Criminal Activity For Thousands Of Years Now Being Destroyed!

criminal activity

A friend texted me, and during our discourse he said: “The problem is we have been hanging out for time lines which haven’t eventuated. The bottom line, which we need to remind ourselves of, is that they are destroying thousands of years of criminal activity!”

Praise God! I agreed with him heartily.

I find it’s everywhere… everyone is asking the same questions… they go like this:

“How much longer will it go on?”

“I’m so tired of it all.”

“They say it’s all optics, but I can’t see anything positive.”

“They have promised us medbeds, but they’re taking so long people are dying while they wait.”

“At the same time, they’ve promised us a bright new world to enter into… but where is it? It’s obvious the N/W/O are winning.”

“Look what’s happening now! The new digital currency is being rolled out.”

“I told you they’re winning.”

“There’s new variants coming out so we’ll all have to be jabbed whether we like it or not.”

“What about the 15-minute cities they’re setting up?”

“You keep saying the White Hats have got this. Huh! Where are they?”

“Really, I don’t believe there are any White Hats. If there were, we’d see things happening.”

“I’m watching the chemtrails cross the sky and it’s obvious H.A.A.R.P. is being used to create these dangerous weather patterns.”

“Come on, show me proof the White Hats are in control!”

“You told me the QFS is coming but now my bank has closed and it looks like I’ve lost all my money.”

“I can’t go on believing the ‘good news’ that soon it will all be over.”

“I’m shutting down, taking a break… call me when it’s really over.”

And on, and on, and on it goes…

Those who were excited and could see, are now falling off the bandwagon.

It’s too long, they complain.

Let’s think for a moment…

How would this be?

What about the soldiers in a physical war, caught down in the filthy trenches for hours on end. The battle continues all around them. It’s been going on for a long time, but the enemy still keeps coming.

The only break they get is time for a nap and then back into it again.

Army rations, the only food they have to eat. Dreaming of a steak back home, or the juiciness of the roast meal sitting around a table with the family. Their mouth drools…

Instead, no! The loud noise of the battle never stops, whether they’re in the trenches or trying to sleep.

Oh so battle weary.

But what other option is there? They are living in a world of shoot or be shot! Constantly!!

They can’t take a break, not even to lie down in the dirty trench to rest their weary bones.

But we don’t have to face this do we?


Do they ever wonder if God is with them?

I mean, where is He?

Said He would never leave them nor forsake them, but they feel very forsaken in this hellhole of a place.

The Sergeant screams at them one more time…

There is no end in sight.

Yet here we are, nowhere near the front lines during this war.

But still we grumble…

Our weapons are truth bombs exposing this criminal activity.

Sharing information as it comes to us.

Sitting at our computer in the comfort of our home.

When we get tired, we can take a break.

We can lie down to sleep peacefully… and forget, throughout the long hours of the night.

Go down town.

Visit our friends.

Share precious times with our family.

And yet, still we grumble!

You can’t tell me it’s not happening!


Why have we lost our faith?

We’re not in the position of shoot or be shot!

Imagine how a soldier would feel if he thought he could fight the battle from the comfort of his home.

This time is the testing time of our endurance.

The endurance of our faith.

This means, no matter what we see, we keep on, keeping on.

We don’t complain because it brings with it negative vibes. Other people, feeling down, will always agree with your negativity, bringing more negative vibes.

We can’t afford to be negative.

The Military Alliance are relying on us to keep their back.

They are expecting positive vibes
at the very least,
and faith-filled prayers on their behalf
at best.

Many have died for the cause, but we complain ‘nothing is happening’!

Keep the faith guys.

Yes, we all agree, we wish this despicable war was over, that it was long behind us. Of-course we do.

But they can’t give up until they have them all. The criminal activity that has been rife all our lives while we had no idea, cannot be dealt with properly in a short time.

What they have accomplished so far is nothing short of amazing, and they’re still working at it.

If you can’t say something of a positive nature, say nothing at all!

Stop the negativity… it brings nothing good with it.

Please restrain yourself.

God is in charge of this war and has His people in place. We all play a part and we must play our part well.

