The Hidden Tyranny We Will Soon Be Free From!


What a great job the Cabal have done on hiding true tyranny from us!

We hear of different countries who are ruled by a dictator and think how unfortunate for them! But this term is just another synonym for tyranny!

Of-course, we say, we are not under tyranny. We are a democratic country!

Tyranny – What does it really mean?

1: oppressive powerevery form of tyranny over the mind of man— Thomas Jefferson especially oppressive power exerted by government the tyranny of a police state

2a: a government in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler especially one characteristic of an ancient Greek city-state

b: the office, authority, and administration of a tyrant

3: a rigorous condition imposed by some outside agency or force living under the tyranny of the clock— Dixon Wecter

4: an oppressive, harsh, or unjust act a tyrannical act workers who had suffered tyrannies

How much of that can you relate to? How much is exactly what we’ve been seeing, especially over the last 2-3 years?

We have been living under tyranny for a very long time, but they’ve managed to convince us that this is not the case.

Everything, they say, is always for our good. Take this for example:

Origin unknown

What was this again?

  • If they made us cover our faces (er… right!)
  • Locked us in our homes (surely not!)
  • Taken all our money (What??? When?? All your life!!)
  • Censored us (In everything!)
  • Made us show papers and passports (Grrr…)
  • Forcefully medicated us! (It’s for your good you know! Oh, did I tell you, it will most probably kill you?)

It’s all for our benefit, they insist!

They hide their tyranny behind their abject looks of concern for our safety and well-being. Of-course they have the ‘image that speaks’ backing them up all the way, hammering it into us that we must obey or feel the consequences.

Still to this day, a great many people still believe it was all done for our own benefit. They will argue until the cows come home that we have to be so very careful… the vi/rus is deadly and it’s not going away!

It’s these same people who wouldn’t miss the nightly news update for anything. They sit glued to their telly waiting for the latest update to keep them safe.

We see these very people driving past our home in their car, all alone… no-one with them. But there they are wearing their mask!

All the mask mandates have lifted long ago… but they themselves, keep it going.

You can never be too sure, they say!

It’s such a laughing matter!

Of-course, the Black Hats have been laughing themselves silly. It’s all too easy!

Create the fear = Control the people!

Black Hats

They love it!

Make sure you listen to this very interesting poem apparently from 2010:

Origin Unknown

That nailed it for sure!

But laugh as they may, I do not believe they are still laughing now. No way! No more snickering behind their hands as they tell us how they’re looking after us all…. us peasants… useless eaters indeed!

Instead, they are quaking in their boots!

Justice… that is, true justice, has caught up with them… just as the Bible said it would.

Soon the wicked will disappear.
    Though you look for them, they will be gone.
The lowly will possess the land
    and will live in peace and prosperity.

Psalm 37:10-11

Their time has come, so it’s our turn to laugh and snicker, except we don’t do we? We just want them dealt with as is right now happening. Praise God!

We are in the last minutes of a very long theatrical show. It’s been a long sit. At times we’ve almost dosed off. We need to get up and stretch our legs but we don’t want to miss anything.

Mockingbird Media

Many of us learned long ago to turn off our televisions. We became aware that what was being reported daily was propaganda and fake news. We no longer allow ourselves to sit under such a tirade of false information designed to keep us in line with their agendas

Turn it off!

How easy is it to keep your faith levels high, or as many say, your vibrations up, if you are foolish enough to sit and take in everything the mainstream media feed you with?

You can’t do it with anything else, can you?

We’ve learned along the way that to remain in a positive frame of mind, we must surround ourselves with like-minded people. Only then will you have a hope of being successful.

Instead of listening to their propaganda, you busy yourself with your own research. Test everything. Dig deep. Keep going until the truth emerges and your eyes are opened.

There is no other way.

The alternative media is bringing out the truth, but you must find truth for yourself. Just as you can no longer believe what the msm are saying (because they are pushing an evil agenda) you must also be very careful when it comes to alternative media. There are infiltrators everywhere. There is much mis/disinformation to confuse the issue.

Tyranny exposed!

But as you keep on searching, you will gradually realise the depth of tyranny we’ve all been under. You will also realise that the long wait has been worth it. They will soon be no more.



  1. try finding that in 2015 196 countries voted yes to allow the release of a virus to test the (LIVE) World Health Exercise………GONE ! Many info pages online have been removed, and that was public information, not a crazy spreading lies !

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