GESARA Announcement Is Coming. People Need To Be Ready!

GESARA announcement

“The GESARA announcement is coming!”

Although we may have heard this many times, the question is… ‘Are you ready?”

Judging by what has been purported to have happened over the last months, one by one each item is being ticked off, which brings the GESARA announcement ever closer.

What must happen first?

The GESARA announcement simply cannot come while there are certain aspects still outstanding. Anything suggesting that is pure conjecture.

I have been led to believe that the order is something like:

  1. The current global financial system must be brought down with many banks closing. (We have been seeing this for some time now)
  2. The Stock Market must crash. (Get your stocks and/or investments out ASAP)
  3. The fake B/i/d/o/n to be removed. (Hooray!)
  4. The ‘real president’ standing up!
  5. NESARA/GESARA announced by the ‘real president’.
  6. Emergency Broadcasting System (EBS) to begin. (To explain what on earth is going on!)
  7. Global 10-12 day lockdown to take place. (All to remain in your homes and learn)
  8. After this an 800 number to book Quantum appointments.

GESARA Announcement – the best yet! (Hope it’s true!)

Many of these notes are taken from the video below of Graham Hodsdon. (Thank you Noni and Alberto for finding his name for me. Appreciated!) It was forwarded to me by Gene, one of my readers. How wonderful it is we can all work together! Thank you Gene!

I cannot vouch for the truth of his ‘Intel’ or not… as he doesn’t say where it comes from.

Notes from video together with my comments. He said:

“I’ve pretty much read one of the best announcements I’ve read for awhile. Nesara/Gesara being launched now in the first few days in April! We’ll soon see!”

NESARA/GESARA announced to the world

“Nesara will be announced to the globe! It will show that the system is beginning.”

Emergency Broadcasting System (EBS) will begin

“Following the announcement there’ll be an EBS going around globally where they’re literally going to be spamming out all the documentaries of everything that has gone on to wake up the masses.”

  • Message will go out giving everyone five hours to get home. (You need to prepare now!)
  • The global lockdown may last for 10-12 days.
  • Documentaries on every TV station giving a full disclosure of what’s been going on.
  • Towards the end of the twelve days, an 800 number (USA) will be given out so people can call to make a Quantum appointment. (Other countries should receive an appropriate number for their country)

Other points of interest mentioned

  • All of our bank accounts have been mirror imaged onto the QFS.
  • Including any sort of retirement or saving accounts.
  • One lump sum has already been placed in our Quantum Accounts.
  • About 75 banks have been seized and all assets and accounts closed. They were owned by the Cab/al. The funds from all these have been moved over into the Quantum Account to be given back to the people.
  • All Trust Funds have been moved over into the Quantum Financial Account already.
  • To receive your GESARA payments you must stay in work and maintain a job if you already have one.
  • It will take upwards of eleven (11) years for everyone to receive all the money owing to them.
  • Money will no longer be important to us. We will all have more than enough to live an abundant life.
  • Humanity able to progress rather than continuously being held back by greedy tyrants who want everything.

“Silicon Valley was the big domino that fell and began to bring down the banks. We’ve seen that happen.”

“All the major banks, such as the Central Banks, have now been taken over. They now run for the QFS and on ISO 20022.”

All corruptions stopped!

“The brains behind what we are currently living through is simply amazing. Many people have trouble believing a system could be put in place that can stop corruption in its place.

If you think this way, you’re completely missing the point.

It’s been done! It’s the blockchain system!

Nothing dodgy can take place because everything is traceable. When you send money, they can see where it’s going. Yes, it stops corruption in its tracks!

Nothing backhand, or moving things behind doors, or banks in the middle of nowhere offshore, and stuff like that.

None of that can happen anymore.

All money is trackable and traceable. Stops it all! Corruption ends the minute the QFS starts!”


This is NOT the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) we’re talking about. (A system set up by the Ca/bal to further control humanity.) It’s the best counterfeit satan could come up with against the QFS (Quantum Financial System) which is brilliant to the uttermost.

Make sure you comprehend the difference!
We need to understand

Will everyone receive a new Quantum Account?

“Probably not!

Now before that begins to worry you, it’s not YOU we’re talking about! It’s referring to people who have been involved in dru/g dea/ling and likewise.”

Many people refer to this as having a ‘low vibration’.

We keep on hearing that there’s going to be ‘off world’ identification. I cannot comment on it because I don’t know what it really means. It’s one of those things that make me go “Hmmm…!”

