A Confusing Time And How To Live In Victory

confusing time

It’s true, we live in a very confusing time where what we see, is not always what it is.

A confusing time seems to be an understatement!

Are you confused? Do you have any idea what’s going on in the world we live in?

We live in a time where people wear silicon masks / prothesis on their head and shoulders that are virtual replicas of somebody else… usually well known. These masks work so well they deceive not only the masses, but are more than likely to deceive even those who know this is going on… that is, unless we don’t smell a rat!

These silicon masks are very, very real. While wearing them you can smile, talk… do virtually everything that any human wearing them can do.

Look at what I mean when I say ‘confusing time’:


I truly believe there is so much of this going on right now, especially in royalty, the government and the entertainment industry.

So you had better believe it… we do live in a confusing time!

Why would they be doing it?

Much of what we see happening is actually nothing more than theatre. Before we ever get to learn about an event, it’s already happened. It’s really more like a pantomime… it’s so stupid sometimes, you can but laugh!

You see, the White Hats cannot go allowing the world to know what their moves are in advance. No, not at all. They would have no chance of ever winning this war if that were the case.

According to what they tell us, apparently we only ever get to see or hear about 20% of what’s really going on. And the truth is, we only ever hear about it after the fact!

To a great degree, we are left groping around in the dark. That’s why we need each other.

Confusing time in the making…

It’s a wise thing to remember though, that when we hear they are going to do this, or that, usually it’s already been done. They allow us to learn about it only once it’s safe to do so. LOL… they know, that whatever we hear, it will be all over the Internet before you can say ‘Bob’s your uncle’!

For example… a certain head of state could have been removed from office back in 2018. They could already have had their tribunal. Potentially they could have already been executed for their horrific crimes against humanity.

Some of these people are so well-known, and in some cases, so well-loved by those who are still snoring, that if they learnt these people had been removed and dealt with, they would riot in the streets. Of-course they have no idea of what these people have been up to.

For this reason, their position has to be seen as everything is normal. A masked actor is employed to come out and play their part. The masses are fooled, but remain calm.

They also make great use of Computer Generated Images (CGI) to give the illusion that’s it’s business as usual.

This also gives the White Hats time to go in undercover and do what they have to do.

Because the White Hats know everything, they will know when the right time for all these people to be revealed to the world. We have to trust them, because remember, we only get to hear 20% or so.

But how encouraging it is to read that groups are forming and coming together, and standing up against tyranny!

No-one can deny that there is a marked division taking place…

  • those who stand up for the good of all humanity, and
  • those who will do whatever it takes to destroy humanity.

Unfortunately, those who do whatever they are told to do ‘for humanity’, are inadvertently siding with the evil side!

Hey, I don’t mean you! If you were coerced into taking the j/a/b so you could continue to work, and you did so against your better judgement, and against your will, I am not referring to you! (But have you learnt about the great risk you did, considering that millions have died after either the 1st, 2nd or the booster… and countless millions more experienced horrific adverse events?)

No, I’m talking about those who did ‘it’ willingly, and are on to us to do the same.

Let’s face it, I would say that a great majority of those who have conformed, did it because they had been brainwashed into believing they ‘had to for their sake, and for the sake of others’. The government, medical system and the media have not let up on the propaganda. They told them that those who don’t conform are the enemies of the system and put everyone else at risk.

Don’t take this lying down!

Collectively, we need to stand up! Lying down is not an option. Time to wakey-wakey and get moving!

Intel we received quite some time back was that although everything was in hand, according to the White Hats, each country has to ‘feel like’ they are taking back their own country from the evil ones.

Did you see that? ‘Feel like’!!!

Most of the work is being down behind the scenes, but there is a part for us to do.

In other words, put your best foot forward and do whatever you can to be a part of the victory!

Who are our enemies again?

The Ne/w Wor/ld Ord/er Cab/al.

This includes all the evil that’s been perpetrated throughout the world incorporating dr/ug , hu/man (all kinds) and arms tr/af/fi/cki/ng, o/rgan h/arv/esting, s/at/anic rit/u/als and s/a/cri/f/ices, and every other wicked happening on the earth and under the earth.

What are they trying to do to us?

Reduce our world population by 90%! They don’t care how they do it, any way is fine with them. After all, they have been poisoning our:

  • food chain
  • the air we breathe
  • the water we drink
  • they poison us with pharmaceuticals too
  • … it’s a very long list!

They have created all kinds of fast food outlets containing ‘food’ not fit for human consumption! The whole world is addicted to it. They knew what they were doing, don’t you worry.

Now we have j/a/b/s also designed to reduce the population, and it’s been doing a good job of it too. Propaganda works wonders.

At the same time, they’ve made our lives as difficult as possible, keeping us as slaves to their system.

They’ve been doing despicable things, unmentionable things… they stop at nothing!

Who heads up their ‘army’?

The devil himself… our adversary.

Good versus evil

The battle raging all around us at the present time, is a battle between good and evil. That means, it’s a battle between God and the Ne/w Wor/ld Ord/er… the Cab/al, headed up by Satan.


Have people been seeking the Lord?

Yes, all over the world people have been seeking the Lord to act. Prayer is where we need to start.

People have been proclaiming, and decreeing, according to the Word of God, that the evil has to go.

Millions have been seeking a complete turn-around… a revival of the Truth!

And now is the perfect time… God’s perfect time!

Remember, this is not a battle that you and I could hope to fight and win… not even slightly!

This battle, this war against Satan, belongs to the Lord, but at the same time, He uses us to help get the job done.

People are rising up!

