What Happens When Astonishing Hospital Goes Stark Raving Mad?

Hospital Stark Raving Mad!

Today I received an email from one of my readers stating it’s been around 23 days since I last posted. 23 days! Well let me tell you what happens when your local hospital has gone stark raving mad!

I’ve come under a lot of accusations within the last few months. I’ve been accused of being a:

  1. Dou/ble agent
  2. Stealing
  3. Causing bodily harm
  4. A terr/orist
  5. Spam/Scam
  6. Being like Bide/n
  7. A tra/itor
  8. A Liberal

That’s a few of what I remember. So watch out folks!!!

LOL, all of that came from just two sources, so all’s good. Numbers 1-3 came from an elderly friend as mentioned down below, and numbers 4-8 came through on the Comments on my Blog… maybe 20 or more times.

It seems, the more you try to help people, the more some will rise up against you. I long for the truth to come out and trust it will be soon.

Someone said just yesterday that the more people come against you, the more certain you can be you’re in God’s Will and are on the right track. I certainly would like to think so.

I felt compelled to take on caring for an elderly person quite some months ago. Basically it was a really lovely experience, but very demanding of me. But after a time I could tell something was wrong… very wrong. I found it extremely difficult to find help.

For a time, her delusions implied that instead of helping her I was working as a double agent against her. It came at me sideways and sort of knocked me off balance at the time. Apparently I was stealing from her so she reported me to the police. Next thing, the Criminal Investigations were calling me!!

Fortunately for me, they said it was clear something was wrong with her, but they did advise me not to go back to her place.

I stayed away as instructed.

I must say that we had a lot of good times together when she was inn a reasonably sound mind. We enjoyed together many lovely conversations and enjoyable little outings together.

The fact is I felt a real loss for some time.

Attacked in the middle of the night!

Eventually, her delusions led her out the door in the early hours of the morning to go to the supermarket. The end result was she was brutally attacked and had her bag stolen. Off to hospital she went.

Of-course this upset me, as it would. I didn’t hold her accusations against personally as I realised it was her state of mind at play.

Now to cut a very long story short, I have been visiting her in hospital and there’s no bad blood between us. I know, I know, things could change at any minute, I’m very much aware of that. But although I have had to enter her home, I would not go back there while she’s there… just to be on the safe side of her delusions.

Although there are just a few of us who have been quite concerned for her welfare, I’m the only one she has who can actually do what needs to be done.

As she had everything stolen, I’ve had to scout around organising as much as I can. I’ve also had to liaison with her daughter who lives quite some distance away.

It’s been a really, really busy time.

Why is the hospital stark raving mad?

When this lady first arrived in hospital I believe there was some talk about one of the wards downstairs having a ‘cov/id patient’. But over the last week or more, ‘co/vid’ has spread everywhere, or so they say!!!

I stayed right away from the hospital for a couple of weeks by speaking with her on the phone. A time came when the hospital was refusing to take the phone in to her because ‘co/vid’ was everywhere. (Her own phone had been stolen).

It was a hard time for her as she received no visitors at all. Eventually a time came when she needed something and there was no-one else that could take it in for her… so I made the tough decision.

The hospital expected you to wear masks and goggles! Even back when it was being reported that ‘co/vid’ was spreading all over the world and we had to go into ‘lockdown’ etc. etc. I do not remember anywhere telling people they had to wear goggles.

There was not one time I ever had worn a mask. Oh, I might have had one hanging on my ear on a couple of occasions as I continued to drink from a water bottle, (anything to keep it off my face) but never once had I breathed through one. It was a major decision for me to put myself in a position where it would be necessary otherwise refused entry.

Ugh, you wouldn’t wear one would you?

I needed to get as much information from the staff as I could which meant I had to play their game as best I could.

The Isolation Room

My friend in hospital had never agreed to receive a PCR test, or RAT test. Because of this, they simply pronounced her as having ‘c/ovid’ and put her into isolation.