Time will tell. We live in an incredible world and no doubt we are learning all kind of amazing things. We do need to be open to the fact that we don’t comprehend everything… we do live in exciting times, that’s for sure!

How will we know when we are close?

“The Stock Market will crash! And believe me, it will be big news!

When we hear this coming out, get ready as things are about to take off.”


Listen to everything the video brings out. It’s only 5.28 minutes long.

Will it all happen as described? Who knows, but we will soon know.

We would love for the GESARA announcement to be absolutely true. I present it to you to give you the potential markers to watch out for. More them off as we go.



  1. why you say all the time Globe , we are not on a globe , end globalism , we are on a stationary plan , only this is my complain ,all the ancient scripture and the bible are proof that we are indeed on a huge plan with much more terra , terrestrial, extra terrestrial , now I would like to ask again , we don’t need to do nothing about our bank accounts they are already QFS , can you please confirm me this again , I would be very thankful, there are so much scam out there doing fair mongering to loose all our money in the banks , we all have to buy XRP and Stellar , but I am not conversant doing crypto , I am a simple person from the old generation that loves much conventional , thank you for all your information you put out for us , great

    • OK, I see your frustration! I am well aware we are not on a ‘globe’ but it’s a manner of saying things that slip in along the way. I will try to be much more conscious of it in my future writings.
      As far as I am aware, ALL of our accounts are mirror imaged on the QFS. Although there are many scams out there telling us to do this and to do that, rest assured you will know when the time comes, and know exactly what to do.
      Some are stocking up on XRP but I do not encourage it because I really have a very limited knowledge concerning all crypto and how it will play out in the future.
      Simple is good!
      Bless you.

  2. Hi Marilyn –
    ‘been around 23 days since your last update.
    Looks like we’re told we’re finally at the precipice.
    Not much coming from Iran – what’s up? Will we ever get the truth as the ‘normies’ still sleep – or are the normies right that all is fine and evolving ok….

    • Oh Gene, Gene, Gene! My life has been accosted from every angle! Each day for more than the past week, I’ve been trying to write but there’s always been other ‘stuff’ I’ve had to deal with. Anyway, I’ve got one coming out most probably tomorrow.
      It’s all coming, of that I’m more than sure.

      • Marilyn, I don’t know how you do this at all without having a staff of at least 50 people behind you!
        God Bless you!
        kindest regards, gene

        • My goodness Gene, yes I could use a few of them. LOL But as you can see, sometimes I just can’t get there. Still I really believe the Holy Spirit is guiding and directing me and I pray that what I write ends up before the eyes of those He chooses. When I don’t get time to write, well… that’s also Him. 🙂
          Thanks Gene!

  3. I’ve just read on another page that what is coming will be very painful and will take six months to get over it. Some may never get over it. The article said our entire lives and our parents and grandparents are a lie. This scares me.

    • Andi, I know we are all going to learn things, but really, you and I and our reader friends have been learning horrific things now for quite some time. How terrible it would be to start right at scratch like so many are going to have to. No wonder the Alliance is trying to take it easy on these people who refuse to learn.
      Not sure what they mean by parents and grandparents. Seems a bit strange really.

    • Yes it really is! What an incredible time it is to EXERCISE our patience! We all thought it would be over years ago, but none of us had any idea of how deep it all went. Just continue to hang on because although we are in the dark tunnel, we can see the light at the other end.

  4. With this Nesara EBS giving folks 5 hours to get home to “lockdown for 10-12 days”, how does this impact folks who must travel for a living and suddenly be in a situation in a hotel for 10-12 days with no food to eat?! Just to see tribunals and executions on TV of criminal elites taken down!? How does that help them safely arrive home, driving etc. not having eaten for a fortnight? Would that be worth it.

    And how about the senior citizens whose entire existence depends on the retirement savings they have in the stock market just to survive?! Sounds like Nesara may be great for some and catastrophic for others.

    Reminds me of the 2nd Coming Rapture theory where one believer (say he’s an airplane pilot) is “taken” since he’s a Christian, and the plane is left to crash, thereby with all the rest on board to unfairly die a sudden calamitous death. God is not a God of chaos.

    I can imagine a lot of good people pretty upset with a leader who allows some to starve for 12 days (only a 5 hour warning when far far from home), barely make it home alive, if they do make it (weak from forced extended fasting); others becoming overnight rich depending on what their currency denomination is, others who have very carefully attempted to live minimizing their debt; others to have huge amounts of debt “forgiveness” in a jubilee scenario; others getting all their currency gold-backed, while others, dependent on a healthy functioning stock market losing all their assets overnight.