Look what is happening now:

Police, Sheriff’s rise against the vaccines and mandates. Many have quit because of forced vaccines mandates and are banding together.

More and more doctors are coming out against the vaccines and starting to defy the mandates. Hundreds of thousands of Doctors across the World are speaking up. Nurses are coming together and creating forces to sue the government for vaccines mandates. (These awakenings in the health sector was minimal last year, but this year the tides are turning.)

Soldiers and Veterans are coming together and getting ready to form front lines against the Tranny and vaccines and passports.

Some videos are floating around with over 6 hours of soldiers saying fuck NO! to vaccines. These soldiers are banding together with those who been discharged from the military over declining vaccines.

Pilots worldwide are defying the mandates and banding together. Several sectors of shipping and delivery services workers are banding together to defy the mandates and vaccine passports.

In many countries Media stars and celebrities are coming out more and more everyday against vaccines and using their platforms to speak up against the tyranny.

Law suits into the hundreds of millions have been filed against the governments and health care organizations across the world against illegal firings, forced mandates, emotional distress.

Judy Byington Restored Republic

Finding the truth in a confusing time

We need to hunger and thirst after truth. It’s often referred to as ‘going down the rabbit holes’. They are so deep with many, many off-shoots. It seems, the more we learn, the more there is to learn!

It’s like the angels of God held back the knowledge of what the evil people were doing, to some degree upon this earth, but most definitely under the ground.

Yes, it’s like He sent out His angels at the perfect time to tap us on the shoulder and wake us up… then, all those who responded began a journey of learning of the horrific doings going on under our feet.

It almost crushed us!

But God has helped us through so that we then began to rise up on the inside and agree with God…

Enough is enough!

It’ been a gradual process, but a very real process. Now that we have an inkling of the truth in this confusing time, we do all we can to spread the news far and wide.

It seemed slow at first, but now look what’s happening now… massive groups of people flooding the streets, coming against the evil on a whole. Other groups forming via the Internet all over the world… speaking out the truth, and at the same time encouraging each other.

Finally, doctors and nurses being brave enough to share the truth.

Isn’t it exciting?

Countries are rising up. People are rising up, all over the world. They’ve recognised the evil and now are coming together and forming huge groups of people.

We can be encouraged because of this. Many of us have been posting, interviewing, compiling shows and videos, in fact, doing whatever we can to bring enlightenment to those who have still been fast asleep on the couch.

On top of that, there are all the wonderful people who onshare every piece of information they come across with the same intention. They’ve put up with ‘Fact checking’ and being run off media channels, time and time again… but they keep going.

How proud we are of them.

All of us together form just a little piece of the puzzle. I know something, and you know something… we come together and it’s amazing the information that comes out of it. Brilliant!

Thank you readers!

You are an integral part of the whole!

Absolutely you are!

Have you ever gone to war before? Been a part of the army… the navy… the airforce?

Most of us haven’t.

So most of us have not been in a situation where we can feel like we are really a part of bringing down the enemy.

But now you can… how amazing is that!

How, you say?

A practical way is when you read my post… send it on. They are all designed to be forwarded on to others. Please don’t allow the time I spend on posting be wasted… keep them moving.

I received a message the other day on one of my chats that a lady was visiting a prison. She said the inmates had no idea of what was happening on the outside. She told us she gives them my posts to help them be informed!

It brought tears to my eyes… this is exactly what I want, and why I spend the time working as I believe God is directing me. I’m not interested in whether it’s 300, or 3,000 or more reading them… I simply pray that they get before the eyes of those that need the information.

Of-course, you do the very same thing when you forward mine and other’s posts, videos, interviews, memes etc… do it with any worthwhile gem that you come across.

You know so many people that I do not… this is the way it works.

We are all fighting the good fight!

We’ve been woken up and the light has dawned. Now that we know what we know, it’s up to us to fight alongside the world-wide military alliance who are daily putting their lives on the line.

Not all have survived this war. They have unimaginable scenes they have to face. There are things they’ve seen which they will never be able to forget… ever!

The enemy does not simply comply with the military’s orders. As they are out to destroy all of us, they wouldn’t think twice in destroying them.

It very, very dangerous work, but they tell us that we encourage them with our work too, because the more people we can wake up, the easier their job becomes.

We can live in Victory during this Confusing!

Yes, it’s a complete understatement to say we are living in a confusing time, but we will come through it in the perfect time. The victory has already been won. We are now watching the theatre play out to teach the masses. There is much to be done, and while we can’t be ‘out on the battle field’, we can still be an integral force in bringing down this corrupt enemy we all face.

We Can Do This!



  1. Hi Marilyn,

    Thank God for your posts and your website. Yes the silicon is good so easy for us to be fooled. Makes me wonder if QEII is a silicone head. She looks like an old lady of 96 but I don’t think it’s her at all. She hasn’t been seen in a long while apart from her appearance on the balcony Jubilee Sunday.
    2 years ago I looked up Military Tribunals/Indictments and was quite shocked under arrested and executed to see Queen Elizabeth/Prince Charles and a hell of a lit of European Royals..gone. Two names also surprised me Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! I thought what have they been up to? The 2 parading as them last weekend must be silicone heads. I believe Boris Johnson British PM was on that list too S well as Matt Hancock our treasonous Health Secretary who was in cahoots with Gates and wanted to impose constant lockdowns in the UK.
    Crazy times

    • Like you Caroline, I believe their are many ‘silicone heads’ around.
      They have incredible technology these days that could so easily fool us all.
      Of-course, it’s playing into the hands of the White Hats as well… so for that we can be thankful.

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