If Quantum Healing Technology Was Available 20 Years Ago

Quantum Healing Technology

Angelia hadn’t even heard of the hidden Quantum Healing Technology 20 years ago when she faced one of the hardest times of her life.

Finding herself as a single parent with two children in tow, Angelia was faced with terrific need for some help.

Help came eventually, but let Angelia tell her story:

I ached and hurt all over!

As I built a new house in 1995 as a single parent of 2 children I began to have symptoms that made me feel like I was having a heart attack.

I could not see because my vision was blurry and everything I looked at it was moving up and down. My legs would not rest but continually jumped when I was sitting or lying down.

I ached and hurt all over with headaches, IBS, my legs would go numb from the knees down and there were raised blue puffy areas of fluid on my arms and behind my knees filled with inflammation.

Being very lethargic all the time made it difficult to stay awake. But at the same time, my heart raced continually so I couldn’t sleep.

The symptoms constantly moved around to different areas of my body making it impossible to diagnose.

My new home was completely built in 6 weeks so my children and I moved in. Within 4 weeks I could not get out of bed and walk more than a couple of steps.

Many tests didn’t help

The doctors tested for AIDS, MS, heart issues, brain issues and Lupus. All came back clear but the symptoms continued to get worse. They said it was all in my head and I should seek psychiatric help!

Within 2 months I had to rent my house and move back in with my ex-husband. This was because we thought I was dying and someone needed to take care of the kids.

I refused to accept that diagnosis

After the move I was given a newspaper article by a friend on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and they said “This is you”!

Sure enough it matched almost identically to my symptoms. The doctors put me on a ton of medication! They told me I should expect to be disabled and plan accordingly. But I refused to accept that diagnosis and began searching for help.

My mother-in-law told me about a chiropractor and God led me to a naturopath doctor that I began seeing. Church friends began praying for me. I was not close to God so my mother had instigated the prayer team unknowingly to me.

A changed diet made all the difference

The chiropractor put me on minerals, did acupuncture, added physical therapy and changed my diet.

Here’s what I did:

  • Gave up all meat, dairy, caffeine and sugar.
  • Drank hot lemon water, hot tea and water.
  • Ate organic fresh vegetables, fruits and salads with jasmine rice cooked in Olive oil and water.
  • Green apples simmered in lemon and honey just enough to soften them were a staple.

The homeopath realized the medication the medical doctors had me on was destroying my kidneys. So I went to them to get off of it. They laughed at me! They told me I would be back because people did not recover when they are in the shape I was in.

The chiropractor would do acupuncture on my energy pressure points daily so I could go back to work.

I began short walks nightly.

After 3 months I began to improve… and within 6 months I could really tell a difference.

Finally free!

I stayed on the program for 2 years. Finally I was off all medications and could lead a normal life. Gradually I added back in other foods on a regular basis.

I have not had any symptoms or taken any medication for over 20 years.


Glory to God! He finds ways to take care of us through others even when we’re not walking with Him. This is because He’s not done with us. I’m so thankful for His faithfulness in this situation and so many others He has pulled me through.

Angelia was taught God’s ways to receive her healing

Angelia gives glory to God for His leading. Did God just heal her of her affliction? Actually no. But what He did was to teach her another way of eating and drinking that was a huge part of turning her whole life around.

It took two years of Angelia being faithful to a plan that eventually led her to wonderful health and brought forth her healing.

For sure, sometimes God will heal in an instant… but every situation is treated differently. God knows what you need.

Angelia was desperate for the answer and must be congratulated for following the advice she was given so faithfully.

Many beg me for help

Although many people are crying out with their need, not a lot of people are prepared to do what it takes. I’ve had people write to me, begging me to help them. They tell me they will ‘do whatever it takes!’

So I spend quite a lot of time in answering their emails. I share valuable information that if they choose to follow my advice, or the advice of any other natural health provider, they would begin to see their condition vastly improve… and quite possibly, go away all together, just as Angelia’s did.

Many times, I never hear from them again.

I have many people begging me to see if I am able to help them use a medbed, the Quantum Healing Technology, that is becoming available soon. Can they book in now? Can they be brought forward on a list.

Oh my, I hear the cry of their heart, but it’s not something that’s within my power to do.

But… there are two things you can do right now:

  1. Pray. Pray to the One who paid the price for health and healing. Without Him, nothing can be done.
  2. Change your diet. Sorry… it’s an integral part of the whole. God wants you to begin to eat His food, not the plastic ‘food’ that so many live on.

You see, most people go to a doctor with their ailments, because they know they will be prescribed a pill or two. It is their hope that their condition will go away, simply by taking a few extra pills each day.

Sorry, it’s not that easy. These pills are band-aides at best. They work on covering up your symptoms, not on healing the root cause.

You need to learn that no pharmaceutical drug will heal you. Actually, no doctor can heal you either. Nothing against the doctors, but they are supposed to be aiding your body to heal itself.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Angelia was told to go home and make preparation for living a disabled life, as there was nothing they could do. But God was going to teach her differently.

If the medbeds had been around back then, I’m sure Angelia would have been soon given the opportunity to use one… and it would have made a tremendous difference to the quality of her life.

But… instead, she was given the opportunity to heal her own body, with others praying for her recovery.

Now she gives praise to her Maker.

They are still coming… it all depends on what’s happening in the military world.

What about the Quantum Healing Technology… will it really help me?

Many are saying that the Quantum Healing Technology has been brought to us by aliens. Personally, I do not believe it. I realise I don’t know everything, so therefore I need to remain open to these suggestions, but…

Am I right? Time alone will tell.

A little more information is available here:
Quantum Healing Technology and How a Bed-Bed works

I believe this Quantum Healing Technology has been given to us by our Father God who gives all good gifts to His children.

When you think they have been using these medbeds on the poor rescued children from underground, it’s obvious they must do wonderful things.

So with this knowledge, I do believe they will definitely be able to help you.

But start right now as you wait, to build your faith. Father God doesn’t want any of you to suffer… after all, He sent Jesus to take your suffering upon His own body. Jesus did so, as He was obedient to the cross.

Angelia, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Because you were faithful to follow advice, with God’s help, you did this without the aid of any medbed. It’s wonderful to see that you give praise and thanks to God.

The Quantum Healing Technology is coming soon, but unfortunately, I do not have a date for you.



  1. Marilyn you are so correct about eating properly and not taking pharmaceutical drugs. They are evil. Big Pharma people want you to take a drug which might help a little only to have to take another drug to help the side effects of the first drug. And on and on we go. My husband after 45 years of taking pharmaceutical drugs finally agreed to quit them. He is on herbals and on a healthy diet. We have been married almost 45 blessed years and I have never seen him so healthy and happy. We walk 7 days a week at least 2 miles each day. Praise GOD! FAITH in our creator will always be there for us ! Love your writing !

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