PCR Tests, Masks And Injections To Clone Humans Exposed!

Many people have subjected themselves to having PCR tests as a matter of course. After all, it’s just a test isn’t it?

Not according to Dr Ariyana! It’s ever so much more!

Who is Dr Ariyana Love?

Dr Ariyana Love is from Finland, is both a Naturopathic doctor and Investigative Journalist.

Her elder son was vac/cine injured at age two and diagnosed with High Functioning Autism at age 7. She applied her knowledge of Naturopathic Medicine and designed a dietary protocol that resulted in a near total reversal of her son’s debilitating symptoms.

She is a second generation Naturopathic Doctor who has never subscribed to Allopathic Medicine. I love the way she totally believes the root causes of disease is either toxicity and/or deficiency. It’s as simple as that.

Dr Ariyana Love was interviewed on the Stew Peters Show where she talks about how they are using the PCR tests, masks and injections to clone humans.

Ahh, so this is why they require repeated injections!

In order for the technology to work they must keep the body in an acidic and poisoned state. I’m beginning to see the picture… are you?

The PCR tests are SO much more than a test!

To see full 12 minute video

Cloning a reality

We have been told that when you have a DNA test, maybe while ascertaining who’s who in your family tree, your sample is used for cloning. It’s the same with the PCR tests. They do nothing without a reason, and it’s never your way!

Reiner Fuellmich and Dr Love

Furthermore, Reiner Fuellmich also gives Dr Love credibility with this hour long interview:

Some of the items discussed include:

  • The use of Hydra Vulgaris, parasites and worms to carry the mRNA throughout the body.
  • The masks, PCR tests and the injections are all cloning devices.
  • They are targeting gene deletion in the brain by knocking out, or the complete deletion of the ‘X’ chromosome. It’s like surgical strikes by nano robots. When it’s done to the frontal cortex of the brain it produces autism and autism spectrum disorder in three different parts of the brain.
  • Doctors have been taught that much of autism is inherited, but Dr Love no longer believes that. All the studies she has taken the time to research all agree it’s ‘targeted gene deletion in the brain’.
  • Big Pharma have been testing the mRNA in flu vaccines since 2015.
  • When the body is put back into homeostasis (balanced pH) the nano technology is cancelled and is flushed out of the body. Then the body will begin to repair itself and do what the body naturally does. It will isolate those cells as dead cells because they don’t contain the God-given genetic codes anymore. The body will identify and get rid of them.

Dr Ariyana Love’s.   https://ambassadorlove.blog/

Evil injections and what they do

Here is a rundown given by Dr Love of how they have nothing to do with your health:

The First V/a/x

  • Small amount of saline
  • Some ingredients that are catastrophic to your cellular system
  • Depletes your immune system by 50% (and this is just the first one!)

The Second V/a/x (8 weeks later)

  • They decrease the amount of saline
  • Increase the harmful ingredients
  • Now immune system depleted by another 25% (leaving your immune system wiped out by 75%!)

First Booster – known as the ‘Kill Shot’

  • Contains 81 strands of foreign bacteria
  • Antibodies no longer able to fight it
  • Only 25% of potential white blood cell production are able to fight
  • Now chronic inflammation sets in, in the places you had a predisposition… eg: if you had gut health issues previously, inflammations sets up in your gut
  • The same with whatever predisposition you have… can/cer, skin conditions etc. etc.

Second Booster – HIV

  • Contains 8 strands of HIV which completely shuts off your ability to make white blood cells. This disease is called HIV.
  • You now have no immune system and no ability to make one, 81 strands of foreign bacteria, 8 strands of foreign HIV, complete with other harmful ingredients.

Unfortunately, every single animal that participated in this study had a 100% death rate.

Listen or read the full video or document here:

What is it ‘they’ want?

‘They’ either want people to die off, which gives the D/eep Sta/te population control, OR… those that somehow manage to continue living to become their customers for life. They will have to continue to go back for another booster just to stay alive! Big Pharma have been rubbing their hands together!

The un-isolated so-called ‘Vi/rus’ led to…

This is what the ‘vir/us’ has been all about! It’s to bring us all to a place of fear. Boogeyman viruses are everywhere, or so they tell us, and so we run to receive the true bio-weapon, the so-called ‘vac/cines’.

Yes, they have done everything in their power, by using their evil ways to bring about a 90% depopulation of the world’s population. Those who remain in the end, are ear-marked to be the robotic slaves of the Ca/bal and De/ep S/tate.

Don’t believe me? Please go and do your own research… it will soon come to light.

Oh what can we do?

Countless people who have taken the jab have since woken up to ‘their’ evil agenda. Many took them as they saw no alternative if they wished to remain employed. Others lost their jobs because they refused to yield to the coercion.

All of this is constantly pushed by the mainstream media. This is the ‘image that speaks’ that the Bible talks about. If you had never seen a TV and had no idea of the concept, how would you have described it? I think calling it the ‘image that speaks’ is just about perfect!

How deep do you want to go? If you wish to research further, here are some suggested links to follow:

DEMOCIDE: U.S. Biolabs In Ukraine Supply Race-Specific Gene Weaponry

Quantum Dots, DNA Barcoding, Nano-Razors & The Israeli State

Malaria Parasites In “Vaccines” Target Placenta, Kill Babies In Utero

Covid-19 Patent Horrors

Listen, if you have taken any of the jabs, or you have been coerced to take PCR tests, you need to be proactive against the damage they do. I wrote this post back in February 11, 2022. I would advise you go there now to read up and begin working against these jabs that have been designed to do you harm.

A must do list of potential vac/cine antidotes

Go to God… He can fix anything!

If you have taken the stand against receiving any of them, good for you. Your job is to spread the news as far and wide as you can. Most of the people are unaware of what they’re up against.

But above all… the very God who created you in the first place knows exactly what to do to fix anything you come up against during your lifetime. Go to Him. Talk to Him. There is nothing our God cannot do. Nothing!

So even though the main thrust has been in receiving the jabs, these creeps have been also coming in via the back door with these insidious PCR tests. How many people have succumbed to wearing a mask just to be able to enter a certain shop here and there? Maybe just for 20 minutes, but what happened during that 20 minutes?

I believe there are such a lot of good things coming, and usually that’s exactly what I like to speak about. But, we do need to spread the word so people have a fighting chance, especially if they have undergone PCR tests, mask wearing or had any of the jabs.



  1. I agree totally. I wore a mask a couple of times and hated them. Purchased an exemption card as had a history of Asthma. Probably due to all vaccinations given when travelling on Dads postings.
    Never had a poisenous swab up my nose either. I started to read up on cervical tests and mammograms (I cancelled mine straight away) read they’re more likely to give you cancer than protect you!

    • Good for you Caroline! All these tests that they almost ‘command’ us to have are most probably all in the same bag. Just more ways to get us into their system. We need to think about everything we put in our mouths rather than eating anything we like and relying on tests to make sure we’re ok.

  2. Never taken a pointless test and never had a jab, and never would. I didnt buy into the covid agenda from day one, saw right through it. I am not anti vax (this i believe is an american term that the uk and rest if the world has now adopted, we didnt hear it at all until 2020) the minute they called it coronavirus i said but thats the common cold of which theres no cure? it is what it is… I ignored everything including pointless masks which do nothing! If people cant see through this by now then they are doomed.

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