On arrival to the isolation room, I found I had to wear a gown and gloves, as well as the mask and goggles. I just couldn’t believe it. I decided there and then that the hospital had gone stark raving mad!!!

Mind you, I found a way to place the ‘beak’ mask on top of my nose so I could breathe normally. I did this each time and mainly got away with it until the last time where they caught me, telling me to pull the mask right down. LOL, I held my breath for a moment and waited till they went on their way…

No way I’m going to draw breath through those things! Apart from my own toxins, what else is hiding in there?

Imagine working entire shifts breathing in such a manner? They truly are all ‘stark raving mad’ in that hospital!

Look, I want to be clear here… it’s not the nurses. They deserve the medal of all medals. They’re just doing what they’re told or they’ll lose their jobs.

“She has ‘co/vid’ ” “No, she doesn’t have ‘co/vid’!”

After seven days, they moved her from one room to another, to another. So far she’s had four moves in the one ward. Trying to track what they were doing was an exercise in itself.

She has ‘co/vid’!

No she doesn’t have ‘covid’!

She won’t have any tests so she’s treated as a ‘covi/d positive’ patient, growled one nurse at me!

Everyone had a different story to tell.

They put her in isolation because she was supposed to be positive. Moved her on into a two different single rooms and then back into a ‘covid’ room.

Make sense of that!

The boogieman is everywhere!

The last time I went in, which was yesterday, the doorway of every room on the ward was completely covered in plastic containing two red zippers. But what’s more, the corridor also had two barriers of plastic to climb through.

I asked them what they were doing and was told the whole ward is now ‘c/ovid’ positive!

What say you? Do you think a little like I think?

What if all their PCR testing sticks were all geared towards giving a positive result?

It’s incredibly lucrative for a hospital to report they have ‘covi/d’, in fact they stand to make many thousands of dollars.

Hospital Incentives

A question for you? What if there isn’t any ‘co/vid’ in the hospital at all? What if, because the hospital wants those extra very lucrative payments, they are making it look like they’re under attack?

Who is checking?

Try being a nurse for just one day there:

  • You’re down at the reception desk and you’ve been told to go through to Room 15.
  • First you must pass through a locked door… you have a pass card for that.
  • A number of steps down the hall to the first barrier… you have to bend right down to the floor to grab the zipper, pull it up, climb through, close the zipper right back down to the floor.
  • Walk another number of steps to the next barrier and repeat above.
  • Move on to Room 15. Bend over, zip up, climb through, bend down as you zip down…
  • Wow, now I’m in the room. Just had to drop something off and need to go… oh no, not all that again!

Imagine how you’d feel after doing that for an entire shift! Exhaustion, aches and pains?

I heard the nurses grumbling and the corridor ones had only just been put up!

Question everything!

It’s very interesting to read what the Royal College of General Practitioners have just published for all Australian doctors. These things are starting to come out… at last!

We know the symptoms listed are the same as for a cold or maybe the flu. As it turns out, I could not find one symptom in my friend. Her eyes were clear. Her nose and sinuses were clear. Also, her throat and chest were totally clear, and she had no cough.

In fact, while I was in the hospital with all this plastic barrier carry on, I didn’t hear or see anyone coughing. The patients were all there for some reason of-course, but whatever it was that brought them to the hospital I don’t believe it was ‘co/vid’.

Mind you, I know my friend said when she first went in that there was some coughing in her room. But, it was not under ‘cov/id’ at the time. Most probably all they needed was a good dose of some raw honey. Also, coughing is a good excuse to declare ‘c/ovid’!!

Some of these things we just have to wonder about, but getting to see things first hand has been a very educational experience for me. I told a nurse sitting in a bus shelter eating her lunch outside the hospital that the whole place had gone stark raving mad! She agreed!!!



