Australia And Tasmania In An Amazing Prophetic Word

Australia and Tasmania called out in an amazing prophetic word given back in 2015 by Marcus Samuel.

Of-course, Tasmania is an island state of Australia, but this man wasn’t real sure where it was, or anything about it.

God used him in an incredible way, describing what we now know to be truth. Back then, we had very little idea, if any!

Watch the video here, or read the transcript below. I have added some extra info along the way.

No-one but God could have shown Marcus Samuel what was going on
Mt Wellington stands high above Hobart city.
Video created by fishermanpete


The Lord is calling the United States and Australia to work and pray together for Kingdom purposes for such a time as this.

The Lord desires Australia and the United States to join hands at this time.

I will send deliverers to Australia from the U.S., and to the U.S. from Australia.

The airwaves shall serve as a spiritual aerial assault against the darkness in both nations.

Underground exposed!

Strange and unusual reports of demonic darkness shall come forth about the underground in both nations.

I want to expose that which is beneath your feet in Australia and in America.

The sounds, the moans, the booms, the cries, the activities, shall come to light.

The demonic entrenchments shall be uncovered.

I will teach you to pray to manifest the darkness beneath your feet in both nations.

Unexpected discoveries shall be publicized.

I will pull back the lid off the underground of Pine Gap Australia.

The whistle shall be blown.

In the United States, I will give new understandings of the secret places and bases below your feet.

I will expose the horror of the dark labs, I will bring forth some held captives in the secret places.

Back in 2015, most of us had absolutely no idea about any of this stuff. Or if we did, just a little. The powers of darkness have kept it well hidden… maybe from us, but not from the Lord! He sees all. He’s been watching!

For whatever reason, only God knows, He’s allowed it to remain unexposed. I often ask Him, how did you manage to do that Lord? It seems too incredible to me.

Now we listen/read this prophecy and yep, we can check all the boxes. We are aware. We know. Yes, it’s all being revealed.

The chosen people

I will bring them forth and I’m rallying my Holy Ghost Remnant to stand and join rank for these two nations at this time.

First spiritually for the gates of the U.S. and Australia.

Drive back the darkness that waits at the gates of these countries.

The Messengers (God’s angels) have been sent out. They have tapped on our shoulder and woken us up. Something (different for each person) drew us out of our slumber, our eyes were opened!

I believe that most probably, the angels tapped on everyone’s shoulders, but some could not/would not wake up. Praise God, we did.

We don’t know why. We’re not more special in any way, but God does have a job for each of us to do.

Are we doing it?

Or, did some of us go back to sleep?

It’s interesting to note that it’s not just the Christians who have woken up. People from all walks of life/faiths have suddenly sat up and are ready to fight on the side of good… God’s side.

A time to fight, not flee!

Fight, don’t flee! It’s a time to see and not flee, to see what I the Lord wants to do in Australia and the U.S, together.

What has been exposed to us now is ugly! I mean, more than ugly! It’s despicable, which is still too good a word to describe it.

But we must try to come to terms with it and not allow it to overtake us.

Some people, upon hearing, don’t want to hear anymore. But we must endeavour to become strong so we can enter the battle on the Lord’s team. We are not useful if we are cowering away.

Yes, once you see the ugliness, you cannot unsee it. But the little ones who have been so terribly abused need us to stand in the gap. They cry out. They call out. Do we hear them?

We are their only hope!

Praise God, the military do the dirty work. All we need to do is pray and share.

What Marcus described is happening as we speak…

Repent and intercede for Australia and Tasmania… and the worldwide events

See my heart for Australia and America.

Repent and intercede.

If you will pray and the gates of hell then they shall be stayed and I will open up the windows of Heaven.

If you will do spiritual warfare, I will bring forth new sounds, new soldiers and new songs of deliverance in both nations.

I will send messengers of deliverance to the dry places of Australia, to the remote regions and the forgotten peoples.

I will speak to the racism in the united States which the devil has fashioned as a tool to bring forth a more evil civil war, and divide the nation.

Many could read this and see it as spiritual warfare/blessings. But that is not all this is about.

Yes, we do need to get to praying, if we haven’t already. It’s bringing about real-life action here on this earth. The hidden life going on under the ground is being dealt with on a daily basis. Men, women, children and babies are being freed out of their hellhole.

Deliverance has come.

We must be aggressive

Aggressively show forth My love to all races right now.

Engage in intentional acts of my love towards the wounded, towards those that are bound up with racial bitterness.

This can defuse the power keg of racism set to explode in this nation.

I want to do a healing in these nations.

It’s ‘We the People’ who need to rise up and speak forth.

We are the 99%. They are only the 1%.

Yes, they became extremely powerful and fooled us all into believing them. Not any more! Don’t allow them to fool you. There’s so many more of us than of them.

God is leading the way. We only need to follow. Obey His voice. He has this!