    People required to work (have jobs) or keep their jobs to get anything from Nesara although we have record unemployment currently. Many unable to find jobs with only part-time employment on the increase.

    Somehow the scenario is hard to see adding up. Not trying to be contrary. Just very concerned. Don’t know who or what to believe here. tz

    • Hi Twiggy,
      OK, I hear what you’re saying. Many have asked re what’s going to happen if we only have 5 hours to get home. Of-course, I can’t give an definitive answer because none of us know, but I believe people will receive whatever assistance they require to make sure they’re going to be fine. For example, we’ve heard that the military will be delivering food parcels.

      I have heard that if they can manage to get all TV stations to put out the information together, the above situation may not need to be. But whatever, it will be done as seamlessly as possible because people MUST learn so we can all move on.

      The Stock Market must crash. Anyone with stocks etc in there will need to remove it or lose it. There is no way around this. This is why it’s important for us all to share far and wide to as many people as possible.

      Look, once Nesara happens EVERYONE will be so much better off than they’ve ever been. We have all been told over and over to take out some cash to have on hand if this scenario has to play out. Our job is to alert as many as possible.

      Once upon a time I believed in the Rapture theory, but gradually I began to see it just as you described. I do not believe our God would do as you said, no, not for a minute… but so many do. Really, I don’t think they’ve thought it through. Everyone believes what they’re taught without thinking.

      We will all receive the gold-backed currency. Our bank accounts have been mirror imaged since August 2020. No-one is going to miss out. There is so much money coming back to e the people just as the Bible describes. We had no idea how it could ever happen, and yet here we see it right before our eyes.

      If they have a job, they will be required to keep it. Those who don’t have a job, which of-course there are many, will be treated accordingly. Naturally, the whole idea of keeping your job is so people don’t leave and we have a massive deficit in workers. That would be catastrophic! Life will be so different. Money will not be our focus. Quality of life will step in. Time for ourselves and our families. No need to work long hours in more than one job just to survive. Do I know how it will all pan out. No! In fact, it’s really hard to get your head around it… but the Bible is very clear about these days so best we believe it and not doubt.

      You are quite right to not read and believe! We must question everything which is exactly what you’re doing. Critical thinking. Be encouraged and trust God!

  5. Excellent article as always, Marilyn. Just know that the “G” in “GESARA” stands for “global”, but we don’t live on a spinning ball/globe ball in the fake Star Wars world. It’s probably because the masses still believe we live on a spinning ball, when in reality we are and have always been living on a non-moving geocentric flat earth, just like our ancestors said. And you mentioned “off world” identification, I would say it’s probably some people living in one of the lands/continents outside the encircling Antarctic ice wall (videolink: who will probably give us new non-corrupted ID documents. Also here is another important flat earth proof video:

    • Thanks for your words Sistine! Yes, I realise the G stands for Global… but in this case of-course it really means world-wide and just not national which is for America.
      For a long time I’ve been looking into the spinning ball theory etc. etc. and am more than satisfied we live on a plane.
      What does ‘off world’ mean to you? It seems to mean different things to different people. To me, at this time in my life, I believe it’s referring to the messengers of God popularly known as angels. But, I don’t profess to know everything. There very well could be people living in the lands outside of the circle as you say.
      I’m happy enough to wait and find out what is truth in this regards.
      I will go see if I’ve seen the videos you’ve mentioned, but meanwhile it’s great you put them here for others to see.
      Thank you!

      • Yes that’s right, the spinning ball “earth” doesn’t exist and never existed. It’s really obvious, because water cannot curve around a spinning ball, especially not if the ball is spinning at a supersonic speed of over 1000 mph, while orbiting around a non-existing supermassive sun 93 000 000 miles away. The geocentric solar system is the truth. The heliocentric (HELLiocentric) solar system is the lie. The sun and moon are small and local. Gravity and evolution is a lie. For those who still doubt, simply search for Alexander Gleason’s 1892 world map, you will get a real true map of our known world including the all the known oceans and lands/continents. All honest and independent people worldwide agree: The earth is flat, geocentric, and non-moving (real world video proof: Flat oceans = Flat earth (real world video proof: Yes, the truth will destroy all evil.

  6. Marilyn
    The person on the above video (Nesara announcement is coming) is Graham Hodsdon and he can be found in Tik Tok. I believe he is from Australia

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