How To Keep The Masses Calm While Fighting Against Evil?

how to keep the masses calm

What if a was so huge, and involved every country in the entire world at the same time? How do you keep the masses calm so they don’t go into a complete downward spiral of panic?

That’s exactly what’s going on right now. The whole world is at but most have no idea!

It’s not a typical we think of with World War 1 and World War 11. Not at all. This is something that is mainly being carried out in secret.

How long was World War 11?

That World War took about five or six years. We are in a right now… the biggest that has ever been seen on the face of the earth. They’re working in every country, and deep underneath every country as well… to root out all the evil that has taken over our world.

What a job!!

So far, since the beginning of the so-called pandemic, our current has been three years in March next year. We have heard that much was taking place long before, but as we were unaware of it, it doesn’t really count. It does seem like a long, long time and we all want it over with, but all I can say is that it will be over, when it’s over.

Keeping the masses calm while the war is being fought is tough!

I guess if we were privvy to all what was going on (they say we only get to hear about 20%), I’m sure we would have a real appreciation for all they have to do.

But we’re not, are we?

This is because about 80% is kept from us!

We can look out our window at the bright sunshine and the sparkling river and life looks completely ‘normal’.

This apparent ‘normal’ is to keep the masses calm as best they can. If the people were to realise much of what’s going on, because of their lack of comprehension, there would be huge riots in the streets for the Alliance to also contend with.

So apart from an increase in mask wearing yet again, which is because of the threat of new boogeymen floating around in the air, you could be forgiven for thinking we’ve gone back to ‘normal’.

People are happily booking cruises (only the jabbed can go of-course), and flying here and there. They believe their jabs have given them these wonderful benefits!

Where I live, really the only ones carrying on the farce are the doctor and dental surgeries. And, because they are insisting on ‘no mask – no entry’, it keeps the people believing there really is a boogeyman out there.


Not for long though folks! Their time will come.

For this reason the Alliance keep most of it very close to their chest

There will be a right time for it to be revealed, but at the moment they are currently allowing only a little information to drip out.

This is for two main reasons, I believe:

  • in the endeavour of snapping the slumbering masses wide awake!
  • and to give us a little encouragement that they have it all under control

We must pray that people will have the ability to see. As eyes pop open, and the realisation hits home as to what this fight is all about, the quicker it can be brought to completion.

The problem is that the majority have no idea we are even in a war. It’s all being kept from them as they are fed propaganda toward the Great Reset!

In a war you don’t let the enemy know your moves

Another reason, and most probably the most important, is that you don’t ever let the enemy know what moves you are about to make. Of-course, once certain moves have accomplished a job, they feel free to allow some of that information out. Only if it’s not going to cause problems up ahead.

This war is different from any of the wars in the past. In this war, it’s between good and evil. God and Satan. Dark and light.

You’d better believe it!

These people have their little minions (puppets) in authority positions all around the world… or should I say, did have them all around the world! Praise God, they are being removed on a daily basis… arrested and facing military tribunals.

Only those keeping a close eye on information coming out (not through the msm), ever get to hear about it. It would be too hard for those still slumbering to process.

Because God is 100% in control of this, He would choose to keep the masses calm by directing the very best way. He loves them all and will help them wake up in the best fashion.

We have to believe that!

Sudden death

The enemy is the same in every country… a select few who have tried their darndest to take over the world and control us all. The same ones who decided that most of us are useless eaters so they wished to kill us off. They really have you know, 90% of us was their aim and goal.

At the moment, the Dark Hats have appeared to be winning with this ‘sudden death’ syndrome. I read only this morning that one dies ‘suddenly’ every six seconds around the world.

Fine one moment, gone the next.

I cannot say if those numbers are correct or not, but whatever it is, we know it’s not good.

This is a like none other before it. It’s not fought with tanks and guns, but because it’s more into insidious jabs which the masses have been programmed to believe will help them, it has to be handled in a very different way.

“Didn’t we do the right thing?”

Imagine all those who have received the jab and believe they have done the right thing. Not only by looking after their own health, but the health of others!

They are believing the lies of the Dark Side! And the problem is, these are most of our loved ones!

It’s a very difficult, whichever way you look at it.

Our loved ones have no idea they have opted for the wrong side. In most cases, completely oblivious!

To make things worse, what’s as plain as day to many of us, appears to be hidden from sight of the professionals!

But something tells me it’s not really hidden from them any more. They must all be faced with patients who have died unexpected deaths, so they surely must be asking questions by now. Unfortunately for them, they have been trained by the Dark Side… the pharmaceutical companies.

It’s not easy.

Watching a theatre production!

So to keep the narrative going while the White Hats go in and take out the evil ones, actors are running around in masks, role-playing positions until the Military Alliance decide the time is safe to reveal what they’ve been up to. This is definitely to help keep the masses calm.

If you don’t believe me, begin to take a very serious look at photos of all the Hollyweird people, government officials, politicians, etc… the people you are seeing on TV no longer look the same as they used to. Test this theory for yourself.