MSM feeds fear by the minute

Why have you allowed fear to cause you to faint as you hear the dark councils of the enemies shouted from the house tops of secular news?

Why do you give more heed to the full mentors of fear, more than you give heed to My Great Commission?

If ever there was a time to stop listening to the fearmongers, it’s now.

Please switch it off!

People need to learn to listen to their bodies. How do they feel when they are exposed to that constant barrage coming from the ‘Image that talks’ (the TV etc)?

Obviously they can’t feel good… it’s not possible!

Give heed to the Word of God which does nothing but build up your faith and make you a strong and mighty warrior in the trenches.

As you learn what I expose, repent of your fear!

Repent of your fear and begin to hear.

Hear my voice! Hear my counsel.

Do you not know that I have yet a Great Harvest and a plan for America and Australia?

You’ve been so consumed with havoc that you’ve forgotten the harvest.

My heart, says the Lord, is for harvest.

If you will go forth into the fields of the Harvest, I will protect you from the havoc.

The next four months, the next four months, the next four months shall determine these two nations being weighed in the balances.

The enemy has proposed a fall, but will you turn the tide by coming to my side?

Repent, pray and fast for America and for Australia.

Feed your faith, not your fears.

Do we get so caught up in trying to learn more about the ‘havoc’ then what we do finding out the answers to the havoc?

Yes, this worldwide battle, this Great, this Armageddon, is very interesting to follow. And it’s good to learn what’s going on as best we can. But not at the expense of not seeking God through His Word and asking Him about what part we must play.

This is for real folks! It won’t just go away if we sit on our couch!

Push back!

Turn the torment upon the tormentors, upon the demonic, and fight the good fight of faith.

We need to learn to push back against the evil ones who have been controlling our world since the year dot. Push back like never before!

They are all under the influence of demonic forces.

Praise God!

Bless and curse not

Pray and do not sway.

Join forces now and use the keys of binding and loosing for America and Australia.

America is at a pivotal point but I say tonight to arise Almighty Warriors and take the battle to the gates.

Matthew 16:19

If you don’t comprehend what it means to use binding and loosing, now is the time to learn. We need to bind up the evil spirits from doing their work, while at the same time, release their captives into freedom and safety.

Do not listen to the news of the world

Be not moved by the news of the world, but only from the instructions of My Word and My Holy Spirit.

Most people believe that if they miss out on their nightly fix of the news, they will become dumb to what is going on in the world.

That’s a lie from the pit of hell!

There are plenty ways to keep yourself informed. Get onto Signal or Telegram. Join those who are trying to share the truth rather than the cooked up variety on the media.

You will always learn about major happenings anyway… you just do!

I shall not forget the island of Tasmania

I shall not forget the island of Tasmania in the region of Australia.

Tasmania, you’ve been called the Isle of Inspiration! You’ve been called the Apple Isle!

Know you not that I have my eyes upon this apple?

I have not forgotten the injustices of the Tasmanian Aborigines.

Hobart. I will yet visit you and address the intergenerational covers of darkness that have overshadowed faith in me for centuries in this region.

I will yet recompense the stolen generations of Australia. The indigenous people saw their heritage laid waste, but I will yet do a new thing in their desolate heritages.

Isaiah 59:18

Living on the island state of Tasmania, which is part of Australia, makes this word very precious to me. Tasmania should be paradise on earth. No natural. So untouched. But in the control of crazy people!

Just fancy, although Marcus had no idea about Tasmania, in his prophetic word he brings it out in particular.

He even calls it the ‘Apple Isle’! Everyone in Australia know it’s referred to as that.

It is just another reminder, it doesn’t matter where you are, the eye of God is upon you.

He sees all.

Misses nothing!

There is a LOT happening here. We are in direct line with Antarctica. There have been dumbs right under our feet.

The military activity happening in the area is also very interesting, though they keep it close to their chest and are not saying just yet.

When the queen passes

When the queen passes, this will be a sign that I shall cause Australia to feel the influence of the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus.

I say again, four months, four months, four months.

Put the sickle into the Harvest. Co-labour now together oh America and Australia for My glory and you will see me do a new thing, says the Spirit of the Lord.

I would take a guess that Marcus Samuel had no idea in himself that what he was describing was worldwide, and not only in America and Australia.

But we know, don’t we.

Through the Internet, Digital Soldiers have come together like never before. It’s a worldwide event.

We are so blessed to be living in such a time as this.

~End transcript~

Unfortunately, Marcus passed away on 17/7/2015. He didn’t get to see what we see, but he saw it all in the spirit realm.

This is so dynamic, please keep it moving. Move this post on like never before!

Australia and Tasmania often feel like we are so far away we don’t often feature in the news. Many of us like it that way of-course. But God sees all, and knows all. Nowhere is far away to Him.


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