  1. I lost a friend yesterday. She, like so many, is not awake to this spiritual war. I told her that her grown child has no control over the lies she believes about her mom. Her child has disowned her. Now my friend won’t speak to me. There’s a lot of this going around.

    • So sad, but part of what is going on. There is a true divide between us. But a time will come, as we know, that all will be exposed and families will become united again. Hard to imagine ATM but we have to maintain it by faith and it WILL happen.

  2. It sounds to me like the hospital is scamming people. It could be because the med beds will put hospitals out of business and hang on tight until they become obsolete.
    I’m sorry that your helpfulness toward the elderly friend turned sour. As you said she’s delusional and can’t help herself, but it still hurts. The people who come to your blog to be mean need to get a life.

      • Marilyn, so many people so easily tricked/led astray/confused, etc. I just left a Signal message for you. I continue to hold on to my faith, but so many things continue to be so upsetting and so hard to understand. I continue to be separated from people who have no awareness of the evil at work. So many divisions/separations put into our world that they don’t see. I’m not a scientist, but I’ve taken in many videos with Dr. Bryan Ardis(and others) where I have some sense of what we have been dealing with for so long. As well as, look at the sky for chem trails, and what are you eating/drinking. I have been led to believe that the road to the new world is around the corner and that the movie plays on. Prayers continue. Hoping your husband is improving.

        • Greg, what we must not lose sight of is this: All that is happening around us is deliberately being done to show not only us, but the world, exactly what we were in for if the Military Alliance and all those leading this charge, had not come in to do what they’ve done.
          I have no doubt that Jesus Christ is heading up the charge. He is the one that is directing where they have to go to find the scumbags and any captives they may still have.
          In reality, we are told over and over, all what we are ‘seeing’ now, already happened a couple of years back.
          Yes we grieve as if it’s happening real time, but try to rejoice that it’s all been done and when the time is right they will reveal exactly what they did and why… so we all understand.
          Dr Ardis is a wonderful example of those coming out with the exposure before time. Gradually, it’s all coming out.
          I know, I know, you feel frustrated to the limit that your family members are not seeing it or hearing it… but they will.
          Simply believe, when it’s their time, God will make sure they’re sitting right up front to see it all.
          Just hang on and believe God. Relax in your faith. Any anxiety is wasted as we have no control and we cannot twist God’s arm. He sees all. He knows all…

          • Thank you. It’s been an incredible journey. I’ve only been awake/aware for 3 1/2 years. I know that there are people who have been awake for 5, 10, 20, 30, or more years. I know God’s time is not our time. I’m finishing up a Bible Study I’ve been involved with for 12 years. Since last Sept. we have been in the book of John, which has been great. Next year we will be back in Rev. God is in control. I do agree with your “scumbag” term. I have learned about, seen, or been led to believe so many terrible things happening because of these scumbags. Yes, I have to “relax” in my faith. For some reason I was chosen to know.

  3. Dear Marilyn –
    So sorry to read of your dedicated, innocently meant good deed being turned into an unexpected nightmare. You’re trying your best and The Lord knows that and will see you through it all.
    Wouldn’t it be great if the belated ‘show/movie’ would soon end and the medbeds would be available. I don’t see the DS ever letting up with their FF’s; Just look at Israel backing off from Iran – it’s a joke just to prolong the agony on the world. It’s TIME for the military action – long past time! At least then we’ll SEE the end in sight.
    with great encouragement, gene

    • Yes, I just did added a little bit because I didn’t want people to think that it all came form just my elderly friend. Other comments and accusations get hurled at me through the Comment section of my Blog, but thankfully they are much fewer than positive good Comments. Of-course, many ask questions which I’m also happy about.

      My belief is that the DS have no choice. Looks it’s already been done and now just the movie is playing out. We will see and understand in the end. Don’t worry about what we’re hearing is happening over in Israel, as it’s all part of the movie too. I belief totally that the Military have been constantly working from way before we had any idea they were even there.

      No cause for worry, no matter what we hear. God wins everytime!

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