jesus Christus,
    weder Not noch Bedrängnis noch Leiden noch Krankheit
    soll uns von deiner Liebe trennen.

    Auch im Leid bist du uns nahe.
    Wir denken an dein Leiden und Sterben am Kreuz.
    Wir bitten dich, Herr, schenke uns die Gesundheit wieder
    und gib uns die Kraft, die Krankheit in Geduld zu tragen.

    Schenke deine besondere Liebe allen hilflosen Menschen,
    den unheilbar Kranken und denen, die ohne Hoffnung sind.
    Laß uns verstehen, daß die Wege, auf die du uns schickst,
    nicht immer die von uns gewollten,
    aber immer Wege des Heiles sind. Amen.

    • Translation: Lord Jesus Christ, neither hardship nor distress nor suffering nor illness let us separate us from your love. Even in suffering you are close to us. We think of your suffering and dying on the cross. We ask you, Lord, to give us health again and give us the strength to carry the disease in patience. Give your special love to all helpless people, the terminally ill and those who are without hope. Let us understand that the ways in which you send us, not always the ones we want, but are always ways of salvation. Amen.

      Thank you Monika! Beautifully put.

      • What a wonderful prayer approach to our Father in heaven, Monika. I can promise you that he heard every word. He truly knows you well and he loves you so, so much. I will be praying for you, my sister. I can also tell you that the angels are all around us during this time. We can all expect great things from Jehovah God. I’m sending love your way today. Brenda Fleming

      • I love your prayer… Heavenly Father we thank you for giving us so many wonderful opportunities. We love you and we need you in our lives. Sometimes we let our own difficulties keep us from talking to you daily, but we are aware you are there and are grateful for your love. We realize that the things we pray for may not be part of your plan and that we need to be patient and wait until your plan is revealed to us. We pray in Jesus’ named , Amen

      • Marilyn, Your prayer is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. I have re-read it three times as I want to remember it always… I would like to ask you to pray for my husband who is having so much difficulty accepting all of the new “ truths” that we must all accept. I have tried my best to talk to him but I’m not getting through, and I pray that I can find the words to help him look at this changing world through eyes that are wide ooen.

        Thank you…

  6. Thank you for this lovely page Marilyn, I hadn’t seen it until today. For all those in need of love and prayers I will offer mine daily as I give thanks for my good health and ability to lend support emotionally to those local around me who are not aware of so many darker undertones going on in this world.

  7. Hi, Marilyn. I just wanted to touch base with you and to thank you for the information you share with us. I am able to then proceed and pass along a few things. I’m trying to let my family/friends know what is going on. We will just need to give our attention to some of the wonderful new additions to our lives and stay strong in this process.
    Thank you, again. Brenda

    • You’re welcome Brenda. That is exactly my intention. I try to write in simple, clear language suitable for most anyone to comprehend what is being written. And, I do this so that people, just like you, can onshare it far and wide.
      I really appreciate you sharing that with me.

      • Marilyn! How lucky can ya be? You have two Brenda Flemings corresponding with you. This is unusual for me even though I’m fully aware of the fact that there ARE really more than one of us!! Lol! Hi, Brenda Fleming!!
        All good wishes coming your way from me.

  8. Oh Dear Marilyn!! This read was incredible, hopeful and heartbreaking all in one! Thank God we have God devoted writer s who put the needs of others so we can also pray for them, and their prayers are answered and God shines His everlasting healing blessings on the souls who need healing now. In the name & power of Jesus Christ 🙌🙏🏻❤️

    • Thank you Ricky for picking up on praying for the needs of these people. It breaks my heart as I see them come in, and as I know there is nothing more powerful that we can do than to pray, I’ve invited other good folk to join with me.
      I’m appreciative to all who do so.
      Your words were a great encouragement to me and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you again!

  9. First, I bring up all the above prayers from different people that have submitted their needs to the Lord. I pray Father, that you grant my brothers and sisters what they ask you for. Thank you Father. Father, I pray that you grant me total confidence in my self and help me be the most competent person in our organization. Also, please grant me the wealth that I have asked you for to help others. Thank you so much, Father. Amen.

  10. Sometimes we would be better off in heaven with the Lord. Maybe we should look forward to that day with a little bit of appreciation for the chance to be allowed to gaze at his beautiful, kind, kingly face.
    I’m 62, have a good life, positive frame of mind goes a long way…

    • Hi Lisa,
      Yes, we all look forward to that day!
      But, there is a lot of work to be done right now against the enemy (Luciferians – globalists – elite & the devil himself). This is the time for people everywhere, all those on God’s side, to ask Him what they should do to be proactive in the fight.
      Revelations is all happening right before our eyes… it’s amazing!
      Scary times, but we are blessed to be a part of the greatest show the earth has ever seen.

  11. Hi beautiful souls.
    Just thought I would share this:
    ▪︎ Imagine us ALL sitting around a big heart of LOVE in the centre. We are joined in unity, for the healing of humanity ~ and everyone listed here
    ▪︎ Take a deep breath in and imagine a white light from above going through us from our head slowly to our feet and out to the earth
    ▪︎ Breath out and imagine everyone can feel this love emanating through all of us….imagine Peace on Earth
    ▪︎ What a great feeling
    ▪︎ Miracles can and will happen
    ** And when we pray, believe we have received it, and it is.
    🙏🙏🙏 Ask, Believe, Receive 🙏🙏🙏

  12. Jesus died shed his blood and rose again to pay your way to heaven please trust in his blood alone to save you from hell and get the gift of God is eternal life and don’t worry because the Bible says cast your cares upon the Lord

  13. Please find comfort in God and his word Jesus Is God he died and Rose and shed his blood to pay for your sins please accept the free gift of God eternal life in heaven in believe Jesus paid for all your sins in full. Don’t worry cast your cares upon Jesus and no you will go to heaven when you die. I will pray for all your troubles. Trust Jesus alone . com

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