Yes, the medbeds are coming.

The Quantum Financial System is running the finances.

Nesara/Gesara is upon us and all the wonderful expectations it’s bringing.

The ‘proof’ we all require will come out at the right time which will expose all the criminal activity.

Run the race. The end is in sight. The road may be rough at times, but keep your running shoes on and your head held high.

Together with God, we have this. This huge criminal activity has been brought to its knees… at last!



  1. Hi Greg

    I resonate so much with you and I know I’ve seen your comments on here in the last year or two. I have been married for 40 years this year and I am wide awake and my husband is asleep, watches the Gospel according to the BBC and hangs on every word. I haven’t watched the news, listened to the news or bought a newspaper for about 4 years now I know its pure bulls… I prefer to use alternative news media and at the same time use discernment. I try and correlate with other things I have learn’t, other speakers and good quality programmes that I have to pay for to see through what is actually going on and ancient cultures. It is a huge learning curve and sometimes wish I wasn’t awake but then again I ask myself would I want to be asleep.
    I know about whats happened to these beautiful children on our planet and it upsets me very much what these creatures have been doing. I’ve tried to enlighten my husband and all I get is what do you expect me to do about it. I get called crazy, brainwashed and disillusioned. (only when I’m trying to discuss with him I would like to add).
    I can’t believe he doesn’t care. He has been vaxed 2-3 times and I believe double boosted. He didn’t tell me the first time he was vaxed (Mar 2020) he had a mild TIA in June 2020. I have tried to explain that the tax could have compromised his system, he won’t hear anything against the poison. Both my daughters and son in laws are taxed too. I made a stand to NOT be vaxxed and will not get it even if its made mandatory.
    I send out good vibes to all the truth seekers, all the good men and women fighting for Planet Earth/Gaiai/Shan

    Love and Light to All Humanity

    • Hi Caroline,

      I just found your comments, which were timely, sort of. Ha. I’m not having a good day as I continues to see the division between people in my life. It’s depressing. There is so much out there that has been occurring for so long that is so wrong. I know so much that I believe to be true. In my many prayers with God, I believe he has said, “Greg, just keep your mouth shut because I’ve got this.” I can’t argue with most because the brainwashing/blindness is so severe. I just seem like a crazy person because so many just turn on the tv for the answers to what is happening. God put us here to enjoy/love one another and the world he created. All the rest that is happening are people being given a choice in life and making many bad/evil choices over and over and denying the existence of God. I’m in a Bible study right now and we’re studying Old Testament prophets. It has struck me multiple times of how we’re reliving the Bible.

      I’ll gladly take your positive vibes and return them to you. No vaxes, or likely meds for me anymore. Vitamins, healthier food, etc., this is what I need to do. I’ve got a few ailments and am ready for medbeds/the 6,000 cure that have been talked about.


  2. Yes and Marilyn, you also truly believe in the Bible right? Some of the real world proof is already out, it’s already written in the Bible for the world to see with our own natural eyes and our other natural senses. The real world proof is sometimes hidden in plain sight. For example, why are all the oceans in the world perfectly horizontal and FLAT? If the Earth is a ball moving through infinite space at incredible speeds, why do we se THE SAME starts in the sky? The answer is that we DON’T live on a fake CGI spinning ball Earth, we live on a beautiful flat and stationary/non-moving Earth created by God: “He set the earth on its foundations, so that it should never be moved.” From the Bible (Psalm 104:5). Yes, that means the sun and the moon moves in circles above the Earth, and the starry night sky moves above us. That is the truth, we live inside a beautiful circle shaped lake, surrounded by ice walls hundreds of feet tall. We are not allowed to freely explore Antarctica and fly above and beyond the ice walls. Also here is a free easy-to-understand flat earth proof video documentary on YouTube from independent people/truth sharers with plenty of real world proof. They will explain everything much better than me. It is called The Next Level (2022) – The Truth cannot be stopped (link to the video: It is about 1 hour and 20 minutes long and it now has over 400 000 views. It’s still not removed by YouTube’s bots and algorithms, so it’s still available. Maybe you could write an article about our beautiful flat earth? I’m sure this will help people a lot. Many people worldwide still believe we live on a fake ball earth, because they “teach” it in schools. It would wake up even more people and make more people hopeful for the future. There is a reason why our “leaders” are called “GLOBALists” and that they promote scams and lies like “GLOBAL warming”. It is all lies, NASA means to deceive and gravity is a fake non-existing “force” to keep the false heliocentric belief “true”, they have been brainwashing us to believe we live on a fake ball for over 500 years, but that will soon come to an end. Because the truth will win over the lies, and light will win over darkness in the very end.

