Beware Of The Mockingbird Media… The Image That Talks!

Mockingbird Media

How can we really tell how many people are awake? Various numbers are mentioned, but how do they really know? The Mockingbird Media make sure we are kept in the dark about what is really happening.

For some of us, our ‘awakeness’ was gentle. A little here and a little there.

For others, it was a sudden sitting up in bed with a realisation of what was going on. Of-course, it developed from there as in our ‘awake’ state, we learnt more of the terrors going on underground and the whole insidious scenario.

In the alternative news, we have been hearing they need about 80% of people to wake up before the real tipping point comes.

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Slowly but surely… it’s very close

Every day, more and more people are definitely waking up. Praise God for that! Each day, the truth is gradually being dripped out, even on mainstream media.

This is exactly where we need it to go. It’s all very well for them to tell us through alternative media, but what we need is for those who sit comfortably in front of their televisions, to hear the truth.

Sometimes it’s quite annoying as it seems to move so slowly, or so it seems to us. We live in a microwave age… we want it done now!

Keep trusting the plan

This is where patience comes in and does its perfect work. What a wonderful opportunity for us to exercise the patience we’ve been given, causing it to strengthen day by day!

Some people, according to those who write to me, are beginning to lose faith. They complain they keep hearing of the good things that are going to happen, but they don’t see any of it. In fact, they are worried because it certainly appears that the Great Reset keeps marching ever closer to reality.

Yes, that’s a scary thought! It is so bombastical that it is very frightening.

Do we need to be worried that ‘they’ shall win and we’ll be doomed to their ultimate control?

I do not believe so… no, not for a minute!


Because this battle is a battle between good and evil, light and dark, God and Satan. And guess what? God never loses!

For those who have read the Book, we know how it ends… victoriously, with a wonderful, fulfilling future!

Why are some awake while others continue to nap?

That’s a very good question. All I can say in response to that is:

“There, but for the Grace of God, goes I!”

None of us woke up all by ourselves. We were all in a deep sleep and had no comprehension of what was really going on in our world.

But a time came when realisation came. It was different for all of us, but nevertheless, it came.

It was like the angels of God tapped us on the shoulder and woke us up!

With ‘Awakeness’ comes responsibility

As we have been learning the truth we become responsible to share that same truth with others.

Oh, I can hear you saying right now… “I’ve tried, but they won’t listen!”

I guess every single one of us has had this experience, and it’s tough!

But listen, it’s really the same principle as sharing the Gospel of Truth… our job is to share and it’s God’s job to open their eyes… in His perfect timing.

Now, at first we share, share, share… all over the place… boom, boom, boom!

What happens?

It’s too much! People, who still have sleep in their eyes find it far too hard to absorb. Gosh, you know what it’s like if you are woken up suddenly don’t you? It’s a bit like that.

We have to learn to be sensitive.

Yes, we are given an assignment to do, but there is a right and wrong way to do it.

The Mockingbird Media in action

It’s wonderful that you are awake, but realise other people are still watching the Mockingbird Media. This is where the media, wherever they may be, all say the same thing. They all read off the very same script.

Sure they may change a word or two, but in the main it’s bang on the same what they all say.

If you haven’t seen this before, look at what they do. Old video but still relevant for today:

See on Youtube

For good comprehension why it’s called Mockingbird Media – A mockingbird gets its name because of its uncanny ability to mimic the sound and calls of other birds.

Television, Computers, Mobile/Cell Phones – the Image that Talks!

The television is such a big part of our lives today and most are totally addicted to it.

Is there any mention of the television in the Bible?

Actually, I believe so!

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Revelation 13:15

That may sound like goobligook to you as you read it, but it’s not really that difficult. What if you were to read the same verse this way:

And he (2nd beast – government and religious organisations) had power to give life unto the image (television) of the (1st) beast (NWO), that the image (television) should both speak, and cause (persuade through propaganda) that as many as would not worship (do as they say) the image (television) of the (1st) beast (NWO) should be killed.

My very paraphrased version!

Once you identify who the Beast is – first and second, the teaching on the last days springs to life! That was certainly my experience anyway.

The First Beast

The first beast, we believe, is the New World Order (NWO). This is headed up by the globalist bloodlines, who by the way, we believe have already been dealt with (although those under the evil structure have been unaware of that fact). They have been the ones to organise and direct all the evil, under the instruction of Satan of-course.

What If The New World Order Was the Beast of Revelations?

The Second Beast

The second beast represents the government and all the religious institutions. They are the ones who are insisting we obey their rules, no matter what! Of-course, they have both been put in place by God to help and direct people in the way we should walk, but unfortunately they have been taken over by the De/ep S/ta/te gl/ob/ali/sts. Not in all cases, but most.

So, those who watch the television, are being instructed by the government to follow their instructions… for the sake of humanity of-course!

You cannot trust the Mockingbird Media!

Many could be shocked to hear that they should not trust the government and they shouldn’t trust what the media is telling us! But really, they are nothing more than wolves in sheeps’ clothing. As someone close to me once said “Why would they lie to us?” She couldn’t fathom such a thing… and was not prepared to listen to what I told her neither.

Everything they say is to be interpreted as being for our own good, while behind the scenes they laugh and rub their hands with glee at the control and money they make out of us.

So the Mockingbird Media just keep chirping out propaganda designed to totally control us according to the wishes of the N/W/O.

It’s the ‘image that speaks

We have been told that the last to ‘go down’ will be the media

To me, I often feel… shouldn’t the media have been the first to go down?

They keep the evil narrative going. You know, the deadly virus that’s ‘out to get you’!

Masks are like trying to stop a mosquito coming through with wire netting!

People have been made so afraid through the media, that even when they don’t have to wear a mask, you still find them everywhere. They can be sitting in their own car, all alone, but masked up… just in case!

I mean… we are dealing with a so-called virus that’s making everyone so sick, and even dying, and the Mockingbird Media has been able to convince countless people that this is so.

The very fact that it’s actually the j/abs that are causing the sicknesses and deaths is completely ignored.

So is the power of ‘the image that speaks’!

If it had been up to me to organise what goes down first, I would have chosen the mainstream media. Doesn’t that make sense? Stop all the propaganda, stop the narrative.

But thank heavens it wasn’t up to me! I would have completely failed us all.

I don’t comprehend the order the White Hats and those on the good side are choosing, but I don’t know the art of war neither. They do.

They are under the instructions of the Lord God, so we will go with them, shall we.

Keep your chin up… we are nearly there

So this incredible battle continues although we can certainly see the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe we are nearly there.

It all comes so much clearer when you shun the Mockingbird Media and search out alternative media for your clues and answers. There are more watching them now than the mainstream news these days… so for that we can be abundantly thankful.


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