Role-playing the world that the Great Reset planned for us

The narrative has been kept going to show us what the Dark Side planned for us. If Trump or anyone else had tried to tell us, most would never have believed him and therefore there would be uprisings everywhere around the world.

But now… as the ugly truth is coming out, as they threaten us with the most ghastly things, people are beginning to ask questions as to what is really going on.

See what nasties they had in store for us.

Give of yourself in prayer

We need to pray that the veil falls from their eyes. Once you see, you cannot unsee.

So, it had to be this way… but it will come to an end. From what we are hearing it won’t be too long now.

Let compassion rule our hearts as we wait. There was a time when none of us could see. The job of those who have woken up is to help others wake up.

Be patient. Be kind. Remember, ‘There, but for the grace of God, goes I.’

So, we need to allow the Military Alliance to do what they have to do, while we wait patiently, keeping calm ourselves, and helping others to see.

It may get worse before it gets better, but it’s all just theatre playing out, training us all. The White Hats need us to comprehend what we’ve just been saved from. We came very, very close!

This long theatrical play has been very necessary for us to move forward

Yes, people are dying, as they do in wars. But this was the best of two bads!

The White Hats, the Military Alliance, had to make a choice of which would be the best in the end. Apparently, if the Dark Side had got their way, we’d virtually all be dead by now.

So please don’t complain!

And never forget, God is in control. It’s not the scary stuff we’ve been taught in Revelation… no… He’s bringing about peace and security into this up-side-down world. He’s removing the evil that’s been part of our world almost since the beginning.

We are all being used in this battle… if we’re willing.

Yes, we too must play our part in keeping the masses calm. Be prepared. Stack up a few weeks worth of food and necessary items. Enough for yourself and enough for some others. Prepare to have your eyes opened even wider, and always know, without a doubt… God wins!



  1. Bonjour Marylin, je découvre ton blog, je suis chrétien “born again” de France, Normandie. J’ai “dévoré” tes articles qui font une parfaite synthèse de mes recherches et les confirment à 95%. Le milieu chrétien évangélique que je fréquente est encore très éloigné de cette compréhension, je suis quasiment le seul, mais le Seigneur à fait de moi un “ancien” et peut-être qu’il m’utilisera au moment opportun. Merci pur ton travail.

    • Translation: Hello Marylin, I discover your blog, I am a Christian “born again” from France, Normandy. I “devoured” your articles that make a perfect synthesis of my research and confirm them at 95%. The evangelical Christian milieu that I frequent is still very far from this understanding, I am almost the only one, but the Lord has made me an “elder” and perhaps he will use me at the appropriate time. Thank you for your work.

      Response: Thank you Jean-Marc for taking the time to tell me this. It’s wonderful. I trust the Lord will use you mightily as you share.
      Great news!

  2. I want proof of just One military tribunal hanging. Until then I don’t want to hear about white hats and their military operations against evil. PROOG

    • Everyone is looking for proof, they don’t believe a word of what is being shared. That’s their choice. If you research deeply, you may be very surprised at what you find. You’re right… don’t believe anyone… research for yourself so you know that you know, what you know.
      You don’t have to read my posts if that makes you feel better.

  3. Marilyn,
    Everything you say is true. It’s been a difficult journey for me of late, I’m ecstatic, but I’m aching as I guess Jesus was, for mankind and our world. He will be resurrected again in some future time, make no mistake about that, but the world will be moving into a better time for now, for sure. Much love to you and yours, and our community growing in God.

    • Yes, we have never been promised that our journey will be easy… either through the Word of God or by the White Hats in this present day. How difficult it must have been for Jesus to look upon our world, seeing everything he has seen! What was totally hidden from us, was clearly seen by Him. How did He manage not to act forthwith? That’s a question I ask Him… how did you do it?
      But, He’s acting now big time… and yes, He will return, and maybe in the not too distant future if you read the Word carefully.
      Thank you Mary… it’s always lovely to hear from you. Bless you.

      • Marilyn, I have been searching and researching to find the truth. I am clear now, the comments I asked you not to post were me clearly struggling with that I know is true. You can post my earlier comments, Saint Germain is who I thought, the I Am Discourses are true and meant to be shared. Thank you for believing in me.

  4. the meek shall inherit the Earth ? NWO is still in control ! Med Beds ? a myth ! White hats in control……………..what a joke ! WHEN U ARE DEAD, YOU WILL KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN HAD ALL ALONG !

  5. Good morning Marilyn. Just finding your site today. Thanks for your encouraging words. I’ve been awake sense 2010 when I stumbled on to the truth about 911. Your site confirms 100% of what I have been researching for the last 8 years or so. Great to find like minded believers. WWG1WGA

  6. I really appreciate your posts Marilyn! I keep feeling like its so hard for me to continue struggling alone. I feel so alone like I can barely hold on so I keep watching for your words to keep me going. Thank you so much! A Xx

    • I feel exactly as you do, Amber. Then I think about how much I’ll appreciate what’s in store for all of us good people. I’m trusting God has this in control. I think about the evil ones being hunted down and what it would be like when caught and executed. What were they thinking in terms of the afterlife? The idea feels me with horror. I’m just glad I’m me.

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