    • Hi Nairi!
      When I first heard of the flat earth theory I almost immediately debunked it. Couldn’t believe people in this day and age would be talking about such nonsense! But because I have a curious nature I’ve since listened to many, many different ones speaking on it and many videos. I’ve gone back to the Word and yes, I see it written there for all to see. I’ve even done some testing of my own and it does seem to confirm what they are saying.
      For a long time I found I was sitting on the fence, but it’s become fairly clear to me. Whether I could write about it I’m unsure because questions continue to keep rising. It would debunk all the alien theories people keep pushing, which of-course, I believe are the fallen angels etc.
      Thank you for taking the time to share this… I will be thinking about it.

      • Hi Marilyn, I’m happy to hear that. Here is a real world flat earth world map from 1892 made by Alexander Gleason (link to the real world map: I hope you study that map very carefully, it will make more and more sense. Also why is there no Wikipedia article about Alexander Gleason, and not very much accurate information about him on the internet? The real world flat earth map are also found in the logo of many organizations, including the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). There is a reason why they teach pilots to fly horizontally, pilots never have to adjust to the earth’s curvature, the earth’s axial tilt, or the earth’s rotation speed, because none of it really exists (link to their logo: Yes there really are no aliens from fake infinite space, we never went to the Moon, and we never went to Mars, we never explored or traveled in infinite space. Infinite space doesn’t exist and never existed. It’s all lies and fiction to keep us scared, confused, worried, and depressed. They want to make us feel worthless and powerless from birth to death. The astronauts (AKA astroNOTs) are just actors, the spaceships go up but then they land in the oceans, far away from the public and the TV cameras. NASA are a corrupt lying government entity, they get paid over $50 000 000 dollars (taxpayer’s hard earned money) every day for nothing, they just flood the internet and mainstream media with their “facts”, CGI, images and lies (link to the video proof: We also “learn” in school that the moon is a ball and that it reflects sunlight, but that’s not true, the moon is like the sun, a natural independently shining light. The sun is not 93 000 000 miles away, the sun is small and local, and like the moon, moves/circles above the flat earth (a sun timelapse proof video: The sun shines during daytime, the moon shines during nighttime: “And God made the two great lights — the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night — and the stars.” From the Bible (Genesis 1:16). It’s the same with all the other planes in the fake solar system, they are just lights in the sky (link to the video: There is another YouTuber/truther named Terry R Eicher and he posts many flat earth proof and biblical proof videos. He first got banned for sharing the truth, but he made a new channel (link to his channel: His videos are clear and easy to understand, he is very good at explaining and showing the truth and debunking the ball earth. For example, here is a non-edited high altitude footage showing our beautiful flat earth from high above (link to the video proof: They used a normal camera with a normal camera lens, no fisheyelens or anything similar, proving that there is no curvature. More and more independent people worldwide wakes up every day, both young and old are waking up to the true reality, that we live on a beautiful non-moving flat earth created by God (link to the video proof: Also, here is a 27 page (and growing) forum topic on Gaia Online from independent people worldwide with irrefutable flat earth proof, with explaining pictures and images, videos, easy to understand, proving that the earth is indeed flat and stationary/non-moving:

        • Once again, thank you for such detailed information. Others coming upon this comment will have plenty to look at if they’re interested. I have been through much of it and will continue to research the other links. Thanks again Nairi.

        • Hi Nairi loved your very informed message and feel like I resonate a lot with what your talking about.
          As I grew older I thought to myself even the Americans would NOT have had the technology to beam photo images back from Space in the 1960s. I’ve had arguments at work with people about this too they fully believe it.
          I am a critical minded person and don;t always believe what has been said to me, I launch into my own research.
          I am an avid fan of Admiral Byrd and when his plane was guided into Agatha (Hollow Earth) and his aircraft was taken over and landed safely (bearing in mind this was in the 1940s). He was taken to this opening in a mountain I believe and taken down many levels to meet this man. This man was very courteous and welcomed him and had brought him there as a good and knowledgeable man to give him a message…..the atomic bombs that had been set off were affecting the inner worlds of Agartha. They would need to stop as all civilisations were at risk. I’ve been interested in Agatha for years I’ve even subscribed to the Gaiai App on my Tv which is a fascinating bundle of ancient civilisations and other off world content. I don’t mind being labelled crazy I would rather have knowledge than be drained by the artificial system of this earth reality.
          I started off searching some of the Globalists in 2015 and it was horrendous and it scared me I thought Omg were all doomed but then discovered by accident a wonderful lady called Dolores Cannon and then my world just opened up, the lid exploded. I’ve been digging down the Rabbit hole ever since.

  3. Thank you Marilyn. I think we need this drilled into us continuously! I too have been part of this awakening for more than two years and waiting for something really eye-opening for the normies. Whenever, I lose faith, I turn to God. Then, and only then, do I remember what is really going on. However, it’s people like you who reinforce my faith in God and this awakening. God bless you!

    • Thank you Linda… it makes it all worthwhile when I hear comments like that. Yes, we need it to be brought before their eyes so that it can’t be denied. It’s coming, but can’t come soon enough for us all.

  4. Thank you, Marilyn. This is good.

    I like so many have been struggling for some time. I awakened 2 years ago this month. I know that there are some awake for decades. I always kind of sorta leaned to the right, but I had no idea of all that was going on until I began to find truthers sharing the news 2 years ago. I questioned myself many times, as in how could this be as I continued to learn things? We have been so divided in so many ways over so many years. This is where I am now. My partner of 40 years sees none of what I see, which is horrible. I don’t know if we’ll ever be reunited. I know that this kind of division between people is because of all of the divisions created by the Cabal.

    I know so much as I’ve read, listened, watched, or taken in so much information. What has been occurring for so long and still is, is massive. This is why it’s taking so long as there are so many players. It’s mind boggling that so many people are blind to the happenings in our world. I keep rehearsing my words for my partner when things begin to be revealed, as in the Great Awakening. My words will not be, “I told you so.” It must be grace, peace, love, patience, etc.

    Per your writing, I’m reminded of how many people the world over have sacrificed so much, maybe even their lives to remove the evil. I know that God’s time is not our time. It will be the correct time because that is how God works. God is in control of all that is happening. I continue to be involved in a Bible study and I am reminded that we today are reliving the Bible stories in many ways. There was evil then and there is evil today.

    God’s love and peace to all in this struggle to reclaim our world for what God intended.

    • Hi Greg, nice to hear from you again.
      The Word states that in the 1,000 years of peace to come (I believe that’s what we’re entering into) that families will once again be reunited. Once the cabal have been removed, and all this deception is exposed, those of us who know already need to be kind and forgiving towards those giving us a hard time now. It will be very, very different.
      Never give up. Believe and see it in your mind’s eye the union between you. Keep on loving. I can see you already know this so my words are only being an encouragement to you to keep doing what you’re doing.
      God bless.

      • And I, It’s my lucky day to have checked back to see your comment. I’m so weary, but I know that there are some who have given so much more than me. I’ll keep the faith and continue to march on.

        • i believe our future is bright,but the journey getting there is bumpy. We need to focus on what’s coming. I try to think of this time as a child would when anticipating a big event like Christmas or a birthday party.
          Greg, thank you for telling me you felt lucky after finding my comment. That was very nice of you.

    • Hi Greg please have patience with your wife. She will need you when all is revealed as my hubbies will need me and my daughters.
      It’s pure frustration and sometimes anger that they haven’t eyes to see.
      God Bless and Love and Light

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